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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.


first-time satyasrp 2017-11-24

Aunty moved her hands down and before I could understand anything she slipped it inside my trouser touched my thing and said , "let me see what is this strange thing that is hurting me." By telling this she unzipped and removed my trousers in a flash like lightning and then took my erect penis in between her warm and selender fingers. Aunty was also relishing movement of my thing inside her, which was not only vigorously massaging her smooth, tight and slippery vagina walls but also caressing her very sensitive inner cunt lips and her outer pink vulva.

Meeting My Date

first-time sly77 2017-11-24

She was going to wear her black dress suit and black ankle strap shoes, because she knew they made her legs and feet look sexy. I don't want to dull my senses," he added under his breath.She chuckled, "You think you might be needing those senses later?" she asked."Yes, certainly." he said. She said "I hope you like strawberries, " She reached out and picked up a berry, dipped it in the cream, and slowly raised it to her lips, sinking her teeth into the flesh. She was screaming with delight, and he said "It's all for you, yes, mmmm, yes." His finger was all the way in her ass, and his cock was deep in her pussy, spraying hot thick cum deep inside her.

R JC gal horny?? my side of story

first-time Labouroflove 2017-11-24

I manage to ask one of the gal out for a movie date on the phone (got her photo before we meet, quite nice, she wearing short skirt, got long hair, slim but a bit quite short..but who care, can fuck can le), meet her at YCK MRT(so guy you should know which JC she will be from ya). Notice that she got quite good figure (abt B+) but a bit short around 1.6m ba..During the show, i proccee to my little tricks..(cause before that i know my that cinema was veri cold inside) i hold her hand to act as if i'm trying to keep her warm. (Oh..i was a bit hard-on man,,can't wait to proccee) But hace to act good guy yah.

Mom I Wanna Fuck You

first-time 2017-11-24

you felt that way about me, ohhhh, uhhhh," I said as Mom kneeled in front of me and starting sucking my dick, she first started by circling the head, teasing me each time she licked my dick. "Oh mom your pussy is so good, uuuuh...oh yeah, your so great mom, ohhhhh...come on how do you like that," I said as I started to fuck her harder and then started to to take her tits in my fingers. With a lot of effort I pulled my dick from mom's pussy and ejaculated all over her stomach and small breasts, some of cum even shot all the way to her face and hair!

Zayler's News Part 1

first-time 2017-11-24

"Lielie, listen to me, your pussy is just tight because it's never been penetrated by a cock before, my cock will fit in it, you will feel a little pressure when I press against you layer but then it will break and bl**d will flow out but then it will feel wonderful when I move inside you, I promise okay." She looked at me with huge eyes and nodded, I bend over her, kissing her little titties one by one, then tongue kissed her until I felt her relax beneath me then without warning I shoved my cock hard into her pussy penetrating her virginity.

Belly Button

first-time pleasureseeker420 2017-11-24

I return my finger to your nipple and again attempt to gently caress your skin without waking you. As my tongue dips in and out, my hand creeps up the waves of the sheet beneath us. I slowly trace my fingers away and they lightly stroke the curve of your breast. My breath is cooler than your skin and I feel you shiver slightly and you exhale a satisfying moan. Another weary moan from you and you mutter so sexily, “baby, I think I’m gonna… don’t stop…” I now dip my tongue right in, probing your inner core. Faster I lap the delicate hole, your fingers in my hair and your moans encouraging me to pleasantly intrude the centre of your body.

Our Honeymoon

first-time wombat76 2017-11-24

I was starting to really enjoy myself now as Lily's pussy muscles contracted around my rigid shaft, and the head of my dick rubbed along the inner walls of her pussy. Lily leant forward and gripped the balcony's railing, while I started to hammer her pussy from the rear like we had tried in the plane. I was nearing that peak right before I climax, so I reached around Lily's waist and started to fondle her clit, while I continued to hammer her pussy. After a small dinner Lily and I retired to our room and I had already made her climax by licking our her sweet juicy pussy and I now found myself staring at her breasts as they bounced up and down on her chest as she rode my dick with wild abandonment.

Suzie Learns A Lesson Ch. 1

first-time WillowPuss 2017-11-24

Suzie felt intense waves of heat coursing through her body and was soon responding by giving little gasps and moans of pleasure, moving her body slightly as if in time with some unheard melody playing in her head. She was a little startled when Chuck began to kiss her neck rather than her lips, but soon his hands were roaming over her tits again and she relaxed, wanting them to be caressed again. Now, I will ask you again … are you sure you want to carry on?" Suzie knew that she would regret it if she didn't and so, as nervous as she was at the change in atmosphere, she said simply, "Yes, Chuck.

New Neighbour Ch. 01

first-time smithE101 2017-11-24

Jacob, taking his cue from Natalie's instructions, raised a hand to her body, resting it lightly against her chest as he began to unbutton her shirt. Natalie took a few seconds to admire the young man's bare chest before returning the favor, running her hands over his body, gently coating her palms in the moistness of his sweat. Licking her lips, Natalie interrupted him, " Don't be sorry Jacob, I was expecting it, it's perfectly normal for a young man like yourself, a virgin no less, to cum so soon, you just need a little practice to build up your stamina," she said with a smile.

First Time at the Frat House

first-time Gudzinya 2017-11-24

He'd said that to so many girls in the basement of this frat house trying to get me laid. As we walked away, Brian grabbed my hand and put it onto her ass, under her skirt. I led Cindi in and grabbed a rubber band from the table right inside the room. Hoping my next move was the right one, I slid my hands down her body, sliding the waistband of her skirt away from her waist and dropping the skirt to the floor. Feeling more and more confident, I leaned down, hands between our bodies and on her breasts and as I continued to bounce on top of her, I leaned in and kissed her lips.

Gym Friends Pt. 05

first-time eroticwriter00 2017-11-23

Holly didn't want to know details of what Kyle and I were doing, but she thought I was sucking him and asked if I was able to deep throat. I got aroused talking with my wife about sucking, but discovered it was not a good idea to say that there were times that I wished she had a cock. Both Jane and I know what it is like to have a man inside us and now is the time for you to experience what being penetrated feels like. The older man applauded our wives understanding, but said there would come a time we would realize that we were gay and one day would admit to it.

Not what he'd had in mind Pegged

first-time 425olds 2017-11-23

I let a slow, alluring smile steal across my face, and slid my hands around to clasp Tara's buttocks. Tara, eyes closed in pleasure and concentration, slid further down, taking more of his cock into her mouth. I knelt beside her and added my own mouth to the banquet, using my tongue to tease every exposed inch of Jason's cock as it slid in and out of Tara's mouth. I heard Jason's small sounds of arousal at the sight of me giving head to Tara, and knew that it was time. I watched, my own breath speeding up, as the head of her cock slid into Jason's waiting ass. Slowly, gently, she slid the cock home to the hilt in Jason's virgin ass.

Copping a Feel

first-time Ryuzaki_101 2017-11-23

I lowered my hand and began to insert my finger into her ass hole and fuck her sphincter quickly as I kissed at her twat. When I felt a trickle of warm liquid enter my mouth, I moved away from her and sat up in my own seat. Finally she looked at me and pulled my head away from her breasts and kissed me passionately. The entire ride back to her place, she spent with her head in my lap sucking my dick. Before she opened the door to her house, she looked back at me and grabbed her breasts and she pulled the top of her shirt down to reveal her perfect areolas to me.


The ramblings of a girl losing her virginity

first-time 2017-11-23

We hump slowly, my wetted lips sitting snugly atop his firm flesh, he has parted them, I squeeze tighter as he pushes forward, his penis rises and brushes against my clitoris, releasing more wetness, I gasp and my knees buckle, but his rough hands are cupping my breasts and he supports me that way, and as I gather strength in my loins, he tears a sharp pain through my chest as he roughly twists and pulls my nipples, this pleasures him but pains me, I raise my hands high onto my head and clasp my fingers together, he is free to continue, and I feel the roughness of hair grinding into my softening buttocks, I look down and see him as my eyes grow accustomed to the darkness, he moves freely between my thighs, and as his hair grinds in, his manhood juts out in front, moistened and greased by my fluids,

Marcy's Playground 6 by loyalsock

first-time loyalsock 2017-11-23

I'm a still sort of virgin, working in a sex club, going to have dinner with the wife of a patron who likes to...what do they say? "I didn't want to wait to call you," Jean-Luc said. "I still have a hard time wrapping my head around the idea that you're so okay with Evan going to Melody's," I said. "Well, Evan said he was going know..." She made a circular motion with her hand that I couldn't interpret. "So when are you going to see Jean-Luc again?" Heather asked after she closed the door. Which was good, because they did that thing where they have a little bonus clip at the end, although there was obviously some reference about it that Jean-Luc got that I didn't.


first-time gaytheist 2017-11-23

Damp towels in hand, we stepped out of the bathroom, entering and crossing the bright lounge at the end of the hall, an unlikely place to walk mostly naked, mostly dry, but fully erect. I was already spooked by the empty chapel when Jamie, behind me, placed hands on the sides of my upper buttocks and again pressed his persistent erection against me. I pushed up with my arms dropping my head to look back at my hanging, swinging genitals and Jamie's scrotum rapidly bouncing back and forth like an extraneous pouch. Jamie took a deep breath, sighed, pressed his hands along my back to straighten then slowly pulled out of me.


Spencer Gets Cornered

first-time FelicityWaters73 2017-11-23

Oh god, don't stop!" Trina cried as Spencer was savouring her pussy, enjoying hot wet tightness that surrounded his tongue and the way her sweet juices were flowing against his tongue and into his waiting mouth... "You better fuck me hard, Spencer," Trina said as she smiled and then sat in his lap moaning in delight as his cock filled her pussy, pressing against her innocence for the smallest of moments before breaking through and making Trina Vega a woman. Spencer didn’t know that he had just taken Trina’s virginity as all thoughts went out of his head when he placed his hands around her mid-back and she leaned back; slowly moving her hips in order to provide some pleasure for them and keep him hard inside her.

18th Birthday Party

first-time 2017-11-23

I got a little horny thinking about him in my room and just as I knew it I see a cock slide in through the door. I got hard right away and he said wow you have a big dick and he said do you mind asking if he could pull my pants down and I said no not at all.. Once I finished we both pulled up our pants and we kissed for a little bit and when downstairs. before I fully got out of my room he pulled me back and said I want to fuck that ass next time and kissed me one last time.

Gone fishing

first-time Jelly1111 2017-11-23

We started to fish and it was getting down to shorts when I look over to see what all the guys are staring at,my wife. Now I hear music and decided to get up and as I look out she is coming out of the water and the one guy is helping her in the water.she stayed to long in that position ,as I think he was fingering her. Now the boat is moving I feel much better and rest a little longer al well knowing these guys are having a good time with my d***k wife.


first-time munch housing 2017-11-23

We carried on walking, past The Point, right round to Golden Cove where, finally, we sat on the sand and watched the moonlight turn the flat sea into a silver mirror, and still she talked. I stood there, just looking, taking in all the disparate parts of her - her eyes, her face, her breasts, her pubic triangle, her limbs, dusted with the fairy dust of moonlight on water droplets, her curves - and also the wholeness of her, the overwhelming impact of her naked beauty so close to me. At the same time, my own roving hand released the weight of her breast and, flat to her, slid over her ribs, down the gentle round of her belly, so that my fingers combed down through her fine hair, my palm cupping the succulent mound from which it grew.

Blind Date

first-time dejectedgeek 2017-11-23

But I'm going to call Brittney tonight and tell her Brenda has a date, figure it out from there." Steve's plan was pretty much crap, but I could do little else but accept the facts and I guess get ready for the first blind date I would ever have. I felt all sorts of things, her heavy breath coming from her nose, her incredible bosom pressing into my chest showing no signs of letting up, her increasingly moistening crotch against my own, her hair falling against my face. When our little lip squabble was over, Brenda asked, "How would you like to play with these yourself?" She looked down toward her breasts.


first-time milf4bbcstretch 2017-11-23

And put his shiny, wet penis back into my mouth and worked on it for a while; and then he started to come, to ejaculate, and I said "see, this is how a boy gives life. The boys got into the fun and would sneak their hands down and rub the girl’s pussy lips. Encouraged I looked up into his big brown eyes and deliberately and slowly opened my red lips and took the tip of his cock in my mouth. I took his rejuvenated hard cock and rubbed it up and down Haley’s youthful pussy lips. he pushed harder and I saw the head stretch Haley’s pussy lips, and his cockhead go in just a little bit.

the meet

first-time mcglasgow 2017-11-23

I then got on my knees lifting her legs over mine and began to fuck her hard again she looked so sexy as i looked down at her grabbing hers lovey breasts i could feel my balls tighten as i began to rub her clit with my thumb i heard her begin to moan some too i could feel myself nearing orgasm building in my legs and balls as I struggled to hold back rubbing her swollen clit harder and faster then I couldnt hold on anymore as i let out a huge moan as i came by body tensing up as my balls emptied i tried to keep fucking her as best i could as i worked her clit i could hear her moans build i knew she was close to as i pressed harder then she grabbed my hand pushing it hard down on her clit as she let out a loud scream as i felt her pussy grip tight on my cock asqueezing then last of my cum out of me as her body shook as i slowly came to a stop both of us gasping for breath then i collapsed down on her kissing her again as we both panted breathless but boy were we satisfied........

Long Day at Work?

first-time kissmehbabeh 2017-11-23

He sighed when I grabbed his large, throbbing cock and began to stroke it, while continuing to assault his lips with my own. I kissed him on the lips sweetly then stepped back and slowly, very slowly removed my clothes from my body then went and laid on the bed, spread my legs, and he watched as I stroked myself into an orgasm. At this point he was fighting to be released from his bindings, so I decided to let him free, Licking my fingers I got up from the bed and unlocked his handcuffs, he immediately attacked me, pushing me down on the bed, straddling my waist and holding my hands above my head.