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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

What Happened Under the Moonlight

first-time Brinda_faheem 2017-11-25

"When I look at you...I don't see my daughter's best friend, I see a beautiful young woman," he said, "and I think about what I want...and it's not for your ears." "But...this is wrong...we both know that," he said, "My f****y's in the house and you have to be so beautiful?" "Try me...fuck me Devlin...I might not be experienced like you but I know what I want...and if you're here..." "Soften you up a bit," he said, "'s going to feel so good to get inside of you...but I want you to be wet first..." "You drove me fucking crazy with those damn pictures," he said, "I jacked off so many times I can't count just imagining what it'd be like to fuck that pussy...I'm so hard right now..."

Linda's Birthday Party

first-time Johnsexlife 2017-11-25

Pam had really worked hard to prepare the party ordering a large birthday cake, decorating the house with streamers & balloons. Linda was aware of the party and had planned to finally loose her virginity on her 18th birthday. She was also intrigued with the girls giving oral sex in the movie so she practiced with another cucumber by stroking it while working her tongue around it and sucking it. She could feel his penis literally growing inside her then he began to ejaculate into Linda's vagina. Linda thought this was the best birthday party she had ever had and could not wait until her 19th rolled around in 364 days.

My First glory hole experience (not true, made up

first-time 1superhornyguy 2017-11-25

Without blinking I pull my dick out and start to stroke it while the guy and the girl take turns sliding his cock all the way down their throat. Knowing that I excited him that much and that this strangers cum tasted good I stopped stroking him and I placed the tip of his massive cock into my warm and eager mouth. Finally after minutes of hard cock sucking and gagging I realized I wasn't going to be able to get this monster all the way down with out his help. I could taste cum in the back of my throat and figured with how he was pumping his cock into my mouth he was ready to empty those big balls.

Hot Horse Ride - # 2

first-time petdyke 2017-11-25

I take charge and lead the stallion to his stable and ask her "Please get me your dressage whip". I´m glad you like my proposition. Let´s do the same tracks as your stallion carried us. I will direct you with that whip, while you will run your rounds. I encourage and reward with whacks of the whip. Soon Nikita starts to like it. Jumping like a young mare. Her bums slowly take some colour, but she doesn´t seem to care ... Well she cares, as she starts to love all that energy flowing through her body. and still the dressing whip lands at her bums and hips ... She loves to jump and be tamed and trained.

Seduction of my servants wife

first-time rajjuu 2017-11-25

When Prema came out of the bathroom she used to be only in her blouse and petticoat but since Ramu was around I never dared to really come out of my room and look. I reasoned that as long as I kept Ramu happy with the alcohol he could not really standup against me also he would only blame Prema and she would face his beating in case she told him about this incident hence she’ll keep quiet. After a week Ramu came back, but that did not stop me, I continued fucking Prema. This continued for a month, till I got Ramu to start working on a permanent basis with Mr. Reddy, while Prema stayed back with me.


first-time stevuke 2017-11-25

We started just touching each other's cheeks with them, like a kiss. She would just close her eyes lie back and enjoy...loved listening to her breath when I would do it,...her excitement. Then this frisky little dog went under the sheet and kissed her toes under the covers. I stopped; she looked at me; pulled her gown over her knees. She takes her gown in her hand...pulls my shirt up over my head. I am sitting on the bed next to her; her gown in her hand she pulls down my pajama pants; then my boxers. She smiled and said, "this is silly...and this technicality hasn't mattered the whole time." She takes my hand in hers, and places it on her face.

A Size Affair

first-time shaunreagh 2017-11-25

I wouldn't let my own daughter wear it, (though I'm sure she did when my back was turned, or when she was off with her friends,) but I really wanted foxy little Cindy out of her jeans and floppy T, and into some form-hugging yellow! Then I notice in the mirror that cute little Cindy's standing in the door behind me, head to one side, looking at the bra in my hand. "I think this is underwear," she says, looking down at my hand on her naked buttocks and that pesky frown is back on her foxy little face. We stand, our lips an inch apart, our eyes about the same, my hands still cupping her buttocks, pert and firm and cute as hell, her groin against mine.

Poppy and the Public Toilet

first-time 2017-11-25

They walk in to the cubicle and Poppy locks the door behind them and pulls the Man’s trousers down to He’s ankles. The Man lifts her skirt and pulls down her knickers to her thighs and a big strap on dildo pops up. Poppy stands behind him and puts the dildo against he’s arse hole. She reaches around and starts wanking he’s fat cock as she is pushing in and out with the dildo. She continues fucking him hard and wanking he’s cock even harder until he shoots a load all over the toilet seat. Poppy pulls the dildo out of he’s arse and pulls her knickers up and pulls her skirt down.. The Man takes a lick and Poppy laughs at him.

Boyfriends's Fantasy

first-time pleasureseeker420 2017-11-25

The view then switched to a close up of the action, and he saw Kayla's mouth working in between Ivy's legs and knew that she was sucking on her clit. The view briefly zoomed out, to let Chris see Ivy's eyes close and head tilt again back in pleasure, then returned to the close-up, to show Kayla now using her tongue. She looked Kayla in the eye with this passionate expression as she easily entered her wet pussy with the dildo, causing Kayla's body to shutter slightly, in her first orgasm of the night. Ivy then started fucking her at a quickly increasing pace, Kayla's moans in between thrusts growing more and more frequent.

It Had to Happen

first-time bb_peaks 2017-11-24

The first time Belle laid eyes on Matt, her heart about beat out of her chest. Matt knew Belle's virginity was still in tact and he took care not to go very far that first time. When Matt guided her hand to his jeans, Belle stopped breathing for a second. Matt grabbed Belle's hand and slid it into his jeans and she could feel his hardness through his boxers. Matt's breathing increased and Belle was encouraged to suck harder and faster in time with his moans. Matt's hand caressed Belle's breast through her clothing. He got on the bed beside Belle and kissed her, his hand once again finding her supple breast.

Forbidden No More

first-time FlightyFaerie 2017-11-24

All of a sudden, his thumb was on my clit again, and the sensation of him brushing against my swollen sex along with his fingers on my g-spot and tongue on my nipples made me cum all over his hand. I don't know how long he fucked me with his tongue, but by the time he was done, all the nerves in my body were firing and I was pinching my own nipples to cum almost constantly. It felt so good, I couldn't help but rub it for all I was worth and was surprised to discover my left hand on my other nipple, abusing it just like Cam was my right.

Brotherly Love Ch. 06

first-time Myalyn 2017-11-24

I looked at the purple monster in disbelief and then remembering how good Mark felt inside me, pushed the end of it against my lips. Fine, I'm taking you back." Mark reached over to grab me but I wiggled away and tried to grab a pillow off the motel room bed to hit him. "Yeah, turns out he's not such a geek after all." Mark leaned his head on his shoulder, pinning my hand. Mark laughed, "That has got to be the sexiest noise I've heard yet." And his fingers began to tease my nipples. Thanks a lot, couldn't have just kept that to yourself?" I put my hands over my face as I felt the hot blush scorching my cheeks.

Kerry Finds a Way to go to College

first-time SplendidSpunk 2017-11-24

Sam slid his cock into Kerry's mouth and although she was apprehensive she did her best to relax and let him do what he wanted. As Sam slid his hard cock back into her mouth Kerry senses a presence between her legs and felt someone's warm breath on her damp pussy. Sam had lined up his cock and was entering her own pussy as her hands fingered Izzy and her tongue licked at Betsy's cunt. Sam was riding her now orgasming pussy, Betsy was dripping her hot juices into her mouth, Izzy's cunt was grasping at her two fingers as they plunged into and out of her box and her tits were being licked sucked and tugged by Izzy's mouth and hand. Sam and Betsy were stroking her sore and aching tits while Izzy was using her tongue to attack Kerry's well-fucked pussy.

Lovely Neighbor

first-time fotisampini 2017-11-24

Jennifer came over in a robe and asked if she could put a casserole in. With that, the timer went off and Jen ran next door to get oven was so freekin hot having this young thing sitting at my table in a robe She took my hand and said she wanted me to show her what goes on licked and kissed her belly, I almost came in anticipation. When she finally came down, she looked at me like a I lay back on the bed and told her that I didn’t think I would last very When asked if it worked, she said she didn’t know because her gave my balls light kisses and licked them until they were soaked.

From Crazy 8s to Strip poker

first-time kanatawolf 2017-11-24

When I returned I felt awkward cause Cathy was sitting in her bra and I said I don't think it's a good idea to continue. Both Cathy and Cindy said NO, Heather won't mind, besides we're just playing strip poker. I looked at Cindy and she got a bit red and I said stand up and I moved over on my knees and unsnapped her jeans and started to lower them. I'm soar I said and turned and touched her breast and moved forward and sucked her right nipple. I turned to her and she reached out and placed her hand around it and moved up the shaft slowly to the head and god I thought I was going to cum.

I am Not Gay? Really

first-time 425olds 2017-11-24

The wine flowed freely and Michelle finally got up the nerve to ask Sarah about Jake's massive penis. I ran into Jake over the next weekend and he told me that Michelle had asked Sarah about penis size. Laying in the missionary position Michelle took Jake's massive penis and stroke it as it started to leak pre-cum her rubbed it up and down her pussy lips. Michelle could not believe after years a little dick husband sex could be this great, Jake was pounding her as Sarah was sucking and pulling on my nipple's, I could feel Jake's huge balls slapping my ass Fuck me Jake Fuck me , Jake thrust balls deeps and paused I reached down and grabbed his balls feeling them pulse as he shot his cum deep inside me.

The girl I met online

first-time 2017-11-24

I asked her if she wanted to meet me somewhere, but she surprisingly said "You should just come to my apartment" When she got to a pic and said "This is the lady that tought us how to protect ourselves" my shyness went away for a second and I leaned in and stole a very nice kiss. I asked her if she wanted to make that dream come true, and she said yes, now I had already told her that she was becoming my first everything, so she knew. I slid my cock into a very wet pussy and with it being my first time, I didn't last long, but she had a really good orgasm that made me feel like I did my job.

College Neighbor

first-time Martinium 2017-11-24

The thought of Sarah and Lucy cum-swapping made my cock explode. Lucy lay there, breathing less heavily now, stroking her nipples, mouth half-agape, eyes half closed, enjoying the glow of her orgasm. She responded eagerly to this instruction, sliding off the desk, sinking to her knees, grabbing my dick, and looking up with not-so-innocent eyes slowly taking the head of cock between her lips. I looked down into her parted ass, shiny with lube, my cock buried into her rear hole as I had fantasized about only an hour earlier. I started fucking her ass, sliding my lubed cock in and out of her tight asshole. My finger in her cunt, pressing on her g-spot, could feel her frantic clit rubbing to one side, and my cock pumping her ass on the other.

First handjob

first-time ListenHere 2017-11-24

The first few times we made out I did push his hand away from my boobs even though I really liked him touching them. He reached his hand up under my shirt and shuddered a bit when he felt my silky bra covering my fresh young tits. I got my first feel of penis flesh and my instant reaction was to pull my hand away, even though inside I knew that I not only wanted to touch it, I wanted to see it too. I continued the stroking motion enjoying how great the hot, hard, flesh felt under my willing palm. I paused occasionally while my hand was at the base of the tip, because I liked the way pushing against the rim felt.

Mrs. Jordan's Problem

first-time Sugardaddy6969 2017-11-24

"I want to see pictures of her and if she is kinky enough I would love to watch you and her." Liz said as her smile spread at the naughty thought of seeing Greg and his lover fucking. The robe was on the floor and Liz was on her knees on the couch pushing her vibrator in and out of her pussy but now she was not imagining her missing husband but Hunter fucking her long and deep as she creamed his young cock! "It looks like you were horny or maybe you think I'm sexy." She said as she played with the cum on her tits while continuing to stroke his still hard cock.

Renu the Tormentor

first-time sajit 2017-11-24

Slowly but surely, Babu took the hand into his mouth nibbled at the chunks of dried up cum and started licking off the pussy juice, Renu was shaken but also could see she had no choice, this boy was determined to break into her pussy and her friends who were waiting for her to go down to the Temple would know but they would not wait, they knew her desires and will go away, so she finally gave up. Babu enjoyed driving his cock deep in to Renu's throat whose hands were holding his ass cheeks while her fair skinned mouth filled completely with the comfortable round dick and prick meat.

Fall From Grace Ch. 01

first-time regularguy13 2017-11-24

The two women found Dave and Ginger nude and on the floor of the bathroom. Ginger said, "Yes Mom. I think I was more scared than hurt." Emma pointed to Dave's erection and said, "Oh so you were having a little me time in the shower?" Hazel giggled and it was Emma's turn to blush as she remembered the joy she experienced making love to Dave. Emma reached out to Dave's hard cock and thumbed the crown of his dick while the other women stroked his shaft. "Exactly," Hazel said, "His Dad told him he had had the same problem and that for him the problem was solved when he met me because I guided him thru the process of making love to a woman.


first-time greatfox 2017-11-24

But the maid clung on to his hand whispering, "Sir don't leave me, I'm frightened." As Rajan tried to gently disentangle her fingers she clung on to him even more fiercely saying, "Sir please, please stay here." By then the closeness of contact with the woman, plain though she might have been, started getting him aroused. Rajan could scarcely believe his luck of impregnating another woman apart from his wife without any repercussion; so a fortnight before Padma's marriage, he arranged an extensive programme in the Coimbatore area and had intense sexual intercourse with her for ten days consecutively. Since her husband works as a foreman in a factory near Bombay, he comes on leave only for two weeks a year so the rest of the time Padma continues to work in Coimbatore and Rajan still fucks her often.

Like Night and Day

first-time Dawn04 2017-11-24

"Are you ok?" Then, she added with a slight grin, "want me to kiss it better?" Shane looked up at her, grinning, and said, "well, it might help a little bit." Jennifer leaned in, and planted light kisses on the red spot, all over his head, and then moved back to his face, kissing him deeply on the lips again. "Maybe I'm not the only one who needs glasses." Shane moved his hands to Jennifer's waist, and picked her up, straight off of his body, holding her up. Shane pulled back slightly, "Jen, I've got your juice on my mouth." Jennifer didn't stop, she pulled him in for a deep kiss, even realizing she was tasting herself.