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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Living with Omega Theta Pi Ch. 02

first-time Charles Petersunn 2017-11-25

One might think that the presence of Miss Wormer, coupled with having recently ejaculated, would make it difficult for Albert to develop another erection so quickly, but he was a healthy young man who had in fact masturbated most every evening (a couple times even twice in one evening, although those were rather special occasions) and he was also experiencing for the first time in his life the loving, seductive touch of a girl's fingers on his cock. Miss Wormer realized that a sign on the door would probably draw some unnecessary attention, but it was against house rules to have any bedroom locked and she certainly didn't want one of the young ladies to inadvertently walk in on Albert while he was doing his business, as she had done herself. Shelley was feeling a little funny about Albert going to Miss Wormer's office to masturbate.

Best young/intro cuckold story you'll ever re

first-time Empire_l 2017-11-25

I told her this and asked what she wanted for her upcoming birthday, she said she wanted a dildo. The next night we were drinking in the hotel bar, and she had picked up a guy. I spent the next half an hour watching my girlfriend blow this guy. After he came he walked out and we never had a threesome again.. She had told me had slept with 1 guy before me, which was true, and she had loved him(nick) So she would say this is how I would blow nick. We were hooked , within a 6 month span after that she had fucked over 100 guys. But I wasn't satisfied until she fucked the guy she lost her virginity to again.

Virgin with Girlfriend's Mom Pt. 01

first-time MF4BIM 2017-11-25

My dick was rock hard when she then looked me straight in the eyes and said "I showed you mine, now let me see yours." I was not prepared for this but thought what the heck, we are just having fun so I stood up and took off my shirt and then dropped my pants and underwear. Dawn looked back at me and said that there was no way I was a virgin. After playing with her pussy for a few minutes, she said she wanted to feel me inside her. When Ann left the room to go eat Dawn and I took a few minutes to get a quick fuck in.

She's Naked

first-time Ashson 2017-11-25

"I was going to drop Joey here and let him walk, so he can break the news to Karen while we take off." "Ah, I think it's time I started using my cock, don't you?" I asked casually, and got a quick nod. A couple of times at the start I popped right out and had to hurry to slide back inside, embarrassed, while Karen giggled. "You do realise that if you ever mention this to anyone I'll call you a lying little turd with a big imagination," Karen said cheerfully. "I think I can probably arrange to do that," she said cheerfully, and on that happy note we parted, her to finally get dressed and me to walk home.

first time with my girlfriend

first-time jj2567 2017-11-25

I kept kissing her while playing with her boobs and licking them. Soon she started going lower on me, licking my chest and stomach going down to my crotch. Soon I felt her pull down my boxers and pull out my rock hard 8 inch dick. I felt her play with it in her hands and stroke it, then put it in her mouth. I started moaning with pleasure while she kept licking and sucking my dick. I said that i was going to cum and that she should stop, but she just kept going, faster and faster! I kept going in and out, and i started going faster and faster! I felt myself ready to cum again and she pulled me out and started stroking me.

step sister took advantage of me..and i liked it p

first-time hetem123 2017-11-25

The next night after my dad left, my step s****r ran to my room only wearing a thong she would usually wait and make sure her mom was sl**ping before she would even do anything but tonight was deferent before dinner i told her i wanted to taste her pussy for the first time. I got out of the bed as they were fighting and walked over to my step mom and grabbed her by the back of the head and f***ed my tongue in her mouth my step s****r started laughing. My step s****r turned and got in a 69 position hovering her dripping wet pussy from my mouth as my step mom started to riding my cock

Sexual History of a Man Pt. 01

first-time oldlover40 2017-11-25

Yes, sure, we went to a well-known "lovers' lane" after the show, but by that time we were destined to be friends, The final nail in the coffin of my desire was when she smiled at me, as I was plotting how I could get her pants off, and said "You're the first boy I ever dated that didn't try to have sex with me." Shit, if I had tried any harder, I would have had a coronary! I sucked, kissed and caressed those lovely mounds for what seemed to be hours, but may have actually been about ten minutes and realized that we were both rising to new heights of passion.

The Physics of Love

first-time catfacts 2017-11-25

I wondered if he needed someone to help watch his kid, and I offered to babysit for his son so he could spend some time with his friends. I placed my hand on his arm at one point, but before long, he told me it was time for him to go to bed. Massaging my neck, he pulled away from my mouth and nibbled on my ears, making me moan with pleasure. "I've always wondered what you look like naked," he said, with a little smile. Suddenly, he pulled me up and took off his shirt, pressing his naked body against mine, his cock nestled between my thighs. One of his hands moved up to squeeze my breasts as his tongue continued to work wonders on me.

Ranch Girl

first-time Jenny6969 2017-11-25

Turns out he was calling for Johnny, who wanted to be a ranch hand. After several days of settling in, Dad and Johnny set in a routine of rising early, eating breakfast that I helped Mom prepare, then getting out for fencing, branding, feeding, or other tasks that filled the daylight hours. Letting hot water stream over my body was a luxury I loved, and I kept on most times until Dad hammered on the door to turn it off. I held his cock and could see close up spurt after spurt erupt from the tip, shooting inches high into the air, finally to land on my hand and his belly.

An Old Friend

first-time Ashson 2017-11-25

Marcia gave a little jerk and looked down at the hand cupping her breast, seeing the engorged nipple enjoying the attention. Marcia was finally standing there in her skimpy little panties, looking at me with eyes that seemed to be very wide, taking in both my nudity and what it showed, which was how much I wanted her. I ran my hand back up the way it had come, stroking along her long smooth legs, cupping her mound for a moment, to the accompaniment of a sudden intake of breath, and then continuing up to lightly brush across a breast and then settle on the back of her neck. Her nipples were puckered and I could feel Marcia pressing her breasts against my hands, wanting a firmer touch, which I was quite happy to provide.

Cougar Girl's Fantasy

first-time dig420 2017-11-25

! I came so hard chatting with Carol “ Debi told herself after closing down Busying herself around the house Debi thoughts kept coming back to Carol. Debi’s hands went under Carol’s robe feeling her soft, smooth skin. Debi moaned as her finger slipped between Carol’s pussy Deeper her tongue probed Carol’s pussy, fingers spreading her apart. “Oh my god Debi” Carol said as Debi rolled off of her and lay on “I surprised myself” Debi said still covered in the juice from Carol’s pussy, “I sure but Debi sensing her hesitation pushed back at the right time and felt Carol’s She through the black cock back at Carol, “fuck me with this” Debi

my first experience

first-time 2017-11-25

I was painting a board with trees and bushes and green paint was all over my hands, “i need a wee” i said to “Dave” the site manager was with me and he noticed my hands “ youll get paint all over the door handles” he said “ let me help” we walked down the hall towards the toilets, he open the door and followed me inside, “ here let me help you you don’t want paint over your cloths” he turned the taps on for me and watched me wash my hands, we were chatting away with small talk, i soaped my hands, i turned the taps off and turned to dry my hands we noticed there were no paper towels about, he said he must fill it up later and he would help me undo my zip on my trouser as my hands were still full of soap,”you don’t mind me doing this do you?” he asked me, i said it was fine and watch as he unzipped me, he open the button and pulled my trousers down a little, he then pulled my underpants down a little exposing my little cock, “there you are” he said “that should do you!” i felt a little embarrassed and walked over to the toilet to pee.

Measuring My Cum - pt2

first-time griffen1 2017-11-25

"OK, mom," I said, smiling back, and trying to sound I thought about what mom had said about the said mom, pointing at her clothes. I gently felt mom's right buttock through the material under her skirt and feel her ass through her panties. I thought quickly and said hesitatingly, "Mom... I felt like I was going to cum. "I think that's done the trick mom, I'm gonna cum soon." As I felt mom's ass cheeks beaker, as I felt like I flooded it with my cum. "Bye, mom," I said, as she went. Mom's ass had felt great. good lying back like this on the bed, with my mom just having wanked me off, letting me feel up her ass cheeks

Comforting My Neighbor's Daughter

first-time fotisampini 2017-11-25

Cindy was still wearing her short skirt which covered her sexy ass but all that did was get my even more turned on, knowing I was about to sink my cock into her young pussy. I glanced up at the clock again and suddenly realized her parents were due any minute now, so I didn't have any time to savor the feelings of my cock gently softening inside Cindy's young pussy. I could barely look her parents in the eye as they thanked me and left to take their eighteen year old daughter home, little knowing that her young tight pussy was full of my warm cum.


first-time copperkitty 2017-11-25

As a finishing touch, she stuffed a handkerchief in the breeches, emulating a man's bulge, and was fairly satisfied that she could pass as a young boy. "I am sorry, My Lord." She said no more, but was very impressed that he would think of a woman when her father lay dead somewhere in a forest. As far as she could tell, he was an incredibly handsome man, but as a serving boy, and one who had abandoned his master in a time of need, she felt she was not permitted to look directly at him. Gustavo agreed that the rogues, for their pleasure, had most likely taken Helena.

Wife's letter (night with 2 men--first time)

first-time WMAP 2017-11-25

As Kenny was pumping me I looked over and saw Charles was already undressed, stroking his growing cock as he watched us fuck from the other bed, not three feet from us. Charles started pumping me slowly…and then he started to talk dirty to me saying, “You like being watched don’t you Mary?” You like us fucking you don’t you?” “You like my dick going in and out of you don’t you Mary?” By now my ass was pushing back against Charles…I wanted him deep inside me as I was cumming again! “You like as fucking you at the same time don’t you?” “You like us in control…fucking you…fucking you good and hard!” Charles leaned forward a bit to and now I was done, I started cumming hard…Kenny later said he knew I was cumming because he felt me closing down on his cock as he was pumping me.

Alex's Adventurous Diary Memoirs

first-time Ingrid11B 2017-11-25

At eighteen, I continued to be much more interested in typical male activities like canoeing, hiking, and fishing, and I joined groups that mainly consisted of young men. I would have answered, "no" had he asked that question, but hiking and spending the night seemed more acceptable, and I knew I needed to get on with my life and get some experience with men before I started college. Mom had said as much about a year ago, but I never saw the opportunity or had the desire until Bill asked me, and I quickly replied I'd love to hike with him.

Jackie and Rhonda

first-time big_mike610 2017-11-25

Oh god, oh my god..." and Jackie and Rhonda both knew at once who the second guy was, Rhonda and Bill's little brother Bobby. Bobby was getting close again and it looked like Bill was not going to be able to stop him this time. Jackie decided to jump right in, "That looks like fun!" And she grabbed Bobby's right hand helping him jerk off while he tried to jump out of his seat. Jackie had started rubbing his cock head with her other hand and when he discovered her bald pussy he was shocked into shooting his load. Bobby was looking at the screen just in time for Jackie to smile for the camera.


The Cougar I Fucked

first-time eazynj 2017-11-25

Consequently, they figured out I wasn't 21 yet and took me out. Her pussy was so fucking beautiful, it was nice and juicy and wet dripping on her seat. She just knew how to stroke my meat and I rubbed that juicy pussy. I guess it's like I sensed her pussy and I couldn't wait to get inside her. So I know I was destined to fuck we pussy all night. The first position was our best position and she sat right on my throbbing cock and jamming her wet, sweet pussy against my meat. Then went back at it; we just couldn't get enough each other and this was one of the best nights of my life.

Late Bloomer

first-time Naughty_Witch 2017-11-25

I was about two months away from my nineteenth birthday and resolved to the fact that I would be starting my freshman year as a virgin when one day, entirely to my surprise, my friend Jay asked when we were going to have sex. I pretended not to notice every time Jay's hands brushed my thighs or ass under the water and he went home that night without anything else happening. Your brother and his friends are gone; let's go over by the fire," he grabbed my hand and pulled me with him as we got off of the trampoline. Before he pulled away he nipped at my ear and whispered, "I'm going to fuck you tonight." Then he grabbed a couple of chairs and stepped out of the shed.

The Woman Next Door.

first-time Ivor-Bigpecker 2017-11-25

I didn't know what to say properly because it was the first time woman had spoke to me like that and to be honest I was a bit nervous but I said I would but I was on my way out, she said she would let me know when it would be best then she said, “Don't mention it to your mum or anyone,” I said I wouldn't, but as I left my mind went in overdrive thinking this was a bit strange. She was smiling at me all the time as though she was having a private laugh at me, I was nervous and wasn't saying much where as she was talking and saying things like, “It's nice having a young man shaving me,” then she said, “You are getting my underskirt all wet, I will have to let it drop,” with that she slipped her arms under the straps and it fell to her waist revealing her big boobs.

First Blow Job

first-time WyldFyre74 2017-11-25

Well, one of the girls in our group decided she like the way that I danced. It ended up that my first sexual encounter where my body was the objective was one night at a party where two of my female friends where sleeping on the same pull out couch as me. As her hand starts to stroke my partial erection, the other girl gets a good look at what is now going on. Eventually I took her shirt and bra off and started playing with her nipples. When she finally got my cock out, she looked me in the eyes and said "I need to fuck you".


A Day for Firsts

first-time kinkroulette 2017-11-25

It had been a month since the unmarked box had appeared on my doorstep, a gift from my partner (and Mistress!) Elise for the wait until she could visit me for the first time. I stepped to the door quickly and opened it, gasping as I saw Elise for the first time in person. Sitting atop me and pulling back from the kiss, Elise wiggled her hips against mine, her ass pressed against the steel cage. Her hands moved to take hold of the sides of my hips, and I felt the tip of the strapon pressing between my cheeks. I thrust my hips in time with hers, slamming together as the tip pressed to its deepest.

Roommate's Brother's Secret

first-time eSecrets 2017-11-25

As he loosened the button, Micki moved her hand up to the back of his head and pulled his face toward hers until their lips met. Tom released the second button and slipped his entire hand inside feeling the sheer bra that barely covered Micki. Tom eased his hand down Micki's breasts to her flat stomach stopping at the third and final button. Tom could feel Micki's soft bare breasts pressed into his chest. Micki reached down taking Tom's hands and placing one on each breast. With Annie's back turned, Micki gave Tom a coy smile and quick wink. Knowing that Annie wasn't looking, Tom raised the panties prominently causing Micki to place her hands on her face in mock horror.