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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Adore me please

first-time 2017-11-23

He was already swollen and he whispered in my ear lay on the bed on your belly as his hand slid up my spine to my neck. I moved to the bed and slid onto my belly. He slowly ran his fingers down my pussy which instantly began throbbing. He let out a small whimper which was answered with a soft yet hungry "mmmmmm." He then with a little more pressure rubbed again but this time his middle finger parted my lips and my hip involuntarily thrusts into it. He moved himself to face my throbbing pussy and began to stroke with each individual finger as if he were playing a harp.

New Girl in Town Pt. 03

first-time AuroraIncident 2017-11-23

"I guess if they let you come back to school after meeting Jake they can't be all that bad." Roxie laughs as the pair head inside. "Out scoping for hotties right Jess," Shelly jokes as Jessica allows her eyes to drift over Jake's chest, down his abs to where she can see the start of his chestnut colored nature trail just above the snap of his jeans. "We should probably get going Jessica unless you want Jake to die of embarrassment before your date that's not a date, tonight." Shelly tells her. "I'm not sure if I should kill you for stopping back there or thank you for not telling Jake I thought he looked hot." Jessica says.


Poker Night

first-time Macadamian 2017-11-23

The conversation turned to Marie when Jake thought of inviting girls over to play poker but he didn't know any ladies who were any good at it. Noticing that Marie was dialing her phone, Jake said, "Are you going to call one of your boyfriends to pick you up now? You know, Marie, a guy likes it when a girl helps him get naked," he said matter-of-factly. Marie felt the heat between her thighs intensify as she watched Jake's hands move over his erect shaft. When Marie felt Jake's hot mouth tug at her right nipple, she arched into him, spreading her legs wide. Feeling heat suffuse her as she felt his mouth on her hands, on her wrists, she said, "You really are an idiot, Jake.


first-time fotisampini 2017-11-23

But my favorite times were while getting ready for bed, sitting at my dressing table doing the most mundane thing like brushing my hair I'd feel him watching me and after a while hear him breathing deeply, as he stroked his cock to hardness, making that wet, slapping sound. He pulled out of me until only his cockhead kissed the inside of my pussy lips and then holding me close to him, he ever so slowly, so that I could feel every inch of him, slipped his hard, hot, veined cock into my wet pussy again and began to thrust deeply and deliberately into me.

The Meeting

first-time Aphrodite2017 2017-11-23

I feel your warm breath on my face as I lift my head up to meet yours, and with a simple move of my head, I brush your lips gently against mine allowing them to touch for the first time. As I pull you closer to me and wrap my arms around your waist, you move down taking my breasts in to your mouth placing light kisses on them. With light flicks of your tongue against my nipple rings, I close my eyes enjoying the warm feeling of your mouth as my heartbeat starts to get faster. You move your head and look down at me, allowing our eyes to meet as I release you from my mouth and move up your body placing kisses on your stomach and chest.

My First Time

first-time midwestgirlbjb 2017-11-23

We had a good time at the homecoming dance and I found out Joel wasn't one of those conceited jocks but really funny and a shy guy. I guess the hormones were building up in us as as Joel moved his hand from my boobs to my thigh when he slowly began to massage my thigh as we were kissing. As we continued to kiss Joel started to work his hand under the elastic in my panties slowly massaging my pussy as he went. Joel continued to work his finger in my pussy which was feeling better and better by the minute. Joel wanted to make love again but I was afraid my parents would be out at any time.

My Tutor

first-time snaillover69 2017-11-23

I went home, jerked off, with a big grin on my face, and came like never before, just thinking of that kiss and what might lay ahead. Karen started screaming, Oh god you're big, oh yes your cock fills my cunt. She was riding my cock and telling me how much she loved the feel of my big cock inside her. The thing that always gets me excited thinking back was her talking during sex, fuck me, fuck my cunt with your big hard cock, I want you to cum inside me, I want you to cum with me, fuck me, fuck my cunt, oh I love your cock.

The GayMaker

first-time 425olds 2017-11-23

What he couldn't see was Jenny's hand on Darrell's massive cock underneath the table. Darrell's eyes went straight to the pink panties Mark was wearing. She didn't want Mark feeling Darrell's massive cock afraid that he would back out. Jenny pinched Mark's lips open and f***ed his head down on Darrell's cock. But just the same she wondered what Linda would think seeing Mark sucking a big cock wearing cute little panties? "So close..." Darrell said rocking back and forth gently fucking Mark's mouth. Darrell held on tightly to his hair; thrust his cock forward pissing thick cum into Mark's mouth. Mark was busy squeezing Darrell's cock like a tube of toothpaste trying to get the very last drop.

Another couple on vacation

first-time bufffreak 2017-11-23

Cindi and Denise headed to the bathroom and Richard adn I kept yakking She grabbed Richard's hand and started towards the bedroom as Denise sat down next to me One last I sipped my drink, Richard slowly rubbed my back and then slid his hand uner my robe, strokng and grabbing my butt as Richard grew he started pumpig in my face and I also grew closer to coming in Denise's mouth. After Richard fucked Cindi in her ass I tried to fuck Denise in her's but she protested about my size It seemed like Cindi was really interested as He went face down on the carpet and I slid his legs apart

my first foot experience

first-time thaladysman 2017-11-23

: ) 3 weeks later we started dating and one day I just couldn't take it anymore...we were watching a movie and I asked her if she liked foot massages...she replied "oh I love foot massages, wanna give me one?". I decided to ask her a question before asking if I could fuck her soles which was, has anyone ever told you your feet are pretty and has any of her ex's ever touch them, suck them or play with them. We broke up years later and now it's seems like she doesn't care about her feet anymore, cause they look like shit now : ( also her mother use to stay with us once we got our own place, and she loved to be barefoot all day, everyday.

Daddy Issues

first-time ofloveandlust 2017-11-23

I want to tell her how silly she is to be worried about kissing some boy or maybe letting him put his hand up his shirt. While Tanya floated off at the other end of the pool I worked the beer bottle like a cock. Friday I was mad at Tanya and was in an angry sex kind of mood but I could tell right away he wasn't feeling it. Long before there was anything with Richard I would stay at Tanya's house for days at a time. Tanya once told me about the boy that wanted to lick her. On sweet nights I want to tell him I love him.

How I Lost my Virginity

first-time elizacontessa 2017-11-23

So we sat up on that ledge for some time, and I snuggled with him and kissed him like there was no tomorrow. Finally I got up the courage to reply, “What does that mean?” I was instantly embarrassed and wished I was dead on the spot, but he took the time to not-so-tactfully explain that he wanted me to suck his dick. He seemed a little disappointed, and I didn’t want to ruin what was happening with him right then. I want to make sure I stress at this point that James was a pretty good guy and I had loads of fun hanging out and talking with him.

Angie's Tale

first-time unlucky266 2017-11-23

Another oral experience was later that summer when a friend and I had met these other two guys (again at a campground) and we decided that later that night we would sneak out once our parents were all asleep to go across the road into some bushes to hang out a bit. The biggest guy I had ever seen was MASSIVE, so big in fact that he could not enter me but some how thought that because his penis had slid down my butt cheeks allowing him to slide in and out that, that was the equal to having sex. I met a guy one night while I was out with a friend and at first didn't think too much of him, he looked like a geek wearing his plaid shirt and eye glasses.

Ripe Fruit

first-time peterpecker 2017-11-22

My cock felt smooth and sensitive after I slipped my hand inside the waistband of my shorts, the overall stiffness growing as I pressed the shaft and cupped the head with my fingertips. Gripping my hardened prize, with the foreskin peeled right back and the head swollen to three times its normal size – or so it looked – I was about to start jerking-off when I heard a stifled giggle. I grinned back at her and tucked my flaccid cock back in my shorts, and said, "I hope that makes me look decent again? "I liked that!" Julie pressed closer with her hips, pushing my cock further up into her vagina.

Risky Business Ch. 01

first-time Gently Does It 2017-11-22

He felt uncomfortable, then even more so when she reached up, grabbed his arm from the back of the sofa and pulled it down, placing his hand on her belly, making sure his fingers slid under the dressing gown. They sat and watched MTV for about five minutes, Peter slowly relaxing as time passed, trying not to let an erection grow. He slid his hands down further, and she arched her pelvis up as his fingers found her vulva, and she let out a prolonged moan as he pulled her labia open. "You told your mother you want me to take your virginity?!" he was now down to a strangled squawk, standing over her, his hands clamped round his head in anguish.

Parking Love

first-time hakabhai1234 2017-11-22

I slipped my hand under Tanya's shirt and teased her nipples through her bra with my finger tips. Tanya continued caressing my thigh, getting closer and closer to my cock; which by now was at full attention. I lifted her shirt up just enough to expose her wonderful tits, moved forward and started kissing and licking her nipples. I grabbed a handful of ass, and began kneading it, as I continued to kiss her breast. "Well, I was hoping and I wanted it to be the way you like it." Tanya said without hesitation. When Tanya sensed that I was done cumming, she started squeezing my cock with her ass muscles.

Cupid’s Arrows

first-time prairieFreak13 2017-11-22

It almost instantly began to swell and Cupid quickly pulled her head his free hand, making her open her throat and swallow his member until her nose was embedded into his fine, heavenly-scented pubic hair. All the hours of watching hypno videos of “sissy-training-cock-sucking-ass-pounded-cum-eating-dick-worshipping” kicked Lori’s sub-conscious into gear and she looked up and deep into the eyes of the Cupid. The Cupid pulled his cock-tongue out of Lori’s throat long enough to exclaim those words before plunging the rod back down her mouth-hole. The Cupid selected a photograph of Lori during her final orgasim, back arched, eys closed, cum dripping from her mouth and nostrils and spilling down on her lactating boobs.

me and my great mom

first-time savita009 2017-11-22

I called my dad, congratulate him and asked him that I would buy some clothing stuff to my mom and myself on their marriage occasion. While going to the mall I asked my mom to remove her huge tilak that she usually applies on her forehead and replace it with a shining sticker. The sales girl understood and told my wife I mean my mom that it was the latest design. Mom (mischievously): "Shut Up. You told me that you would decorate the tilak and mangalasutra back on me before we left. I brought mom to the hall, asked her to close her eyes and put two gifts in front of her and told her to open her eyes.

My Wife. A Whore, and Proud Of IT!

first-time sandlicker 2017-11-22

It felt like she was going to pee, fart, and belch, all at the same time, and it was all coming out through her pussy. She turned her head as she heard the door open, and her friend and her husband were standing there looking at her naked body, but she didn't have the strength to reach down and cover herself. The friend told her to wet the towel and clean her lovers cock and balls and to wash her own pussy, and then she would be taught how to clean herself inside. The next morning, while they were cleaning the house, her friend asked her what she had thought of the "new friend." Linda told her that after the first shock, it was fun, and it felt really good.

Am I Going to Hell!?

first-time IJustWannaFuck 2017-11-22

So i can't really remember exactly when it started or what age it began but i do know i was young. Remember i have A LOT of stories but ill just start with a quick memory. So if anyone would like to hear actual stories of my encounters with my cousins or some of the things i think, please post. Also i labeled this post "AM I going to hell!?" because I've done a lot of things that your average person would look at in disgust and how or why i came to be this person is still something I am trying to figure out. I've never met anyone who has lived a similar life to mine so I'd be really interested in sharing some thought with another like minded person.

First Time Gay Club

first-time 425olds 2017-11-22

I stood there for what seemed like hours before a gob of spit landed on my hole and someone pushed a fat-headed dick into me, hard and fast. I loaded my pockets with condoms and a tube of lube and went to sl**p, dreaming of hard, hot fucking. "Yeah." I pulled out the tube of lube and worked a gob into my hole, tossing a condom to him. "I said, fuck me!" Our bodies slapped together again and again, his hands tightly gripping my hips, guiding his thick meat into me. He gave a few more pumps and pulled me backwards on top of him, his meat still buried inside.

my ela teacher feeling lonely on halloween

first-time bjmcdonald 2017-11-22

I knocked on the door , she opens the door and she handed me candy but she didnt recognize me right away so i said hi and told her who i was and she looked outside to see if anyone was coming. So i followed her , she was going towards a room , we both got into the room , she jumps on her bed and tells me to lock the door. Then she lets go of my cock and takes her hands out of my pants and she said : Well , Thats all i wanted to hear. She pulls my pants down , she got on her knees and started sucking my cock.

The First Night of Many

first-time smalltittyasian 2017-11-22

In movies and TV shows, there were huge parties with students drinking until they could no longer walk, blasting music so loudly it could be heard around the whole block, girls flashing their boobs and had guys take shots off their bodies, smoking weed in the kitchen amongst tons of beer cans and leftover pizza crusts, making out with someone you just met just because, and of course the police coming to shut down the party because of under aged drinkers there and generally just how loud the party was.



first-time wishful1 2017-11-22

All of a sudden I felt something surging and then my mouth was getting filled rapidly with a thick fluid, more than I could handle, and I liked the taste and I choked on it and I swallowed some of it and I tried to swallow everything but I couldn't and it came out around my mouth and kind of ran down my chin and got some on my cheek and some on his dick and he shot more of it into me and on my face and some of it dripped on my tits and ran down a little to my belly and even a few drops on my thighs.