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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.


first-time untamedfox 2017-11-21

A light one hesitant at first you dont want to scare me then you deepen it your tongue slinking in and out of my mouth, i moan softly feeling your hands on my body, you lift up my shirt and smirk at my lack of bra, your fingers brush my nipples making me shiver. I reach back up and kiss your lips sticking my tongue inside your mouth, my hands run down your chest then slip underneath your underwear hooking my thumb onto the edge as my hands spread out and trail your body as I pull your underwear down.

HALLOWEEN SPECIAL: The Forest of Despair

first-time WhiteCockWorship 2017-11-21

"Very well." He grabbed his helmet to reveal an extremely handsome man with a chiseled face, blue eyes and long blonde hair. I was never into it in the first place; but now with Edward's baby growing inside me, and not knowing my knight's fate, my heart was somewhere else. Over the next two months, I made the difficult trek through Europe, finally crossing the English Channel and arriving at the White Cliffs of Dover, where the only man who truly meant anything to me said he would waiting be for me. "My Zaida." He said with tears in his eyes."I knew you would return." He looked down and saw our baby that was inside my stomach.

Camping with a first bisexual

first-time TravisJohn 2017-11-21

My mouth watered as I thought about running my tongue over those little black hairs under his naval. As I took his massive cock into my mouth I got as hard as a rock. Licking up and down his shaft, taking the tip into my mouth, gently holding his balls with my hand, he was so hot! He liked to be deep throated and he was trying to shove all of his massive cock into my mouth. His cock was wet from my mouth; I paused and began stroking him with my hand while licking the giant mushroom head. It didn’t take long before a big drop of sweet clear pre-cum developed on the tip of his massive cock.

A nuns seduction

first-time phatwilly 2017-11-21

"Really Mr Robins, I do have a little time would you mind if I took a look". This took place as quietly as possible, she always knelt by her bed supporting herself on her left arm whilst her right hand caressed her clit. One week later s****r Joanne was passing the painters cottage again after a mornings trimming, and was pleased to see him hard at work. He had imagined fucking Joanne many times since last week and his cock quickly responded to this attractive nun knelt just before him. The nun had a loose open mouthed chew on the fruit she had bitten but her eyes were following each pump of his hand.

The Stormy Night

first-time touchmate 2017-11-21

A very good friend of mine was getting married that Saturday night in his native place; a very small town some 50 miles away from Vijayawada. I made my way to Murthy's house, wading through knee deep water, covering my head with my bag for protection against the heavy rain. Jaya told me that Murthy had gone to Raipur two days ago on official work and he was expected back on Sunday evening. People were asked to stay indoors and bolt up their doors and windows, as very high speed winds were blowing. That is the first thing people tell me when they meet me first time...beautiful eyes!" She said that proudly and her face lit up with a smile.

how she started cheating - our real story

first-time Chriskf 2017-11-21

They decided to meet in the afternoon, after meeting they proceeded to walk to cafeteria where they started to talk about work, life, and then, about 30 minutes into conversation he leaned over the table and gave her a kiss, it as sudden and unexpected, so she quickly told him that she is married, and that he shouldn't do that ever again. She said that it took just 3 minutes before she noticed he is getting closer and closer to her while explaining stories behind photos, and at one point he put camera aside, looked her in the eyes and asked: AS he was kissing her she felt his dick getting harder and harder, and very soon he lifted himself up, stood by the edge of the bed, asked her to sit down, and he quickly unzipped his pants and immediately took the cock out and put it against Nelly's lips.....

First "O"

first-time fotisampini 2017-11-21

I sure never thought anyone would think I'd look good in clothes like these. I feel like my nipples are shining through this thin fabric, and I know he can see my bottom right through the nightie and panties when I turn around. He whispered, 'I'm going to open my present now.' He kissed from my throat back to my mouth, and my lips and tongue were eagerly waiting for his. I said, 'Your tongue is doing wonderful things to my pussy, Darling, and I hope you aren't going to stop.' In answer to that he started sliding his tongue up and down the length of my cleft again. About the time I thought I was going to scream, his tongue left my button and started exploring my entrance again.

stroke buddy

first-time coledamon04 2017-11-21

we sat there watching it on the couch together, maybe 2 feet apart. after a few minutes I heard him moving and out of the corner of my eye I noticed he was adjusting his dick in his shorts, then he started slowly rubbing him self. I kept watching the porn, a few moments later I heard him moving again, then I heard a zipper.......he cant be pulling his dick out..... i felt so turned on, i started stroking then turned to get a better look at his dick. i heard him grunting a little and slowly bucking his hips as he jerked his dick, i knew he was getting close.


first-time nonesuch 2017-11-21

Jane was my favorite lover at the time - a pretty face with round cheeks and a mouth slightly upturned at the corners, bright blue eyes, a mop of short blonde hair, and a lean body made for dancing. By the time I made Jane, I had come to the conclusion that fellatio simply wasn't my thing - my cock wasn't built for it, didn't respond to it, needed a wet cunt or an eager hand. I loved Jane's cunt and her talented hands, but when I told her about my lack of enthusiasm for having my cock sucked, she gasped slightly. Her mouth was locked around the top of my cock, her hand furiously stroking the shaft.

All Grown Up Ch. 04

first-time simply_cyn 2017-11-21

Wanting more than anything to feel him lose control, to cum like he had made her do, blue eyes lifted to lock with his as her tongue swirled around the head and then pressed to the underside of that huge vein that pulsed blood into the thick head, sucking him deeper into her mouth. Her eyes widened in surprise as her mouth was suddenly filled with spewing cum and she pulled back some as she started to gag but then she suddenly remembered one of her friends telling her how much guys liked it when she swallowed and she tried, her mouth working to stay around Ryan's jerking cock.

Waiting for the Storm

first-time WritingPleasure 2017-11-21

Emma's hand reached up the leg of Sam's shorts and boxers, and, pushing the material up as she did so, pulled his cock out into the open. She pulled his shorts to the ground and as he stepped out of them, he felt her hand stroke his balls, causing his cock to strain and extend further into her mouth in reaction to the almost ticklish sensation. She pressed her hips back onto him, forcing the head of his cock to explore her more deeply, and then looked back at him with a gaze full of desire when he began to pendulate rhythmically against her, gently at first, but quickly building up in strength so that soon each thrust jolted her, and made her catch her breath at the depth of penetration.

A Blizzard & the Night of Firsts

first-time the_last_high 2017-11-21

"He was caught in the storm, but it doesn't look like it will let up tonight so he will have to stay here." Sophia told the girls, and then she looked at me and said "the blonde one is my sister, Caterina. As Sophia was climbing into the bed next to me, Caterina twisted her body (under the covers now) and looked at me. There had been several times during the half-hour, which went quite quick mind you, when my arm had 'accidentally' risen from Cat's flat stomach and had rested below her breasts, which were radiating a sensual heat. It doesn't sound like much, but remember to an 18 year old who had never experienced female sexual contact, being surrounded by three naked European beauties was absolute bliss.

Nessa And The Neighbour

first-time deepemerald 2017-11-21

As long as I can remember I've been able to watch Mr and Mrs Summer fucking the night away. "I think you got some dust on your bra as well," Mr Summer licked his lip as I reached back and unhooked it, showing him my erect pink nipples. Each time he moved his cock almost completely out and then slammed inside me again, getting deeper and deeper as my tight cunt got used to no longer being a virgin. Mr Summer didn't pause for long though, he pulled out and quickly got me to get on my hands and knees and then he slammed into my dripping cunt again.

First Time Cuckold

first-time 425olds 2017-11-21

She said, " do you like seeing me with another man?" Does it make your dick hard to think that another man is going to take this pussy tonight?" I was fucking going nuts. My wife said oh, Dave, it feels too good, I want it inside of me". My wife then looked over at me and said, "honey, tell him that it's okay" I sat there with my dick so hard, I couldn't believe what I was hearing her say. Dave pulled his condom clad cock from by wife and she said, "come here, I want you to get a good look at this".

what I'd do to you

first-time 2017-11-21

As I'm sucking and licking your clit I'd message your tits making your nipples nice and hard so I can play with them gently. After i make you cum in my mouth.I'd make you sit up on the edge of the bed so I can still fondly your tits and clit as you unzip my pants and release my big cock right infront of your face. I'd watch your head bobbing back and forth on my cock as my other hand squeezed your nipple nice and gently. Then I'd turn you over and bend you over the bed so I can slide into your Nice, Warm, Wet, Pussy. You swallow all but a little bit then you French kiss me deeply so I enjoy the taste of My cum and your pussy juices as well.

Mountain Man - An Adult Story

first-time 2017-11-21

I started to mush the dog team back to my cabin. I peeled off her black skin tight Lycra snow pants and through them on the back of my big wooden chair. It was 7am when I heard the snow fall off my cabin. I turned on the water and shut the glass door to the stand up shower. "Yummy, I love big hard cock, I pulled out of her wet pussy causing a great big suction noise "POP!!!!" I looked down and she was on her knees pumping my cock with her hands. My cock head open up and spurt after spurt of warm thick white goo fell on her face and tits. I open the front door to the cabin.

Weird Kid's First Time

first-time weirdkid7 2017-11-20

My best friend Adam had such a good relationship with his parents, that they gave him permission to throw a senior party. It is just like any noisy high school party, guys trying to show off and red solo cups in everyone's hand. Usually pretty girls don't have skills like that." My friend blurts out,"Yeah, hot girls can't compare to a nerds game." 10 seconds and a throwing knife later, his player dies and he becomes speechless. I started pumping my tongue as deep as I can into her pussy, and she stops sucking, and sits up and fucks my face as hard as she can. I fuck her as hard as I can, and she lays her head on my shoulder and whimpers as the pleasure gives her another orgasm.

My secret affair with my Aunt

first-time loverboy650000 2017-11-20

Months later after we know each other Aunt Julia and me are home alone I started to touch her sexy feet with mines and then feel her breasts so good then she turned around French kissed me . And now comes the hottest moment of my sexcapade I started fucking my lovely Aunt Julia in her deep pussy as I slowly insert my hard cock in her and we both begin to fuck slow and easy. She later ask me to be on bottom while she's on top as we both fuck so fast and hard her breasts are bouncing up and down as my cock rides into her tight Latina pussy she started to scream so loudly as I hold her sexy body good.

The Endless Night Ch. 03

first-time sexygirl76 2017-11-20

It felt good and pleasure was running through my body but it wasn't mind blowing like when Michael had fingered me. Tommy seemed to sense my thoughts because he tangled his hand in my hair, forcing me to look into his eyes as he kissed me softly. He pulled his lips from mine; laying back on his back with his eyes closed as I slowly moved my hand over him. "Oh yea darling, that feels good." He moaned tangling his hand once again in my hair while his other hand moved up and down my leg. I smiled then lowered my head to his hard shaft again; I opened my mouth letting him slowly slide inside.


first-time Manny2314 2017-11-20

She stepped slowly and demurely toward me, looking up at me through half-closed eyes and said, "I think you would find me more interesting now." She let the bra drop, and I looked at her naked breasts for the first time. My eyes got big looking at the beautiful round globes, and I noticed that my dick was getting big as well. I moved my hands around, feeling her breasts and nipples in every way and every angle. I ran my fingers back and forth through there a couple of times, with Laura's breathing getting deeper and ragged. I reached between her legs with the whole palm of my hand, feeling the whole area at once, Laura giving a very satisfying moan.

I was a TEENAGE Whore and Prostitute!

first-time TampaHouseWives 2017-11-20

I had a few girlfriends in grade school that would come over to spend the night and I talked a couple of them into letting me touch their pussies and a few times we would take turns kissing each other between the legs and then giggle about it. I got my very first taste of cum when one of them shot in my mouth and the other guy started licking and tongue fucking my tight little ass which was something else I had never had done before. I was even in an anal gang bang once and really made some money but my asshole was sore for a week!...LOL Something about a large hard cock in my ass and then feeling it cum inside of me just turns me on and I almost always cum two or three times!


first-time 66stingray 2017-11-20

As he sucked my clitoris into his mouth, I shrieked and let go of his head as I grabbed the sides of the bed, half raising myself into the air, My toes were curled tightly, my swollen breasts were throbbing as he slid one hand up to pinch my nipples. My pussy lips slipped over the crown of his cock and I found myself staring at the camera making fish faces, gulping in air with him positioned right at my hymen, my ass thrust as high as I could possibly get it and my legs straddling his. Dropping the camera onto the bed, He grabbed my hair with his left hand and forced my head up even further to stare directly into the lens.

ProfNigma Stories #2 iCarly/Victorious #8

first-time FrankSinner 2017-11-20

Sam pulled the shirt he'd given her over her head, throwing it on the floor, and for a second, Sam swore the wrinkled and crumpled shirt now read "FUCK ME NOW." She shook off the idea and peered down at Spencer, who was now glued to her breasts, his eyes wide at her impressive bust, and slowly his hands slid up her body to touch them. Freddie pushed through quickly, sending an enormous pain through Cat's body, eliciting a tear to well up in her eyes, but it all slipped away when she felt Freddie's complete member inside her as it began to slowly enter and exit her, no doubt leaving parts of Jade inside her. Cat looked up the bed to see Jade licking Carly deeply and bit her lip as her petite body was pushed forward by Freddie's thrusts.

Hyacinth's Buddy

first-time donnylaja 2017-11-20

And then a few others joined him, leaning forward as she looked forlornly at the ceiling, the tabletop cold and gritty under her bare back -- then as she spread open her pussy lips she could feel their breath down there and one of the guys erupted with a gutteral laugh -- Jessie slowly and carefully got up onto the table, her toes brushing past the other two girls right and left, and sat cross-legged, looking up obediently at Ruth. After a moment of saying nothing, Wendy looked at Hyacinth and said, "Why don't we get Hank to ask you to present.