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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Taking my younger s****rs virginity

first-time ilovepussyyyyy 2017-11-27

While she was playing I must've fallen asl**p, I woke up after an hour or so with a hard on, she heard me wake up and looked back and saw my 7inch cock but at that time she didn't know what it was, she asked me and I found it awkward to answer, so I told her to get of my room. My s****r may have been 11 but she had great size of Tits for an 11 year old, feeling her fits while we hugged must've turned me on, so I covered the tent my boner was creating with a pillow, she thought I was getting ready to start a pillow fight so she picked one up and started a pillow fight, and I stopped it by pinning her to the bed while on top of her holding her hands down.

Mentor to Her Eager Younger Student

first-time Xesevoli 2017-11-27

He told me he thought he wanted to write about sex between mammals and it took a moment to register what he'd said before I asked further what he intended his topic's focus. I hadn't done anything like this with either of the two guys that had taken me before but as I'd learned the need of it in conversations with a girlfriend years before it had been nurtured and finally this was my chance. "Is this okay?" he said in the middle of it all but he didn't release my head or pull back and I continued to feel his body working me as I placed my hands on his ass and dug my nails into it, pulled him even closer and tighter.

My Fantasy with you...part 1

first-time loloishorny 2017-11-27

I reach over to my dildo and slip it deep inside me and pump myself full of that hard cock. A slow song comes on and you ask me to dance, you pull me close. Your dick grows hard again and I get your pants undone again and lean over to suck on you some more. I'm on my knees sucking your dick again..I love how hard and long you are. I turn around to give you a kiss and telll you how much I love your dick inside of me. you pull out andbeging to cum on my chest and i grab your dick to suck the last few HoT Cum!!!

Getting started in the "life style"

first-time luvcuntlickingsluts 2017-11-27

I went to the edge of the bed so I could watch Dawn as she rubbed the head of Jake's throbbing cock all over her cunt lips & then she looked at me and smiled and stuffed the head of that big dick in her fucking cunt!!! She asked me if I wanted to see anything else & I told her yes that I would love to see her licking & sucking all that thick, hot, fresh, slimy fuck juice off Jake's cock the same way she would suck on me after we'd been cumming together!!!

The Summer Of "69"

first-time 2017-11-27

She laid down on the blanket and Jason unzipped her jeans pulling them off of her,he ran his middle and forefinger down and slipped them inside her white cotton panties he stuck them in her tight virgin pussy as his thumb massaged the hardening pink bud of her clitoris he he put his face to her pussy,rubbing his chin in her downy soft coal black bush as her young pussy grew wetter and wetter.Ooohhh Jason your tongue feels sooooo good licking my pussy!

my first huge cock

first-time merlin_graves 2017-11-27

I slowly took as much of his cock in my mouth as i could, sucking gently and running my tongue over the head and down the length of it. He flipped me over and pinned me to the bed kissing me, then grabbed my cock and took the whole length in his mouth. When i couldn't take it any more i got up and grabbed his arse and stuck his raging cock back in my mouth sucking harder than ever and making him shudder with pleasure, while he stroked my cock madly making me erupt all over myself, followed quickly by him shooting his hot sticky load all over my chest.

Will you come and show me how

first-time Sinderellla 2017-11-27

I’m standing the doorway to my rood dressed in yoga shorts and a tee shirt. I close the door, I don’t know what I’m feeling but it’s warm and wet. As I lay naked, my tits hard and sensitive, my shaved pussy wet, my legs trembling I close my eyes and think of him. “I’m going to tell you how and you do it” Julie says “Ok now out you hand between your legs and touch that part between you asshole and pussy opening. “Now move your finger inside yourself pressing against the top of your pussy” Like this. She says now I’m going to lick your pussy then you mine and we will see how that goes.

Did I Really Just Do That?

first-time oralfixation696969 2017-11-27

I never told him that I thought about guys sexually so it was a total shock to him when we got really drunk one night and I reached down his pants and starting stroking him. I've always had this thing for guys that wear tightie whities and I would think about taking his pants off, licking his cock through the underwear so that when I pulled that elastic down it would spring out and hit me in my face, all hard and ready to go down my throat. I remember how good he felt underneath me, the strong muscles in his legs and his rock hard cock I was holding in my left hand, trying desperately to sink into my ass.

The Nixon Girls Ch. 03

first-time thelastenglishking 2017-11-27

We stayed together until it was time to take our places for dinner and on the first team table at least 'who is she?' was a major topic of conversation; even Lorna's brother didn't seem to know her; just 'some friend of Lorna's' though he did advise that whilst looking older; Jane might not be eighteen yet and so I should perhaps 'watch my step.' It was only about five miles to the Weir farm, but felt like the longest journey of my life as I anticipated what trouble lay in wait; as I came up the farm track, the men were clearly heading back toward the house from the cow-sheds and both Al and Dave waved at my approach; perhaps it wasn't what I feared; though Cam carried on into the house, not looking my way; perhaps the boys didn't know?


first-time starova 2017-11-27

He removed his fingers from Michele's cunt and spread Julies lips wide with his thumbs and Michele noticed his cock oozing a copious flow of love juice. While Robert and Michelle continued fucking, Julie straddled him on her hands and knees, bent down and started kissing him salaciously, tasting Michele's cunt juice with some of her own. She lay on her bed catching her breath and finally asked me, 'Are you going to try and stretch me open, wide enough to get your cock in me Harry?' She stopped moving as if totally exhausted and lay still for over a minute with the head of my swollen cock jammed up hard against to juicy but small opening framed by her stretched cunt lips.

Honeymoon, Every Woman Should Have – Part 1

first-time 2017-11-27

My father announced that though he wanted marriage to be solemnized early but as Rajiv ( my would-be husband) is going to foreign for six months that’s why now marriage will be held in coming December, on December 9th precise.This announcement made me very angry and I ran upstairs angrily. “ 5 ft 5 inches tall, may be weighing 54-55 kgs, just healthy, fair to very fair, long dense hairs, big bright smiling eyes, oval face, medium to long neck, wide shoulders, nice looking upper arms, tight and heavy boobs, that time I was wearing bra of only 32 size, small nipples, no flabbiness anywhere, thin waist of 22 inch, tiny pubic area having thick hairs, not so thick but long thighs.

She Smiled at Me

first-time Daqusa 2017-11-27

She began slowly feeling its length, moving her hand up and down, and gently squeezing the shaft. Her thumb pressed against the underside as it moved up my now hard cock, milking the pre-cum to the head... Holding the head of my cock between her lips, her hands moved to the tops of my thighs, and her head lowered. Lower still her hand moved, until her finger-tips touched my soft cock. Her hand released my cock; the only contact was her lips lightly touching the tip. Knowing I was close, she pushed her head down, again letting my cock fill her mouth, and then she pulled back very slowly... She sucked harder on the head of my cock while her hand squeezed and firmly stroked my shaft.

Snowed In

first-time rush4torque 2017-11-27

Once he reached Shannon, he stopped to catch his breath."Could you..." One hand firmly on his knee, his breath finally caught back up with the rest of him. Once Eric opened his eyes, he wrenched his hands free and tried to cover it, turning even redder then before. "It really turns me on." Her lip pressed against, his lighter than a feather at first, but eventually Eric became courageous and pushed his tongue outward, mingling with Shannon's. "Let's not waste any more time..." Shannon whispered, pushing her fingers inside his pants, and yanked them downward, boxers and all. Eric took some time during his free days, he was researching sex techniques.

One of My Students

first-time goldcloak 2017-11-27

I asked if she wanted a lift home as my car was close. We then looked into each others eyes while our lips very slowly closed the distance and kissed. I took her top off showing her small breasts in a plain white bra. I took off her bra and started kissing again while feeling her small soft breasts in my hand. I moved her small hands to my shaft as my fingers worked to her pussy. She looked at me happy from her climax but then that changed to worry as she saw what would have to fit inside her. I kissed her lips and moved my tongue into hers as I fucked her no deeper than half way.

My Wife's Lost Weekend

first-time 2017-11-27

Tony spoke asking Kris if she wanted his big black cock in her pussy. Pam felt her pussy being stroked by the huge head of Tony's cock. She sure wanted to but the men playing with her most private parts were good and knew when to stop as they pulled their hands away from Pam. This tactic was driving Pam crazy, her need to cum was unlike anything she had ever felt before. She told me of the events that happened the day before at her door and how Tony had involved Pam. As I continued to pump in and out of Kris's ass she gave me all the sorted details she could remember of yesterday and the night before.


first-time MixedDaddy4U 2017-11-27

I don't know what the hell prompted me to do it ,but on New Year's Day I decided I wanted a black hooker bad to keep me company while I watched the football games. I told her I was cumming, too and gave her mouth a flood of thick cum just as the announcer told us it was time for the second half of the game. Keisha giggled and said she'd sure like to fuck after the game was over. Keisha suddenly pushed me onto my side ,threw a leg over my ass and told me to fuck her deep and hard that way awhile.

Afternoon Study

first-time 2017-11-27

“Well let’s look at what you need to do Lara.” Mitchell took my assignment worksheets to gaze over. “What do you know of the Russian Revolution, what person could I write about?” I ask hoping that perhaps he could do this assignment for me. This was a hard choice, I knew I wanted to save myself for marriage but right at the present time was an offer to experience the first steps of woman hood at sixteen years of age. His warm wet mouth on my nipple suckling hard as he kept pushing further and further inside of me. I sucked hard and felt his hands motioning my head back and forth.

My first man

first-time TightsSlut 2017-11-27

During the taxi ride, we kept up the usual conversations, but I couldn’t help but keep looking down at his crotch, imagining just what his cock was like. I gently massaged his cock throughhis boxers again for a moment, before pulling them down. I found myself gagging gently if I took him too far into my mouth, but I kept going at a good pace. But I didn’t, I kept on sucking him and waited for him to cum in my mouth. After a moment, I could feel his cock pulsing, and my mouth filling up with his warm gooey cum. He smiled and said “You got much to do tomorrow?” I replied “No, I’m not working so I’m free all day“.

My Virginity Lost To My Aunt

first-time partypk 2017-11-27

It was my 12 th std holidays after exam.I went to.My grandpa’s home.At that day all together where not in home went to marriage function .In the house it was me ,aunt and grandpa were in home.As usual grandpa slept @ 10.I used to sl**p in my aunts room down to her bed.And she started her phone sex chat.I was trying to hear it.The room window was open so I felt some fear and I said to her I am afraid.

My First Older Woman

first-time UndercoverBrotha 2017-11-27

Good thing I didn’t look too much longer otherwise I’d be standing here covered in beer and buying a round for the guy I almost walked into” I joked. “Well…” she said touching my arm, “maybe they can wait a bit, I’m supposed to be meeting my friends here but they’re not here yet, I’d love to chat with you some more though” She sat up and rode me, touching herself, running her hands through her hair, before greedily licking her nipples, flashing me that sexy smile. She squirted again, with my cock still inside her; feeling the hot juices run out between our things as her legs tensed from the sensation.

A Journey to Remember Ch. 02

first-time Sleigh 2017-11-27

He could already feel his dick hardening again and said " would you let me tie you up now?" She nodded silently and he said "every once in a while I want to dominate you, let you know that you are mine and only mine, that I love you." She gave him a kiss as he began to look around the room for something to tie her with and then he thought of the perfect idea, he got the tie off of her bathrobe and told he to lean over and touch her toes.

Library Handies

first-time DirtyDaunica 2017-11-27

His bright eyes contrasted strikingly to his dark brown hair, and as I stared at him all I could think of was how badly I wanted to kiss those red lips that he bit as he tried to work out hard questions, and how amazing it would feel to kiss his pale neck and leave my love marks for everyone to see. I slowly started sucking and biting on his bottom lip as I rand my hands through his hair and heard his soft moans, and all I could think of was, 'fucking shit fucks I am making Nash Grandier moan'.

Living with Omega Theta Pi

first-time Charles Petersunn 2017-11-27

The Omega Theta Pi sorority was by far the most disciplined, a fact of great pride to Miss Wormer, the Housemother. They were good girls but they were also young ladies with natural urges, and Miss Wormer knew what young men such as those four were like. It was nice to have his room and board money, and they knew that if his stay did not work out then they would not be able to have the number of male guests really needed for the financial survival of the sorority, but he just wasn't a guy that anybody actually wanted around.

I Bent Daddy Over

first-time Blaize14 2017-11-27

 'We was both bitches on our knees in porn shop gloryhole while the old man fingered ya ma they held my head an said' Suck the cum outta my cock' an blasted my face, ya ma laughed an rubbed his cum an cock smearing my lips & putting a cum covered cock in my mouth an my tongue licked it off just like u did...  'I would laugh u bitch, this is just a 18 year old with a toy, how embarrassing, black guys fuck an cum inside mom in fronna u, suck his cock clean, ma sit on your face while his load drips out, oh, suck his black balls as he fills her up, ha, yeah plus i'm watchin an takin pix, i'm so wett!!!' Snap, here's your asshole daddy, does it hurt, i hope so...'