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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Sex and the Office Ch. 09

first-time sarahloveitt 2017-11-22

She had closed her eyes, letting the fingers play with her pussy, and wallowed in the lovely sensations in her groin as the penis filled her, until it culminated in a wonderful orgasm. During one of them, having carefully examined the solid, pale shaft, crazed with light blue veins, Shula asked how it was possible for such a thick shaft to penetrate the small orifice of a woman. With mouth open in admiration, Shula watched him slowly work his shaft up and down in his palm, showing her the working of the foreskin, explaining the significance of the movement. Reaching the base, Shula curled her thumb and fingers round the shaft, slowly pulling it up and down, gazing in fascination as the foreskin slid back and forth over the angry-looking head.

The Confessional Ch. 01

first-time fukensploogin 2017-11-22

He had a buddy out in a pew, who sent him a text message when Father Clooney entered his room, at which point Tommy flipped on the little light above the door to the confessional he was in. Which was why Tommy's buddy nearly flipped out when Andrea Cooper walked into church and went straight to his confessional. Andrea looked up at Josh as his hands moved down her body, his hardening cock pressing against her as he kissed her again, both of them grinding against one another's torso. "God, Andrea, I love you..." he said, whispered in her ear, as the head of his cock pushed inside her.

Bunny's Quiet Friend

first-time dowd_elwood_p 2017-11-22

So, this weekend, my brother has an away game with his varsity basketball team, and he and Bunny are out partying tonight before he goes, and I'm just lying here on the couch, and eventually they're going to come home, and in the morning, he's going to leave, and... "Ohhh, poor baby," Bunny replied, throwing her arms around my brother's neck and giving him a big kiss on the lips, "Maybe I should go pay a visit on your neighbour and see what is making him so uptight. "There's great stuff on the tube at this hour." As Bunny flipped through the channels, Julie rested her head on her hand and propped her elbow on the back of the couch.

How Christmas Should've Went...

first-time pinkmonkeysayshi69 2017-11-22

You know that if I had given you a blowjob it would be my first time and you understand that but you want to be the first so I give in to those amazing brown eyes and crawl over you and wrap my lips around that warm, hard cock that's waiting for my mouth. I sit there for a second and he says, "See, I knew you wouldn't-" Just as he was about to scold me for making him feel something that wasn't going to happen I slid my mouth down over his cock and started bobbing my head up and down really fast.

Stella Maris: SM in Spain #5

first-time petdyke 2017-11-22

Stella Maris still shows a wet twat and red bums, as I keep my bride to be so horny. Stella Maris moans again and gets wetter, while waiting for my next slide inside her. Stella Maris attracts the attention with her loud moans the moment the girls got out. Stella Maris is now too hot to notice any outside admiration by her silent audience. Who's been been watching me taking Stella Maris in the upper window? Stella Maris comes loud, unaware of her impact. I notice the goose bums at the skin of Stella Maris, hearing the applause outside. I come hard inside Stella Maris, rocking my hips and thumbs up to those two newbies.

Sad Neighbour: A Story

first-time tarkatony 2017-11-22

When I took her in my arms she went willingly, and when I rubbed her back she pressed her face into my neck, but when I said the words — honest, I was just trying to be encouraging, I was just trying to get her to feel a little better about her self, but it was a stupid thing to say, a monumentally dumb thing to say and I knew it the very moment the words left my lips, "I'd love to sleep with you, Mrs. Zimmer." She wasn't really looking at me when she said, "I don't or I haven't for years, but I did last night, I did it because for the first time for as long as I can remember I felt a little bit alive, I felt … well, I was going to say I felt wanted but …"

Young man is fucked by two virgins

first-time 2017-11-22

Betty said to her s****r: "I'm so horny you doing it because otherwise, or else your pussy would be not so wet sex we had never, since it would have the opportunity once a big fat cock in her pussy get stuffed. Juliane said to Betty, I accidentally made pee in my diaper. Juliane said to Betty: "I have his hot penis get stiff, I think it pleases Him. Betty gave Mike just another cocktail and asked him: "Do you want to fuck 2 horny twin s****rs. Juliane was impressed by the penis so that they wet your diaper full of pee and was horny. Betty and Juliane, his ass one CREATE, CREATE one his testicles and penis and pulled him to a fresh dry diaper.

Daddy, His Little Girl, and a Wall.

first-time CourtneySmith 2017-11-22

" feel so good." He growled the words as he suddenly hitched her body up against the hallway wall, forcing her legs to wrap around his waist, his palms cupping her soft, pert ass firmly. She released an adorable little squeal from her lips as he lifted her, his hips working with manic fashion, not caring anymore about driving too deep, or too hard, he let loose, pounding her against the wall until she was screaming and whimpering. She narrowed her eyes up at him as her lips pursed, sucking him hard between her soft lips, her tongue swirling and sliding along the veined shaft as she pumped him deeper, her head bobbing rapidly until her lips grazed the base, forcing him into her tight throat.

Seduction at the airport Marriot

first-time n2oral 2017-11-22

She smiled when she saw me - we hugged, kissed like a husband and wife would returning from a business trip. She ignored my attempts to continue playing with her clit and grasped my swollen hardon and began to lick around its head, then ran her tongue down the underside all the way to my balls. Then she began to work her way up my body, kissing my penis, my abdomen, my nipples - and then hoisted herself onto my now-aching shaft. Her cunt was tight, but dripping wet and I felt the head of my cock spread her vagina as we merged. Then I felt my cock stiffen and swell, as the unmistakeable feeling of impending explosion began to spread all over my groin.

Wife Turned Husband Gay GayMaker

first-time 425olds 2017-11-22

"Open your mouth," Tracy yelled, "open it!" She took Dwayne's pulsing cock in her hand and brought the head down to my lips as a third wave of cum fired out of him. She put one hand against my face, letting her fingers slip inside my mouth along with Michael's cock. I felt Dwayne's still-massive cock slide out of me, and I knew Tracy was watching that too, marveling at the incredible dick reappearing out of her boyfriend's hard-fucked ass. Although I slowed the pace, I kept my mouth on him, practically making love to his cock, letting him know that it was the most wonderful thing in the world to me at that moment, to be stuffed with his meat and his cum.

She SHALL go to the ball

first-time DrVonWankenstein 2017-11-22

It transpired that Tracy's other client, who was called Charlotte, was having her hair put up in readiness for attending the Aston University I wanted to give Charlotte the get out of jail card, Tracy might be embarrassing her by asking. I went and fetched it and when I returned Charlotte had taken the dress right off and was in stockings, suspenders and some BIG p*ants. "Thanks for taking me this evening" she said "I really appreciated you changing your plans for a complete stranger, and I've had a great time" and the first one, well, not worth mentioning" she replied "god it's very BIG" she said looking at me coming so I took my cock in hand and looked at her questioningly, for unspoken

Preparing Melissa Pt. 03

first-time MrsJ 2017-11-22

'Make it the aim of Your Boy's Night In to do something new – like trying a new position, or getting Mark to bring home some new, small sex toy to surprise and excite you...or perhaps even giving him the thrill of - just once - pushing a zucchini, rather than his cock , up your vagina!' 'You might consider, in addition, buying a cheap cheese board with a handle which you could call 'The Corrector'...which you might put out for him to notice in your kitchen early on each of the days on which you think he has 'earned' another paddling – giving him something to look forward to for the whole day!...and you can always instruct Mark to 'assume the position' - kneeling over the end of the bed with his bare buttocks in the air awaiting the punishment you will soon be delivering - whilst you slowly stroll to the kitchen to fetch 'The Corrector.'

Real Life - Blue Black Thug

first-time faggyboi 2017-11-22

Do you know which bus run up to yo apartment," asked the six-foot-two-inch But dat shit don't run all night. Gabriel lit the candles in the living room and the bedroom with his BiC multi-purpose Gabriel opened the door and let the sexy, super dark, thug in. Gabriel asked if D wanted a drink. D walked back to living room as Gabriel mixed his gin and Gabriel cooed, "I want you to fuck me." D stuck his hard member inside of Gabriel's juicy bubble butt. Gabriel whined, "You like my boipussy, nigga?" "I ain't nevah fucked no fag but dis shit hot," barked D. D let Gabriel fuck his love stick. "Here we are," Gabriel announced as he pulled into the MARTA station.

Quick as a flash grannie

first-time merlinnz 2017-11-22

Coming back into the room Dot said that Audrey wanted me to put up a shelf for her and a few odds and ends. “No No”, she said, “I am not Dot, I haven’t made love to anyone for years, and I am not going to start with you a young boy”. This time there was no objections and then Audrey said, “do you really want to make love to me”? “Of course I do, my god you are one beautiful woman and I think despite what you say you are enjoying this, and Audrey its not a case of old v’s young it’s what feels good” and as I said this I ran my hands up each thigh until my thumbs rested on her damp spot.

Army Brat Ch. 02

first-time Slickman 2017-11-22

"Are you OK?" Danny's mother asked after Ellen and he walked back into the restaurant and sat across from her. Danny was about to say yes but Ellen squeezed his hand very hard. He saw the look from Ellen and knew that his daughter was falling hard for Danny. A minute later Danny moved out of the car and passed Allan on the way to the house. "Yes, we have a few hours before the movie." She moved back to let him in and after the door closed they stood nervously looking at each other. "Umm...who do I think about?" Danny moved closer and felt guilty looking at the tiny pink triangle between her thighs under the raised skirt.

My husband's first time (2). True Story Conti

first-time Blairs-Desire 2017-11-22

I want you to touch it and smell it now......she said while invitingly separating her beautiful labia and introducing two fingers in it to dilate it. I immediately knelt between her legs and started doing as I was told but when I came close to smelling it, I could not stop myself from kissing it and licking it. Looking into my eyes she said, "touch me Gabriel put your fingers inside me and feel around", while she put her foot on the ledge of the shower and opened her legs to me. She separated her lips with her fingers and I felt like I wanted to explode right there but somehow stopped myself.

Exploring Nipples and xhamster

first-time chrisukbishare 2017-11-22

Last weekend K and I had a fantastic erotically charged couples time. It was held in a perfect setting for us, and if there are any xhamsters who want to share and understand the special spaces we went to, in London - then do get in touch. After last weekend we shared information, and we took the laptop to bed and I showed her around this extra-ordinary site. I had been being too secretive about my time with xhamster, and with this bedtime sensuous laptop encounter all my fears were taken away - she was happy to embrace my interest. We are exploring sensuous discussions about every facet of sexual activity - across almost every category in xhamsters's catelogue.

Ashley in Amsterdam - 2nd episode

first-time petdyke 2017-11-22

After those two tsunami orgasms on the beath, Ashley was glad that Peter helped her up, as she really felt weak in her knees, although she was glowing with joy. Seeing the state she was in, Pete decided to lead her back to her room. Ashley was still very horny ... and equally wet, as Peter noticed, probing her with a finger. In the privacy and noice curtain of her shower, Ashley let go any inhibitions. Ashley came again, while Pete held her, as her knees gave up on her once more. With one hand, he switched off their wet sound curtain and grabbed a towel. Peter wrapped her in it and carried her to the big bed.

Virgin No More Ch. 01

first-time Shars Star 2017-11-22

Jeff sat alone at a corner table in Roxy's, the hot new club in town. "Well Jeff, let's dance!" and with that she pulled him onto the dance floor. Blushing he whispered back "I've never done it before." Mandy told him not to worry while steering him over to the darkest corner of the club. This guy told him about how his girl liked to be finger fucked and would cum all over his hand. Wiggling his fingers his thoughts went to how good it would feel to put his cock in there. So then, how was your first time Jeff?" Mandy asked softly though she already knew the answer. Jeff tucked his cock into his jeans and dashed after her.

Keys and files

first-time fuckasscunt 2017-11-22

I was waiting for the end of this boring meeting with our client. We, you and me, were going to grab a coffee today, after work, and I was getting late for it. "But I first need to pass by my company and change cars. We walk side by side, and you start grabbing my ass. "Mr Conrad already left, he took one of the company's cars.", she said. there's no need to lock the door with the key, just make sure you leave it closed, Ok?", she said, while leaving the office. You start taking of your capri pants, while looking at me with a naughty look in the eyes. You squeezed my cock with your soft hands and began thrusting it.

Her fantasy

first-time scifo84 2017-11-22

“Bitch get the fuck undressed NOW, and get your ass on the bed this second!” The words out of Jay's mouth sent me over the edge, how f***eful he was with her I hadn't seen her strip so quickly before either. Jay fucked Aly harder as his hand reached for my ass and he slid a finger deep. Holly moaned as my cock slid in and out of her throat and as Aly ate her pussy. Aly moaned as Jay fucked her, as my finger flicked her clit and as she fucked Holly’s pussy. He grunted and moaned “Ahhhhh fuck!!!” I pulled out of Holly’s throat and shot all over Aly’s breasts.

The Encounter

first-time h2olover 2017-11-22

Your knees weaken and you feel supported by him, his arm holding you tight across your waist onto your breast, his lips against your neck, his other hand pressing against your hips toward the bottom of your skirt. You try to turn toward him but he breaks from your kiss for a second and whispers in a low growl “I want to fuck you right here!” Before you can object his lips press against yours again and your legs automatically move apart helping to move the tight fabric of your skirt over your beautiful round ass. You feel the head of his cock slide across your wetness and like a joist of lighting your body tenses.

The Beach House Escapades Ch. 03

first-time tribalsurf 2017-11-22

She awakens with a startled scream, her eyes opening wide in terror but blinded by the LEDs. One of my hands clutches her throat while the other runs up and down her body, plucking nipples and pinching her pussy lips. I wait for a long minute, turning my back to Vika while knowing my other cameras are busy recording the scene from their wall mounts. The girl loves to fuck and even though she's been drugged and traumatized, she begins pushing against my thrusts, her back arched and her head pulled painfully upward by the handful of blonde hair I'm yanking.

My first MFM (part 2)

first-time obsolete_1 2017-11-22

I began running the tip of my index finger lightly into her slit, breathing warm breathe on her wet red pussy lips as she moaned and began bucking her hips instinctually. Sally began bucking her hips wildly around my face, her thighs squeezing tightly around my head now. "Oh my God, I'm going to cum!" Sally screamed, breating fast and heavy, and I instantly felt her legs wrap tighter around my head. She suddenly froze, still squeezing my head tightly with her thighs, as I heard her breathing begin to relax. Sally began running her hands through my hair and I heard Hank make a sudden groan, as I felt the splatter of a load of his cum spray Sally's legs and my face.