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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Waiting for You - Chapter 2

first-time 2017-11-26

I love that teasing feeling of barely touching my clit, building the tension up inside. My hand plunges down and I slam 2 fingers inside my honey pot. I'm so fucking horney, my pussy is on fire and I feel like I'm going to explode from the tension that's built up inside of me. The sounds of my fingers plunging in and out of my tight, wet pussy is wonderful!! I quicken the pace of my fingers slamming down into my fuck box, trying to go as deep as my tight cunt will allow them to go, grunting with each thrust. When my orgasm starts to subside and my mind rejoins my body, you give my pussy one last long lick from bottom to top.

staying at a mates

first-time cerlsberg 2017-11-26

I was on a pull out bed at my friends house, we had turned in for the night, i was lying there unable to sl**p and i heard a whisper. Suddenly a hand came up from under the pull out bed and i jumped, it was my friends s****r. She took my hand and put it on her breast and started to kiss me, i was instantly erect. I started to rub her clit and she was rubbing my cock, suddenly my friend coughed, and i thought for sure that we had been caught, but luckily he was still sl**ping. As i did this she said time for bed, She started walking to the door.

My fantasy story written by the love of my life.

first-time tnt88jean 2017-11-26

The big bull then stood up and his rock hard cock was standing at full attention and was begging to be in that warm wet pussy, So he rubbed the clit with his head and she started to buck forward to get it to slide in but he was good. He had pussy juices all over his cock and then he spun the swing around and slide the tip in her mouth. Rubbed his cock in it till she had calm down, His half semi hard cock was still looking for some attention she slipped it in her mouth and was kissing and sucking it back to attention when all of a sudden he spun her around and slamming her pussy again.

Jessica's Dream Ch. 03

first-time sexy_roland 2017-11-26

Tell me the different things you and your boyfriend do with the semen he produces!" Jessica asked Lilly. The ways you can use it are limited only by your imagination." Lilly told Jessica. Jessica was getting excited by these ideas, and she felt a little wetness between her legs. "Jessica," Lilly started to say, "If you get 100 healthy men to give you the most enjoyable screws of your life, if they give you 20 such screws and if they can squirt out as much semen as my boyfriend can each time; then they would squirt out up to 2 teaspoons of that lovely stuff each time. So 100 healthy men would produce a lot of delicious semen." Lilly told Jessica.

The Backyard

first-time chef-dennis 2017-11-26

I was outside in the backyard wearing just my shorts enjoying my first cup of coffee and reading the latest copy of penthouse. So here I was with a boner I got up an went to get some more coffee for the both of us. I asked if she enjoyed reading those kind of stories, she said yes but could not believe them. Me too said I and started to rub my crotch. She then started to rub herself while watching me. I got down between her legs and started to lick her pussy inside and out. She had started to cum and said my turn. She then got up and said thank you for the morning cream and coffee and went home.

Like father like son

first-time petercee 2017-11-26

I think it was about eight months after his divorce that things started to change, he'd started to sit closer to Anne in the spa and we noticed his cock would be a little thicker and harder as he got out. Doug arrived with flowers of all things, well I organised drinks and we went out to our spa stripped and got in Anne sitting close alongside Doug. Now according to her Brian got braver and moved closer to watch, I tend to suspect Anne beckoned him to come closer what isn't in doubt is that Brian moved close enough that she could reach his cock and while Doug continued fucking her she took his cock in her mouth.

Encounters with David Ch. 01

first-time squirtlekiwi05 2017-11-26

My parents wouldn't mind, they've always been pretty relaxed about what I did but I doubted David would be so keen, I hardly know the guy! He ran his hands down my body, stroking my pussy gently, his fingertips just brushing over my clit making me wet with anticipation, then he slowly slipped one finger inside me. I could tell by the look on his face that he was enjoying it as much as I was but it wouldn't be long until he came and as I felt myself about to orgasm I clenched my muscles and heard him moan with pleasure as he shot his load inside me.

Wrestling a 'Gay' Friend

first-time Stehin 2017-11-26

He told how he invited her to a wrestling match and got her on stage and asked her to marry her. But I thought this just felt like this because we hadn't wrestled in a long time. I also agree I wouldn't tell his wife, because he did still want to marry her and the whole gay wrestling was just a thing he did in the weekends because he liked to dominate guys as well as women. He moved it out of my thong and started jerking my cock. He asked me if I would like to cum in his ass and I said okay. But because we were horny as fuck we both started moving really fast and I came in his ass.

Jessica's Dream Ch. 06

first-time sexy_roland 2017-11-26

Jessica would love to find a guy like him, and she could easily imagine Lilly and him having frequent sex. She took Jessica upstairs to the bedroom and told her to sit on the bed while Lilly pulled the contraption out of the closet. Very quickly, and with little effort, Jessica saw her friend being pulled up into the air and her body hanging upside down from the ceiling. I am curious to experience that hanging upside down feeling." Jessica told Lilly. Would you want Brett to join us?" Lilly asked Jessica. While the guys were banging Jessica, these women would need something to keep them occupied; and with all those vaginas that needed filling and all the fucking going on, she was sure their pussies would be aching for some action.

Week Ends at Grandpas

first-time sancho2063z 2017-11-26

my cousin Maria and I were setting on the couch in the living room and she had a little dress on. One evening we were on the couch and everyone was there, an older male cousin was sitting across the living room watching TV and ma was in kitchen talking with Granny. Maria was sitting next to me watching TV and I began rubbing her legs. As I went up to her crotch she opened her legs and I begin rubbing her pussy. I began to rub her legs again and was heading towards that sweet pussy when Mom came around the corner, and the shit hit the fan!

Almost my first time.

first-time 2017-11-26

I had certainly seen pictures of naked women, and I sort of understood how they worked, but I couldn't have been more curious. One day we were left in the house alone for a while...I thought it would be a good idea to finally see a girl naked, so we both took off our clothes. I had no idea what or how to have sex, though, but I knew kind of how it happened. I knew how it was supposed to work...kind of...but it didn't seem like it could go in. We never tried again, and 9 years later, I finally had real sex.

St Mary's Girls: Jane's First Time

first-time Celtic_Heart 2017-11-26

As her imagination played with the idea of sucking their cocks deep into her hot, hungry mouth, Jane's appetite got the better of her judgement and she let her fingers slip up under her skirt. Drink your milk like a good little girl!" he groaned as his cock fired a seemingly never ending fountain of cum into her mouth, forcing Jane to swallow over and over in an effort not to let any spill out. Jane slid one hand down the front of Rob's jeans, feeling his stiff cock with her fingers, imagining again what it would feel like inside her pussy. Jane let Rob's spent cock slip from her mouth then stood up, kicking off her shoes, her fingers moving to undo the remaining buttons of her white, school blouse.

a fantasy

first-time sissieally 2017-11-26

Doing what you told me I close the door walk 4 steps forward, and nervously strip down to nothing but the blindfold. I obey and start to turn in a circle before your voice cuts in louder "slower slave" I turn slower as I hear you chuckle and say "you really are pathetic slave that thing between your legs is nothing but a little clitty." I feel my face turning red. "Stretch your arms forward slave" As I do I feel you grab my left wrist and pull it tight. "Do you trust me slave?" "Yes mistress" my voice cracks revealing my crying. "Do you trust me slave?" "Yes mistress" I scream out in pain as I feel your hand slap my ass.

The business man

first-time LisaTn 2017-11-26

I have always enjoyed meeting a variety of men for fun times. I love being treated as a woman, being kissed and caressed Tom arrived as scheduled and we sat together on the bed making I took his cock deep into my mouth, pressed my tongue any toys and I got up, went to my bag and returned with my 8" I felt the dildo being thrust deep in my ass and he moaned slowly and I licked his softening cock and balls to be sure I went back to my laptop with another cup of wine and noticed Said if he wanted to come over to see me, I would at me and looking at the porn video I had pulled up on the laptop.

Trial Run

first-time olb51 2017-11-26

The other hand encircles his balls gently squeezing feeling the tension rise slightly Then I encircle his shaft with finger and thumb apply pressure and resume my back and forth movement wuth the addition of my hand I feel the tension rise his balls swell and tighten His hands are on my head guiding me and cobtrolling He stiffens his back arches and I feel a sudden wet warmth filling my mouth I start to choke I pull back and manage to swallow I sense the need for more stimulation so pulling back I wrap my hand round his wet pulsing cock and rub and squeeze until the cum stops flowing and he places a restraining hand on mine I lean forward and lick the tip around the hole taking the last drops of cum to savour He looks down and smiles You sure you never did that before ?

Snow Day

first-time theo_minor 2017-11-26

Josh and Brenda were both laughing uproariously at the incongruity of 'naughty sex words' spewing forth from the 'innocent girl's' mouth. "I was hoping so!" Turning toward Josh, she said, "Come on, lover -- let's show her what it looks like." Soon Josh had his hand inside Brenda's thong, covering her pussy, stroking along her slit. Josh broke his lip-lock with Brenda, and, while both of them continued their genital playing with each other, he moved his head down and took Brenda's breasts in his mouth, licking and sucking them and causing her to writhe and squirm at his attentions. With one hand, I caught myself massaging my own tits, in time with Josh's movements on Brenda's.

When Good Girls Go Bad

first-time sweet lil cookie 2017-11-26

The dinner went all right, consisting mostly of Jill and Ryan’s sex talk while Alex and Mike just sat there. Alex laid on the bed, completely nude except for her little white socks as Mike and Ryan, who had both shed their shirts, had a brief conference. “You want head, don’t you?” Apparently they did, and Mike got down on his knees and pulled down Ryan’s red boxers, exposing Ryan’s large cock. Alex got down on her knees and crawled over to Mike and wrapped her lips around his cock, sliding it in further and further and then sucking it like a tootsie pop. “Hold it in, Mike.” Alex licked the tip of Ryan’s cock until he too shouted out that he was going to cum.

First Meeting

first-time Grillmastah 2017-11-26

His hand spreads her legs as his tongue slides down her pussy lips and back up to her clit. He slowly slides in and out of her she moans and begins to quiver, she says she's about to cum and he tells her to cum as much as she can for him. He slides his still rock hard cock back into her almost virgin pussy, and fucks her harder and faster than before. She cries out in excitement and enjoyment at being completely picked up and then moans as his cock starts fucking her hard standing. His cock enters her pussy and he starts to slowly fuck her as he slides a finger in her lubed up ass.

When did Mom Start Wanting Me part 5

first-time HankWilliams1956 2017-11-26

Sarua just sat there with my hard cock stuck in her pussy, then she leaned over and picked up her glass of ice tea from the coffee table, then took a drink of her tea, before looking over her shoulder at me, "Do you want a drink of your ice tea?" Sarua then leaned over forward and lifted her ass up just a little bit, as I helped lift her with my hands under her ass, and went to pumping my dick in and out of her hot wet pussy, at a fast speed but not, as fast as I could have then, "That's it, fuck me Sammy, make me cum.

Our First Time Together

first-time JRLover 2017-11-25

"Jessi you look amazing, I hope you know that," I smile, and kiss you softly on the lips. I can feel the heat from between your legs, and I kiss and suck on your neck as I pleasure your breasts. You are moving and thrashing, your legs are shaking, but I keep my finger in the entire time, gently kissing around it, licking and sucking on your pussy lips until your orgasm stops terrorizing your body. As your body begins to shudder, I know that it is close to your first true orgasm, and I pump harder and faster, teasing your nipples, kissing your neck, trying to make you come hard and fast.

7 old gentlemen to gang bang my innocent daughter

first-time kavitaa 2017-11-25

I was made to sit on the lap of Mahant Dharmanand as he was the eldest and a holy guru.When I sat onto her lap i noticed that his Cock is touching my asshole, and he whispered dirty to my ear-buds, saying, '' beti tange chaudi kr'', meaning ''sweet daughter , spread your legs wide and apart''.He pushed one finger in my ass-hole, and fondled my cunt mound --chuut- with his two fingers.Lallo removed my tops and bra while kukku removed my skirt and panty.

Jumped by Bunny

first-time dowd_elwood_p 2017-11-25

"I had you sooo going!" Then she leaned in to me, gave me a big kiss on the cheek and danced a little victory dance into the living room, clapping her hands over her head. When I passed my brother's room, I thought that I heard the noise of struggling, and so I sneaked closer to his door to make sure everything was all right. They seemed to be wrestling or something, and when I thought about them jostling on the bed, I remembered Bunny's breasts pressing on my arm and I started getting a hard-on. I beered Todd and Bunny, got a glass of milk for myself, and hot-air popped a large bowl of popcorn, which I buttered.

My Cousin, My First Lover

first-time indianmasala 2017-11-25

His right hand went under the t-shirt and found my breasts and started cupping them and fondling them. He felt encouraged by me response and gently lifted of me and in a swift motion relieved me of my t-shirt and then again dived down on me attacking my breasts with his mouth licking, sucking and biting on them while I moaned in near ecstasy. He removed his shirt, pant and undies and lied down next to me running his finger down my back from the neck to the natal cleft and then spooned himself behind me in the lateral position and brought his hands around me to fondle my breast and my pussy at the same time.

Newlywed school nurse helps student

first-time fotisampini 2017-11-25

"Oh, Mrs. Johnson," Tony trembled beneath her, shuddering as his cock throbbed and oozed, his balls loaded with cum. Veronica looked down at her huge tits, seeing how stiff her nipples had grown from the pleasure of her first, but in no way last, cock-sucking, how her rubbery tits now protruded nearly an inch from the wide, crimson circles. "Oh, Mrs. Johnson!" Tony stared at her pussy sighing as he saw his veined cock-shaft disappearing into her small, tight cunt. Tony grimaced as he started grinding beneath her, so excited that he could ignore the intense pain in his back, dazedly staring at Mrs. Johnson's giant, jiggling tits as he started stroking his cock through the clinging tightness of her cunt.