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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

My Girlfriend's Cousin

first-time Biguy6420 2017-11-22

She sucked me till I got really hard then she told me to fuck her,so I did right there in the car till I blew my load deep inside her.We went back and had lunch with everyone,staring at each other the whole time we ate. I noticed his cock getting harder when the parts with the guys sucking each other were on.I thought fuck it Im going to try to touch him,I reached down and started stoking his cock and he did the same to me.After a few minutes he pulled his shirt off and pulled my cock out,He started sucking on me,it felt so great with his young tight mouth.

My first BBC

first-time jennifer032185 2017-11-22

My first time with a black man was with a guy who is 39 yrs old. We met him on Adult Friend Finder and was amazed that he had a body that most 25 year olds would want. He then touched my hand and told me that it was going to be an honor for him to be my first BBC and that he would make sure that I had the best fuck I could ever have imagined and to not worry about his size that he would take his time opening me up and that he knew exactly what he was doing and that by the time he penetrated me I would be able to take all of him.

The Desired Sin

first-time RedDownUnder 2017-11-22

The kissing became more intense when he started moving his hand up her blue silk skirt. Shyly she took his hand from across her chest and slowly moved it downward. He took a few deep breaths and slowly lifted the edge of the elastic band with his fingertips. His hands moved under her panties until his fingertips discovered the soft wet flesh that they had been searching for. Just the sight of his partner in such a state of pleasure sent him into a passionate frenzy. It was now that from inside her, he actually felt her heart stop for a moment. As her body recovered from the rainbow colored waves of pleasure, she looked deeply into his eyes.

Instead of our eyes meeting at a bar

first-time 2017-11-21

We are early, yet, so there are quite a few seats open, but you can't help thinking that maybe, at just the right angle, you might catch a glimpse of my stockings again. I swallow the scream in my throat and you feel my pussy closing in around your fingers. You bury your fingers into my hair and pull me up so your mouth can experience the same exploration that your cock has been enjoying. I feel your cock getting harder pressed up against my belly and I press my tits hard into your chest. It's urgent now, and while your tongue and mouth are wreaking havoc with my entire nervous system, I NEED your cock inside me.

Worshipping at Aphrodite's Feet Ch. 04

first-time Josepha_Kass 2017-11-21

The girl wasn't terribly descriptive saying she really hadn't noticed too much about the cottage implying the ceremony was overwhelming, and by the end of the sketches, Naama had created her own vision of the cottage adding multiple rooms she knew didn't exist, each one filled with glorious embellishments, wallpapers of pinks and greens and blues, furniture that would have been appropriate for the Royal House and even a small sitting room and balcony which opened off of the bedroom. We can only decide to consent when the moment comes, at the end." Naama continued to search Garrent's face for a clue as to what he'd heard from the other boys.

My hot Bengali wife and her older s****rs freshy h

first-time Habz187 2017-11-21

He looked right in her eyes and said "that's a present for you shabana, dula Bhai bought you a gift! Shabana my sexy young wife being rubbed all over her sexy body by her dark ugly freshy dula Bhai made me soo hard! She said we can't do this dula Bhai but was still rubbing his cock over his trousers! She heaved at the taste but dula Bhai grabbed a hand full of hair and f***ed his freshy cock back into her mouth! My wife was at first wincing but could not control it and started screaming in agony as her dula Bhai's huge thick nasty freshy cock slammed in and put her pussy at a rapid rate!

A to Z Fuckstories – D is for Double Damn!

first-time jurrjens 2017-11-21

My mouth devouring her nipples, my cock sliding quickly between the flesh mounds while she licked my tip as it got to her mouth, plowing her from behind while I groped her amazing tits. “Well, if it gets your cock out faster, here.” Without warning, she grabs the back of my head and pushed it between her boobs. “Let me help you read the bible.” I stuck my cock into her mouth and facefucked her for a couple minutes. “Well, now you have been.” This was the second girl who’s anal virginity I had taken, and I planned on taking Cassidy’s at some point. The second one, my cock had cleared the cleavage and it spewed onto her waiting tongue.

1BR Apt.

first-time Member389 2017-11-21

Luke was accepted to the college where his folks went to and was looking at a similar career to his fathers, no matter how much Derek urged him to do something he wanted. Luke had already started school and they didn't think it likely that they'd get a lot of offers right away but they listed the apartment in the paper anyway. Luke turned off the car and reached for the door when he felt Ellie put her hand on his and give it a squeeze. "Okay I'll just stay here and slave away in your kitchen like a drudge." Luke's response was surprising causing Ellie to bust out laughing.

My Sexual Autobiography

first-time seannelson 2017-11-21

Here, perhaps for the first time, I really got to indulge all my fantasies, licking her ass and her cunt, which was very cute, and indulging in the attitude I guess of sex. I fucked a pretty little red-headed eighteen year old in the back of my car and then at my house another time. I started having sex with a lesbian woman who was known to me as "Kitty." She was a pretty girl, about twenty-seven, and she was also a good friend of mine. She was a responsible, successful girl and by this time, I had quite a reputation as a druggie and a troublemaker(with good grades nonetheless.) But she would come over just for the sex.

MY first sex

first-time sam90bond90 2017-11-21

I hormones teased whenever I saw her for the reason I love newly wed ladies and I think of her nude and I’m fucking her hardly my cock get erected and hitting in my boxers I couldn’t resist so I went aside a pissed . I could see her round boob getting wet inside her tee, wow cute her waist, hips I wondered for a minute all of a sudden my dick get erected , I was in the water and I could feel the warmth. Since I cummed before I took time for me, it gave me the fulfillment I fucke her for 6- 8mins hardly her shape and nipple made me think worse.


first-time 2017-11-21

Bubba then mentioned the pay she'd be getting for a 40 hour week, an amount far higher than other temporary jobs, as he wanted to entice the young beauty and her husband. Bubba watched and smiled, knowing that the uppity Mrs. Julie Benton was consuming her after-dinner drink quickly in order to return to her room. Bubba smiled widely when the lovely young beauty told him "I owe my much-wanted pregnancy to you!" He wanted so badly to reply 'You don't know just how right you are, sweetie!' Then he let her continue on saying "If it's a boy, we're going to name him after Phil or Phil's father!

Army Brat Ch. 03

first-time Slickman 2017-11-21

I mean she left three years ago and he doesn't look that old," Allan said wondering if his mother could be right. "Ellen…I know you are upset. "What are those?" She asked looking at the white clinging shorts with thick hips and sides. "You won't be sliding in here," she giggled. Allan took Janet home later and sat for a while talking about Maria's arrival. I mean…why would she leave if she was pregnant? "Me too daddy." Daddy is working today so we can be alone." I mean I understand that we were not in love but how could any mother leave her child like you did?" "All of this could have been worked out.

First time with a guy

first-time chill_kc_couple 2017-11-21

The pre-cum was getting wiped away on the bottom of his chin and my cock was rubbing against the outside of his throat as he licked my belly button. I didn't want him to tack my cock out of his mouth, but he went down to my balls and licked and sucked each one. He did this for a little bit, but I wasn't going to last long as I was looking down at a guy sucking my cock. I think the feel of my cum lubricating his cock sent him over the edge and he came like a gusher. I then started to lick his cock again and moved my fingers around his ass hole. As my finger played with his hole I continued to lick, suck and jack his cock.

Doublecrossing Isis

first-time jon.hayworth 2017-11-21

This time it is a little phallus shaped Bronze Stud found on the site of a temple dedicated to Mercury at Uley in Gloucestershire England and dated 2nd or 3rd century. In due course when by the laws of Rome we became adults, my brother Geminius and my Antonius took their togas, and I instead of being married, moved to the Temple of Isis. The women are preparing themselves for the dusk when they will walk the gardens, and people who have come to pray or honor the dead have returned to their homes, not wanting to be mistaken for a temple woman or her client. After I had bathed I took especial care when I oiled and scented my body, I wanted to be perfect for my Antonius.

Her First Time For Cock

first-time coupletoplay07 2017-11-21

I look around and see the bed is already ruffled up a little and almost instantly start getting hard just thinking of the time ahead of me. I can feel her cum soaking the head of my cock and it starts to throb just knowing what it is about to enjoy. I grind my hips a little to be able to feel the sides of her soft wet vagina as I work my hard cock in deeper and deeper into her throbbing pussy. She then takes my cock out of her mouth and licks any little bit of cum that still comes out of my head.

The Teacher & His Cum Covered Student

first-time keen2trybi 2017-11-21

I turned around from writing on the blackboard to witness Jo-Beth slowly opening her legs underneath her school desk to expose a lovely pair of white cotton briefs, I quickly looked away but could not resist the occasional peek to what was becoming obviously clear to me to be a very fat, puffy camel toe inside her briefs. I turned her over & took her from behind, removing her top & white lace bra & watched her firm arse cheeks meet every thrust of my cock, rubbing her dripping wett pussy lips & hard clit with my fingers as her firm tight, white breast flesh swayed in rythm to our forebidden fucking, her nipples hardened as they brushed the cold desk top.

Johnny And Mary, A True Story (Classic poetry)

first-time Exakta66 2017-11-21

Johnny And Mary, A True Story... Now Johnny knew Mary since they were little tykes, Johnny and Mary went to school, Johnny noticed Mary started to grow real fine, Johnny started thinkin' this could be his night, Johnny and Mary started to dance real slow, Something in Johnny's pants, startin' to grow, Johnny asked Mary to spend some time, As Johnny's tool got nice and firm, As Johnny got busy and started to ream, A few days later Mary felt real ill, Mary gave birth to a fine looking son, Johnny got a job so he could provide support, Johnny and Mary were starting to fight, Mary told Johnny she wanted him out, That is the story of Johnny and Mary...Later.

First encounter with L L

first-time coupleofus4coupleofu 2017-11-21

You sound like a sweet guy, I'm not sure if age is a problem I never really thought about it. "Nothing's wrong but I want some pussy," I replied while not even taking my eyes off her tits. If I didn't know her so well now or was just an idiot, I wouldn't believe what she told me after I painted her insides with another huge load of cum and then made her clean my dick off. After our first encounter however, I found out L L was going through a bit of a slut phase while that was happening and she also shed some light on the reason she might not have had an orgasm.

Cum Carry Cum

first-time BeverlyLove 2017-11-21

Mike really liked her; he hoped that this would last for a long time. Mike and Carry sat in the soda shop eating ice cream. To Mike her breasts were perfect, he kissed them gently as he removed her bra. Carry felt Mike penetrate her with his tongue, then his fingers. Carry felt the scratches she made in Mike's back. He knew Carry could see it in his face by the way her eyes sparkled and she bit her lip. Carry moved her body to completely cover Mike. Mike kissed her belly, then her breasts, he nibbled on her neck. He liked the way she pulled his hair to kiss him. Carry smiled, "I love you too Mike." She ran her fingers though his hair.

My Mother Made Me a 69 Year Old Panty Lover

first-time smallfurrycreature 2017-11-21

Play with yourself like you were doing when I got here, because mommy wants to see your cock when it’s good and hard.” She laughed then pulled her dress down. Let’s start with some cocksucking but remember, no face.” She leaned over and took “my uncle’s” cock in her mouth and stroked it while moving it in and out of her red lips. Mom lay back on the couch and opened her cunt with her hands inviting another picture. And the main event was mom sucking a cock and getting fucked in an increasing variety of ways and her son in sissy underwear taking pictures that “uncle Bill” would process.

My wife's first time

first-time Chris51a 2017-11-21

So I decided to see if I could set it up so he was at my house alone with my wife for at least 30 minutes before I arrived home ‘a little late’. The next time my friend and I were going to the golf range and I offered to drive, if he would meet me at my place after work. A couple of days after their third 'mini-date', my wife confided in me that she thought he was getting hard while they sat on the couch and chatted while waiting for me to arrive home. I told her that if she was curious and wanted to know if he was really getting hard just talking to her, she should try to find out the next time he came over.

Play Time is Over

first-time TJayInOz 2017-11-21

At night, alone in her bed, her fingers wandered down her body exploring between her legs. Even her breasts felt sensitive as her dress rubbed over her cold and erect nipples every time she squirmed at the intensity that was building inside her. "I'm going to lay you naked on the bed and drive my tongue deep inside of you" he said. "You'll grab my hair as I thrust one finger inside you, bending it so it hits you in the spot that turns your moans into one long, high-pitched orgasm." She felt her tight little rosebud throb and pulsate in time with her heartbeat as it closed up behind the plug.

How Did You Learn To Love Fellatio? Ch. 04

first-time leBonhomme 2017-11-21

"I want to hold it," she murmured, and I felt her hand slid around my hip. Suddenly a car came around the corner, it's lights giving me a better view of her nice breasts, letting me recognize that there was no crease under them, but only for a instant, before her hands flipped the top of her dress up over them. It was only after she left for work that I remembered what Peggy had said about wanting see my cock, suddenly suspecting that that was she had in mind now. If she wanted to see my cock, it felt like it wasn't going to disappoint her.

The Proposition

first-time Lucky Mann 2017-11-21

The new semester starts in a few weeks, and unless I find a new source of funding, I will be unable to go to college." Jenny paused to take a sip of tea and a deep breath. Jenny smiled and said, "Thank you, Jim. Since I am asking a lot, I wanted to look my best for you. "I don't know, Jim. Can I have a little time to think about it?" Jenny asked. Jenny tentatively asked, "Jim, where would you like me to put my things?" Her shaky voice indicated she was as nervous as she had been when she first asked for my financial help.