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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

My first time with older man

first-time bibialex24 2017-11-24

I couldn’t help but moan and felt his finger push a little further as he pulled me to him, his tongue slipping into my mouth again, searching out mine with hot wet kisses. I held the base of his cock and sucked and licked on the end until he was writhing about on the chair, trying to push up into my mouth as I wanked him. My cock was throbbing in his hand as he fingered me, ‘Ooh yes, I can tell you like that, you’re very hard young man’ he whispered as his finger pushed deeper inside me, making me gasp out loud as I felt it wiggling inside my bottom.

The Endless Night Ch. 04

first-time sexygirl76 2017-11-24

"Oh god." I cried shoving my body hard against his face as I tangled my hands in his hair, pulling him closer. "I'm greasing up your ass pigeon." I felt his fingers dig deep inside me and moaned. I won't hurt you if I can avoid it." He kissed me again, this time harder and longer until I felt my body relax again, then he moved back between my legs. "Does that hurt pigeon?" He asked lifting his eyes to mine as he slowly fingerfucked my ass with his two fingers. I felt his soft cock leave my ass, then his cum leaking out of my well fucked hole.


1. The Awakening

first-time Lilpntyplay 2017-11-24

I got changed out of my school uniform and went to see Alan, already getting excited about the thoughts of what happened in the shower earlier. It was getting close to the time when Dawn would arrive home so we both had a few minutes of wanking whilst looking at each other to see how much clear fluid our cocks could make and then called it to an end for the day. We were both having problems putting away our rock hard cocks but just as we did Dawn arrived, luckily she went straight to her room so by the time she got changed and came down we were just about 'back to normal'.

Fun School Day - Part 1

first-time jackattack456 2017-11-24

I didn’t really feel like going, and I was just going to skip it, until my girlfriend at the time, Sarah asked me if I was gonna come. Anyways, we kept looking into open classrooms and seeing the school when we noticed a room with the lights off, but the door was open slightly. She came up to me and said “I’ve seen you staring at my ass and my chest all day, you dirty little perv. Whatever, I thought, as I watched her suck my dick and rub her own pussy at the same time. Suddenly Maya said that she was going to cum and I started licking even harder.

Sonya Loses Her Virginity

first-time huge_penis 2017-11-24

My vagina was getting very warm and moist, and my little brown nipples started to harden under my bra."Alright Joshua, you have to take your underwear off too," this was ridiculous, my sweet mother wants my future boyfriend to take his underwear off. "Yes Ms. Singh, I think it's beautiful," my vaginal walls started contracting and leaking when I heard Josh compliment my vagina. Let me wipe the mess you made." My mom took a tissue paper and started wiping the remains of my cherry from my vulva and then Josh's penis. "Oh mom, I think I am going to cum again." My mother was rubbing her vagina through her white panties.

Stranger on a train

first-time dlcalguy 2017-11-24

Patrice turned, looked down at me and asked "Will you fuck me?" "I like to feel a young man's cock in my ass". The feeling of his hand on my cock as he put on the lube was almost enough to make me cum, but I started to think non-sexy thoughts as much as I could and managed to control myself. I felt myself reaching orgasm and wanted Patrice to cum with me so I started to stroke his cock faster and faster. As he felt the spasms of my cock in his ass, knowing my young cum was filling him, Patrice reached down, took his cock from my hand and let himself go.

my roomate pt 1

first-time holly611 2017-11-24

Later I learned he had a girl friend named Kate they were hot and heavy, I could hear them in the next room fucking every night she was very vocal talking about his big cock how she loved it suck it and fuck it. He started his routine of showing off his body he said "I miss Kate and am so horny let me get naked like I do for Kate". " Then why are you staring." he then said I am so horny with Kate gone I want you suck my cock like Kate does". After I felt awkward " I not gay and this will never happen again." He was embarrassed to " never again I was horny do not tell Kate." He left the room.

The Golden Leaves of Autumn

first-time misslaurie 2017-11-24

Sarah Whitley, aged nineteen, looked out plaintively at their red and gold leaves with the utmost feeling of sympathy. Right now she felt like the leaves of autumn- her will still burned for life and beauty, though it would only last so long... The cool autumn air made Sarah's nipples completely erect beneath her thin undershirt and John reached for them anxiously. Once the final layer of cloth was removed from her top his firm callused hands massaged her supple breasts, the smooth skin making his loins roar with desire as he slowly lowered his lips to her chest. Sarah gasped, surprised, as the frontal ecstasy began to control her body. John fell beside her, the cold grass a welcome to his hot and flustered body.

Loss of Virginity

first-time Jacquolantern 2017-11-24

He replied with, "I love your perfume." Then I felt myself being pulled closer to him, and a soft kiss placed behind my right ear. Before I knew it, I felt pressure as he started to gently press against me. I knew then that if it was going to stop, it would have to be that moment...but I wanted it to last for just a moment longer. He then leaned in again and whispered in my ear, "It will be all right." Then I felt his tongue slide under my ear, presently followed bya tender nibble and suck of my earlobe. I then felt him reach down, and a pair of long-pianist fingers once again slid into me. He leaned in and began kissing my neck and shoulders.


My Comic Cutie

first-time PenanceS 2017-11-24

“All right class.” Mr. Keller clapped his hands and brought Harold out of his revelry, “we are going to have a project. Harold looked to his left, and there, smiling like the angel she was, was Shelly! “So.” Asked Shelly as she picked up her books, slung them over her shoulder and started on her way out the door. We’re going to get an A on this project, and I love getting A’s.” She kissed him deeply upon the mouth, and Harold Delvak, whom had never had a date before in his life, started to get a stirring in his groin. He started to walk backwards, but slid on one of the mylar bags for one of the comic books, and he fell onto the floor, Shelly on top of him.

My first breeding

first-time johnnydeep43 2017-11-24

“isn’t it just wonderful, my sweet sissy boy?” my mistress whispered to me while starting to do a slow pull and release massage on the package of john. i sucked, hummed and licked as best as I could, his thick shaft pressing against my nose, my saliva dripping from his balls and my chin while John moaned softly and my mistress whispered sweet encouragements in my ear… As i relaxed my body again to cope with the endless pounding of my stretched out hole i felt his thick cock head ram against my prostate when i would arch my back a little making the experience starting to feel more and more pleasurable!

Jessica and Grandpa - Part 1

first-time jayke1981 2017-11-24

'Hi Grandpa' I said, walking in through the front door of my grandparents house, as I saw him walking from the kitchen, through the small hallway about to go into the livingroom, with a cup of coffee in his hand. I had never really thought of my grandpa in any sort of sexual way before, it was something that didn't occur to me, until he had said 'and we all have one.' That got some acknowledgement from me in my mind, and spurred on some curiosity. I got to the bottom of the stairs, and turned away from them, towards the front door, my bl**d rushing and my heart pounding, whilst Grandpa ws coming out of the livingroom doorway to my right.

Finding Comfort In Sex - Part 2

first-time 2017-11-24

I used to think it took many months, and a long courtship before I would be ready to take off my knickers for a man. And the emotional atmosphere at the wedding, plus the stress of the last few weeks meant that I was well and truly ready. He lifted my bridesmaids dress and pulled my knickers down, while rubbing his face all the time over my belly. It was as it we'd got to the important part straight away, without any need for a long build-up. I guess I'm a little shocked with myself that I used to think in terms of months, then weeks, then days, and now just a few minutes went by before I made love with a new "boyfriend".


first-time funnsun2 2017-11-24

I let him ride me hard and then, when he pulled out, I moved around and took his juicy cock in my mouth and sucked out any cum that was left! I called my mom and told her I was staying over there tonight and my mom said it was ok so I figured I had the night to do whatever I wanted and if all went well, maybe I could get a guy or two to fuck my butt before morning! He pulled out and I took his dirty dick in my mouth, licked and sucked him clean and then, Kelly rolled over, pulled her legs up and I saw his cream pouring from her ass and another bunch of it leaking from her freshly fucked pussy from the other guy.

Hot, Sticky and Eighteen

first-time hiphopchipshop 2017-11-24

Like Laura I moved my hand onto Pete's lap and found a stiff penis underneath his trousers. "I went to follow Laura but Pete grabbed my arm; 'Don't go, we were having a good time.' Gav was cursing his luck; 'Fucking stupid bitch, why'd she have to run off.' We discussed whether we should go and look for her or if we should just go home, we decided to wait in the car thinking that eventually she would have to come back to us for a lift. I didn't know if I was doing it right but Pete certainly seemed to like it started to move his hips in time with my hand.

My First BJ/Facial Fantasy

first-time cumonmeplease120 2017-11-24

Due to being bored and very horny, I figured I'd share how I'd want my first BJ and Facial to go down if I ever decided to act on my bi-curious urges and could find the right person to help me out. I'd love if he jerked in front of me afterwards, telling me how much he wants to fuck my face and cum. I'd slowly suck his cock, teasing his tip with my tongue, and getting used to having something like this in my mouth. He'd moan loudly as he points his cock directly at my face and covers me in hot ropes of cum, not missing a shot.

Mother’s Sexcapades With Son

first-time altaff143 2017-11-24

Chinmai took his mom’s bra and panty in his hand and thought of carrying vasundhara in the same position inside the home before ashok comes in. Rashmi saw her well built muscular b*o chinmai half naked with no undie and pant but only t-shirt, carrying her mother vasundhara like a baby, who had her blouse almost open and her saree lifted up so that her pussy was exposed to chinmai’s dick. Suddenly after 5 min vasundhara wanted to get more kinky so she whispered in chinmai’s ears ” let me also see your poor father through the door eye hole” hearing this chinmai got his dick rock hard.

The best bitch ever.

first-time hoee 2017-11-24

"well thanks", he said smiling at her, "i love yours though...i can't really see it properly from here though..." he moved closer to jen as he noticed her breasts moving up and down faster and faster as he got closer, "....she must know what i'm here for...." he thought jake sat back down, the head of his cock sticking out of the water, and pulled jen back onto his lap and said, "i always knew you were a big cock kind of girl." then continued to kiss her, but jen had seen what she wanted and wanted it now, she reached down under the water in front of her and started moving her hand up and down his massive cock, slowly at first then faster, as she continued to kiss him harder and harder.

Artists Impression Ch. 01

first-time joulie 2017-11-24

He disappeared into the store while I went off up the hill toward my studio, my mind racing, would he arrive with the bread, would he share with me, could I work things to suit my desires, I was like a virgin on a first date, and me, someone who could usually get someone into my knickers with no problem at all. All the other times we had spoken we had been in public, or at least in a place where there was the 'protection' of other people...suppose I have been misreading the signs, maybe he was just being cheeky, maybe he wasn't flirting, maybe he wouldn't want there to be anything else with an 'old' woman like me.

My First Blowjob!

first-time dhat_soa 2017-11-24

I saw a man who had white hair that didn't look like Pat but I hesitated to get in. Immediately I got in front of him kneaded down and wrapped my hands around a real live cock and slithered my hot tongue around his head and hole. Spitting on his head and slapping his fat cock on my face and tongue. He pulled me off and told me to turn around and sit my fat white ass onto his face. I was back on his cock again while he slipped my thong out of my freshly finger fucked asshole and licked around my bud oh my god! He slammed his cock deep into my hungry throat and filled my mouth and tummy with his hot gooey rich seed.

Sold Out

first-time NancyAllbright 2017-11-24

Pandora nodded, "I didn't mean to lose it all obviously and I was winning at first but then I started losing and every time I lost I thought I'd get more money to win again and pay it back and then I would stop but it never happened." She'd so wanted to go to Jemima's party but she didn't fancy increasing her father's wrath, so probably for the first time in her life Pandora did as she was told without any fuss. "Don't make things difficult?" Pandora jumped out of her chair and walked over to the window before turning back to look at her father who was grinning at her like an inane ape.

her first big cock

first-time 2017-11-24

Then he threw my legs round so I was on my side and fucked me and fucked me and fucked me all night long I came twice him rubbing my cunt as he fucked me, when he'd come inside he massaged my tits again and licked down my whole body till he reached my cunt he licked me up and down I was squirming he made me come twice licking my cunt over and over again, then I sucked him until he came in my mouth I swallowed every drop then he started wanking and I put it back in my mouth I wanted more an he came again I lick up every drop again I was hungry for his cock

Dutch Transaction

first-time freegre 2017-11-24

Although the hand on the back of my head was a gentle guide for when to press forward and pull back, occasionally she would f***e me hard against her and I would gag as her cock f***ed its way into my throat. She bent over and placed her mouth hard on mine and we embraced in a deep wet kiss that seemed to last forever, my hands wandered all over her body in an exploratory caress. She rubbed her palms together then reached down and started to stroke her cock with her right hand back to its full glory with her left hand she reached down between my legs and pressed her hand against my asshole. Leaning a little onto her left leg she reached down with her left hand and grabbed her cock.

My BestFriend's Hands

first-time 2017-11-24

Don't get me wrong, i like my boyfriend a lot but his fingers couldn't compare to my best friend. I am not a slut, i don't just think sexually about my best friend, i also wonder about the weird butterflies i get when our bodies get so close together, but i didn't want to assume i was in love with him because i had a friendship to think about. He was doing so great, his tongue thrusting inside me and playing with my swollen clit, my eyes rolled to the back of my head as i also felt his middle and index finger inside me. I felt him grow bigger inside me and i looked at his face, he was sweating and going in deeper which i loved.