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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Couples kinky shocking fantasy come true

first-time Skyjack10001 2017-11-27

We had so much that another time I shocked her by saying you little slut,I know you are thinking about Adams big cock and how it was going to split you open she keep saying no but when she got close to a climax, I yelled and said he is balls deep in you and so beg him to plow into you and she did have a mind blowing orgasm. We had so much that another time I shocked her by saying you little slut,I know you are thinking about Adams big cock and how it was going to split you open she keep saying no but when she got close to a climax, I yelled and said he is balls deep in you and so beg him to plow into you and she did have a mind blowing orgasm.

Brenda B Bunny

first-time maggie2002 2017-11-27

Jack moved one hand down to her nipples and started to pull and twist them and each time he caused her a little pain she sucked harder. He groaned and said “ Now, Brenda Now," and he filled her sweet virginal bunny mouth with gulp after gulp of Jack Rabbit crème. She nodded again, he took his wild rabbit bunny bopper, and shoved hard and quick into her wet hot center. “This makes you mine bunny.” He was hard again so he pushed her up on her hands and knees and said, "You’ll like this.” He shoved in deep and using his fingers pulled and twisted first her nipples and then her clittie.

me and jimmy...again

first-time lunaranthony 2017-11-27

he smiled at we both rubbed our hard young bulges....laying side by side on my bed...his dark eyes glowing...slight lil grin...shy sweet cute...I dont know why...not even to this day I'm not sure what made me do it..but..i leaned over..and ...kissed him...right on the lips...he gasped softly as our lips touched...his were so soft...warm...made me shudder and my cock got harder...just a light gentle lil peck..but..felt so good...i had never kissed anyone before, except my mom...and maybe an aunt or two...but only on the cheek...this was...sooo different...feeling akward and nervous...I pulled back blushing and stammered ashamed embarassed....thought he would jump up and run out...or maybe even punch me in the face....but...he gave me the cutest shy lil smile...and giggled ...almost like a lil girl...) ohh...uhhh...sorry...I...ummm...didnt ...mean too...(I knew I was blushing bright cuz my cheeks wre so hot and my skin felt so tight it might pop )

Port Jeff will never be the same

first-time jaymz76jaymz 2017-11-27

When she looked away, my eyes found their way to her legs, uncrossed now and knees separated by about two inches, and I traced a line up her smooth inner thighs to her hips area, covered by a skimpy white skirt, and the thought of her pussy flashed in my mind. She slid her wet lips up and down, and the feel of my s****r’s lips on my cock gave me otherworldly sensations, add the sight of her head bobbing up and down and her lovely brown hair flowing down to my hips, and this was as good as it gets. Every inch of my body filled with intense orgasmic pleasure, the sight of my lovely s****r sucking away magnified it a thousand times, and I pressed down on her back with my hand and came like mad in her mouth.

My Pants Please

first-time dawn_of_night 2017-11-27

Cathy pressed the last button thru, her hands slid against John's skin as they moved up his body. She began to work the length of his shaft, when Cathy pressed against the bottom of his pockets she was expecting John's jeans to slide. His hands traveled over the red lace bra and along her neck, John wanted to touch all her at once; she was so soft and warm. John wanted deep inside of Cathy's pussy; he pushed his cock deeper inside and in return Cathy let out a moan. His cock deep insider her pussy, he felt the walls of her love muscles clamp down on him as he carried her out of the small room.

How It Should Have Happened

first-time MyPenIsMighty 2017-11-27

There was the slightest twitch of a grin, and Melanie leaned into a second kiss, pushing Dom towards his bed while kicking the door shut gently with her heel. The strange kinking sound of springs met Dom as he laid out on the bed, Melanie on top of him, straddling him as she ran her hands down his chest. Dom groaned as her tongue caressed him, and put his hands on her head, trying to get her to stop as slowly she pulled away. The clasps slipped apart with ease and Melanie snatched it off her chest and hurled it aside as Dom worked his way past her collar bone, and gently licked a hard, pink aureola.


A Learning Experience

first-time GrapleIRIS 2017-11-27

But then I asked, "When was the first time you did it when you really felt like you knew what you were doing?" That got me thinking: She pulled back and smiled gently, taking my hand in her own and pressing it to her chest. "Like this..." she said, leaning down to whisper in my ear, "I want you Terence. "Now this all tends to come pretty natural and I'm sure you'll catch on right away: If I push on your chest, then you slow down, or if I pull on your back, I want it faster...deeper. When she finally hit bottom, she sat very still: the point of her tongue tracing her lips slowly, her eyes closed, relishing the feeling of being crammed full.


Episode 56 - Mated

first-time dasx2 2017-11-26

John proudly strutted up to Blue: “May I?” he asked nicely; pushing his cock deep into hot sticky vagina “God, you feel amazing – much slicker than my s1ster”. Blue leant forward to kiss the pretty ch1ld; her own pussy started creaming as their tongues touched: “Thrust hard, little girl and that special dildo should make you feel what’s going on inside my cunt. Blue fiddled with a button in her armpit and slid forward so that Amy’s dildo slipped out: “Now push it back in – but very gently – I’ve set my Permanent Virgin k**die mode – so you’re going to break me in”. Jim the teacher: “OK class – I think you’ve all experienced our delightful Teen-Synth Blue, so put your clothes back on – it’s time for lunch”.

Sweet Sensations

first-time Jenni101 2017-11-26

The doors to the balcony were open. She loved sleeping in the nude with a breeze like this. He had been new and it was up to her to show him around. He is about five ten, short brown hair, wide set shoulders, that came with what looked like a nice toned torso, and the most amazing blue green eyes that can capture you if you looked into them. "I couldn't sleep, and well figuring how you flirting I figured its innocent for me to come in. Plus your doors wide open, that's an invitation to me." Believing it was an invitation. The next thing she new he was slamming his whole dick in her.


Jimmy Gets Replaced

first-time Exakta66 2017-11-26

She imagined Jimmy as a big man with big strong hands, someone who could hold her and keep her warm and safe at night. Every night she would lock the door, put on her favorite Jimmy Reed album and lie naked on the bed allowing the primal rhythms and sexual lyrics to put her in a near frenzy. She would grind herself into the blanket with such a frenzy, in time to the jungle like rhythms of the music, that the blanket would be soaked with the juices of this barely adolescent young girl. Nancy had all her Jimmy's together and as she wrapped herself and her boyfriend in the blanket to keep warm in that Illinois October, she knew which one would be foremost in her mind from now on.

A Prisoner's Tale

first-time Cordoba85 2017-11-26

Richard Eriksson was a good natured young man from Minnesota, he hated his family farm, and joining the USAAF was one of the best ways he could think of to escape from his small town. With what looked like a small flash from this distance, one of the plane's wings flew away from the fuselage, and the bomber took a sharp dive and began to plummet towards the surface. At one point, Chris Tinley, the ball turret gunner, screamed into the radio, "One's coming at us from below!" He heard the ball turret guns firing, and then bullets began to rip into the plane, the fighter was shooting at them. Warren was sent to join the Hildebrandt family, who worked a farm outside Hamburg.

Double Trouble

first-time Stormysailor 2017-11-26

An hour later Dan was in Jazz's house and handing over the laptop and a printed copy of the term paper she had been working on. "Dan looked up brightly as it occurred to him that Jazz owed him for the computer repair and the term paper, "How are you going to settle your account here, Madam?" Dan got down in his knees front of Jazz and started working his tongue on all parts of her pussy. "I see having a better relationship with my dad and an easy college graduation, I don't think I will need to fuck any more lecturers; my pussy is all yours now and you can give up watching me shower through the ceiling, in future we will shower together."

Thoughts on Orgasms from Oral Sex

first-time the_harmless 2017-11-26

Whenever I've laid back to let a woman blow me there's been no danger of me coming prematurely in her mouth; if anything I might get bored and space out if she does it too long. One night was having sex, a long and intense session, the kind that was so good you wanted it to never end. But coming in a woman's mouth, feeling her literally suck the cum out of you, there's nothing like that. As a single guy, I continued to meet women, and I enjoyed coming in a few new mouths. It felt like a long time before she stimulated herself to orgasm, but I believe that was mostly me feeling uncomfortable.

The first time I watched another man fuck my wife

first-time 2017-11-26

The first time I watched another man fuck my wife was at a said hi and we began kissing. he slowly finger fucked my wife, this went on for about five the bed and I lay next to her and began kissing her very passionately. Curtis pulled the rest of her outfit off and began eating take a step back as I watched my wife sit on his cock and slowly his cock back in to her very slick pussy causing her to cum my wife’s pussy was too much for me as I began to cum in her mouth at the same time he was cumming in her pussy. I pulled my cock out of her mouth; he then leaned forward

Airport Surprise - Chapter Five

first-time lasersight5432 2017-11-26

Let's talk," I said taking her hand. I want to explain why I've been stalking you," she said. "I think you're a little over dressed for dinner," she said as she undid my pants. When we finished, Taylor walked over to me and took my hand. "You said you wanted to talk to me after we ate. Or do you want to get dressed and sit in the other room?" I asked. I want to make sweet passion love to my man," she said. You would think that a girl should be better than a man when it comes to eating pussy." You let your wife fuck a girl and you eat your own cum."

My 1st Experience with Mother

first-time flasher974 2017-11-26

At first I just tentatively explored their bodies with my hands and learnt about general foreplay, my Father let me treat my Mother like a potential GF. Once I had spent some time on my Mothers buxom breasts 36CC`s, I returned to her cleavage line and started to kiss down her body, I stroked my hands along the side of her plump body taking in the soft skin on her wonderfully sexual body; a feeling I am sure only comes from a Mother and Son relationship, and still kissing her chest and stomach making my way down towards her black and grey pubic hair...

One Summer Day Ch. 02

first-time cloman25 2017-11-26

The way she wiggled out of her shorts, standing on her toes as I touched her for the first time, her spread legs, her writhing and moaning under my tongue's assault and the final one when she came. "Well, my mother can't stop: 'Caily's so sweet.' 'Caily wouldn't do that.' 'Why can't you be more like Caily?'" It wasn't a lie; my mother brings Caily up every time she needed me to do anything right. "She wants to taste the lips that have been caressing her for so long." I said. "Actually, she wants to feel the throbbing organ pressed against her belly, inside her." She was good when she got the hang of it.

Brief sex 008 In the cemetery at night

first-time 2017-11-26

The new girl a little over 16 years was quite pretty, a fiery redhead with long curly hair that cascaded over his shoulder. Lisa was a little scared but wildly excited by the idea of ​​going to the cemetery at night. "said Lisa shaking hands before the a****l captivated by the light. My hands rested on her breasts, before dropping another button which allowed me to bring out his chest to her little dress. Finally I could go out all the stops Lisa had left her dress, which served merely to preserve a bit of cold stone. My tongue plunged into the conch offered pulling a groan to Lisa who took my head between her hands and pulled me against her sex.

First time

first-time 2017-11-26

One night Lori asked if she could touch me, I let her and was rocked by how sensitive it felt to have another person’s hand on my pussy. She slowly rubbed her hand up and down my pussy making me really wet, then she leaned in and kissed me and then started to gently push a finger inside me. Then she would move her slippery finger up to my clit and rub it till I started moving my hips with her hand. I got my wits about me and then started rubbing her thighs and then moved to her pussy lips. I started kissing my way down her tummy till I got to her pussy. Lori came up and kissed me deeply, I could taste my pussy all over her mouth.

Innocent until introduced to sex

first-time innocentteenblonde 2017-11-26

I wore these panties as one day I decided to wear a black lace thong and the older guys fancied me and spoke about fucking my big round ass, they lifted my skirt up showing my big bare ass in this tiny thong, ever since then I wore little girly panties making me look more innocent which then got me more attention as they all wanted to fuck me. Without hesitation I leant forward and took him into my mouth, he was loving this, looking down to find his dirty little daughter sucking his big cock, I loved it at the time, I didn't know this wasn't right to be sucking my own Daddy's cock but I loved it, I liked the taste and the feel of it in my mouth.

A day at the races

first-time fotisampini 2017-11-26

my skirt or dress hem because grown up big girls don't wear pants to the wearing beneath the dress or he could turn his head, take their pick, The man turned away and the young girl hopped in. said $5, the man in the suit and hat slipped in just in time to make an me and London is just south of his home in Richmond,” responded the hat man. I looked at him, then at the driver's face waiting below the open door. The man took my hand and drew it to his semi-hard penis. It was then that I looked up and saw my friend, her dinner date and I leaned forward, took his cock in my hands and kissed my one-time lover

My Telephone

first-time Ashson 2017-11-26

There were a couple of friendly pats to start and help Kelly relax, and then Mike brought his hand down hard, giving Kelly the spanking she wanted. Kelly raised herself, feeling Mike's cock following her as she moved up, apparently not wanting to lose contact with her. She pressed down onto him, forcing her breasts hard against his hands, her mouth frantically seeking his, wanting all the contact she could have, while all the time her pert bottom was twitching up and down, driving her pussy hard upon Mike's erection, her whole being existing only to unite her with that seemingly enormous cock that was so devastating her senses.

Sexploits Ch. 01: Pamela

first-time dpingjessie 2017-11-26

Impulsively, I lunged at Pam, wrapping my arms around her tight little body and pulling her close to me as I leaned down and kissed her right on those beautiful lips. My hands found their way onto Pam's body, one running through her hair while the other sought out her left breast and squeezed it while the milf continued to rock her head back and forth, polishing my knob expertly. I did just fine, however, and, with Pam's help, I shoved the tip of my cock into the milf's pussy and wrapped my hands around her thighs as I thrust forward, slowly but surely sinking into my lover's body.

I fucked a grandma that was my grandpas whore

first-time 1993Anus4Grandpa 2017-11-26

She started breathing very heavily and started moaning and groaning even more, she was having a huge orgasm, fluid gushed out of her pussy, it splashed all over my balls and dick, it got on my stomach and over other parts of my body too, it smelled very bad. She got off my dick and there was a lot of bl**d on the bed and coming out of her pussy, she told me that I fucked her way too hard, and that she won't be able to have sex for a couple days. I wanted to cum very soon so I just thrusted as fast as I can against her and ejaculated deep inside her vagina, it felt so fucking good.