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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Amanda Takes the Plunge Ch. 03

first-time aunaturel 2017-11-28

As soon as Rick and Kim had closed the patio door and he was sure that they were alone, Ben reached out his hand and helped Amanda to her feet. Ben helped Amanda to slide onto an air mattress that had been lying near the edge of the pool, and he made sure that she was face up so that he could continue to gaze at her naked body that was glistening with water. The four of them talked and joked as they soaked in the warm water for a while longer, but then Kim whispered something in Amanda's ear and then took Rick's hand and quietly edged away.

First gay fucking experience

first-time megantricot 2017-11-28

I have met with several guys who share an interest in dressing up in lingerie and wearing panties. A few months ago I had a guy contact me who had seen some of my videos of me in lingerie and wanted to get together to dress up. We met at a motel near his hometown a few miles away from me and began showing each other our wardrobe. I was in heaven as my throbbing cock rocked back and forth and our sweaty bodies slammed against each other. After giving it to him he let me have his stiff cock fill up my ass. We met again a few weeks later and had an even better time trying different positions.

We Needed a Little Push

first-time AverageBear 2017-11-28

"You know I've never been one to fall for being manipulated by other people's dares, Amy. I agreed to trick-or-treat with you because it sounded like fun, not because some of the crazies from school dared us to," I stated in my firmest brotherly older-twin tone. The porch gave way and dumped Amy and me into a room below, sort of like a cold cellar or wine cellar with concrete walls. When the ringing in our ears had stopped, we heard the somewhat agitated Voice state plainly, "Yes, MASTER!" The dress having been cast aside, she stood before me (and before the Voice on the other end of the camera) in her cutoff shorts, white bra, white camisole, and glass slippers.

Why Slips and How I came to Love them

first-time cumragz 2017-11-28

Putting another record on the turntable, she said, There is a new dance I want to show You, and started dancing , her arms over her head, swinging her hips and that slip while rotating. Then pushing me off the dresser I sat on the bed as she opened her lingerie drawer, showing off a dozen or so gorgeous half and full slips of various lengths, mini to a formal half slip, very colorful, all with very lavish lace, some still with store tags by holding them up to her body and inviting me to touch them before tossing each on the bed along with silky soft and lacy panties, brassieres and camisoles.

Straight Boy Bottom: Chapter 5

first-time swallow4fun 2017-11-28

Coach leaned in close and said "If I'd known a dick up your ass would make doors closed he turned to me and said in his authoritative coach's voice "You like that cock?" Coach asked, as he smacked my face "How many cocks have been in this hot ass of yours?" he asked,on hand thick cock head pushing its way smoothly into my ass. As Coach pumped my ass, giving me long slow strokes that tortured my "You like my big cock in your ass boy?" Coach asked as he pumped me. "I love your big cock in my ass sir!" my ass several times, then simply held his cock there, letting me feel his as Coach slid his cock into my ass again.

A late-night flight

first-time XXXNoBounds 2017-11-28

The couple reached my aisle, and looked at their seats; I stood up and opened the luggage compartment for them, quickly reaching to grab their bags from the tired husband. I also noticed one of her hands had reached inside her jacket to allow her fingers to manipulate her nipples, squeezing and tugging the now-hardened little bullets. Feeling daring, I reached with my own hand and covered hers; her breathing stopped for a moment, she took a deep breath, then resumed her caressing movements with my own hand shadowing hers. Her breasts cupped into the palm of my strong hand, my thumb flicking her nipples; I noticed too that the movements beneath her blanket were become a bit more frantic.

The best way to wake up

first-time brendan_69 2017-11-28

The loving feeling of a mouth just around my cock and I was super hard enjoy every moment I looked down to the shite of this beautiful blond girl her head just going up and down that all I could see. I lifted her and I was slipping down till I reached her boobs and I started licking, rubbing, grabbing and going wild on her boobs it was so firm had a lil tan from the bra and the sun I knew she was enjoying the hell out of it with her starting to moan when I popped a nipple in my mouth.

A Story about my time with Kelli .... Part 1

first-time MagnumGrimlocke1977 2017-11-28

Her hands guide the water down her body, over her breasts, along her firm, flat stomach, and down to the strawberry blond patch of neatly trimmed hair perfectly framing her pussy. Kelli stands up, eyeing my dick that's so hard, the skins pulled back from the tip on its own. With her other hand, Kelli lightly drags a single finger up-and-down the length of the underside of my shaft, from the hair of my balls to the sensitive tip of my cock. The condom is so tight and her hands are so warm, I want to cum, to blow my load, but the look in her eyes pleads with me to hold back. I raise my head up to let them beat against my face while Kelli rolls her hips, teasing my cock.

Highschool Sucks, Hard

first-time citizenseventeen 2017-11-28

Placing my hand around his width, I pulled him out, stroked him up and down and made a move to position myself so my head was much closer. My hand traveled the entire length of him, smearing his pre-cum all along his stiff prick, and as I got close enough to kiss it I could smell the musky male scent of him. I looked up at him without moving my head as I took the tip in my mouth just like a popsicle. As my head was bobbing at a feverish pace he gripped my hair harder and thrust his hips upward each time I came down. And to think, most of my friends say gus don't kiss girls after you give them head!

Sweet Stella

first-time Sara2000Z 2017-11-28

And then one day at school, he'd come over to me and taken my arm, pulled me away, pretending to talk to me about something, getting me out of the way of a couple of the nastiest bullies in my year, just as they'd started laying into me about being a teacher's pet. Definitely not Paul's, and I back out, feeling embarrassed now I know I'm standing in the middle of Samir's bedroom. The next morning, I'm chewing on some toast, standing out on the little balcony in the early morning sun, when I hear the front door open and close - Samir, home from his shift. I walk into Paul's bedroom, let my bag slide off my shoulder, pull my shoes off, hear him turning on the shower, open the window and lean out.


A Life: A Journey Begins. Part 1

first-time bluntmann 2017-11-28

When I stop her, she looks at me for a moment then her eyes get really big and says "your in love with her, I mean really in love with her?" I think I do a good job of playing it off but she smiles and says "let me tell you something about Jamie, you shouldn't get to attached." I don't like where she going and must show my face because next she said "oh don't get like that. Starting to Work her hips up and down she moans "Ohhhh god yesss, ohhhh fuck, oh fuck yes, yes, yes, that's it, that's what I needed, my sluty wet pussy needed your big hard cock to full it up." Cindy was starring at her mouth hanging open but Jamie was to far gone to notice as continued her dirty dialogue.

The Adventures of Andrew Ch. 01

first-time jklazarus 2017-11-27

One time, as a joke, he pointed to a girl called Melissa and said with a wink, 'How about her?' I went red. I heard a few 'Happy birthday!' calls on the way, so I guessed Paul had told everyone what the party was for. I'd had lunch with the other two guys before at Paul's table and I knew that two of the girls were cheerleaders. She smiled and said, 'Great kiss, birthday boy.' I knew they were all just being nice, but I thought maybe she had liked it too. I was still checking out Abi and I felt a pang of jealousy when Paul kissed her, but realized I was just being stupid. Paul French kissed some other girl, then it was Abi's turn to spin.

Saturday Morning Solution

first-time thighfan 2017-11-27

She then turned a half-circle and said, “You had better feel this one too, my love.” I tried to experience every square inch of her soft white thigh flesh almost missing her bare breasts floating by me just about eye level…I did finally notice her nipples were turning a reddish pink, an indication she was being aroused just like the long hard one in my briefs. She started kissing me around my ears and then she whispered, “You did such a good job a few weeks ago removing my nylons, would you like to remove my underwear too?” (I never heard her refer to panties) Wow this was moving so quickly my mind couldn’t keep up with my eyes and hands!

Tigers Eye

first-time My Erotic Tail 2017-11-27

The King turned and kissed his wife then drank from his goblet, with eyes that searched the room for Jasmine. King Torto nodded towards Jasmine and smiled then cautiously looked back at his wife, the Queen. Jasmine looked up slightly till she was gazing at the Tigers eye stone and necklace. "Come now," King Torto put his hand under her chin and raised her face to make her look at him in the eyes. Looking at the tigers eye stone at King Torto's chest. Jasmine looked at the necklace and stone, long and hard then looked up at the King with a slight smile, "Its a perhaps." She said with a mischievous smile and slight batting of her eye lashes, looking downward shyly.

Step Twins Ch. 02

first-time jane700bond 2017-11-27

I took Tanya's hand and said: "Look, sorry about being a bitch this morning, my mum made me mad when I heard you were to chaperone us and then I saw Steve looking at you with his tongue hanging out - well I was both mad and jealous." At first Tanya didn't respond, but I parted her lips with my tongue, the same way that had worked with Steve the night before and then she started to kiss me back as I knelt beside her on the forest path. Then Lucy said "O fuck!" and leant forward to start kissing Tanya again, one hand around Tanya's neck to hold her close and her other hand pressing down on the lump of iron that was trapped in my shorts.


first-time Ashson 2017-11-27

"I don't think you're supposed to be doing that sort of thing," she said, pushing my hand away. "It's just not done," Angela said, looking a little embarrassed. "Then I hope I gave the right answer," I said, while my hand drifted away from her breast and back down to her mons, and then even further down and around, cupping her mound. Angela, I noticed had not gone looking for my cock, which she could plainly feel under her hand, but neither had she moved her hand away. While I was doing this Angela was staring at me looking slightly shocked while her hand was running up and down my cock, feeling it carefully.

My Unusual First Time Ch. 03

first-time djeroticon 2017-11-27

None of that went through my mind at the time, naturally, with my being not so introspective as I find myself today; instead, here's what I was finding of interest right then: that the shapely, full breasts of the pictorial model, with their lovely pink perky nipples and their finely-lined delineation of aureolae, along with the novel, highly- sexualized situation I was in on that bus, were not seeming to me the least bit arousing, or even particularly dangerous. I looked down at those beautiful, pink-capped tits and the sight of this woman sucking my cock and feeling my prick and balls with her hands, blissfully aware that such things could never be happening in my life.

Tales Of A Farm Girl Ch. 01

first-time spicey 2017-11-27

I know momma wants me to help her on the farm later on" Debra just like me had her chores to do, but then I wondered why was she taking a shower that early in the day. But then I saw she moved her free hand between her legs and began to rub her pussy while Mr. Frost's cock fucked her. I wasn't sure how long was I pleasuring myself but when I opened my eyes I saw that Debra was on her knees kissing Mr. Frost's cock. "Sue-Ellen, why don't you suck your sister's tits and stick a couple of your finger in her pussy." Said the grinning Mr. Frost

Cucky Humiliation

first-time samcolt1911 2017-11-27

After a couple minutes of Christina grinding her ass into my nose and mouth she told me that I didn't deserve any more of her ass and to go take my wife's lovers pants off so I could see what a real cock was supposed to look like and what would be fucking her and my wife later that night. I acted like I never heard him and was feeling pretty embarrassed and humiliated by this point and then Christina grabbed my balls and squeezed until I pulled my mouth away from my wife's ass and started pleading for him to please fuck my beautiful wife and make her cum and thanked him for saving up his seed to pump into my wife's womb.

How I Got My Wife To Be Shared For The First Time

first-time adel5000 2017-11-27

said, “I want to massage your wife for free.” It had gotten my curiosity up as I decided he would massage my wife and tried to seduce her at the same time. I told him, “My wife thinks it is a big fallacy about how big cocks are way better He had his big enormous cock resting on the table as my wife was pulled back only cock and began to brush it up gently up against my wife’s swollen pussy. He had teased her with the head of his cock for a few minutes when my wife’s body He fucked her hard from behind for a good twenty minutes as my wife cried out with at

My first gloryhole with Jackie

first-time jimsmith2 2017-11-27

Jackie and her husband are middle aged and posted on a swinging site a couple days in advance that they were going to be in town and would be visiting the gloryholes. She took my semi-firm cock in her mouth and gently sucked me until I was rock hard. She had soft skin on her hands and massaged my balls as she licked up and down my cock. I was afraid that she would stop sucking and stroke my cock when I started to cum but she didn't. Most of the time the ladies have to stop because the start gagging or laughing at the volume and finish me by stroking.

say yes

first-time maudio0711 2017-11-27

Do not contest, and let me undress: Undress your mind, Undress you body, Undress your soul, Undress the being of you And let your mind rest, As my love flow from my soul to yours, And feel my loving touch undress, Feel it roam so suddenly slow over the softness of your warm flesh, Leaving your mind in a love quest And my long: will caress your nest, Fill it so slow; soothing sensuous sensations will curl your toes, And my lips will caress, Causing sensations to rush from your womb depths, As super slow and soft conquest, And the slip of a tongue touch will make your heart rate run faster then a baby can crawl, And love will conquest...

Starting My Last Semester

first-time 5425TVR 2017-11-27

Then, as Rhonda had my cock and balls in her mouth, Mary removed her tongue from my ass and suck one of her fingers up it and gently massaged by prostrate. She grabbed my cock, put on a condom (I have no idea to this day where it came from) and place my throbbing man meat at the door of Mary's virgin pussy. Finally, after a few minutes, Mary groans, "Finish what you started." Rhonda had moved out of my way and I worked my cock into her oh so tight pussy. I then slowly moved into position behind Rhonda and slowly started working my cock into her tight, wet pussy.

How I got started dressing

first-time 2017-11-27

It started out with just words like "blonde getting fucked" or "girlfriend giving blowjob." Once I started to get bored my words started to get more descriptive "Slut takes huge cock in ass."I was skimming through videos until I found a thumbnail that caught my interest. Being verbal is another huge turn on for me so I was already about to explode and it just started but after about a minute of spanking the master pulled the panties down and out popped a cock. I realized that I got cum all over the panties and knew that I couldn't put them back now because I wouldn't want to get caught so I left them on and put my clothes back on over them.