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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

The Camera Incident

first-time badpussy 2018-11-01

Moving the opening slit to one side he pulled his semi erect dick out and began stroking it looking at his beutiful friend on cam. He looked up at her realising how badly he wanted her and how badly she made him wanna cum slowly he moved so that his 7inch dick was in full view moaning as he stroked his cock over and over. She couldnt control herself anymore and let her slim manicure hands slide into her thing pussy lips as she moved them back and forth aroused by her friends massive dick and how good her pussy felt against her fingers. A few houses down Stu lay in bed thinking of Graces perfectly shaven pussy her fingers slipping in and out as he stroked his dick wanting so badly for hands to be stroking it.

Summer of 72

first-time herbalman1234 2018-11-01

After a few minutes, I started to massage the sides of her ample breast and slowly moved my palm over her nipple. I was now lingering near the elastic of her panties when I decided I had nothing to lose, except maybe a girlfriend, I moved the palm of my hand onto her mound and my fingers were lightly touching the outline of her pussy lips through her wet panties. It seemed like hours but only a minute when I opened my eyes and saw Janice smiling and running her fingers through my cum and putting it into her mouth. With a strange look on her face she pushed me onto my back again but this time she got on top of me and started to glide her wet pussy over my throbbing cock.

Show off wife gets fucked

first-time woreout 2018-11-01

I walked down to see what she wanted and as she moved up and down on her friends cock she told me to go put on my chastity device and come watch her. I put on a long t shirt that just covered my bare chastity cage and returned to watch my sexy wife get her brains fucked out. When I got back down to the pool I found my wife setting dead still on that guys cock. She said my pussy is slap full of my lovers cum and we are finished fucking. My wife started putting her bikini back on as she told me the bottoms will hold his sead in her.

Gemma's First Time

first-time roseonfire 2018-11-01

Jack leans down and kisses me, a soft, tender kiss which calms me a little, before entwining his fingers through my hair and pulling me in for a deeper kiss. He fumbles with the button of my jeans, pulls down the zip and slips his hand inside my panties, stroking upwards with one finger through my wet slit. My hand encloses the soft, pale skin which I pull slowly, gently back to reveal the red, throbbing head. He groans into my neck and withdraws his fingers to grip my hips as I stroke his cock, the tips of my fingers massaging his shaft. My hands grasp his ass, my legs wrap around his, my pelvis jerks upwards and I feel the climax building in my abdomen.

Kayaker's First Time To A Nudist Club

first-time onlytrue 2018-11-01

R had become so wet now that her pussy was making sloshing sounds and we were both moaning humping each others hand. This continued for some time neither of us speaking a word to each other or looking each other in the eye. Standing just a foot away, facing me, she grabbed her pussy lips with her left hand, spreading them open to expose her clit. She began rubbing her clit furiously with her right hand as she stood with knees bent, facing me. I began pounding her as she was standing up and bent over at the waist, holding onto her coffee table with one hand, her other hand still gripping her pussy and feeling my balls as they met her fingers.

Into the Hole

first-time slut_alice 2018-11-01

His lips are hot against mine as he runs his hands over my waist, his fingers sending desire burning down my body. Your virginity is a problem, dearie," he breathes as he thrusts quickly in and out, his fingers becoming more and more drenched as my moans echo around the door filled hall. He pulls his short off as well before pressing me into the wall, his cock against my stomach and my breasts to his hot chest. He thrusts his hips against my face, pushing his cock deeper and deeper as he gets the pleasure from my mouth. Suddenly, he moans and grabs my hair as hot white liquid shoots from his cock and into my mouth.

Enigmatic Rendezvous

first-time rubicon95 2018-11-01

He lay shirtless on her bed, his hands behind his head and a broad smile creasing his handsome face. She squeezed her hand and her man groaned in pleasure, pushing his hips forward in a laconic request for more. As his tongue danced with hers inside her mouth, she slowly unzipped his jeans. Her tongue felt the slightly salty taste of his pre-cum and her pussy flooded in arousal. She convulsed with the sudden pleasure and his hand was washed by a wave a pussy juice. His hand thrust deep inside of her, opening her up for cock. She turned her head and saw him poised with his cock, hovering around the entrance of her pussy.

Close Call With A Close Friend Part 2

first-time MountainWatch 2018-11-01

Suddenly, as my father was talking about his daily afternoon walk, I felt Sarah’s soft hand slowly moving up my thigh under the table. Pushing her gently off my lap and laying her on the bed beside me, I started kissing all over her body. Reaching her breasts again I sucked each nipple into my mouth again, eliciting a moan from Sarah, before moving further down. “Basically knowing that, you just need to improvise a bit.” She said, looking me in the eye, almost literally buzzing from excitement. I pumped as hard as I could into her willing pussy, my mouth was like a vacuum on her clit as I squeezed her nipple mercilessly.

Special Delivery (Kim and Mary, Pt. 2)

first-time CallMeMissD 2018-11-01

Mary locked her door and turned to Kim and Brindle. Spreading his legs, he felt Mary palm his cock and lick the head, slowly. Brindle had Mary spread her legs over his mouth as he lay there getting head. Brindle groaned as his cock was wrapped in the silky heat of her tight pussy. He leaned in and started thrusting into Kim. Her pussy stretched around his cock and slippery sex noises filled the room. Kim stuck her tongue deep into Mary’s slit and Mary rocked down and watched as Brindle’s cock pumped into her friend. Brindle leaned down over Kim, grinding his cock deep into her pussy. Brindle let his cock slip from Kim’s tight pussy, watching them kiss.


first-time biguy2play 2018-11-01

When my hand went inside her panties, she lifted up and slipped them down her legs. Shelley would keep her legs pretty tightly closed, just letting me rub my cock on her mound. I felt the wetness of her on the tip of my cock and without hesitation slipped easily into her. We began rocking together, her pussy wet, her legs wide spread and willing and my cock more and more eager to bury itself there. Anytime I thought of that wonderful rush as my cock first entered a woman and remembered the wet heat of pussy surrounding cock I wanted that feeling again and ‘virginity’ just seemed like such a useless word.

The Scent Of A Virgin

first-time DanielleX 2018-11-01

Laura said something to the girl, who took off her sun hat, revealing unusually light brown eyes. Laura spoke to Feemi in Italian and they had a brief conversation, during which time Feemi’s eyes wandered around my body as her index finger made a circular motion around her left breast. I took one myself and looked into her eyes as my tongue rolled along the little black morsel of goodness. As we were getting more and more turned on, Laura and I lay on the sofa with our legs open, giving Feemi a perfect view of our moist quims. I treated her pussy with respect, kissing the little folds of her outer lips and rolling my tongue up and down the inner ones, parting them at the same time.

First Time With My Soul Mate

first-time Jolt 2018-11-01

I would stay for a week at a time, she lived with her mother and sister, which we thought was funny because I lived with my father and brother. I felt her breasts, and she reached down to rub my dick. I rubbed her clit and got in three fingers, watching her wriggle and try to keep quiet (her room was right across the hall from her mother's haha). I eased my average dick into her amazing pussy and fucked her gently yet hard until she orgasmed at least once, when I let myself shoot my hot cum inside her. She'd rub my dick and then when I wanted to go farther she wasn't interested.

First time with my man

first-time sweet1003 2018-11-01

On our way back we held each others hand and my heart was racing at the thoughts that we will spend a night together, so much was going through my mind that I did not notice when we reached his place, His roommate was on outstation tour and would not come back for few days, the moment we entered the room he stepped forward and took me in his arms. He slowly lifted up my T shirt and I felt his hands on bare back fumbling with my bra strap, I closed my eyes and loosened my body, allowing him to do whatever he wanted. He pushed his cock which was now hard as a rod as deep as he could and soon he felt his balls churning and, perfectly timed, I began to moan loudly as I entered my own orgasm.

Me and the T.A.

first-time montana_slut 2018-11-01

However, that didn’t change the way I felt about him, or how often I longed for his hands to touch me places no one had ever touched before. After dinner he put his arm around my shoulder, in that big-brother protective way, and walked me to the bus stop back to my dorm. Purposely tousled hair that didn’t look like I had tried too hard to get it that way, a black tank top, and short red pajama bottoms. As soon as I stood up, I wrapped my arms around his neck and planted a small kiss right under his earlobe. I have wanted you since the first day of class when you walked into the room.

Introducing Sofia to Sex

first-time Green_Man 2018-11-01

And to accommodate myself, as well. You see, the girls had been kept so pure and innocent by their mother and then, after she died, their father had no clue how to introduce sexual topics to them. This was a crucial moment. She spread her legs even wider for me. I knew how to use all of her toys and I knew what pleased her. You may have surmised that I was an old pervert. Not really old yet. I knew she had been trying different toys in her little ass hole, just tentatively touching it and putting vibrators on it. Yeah, just a moment." Spread your legs. I was happy to keep my dear neighbor girls with me for as long as he was gone.

My Very First Time - True Story

first-time BetiBoobs 2018-11-01

Driver training was on Tuesday and Thursday afternoon.  The instructor was a bit older, he had just turned 20.  There were three of us in Drivers Training, another girl and a boy beside myself.  Our sessions were 2 to 3 hours long and we all got to drive at least twice each time out.  We covered both city and highway driving and often went 25 or 30 miles out of town.  One day we were on the highway, I was driving.  I noticed Denny, our instructor, kind of watching me out of the corner of my eye.  One time I quickly turned my head and looked at him, he abruptly turned away.  I then noticed that he had an unusual bulge in the crotch of his pants.  I kind of quietly gigged to myself, knowing that a man’s penis would get bigger when he was sexually excited.  After all, I had been through Freshman Biology class in High School, and did not think that I was completely stupid about sex.  A girl friend of mine had also shown me pictures of a penis in a library book.  I remember we both were giggling about what it looked like when it was soft, just kind of hanging there.

Meeting For The First Time Leads To All Night Long Sexual Frenzy, Part 2

first-time wyonot 2018-11-01

After you wake up first from our nap, you just start grinding your pussy and breasts against my body and rub your thigh against my half hard cock, bringing it back to life. When you get used to the wonderful pleasure of my dick deep inside you, then you slowly start to move your hips to start sliding your wet pussy up and down on my hard cock. You press your cum filled and covered pussy tight to my face, longing for more stimulation as I start licking and sucking up our mixed juices. You are enjoying the feeling very much and you just turn your head and start licking my hard cock, remembering how good it felt earlier buried deep in your cunt as it filled you with my warm seed.

Handsome Jack

first-time emersonbosworth 2018-11-01

I went to get the beers and told one of my young friends that if he wanted some pussy he needed to come back to the car with me; which he did. She was getting hot as all hell, so I pulled her pants down and told Dennis to fuck her. I pulled my cock out and put it in her mouth and told her to suck me off, which she did a great job of, as I blew my load down her throat just before Dennis blew his into her cunt. Boy, was she ready for my cock, what a hot little piece of ass she had turned out to be.

Playin while hubby watches

first-time nightgirl45 2018-11-01

Now go and fuck this man's brains out and have the time of your life and leave the clean up to me." " Oh yes l love you so fucking much and l am getting close to cumming in my pants thinking of this event."      He was pumping and pumping and using his full shaft and going faster and faster and l actually had a black out orgasm for a couple of seconds but he was in full motion now and l could feel him grow inside me and l knew from his breathing and his size he was close to filling me up with cum for my Dougie.

Indian Delight

first-time Luckymann 2018-11-01

Facing Damini, I took her by both hands and said, "I have a king-sized bed and a nice big sofa in my room. When she began slowly, almost imperceptibly, rocking her hips, I let the hand massaging her breast trail softly down her belly, into her panties, and to her thick black pubic bush. When I grazed her clitoris, Damini lifted her butt completely off the bed and held my hand tightly to her pussy with both of her hands. Holding Damini tightly, I remained fully buried in her tight pussy. In the mean time, I took several hard and deep thrusts into her freshly opened love hole, hugged her tightly, and slammed fully into her.

Galina 19

first-time aPackOfVVankers 2018-11-01

I took in her beauty in its entirety - 5'9", long coltish legs topped by an incredible ass, a tight little body with perky little tits, blue eyes like a Japanese cartoon character, and the face of a mischievous angel. Each time I picked up Galina, Mama would come out and look me over with a knowing smile, offering a basket of food she had cooked for our picnic - cherry compote, some pie, nectarines, sausage and such. These Saturdays with Galina were spent kissing and touching, She would straddle me and rub herself to orgasm against my cock, through our underpants - as if she was riding a horse at the gallop.

Stuck With You

first-time AvaMarie 2018-11-01

Aria stood up slowly, never taking her eyes off Brent and slowly paced up and down the elevator for a couple of seconds. Aria pulled away from him and sat on the floor, closely followed by Brent. Whilst Brent wasn't looking, Aria quickly took off her top, and covered her breasts with her arms. Brent grabbed Aria's hand and moved it up and down his shaft. Brent lost himself a little in the pleasure and forced Aria's head down, forcing her to deep throat his cock.  As they both closed their eyes, Aria fell back on the bed with Brent on top of her.  Aria laughed and stared at Brent, he took stared deeply into her eyes.

Patti Was a Tomboy

first-time canalghost225 2018-11-01

I was a good date, giving a girl a good time without trying to feel her up every time, so when some of the kids found out that I was spending time with Patti, who was a year behind me in school, no one could understand why I would do that. Then one day when she was in the garage as I worked on the car, she came close to me and leaned in, not touching me except for the kiss she gave me. She stayed out late every night while her parents thought that I was home alone since they could see me doing my usual things with no sign of Patti.

First bus

first-time magentalips 2018-11-01

Then he sits directly behind her near the window, having to squeeze past a fat woman passenger already comfortable in her seat. Kik returns his smile and curls herself up, presenting her back to him, resting her head on the window glass and pulls  a thin blanket over herself. The man’s hand has fallen down onto the seat, in between their two bodies, resting in the cleft of her bum and the seat that they share. Directly across and next to the Chinese, a good-looking older woman is asleep, her face turned in their direction. Kik smiles to the window and dozes off for she doesn’t know how long until the bus slows and turns off the road.