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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Christmas Cheer

first-time 2017-11-20

“Despite going through a rough patch, I think Darren and I are getting on better, um… I went to the doctor yesterday and…well I’m pregnant!” she said. We were going to fuck all day, and I wanted to cum in her on the bed Darren would be sl**ping on that night. The following few days went in the same manor, Karen sneaking away and us fucking like rabbits behind Darrens back. How I had bent her over the kitchen sink whilst Darren was at synagogue; how I had screwed and cummed up her anus; how I made love to her in the bed she shared with Darren, and how I was pumping my hard dick deep into her womb as the count-down hit zero to the New year!

Waking up

first-time StarScreamUSA 2017-11-20

It must have been around 5am as the sun was just coming up and the light was starting to shine into the room across the bed. Staying completely still, trying to register what the movement was it slowly dawned on me that there was our friend Mary standing in the semi dark hallway looking right in to our bedroom with her eyes fixed on my body stretch out in its full glory in the sunlight. I stayed perfectly still, well almost as my cock was still throbbing, not wanting to lose the moment, and to my surprise Mary inched into the room and knelt down and just looked, right up close smiling at my cock.

Lessons In Love Ch. 04

first-time velvetpie 2017-11-20

Archer gave her a smile and caught her eyes with the movements of his hands, sliding them across the flat planes of his chest and tweaking his nipples. Gwennie nodded and with trembling fingers, she let her hand slowly move down over her stomach and between her legs, gasping when she touched her buried clit. Watching her, he worried for a moment that something was wrong with her but when he saw the dazed look on her face and her finger deep inside her pussy, he knew that she was all right. Archer watched Gwennie cum and his cock exploded in his hand, warm strings of cum splattering across his chest.

Making Me

first-time riterman2 2017-11-20

Les rises, stands still for a moment, looks straight in my face, then leans forward and kisses my lips lightly. He takes my hardness firmly in one hand, soaping up and back along its length, sliding my foreskin on and off the monster's engorged head. Les's mouth leaves mine and moves down, kissing and nibbling my hairless chest, His tongue, his teeth on my nipples are like no other feeling. He draws my foreskin back tight against my body, stretching my cock hard and long, its crimson head bulging. He takes my hand and guides it to his neck, where I can clearly feel my cock bulging and moving inside.

Young student and a night to remember

first-time markerss 2017-11-20

Mariah reached a hand down to her pussy, feeling cum trickling from her and asked, “What is this?” I leaned forwarded kissing her and said, “It felt so good baby, I came,” and as I sat up, she did too and cum now oozed from her pussy. I tried to reassure her that it would be okay, and as Mariah look down at my cock and saw that cum was dripping from me she realized what had happened and replied, “I don’t want to get pregnant.” I tried to hold her but she now stood and spreading her legs, she started fingering herself, in hopes of getting as much cum out as she could.

Car Fun

first-time Lance1ot 2017-11-20

‘I’m not prim and proper’ said Jen, and then guiltily looked at her white blouse, black skirt, flats and tights. ‘Now look at me’ said Jen motioning to grease stains on her tight blouse. ‘You couldn’t handle me’ said Jen, annoyed that not only was she now dirty but this man wasn’t really apologising and fawning over her. ‘Nope’ he said calmly and spun Jen around, ‘I give women what they want and need’ and with that he popped the cups of Jen’s bra over her breasts and starting rubbing them and pulling the nipples. Ashamed at what he said, but turned on by his attitude, Jen’s mind was on fire, but her body was way ahead of her and as his fingers grazed over her clit, she gasped.

Shy GF Turns into Slut Pt. 02

first-time shyone121 2017-11-20

As I stood next to Jess at the bar, I peeked down at her skirt, and with her heels on she was looking very sexy, and as I turned around I could see there was a few other men with their eyes on her, so I grabbed her by the ass to show them she was mine. I knew that Jess was just playing around because this guy wasn't her type. By now I had totally forgot about my drunken little talk with Jess about giving her a free flirting pass at the club, and I was just thinking about getting her back home for some honest sex, but it very soon became clear to me that she had remembered and had other ideas.

Stella's sudden surrender [1]

first-time Poet-PETER 2017-11-20

Stella starts to tell Saskia the story of her humiliating sudden surrender early Summer as soon as she submits to us. Stella closes her eyes, as if she replays the video of that day in Spain with me, which completely changed her life. Stella demands Saskia to come on command for her, everytime she will conclude a sub-story line from our love life. I see Stella is close to come from confessing her hot memories with me, making still sweet love in vanilla style. I don't want to come when my sexy subs share another orgasm, as I know Stella just started. I am also fond of your thumbs up for this tasty story, which starts so sweetly here, with Stella's first confession.

Their First Night

first-time Candybarcreepshow 2017-11-20

Since we were so carried away, we don't have time to wait for the huge spa bath to fill, so we have to settle for a shower. As the lady needs time to get ready, she takes care to not get too close, just in case the previous shower fantasy were to be acted out, in which case she may be too sore to walk to dinner. You've taken your time washing off those soapy body parts and getting dressed, but I can see you still have a problem that needs to be dealt with. Moving the extra 5 steps to the bed, we recover before starting again, slow and passionate this time, no interruptions, with the rest of the night ahead of us.

Sex club adventure

first-time unicornhunterxx 2017-11-20

After some time I turned to my girlfriend and said "fuck it, let's just make our own fun" so we went to the locker room and proceeded to strip down and wrapped ourselves in towels and headed upstairs nervous but excited.. The movement caught the corner of my and I turned my head in time to see my girl guide the strangers cock to her and started to suck him deeply with me still on top of her fucking her wet pussy. I watched in excited amazement as my girl continued to suck the strangers cock as leaned over and began to play with her clit while I continued to fuck her.

Group Interview

first-time flasher974 2017-11-20

Then a man and woman entered the lobby and introduced themselves as Carl and Lucinda, Senior managers for the said company, and asked us to follow them where we had a group discussion regarding roles of the jobs on offer. We were then asked to take part in a group “team building” session and we sat around a table and Lucinda placed a sheet of paper upside down on the table, she then informed us we had fifteen minutes to complete the task, with that Lucinda and Carl left the room. Just then we heard the door latch and Anita quickly pulled her white knickers down to reveal to the group, who could see, her neatly trimmed black pubic hair and Christine tried to unclip her bra in a panic, but it was too late.


first-time 2017-11-20

Time to start screwing your secretary.' They thought entire time, horny as hell and wanting to fuck just time I thought about that moment that her body was hidden the thing last (I especially didn't want Rachel wanted to fuck her like there was no tomorrow, but the During that moment I thought it better to fuck her and Rachel breathed, pulling down my head to kiss me. fuck her slowly, pulling out about half way before on and on, wanting to fuck her sweet young body her, that she wanted to fuck her stepfather like a think about starting to fuck her the shower went off. God, I really can't wait to fuck Rachel again.

The Green Tortise

first-time allyn 2017-11-20

I put my right hand between her thighs and was rewarded by having her open her legs which gave me access to an engorged, wet and surprisingly, a large pair of outer lips which were covered with a thick coat of soft hair. I was afraid that she was going to scream or moan so loudly as to alert the other bus passengers, but noticed that she had taken a big bite my North Face polar sleeping bag and it remained between her teeth. I told her to sit on the edge of the spa again and asked if she would open her legs so I could look at her pussy.

The New Guy (Chad and Marcie Part 1)

first-time Irishqt1980 2017-11-20

“You don’t mean that baby girl, I know you don’t, you melted into my kiss earlier, you want me between your legs, don’t you?” his hands went beneath my skirt and cupped my ass, he groaned softly, “I knew that you were hiding a perfect ass beneath this skirt, just how wet are you right now? His mouth went back to kissing and sucking on my clit, my hands at the back of his head; he grunted softly as my fingers tugged at his hair pinning him in place. “You like that don’t you princess?” his tongue pressed forward as he continued to slowly fuck my ass with his finger.

I Fucked My Papa

first-time 2017-11-20

Just after I had cut the phone call, naman dragged me by hand and kissed me so passionately and going wild by each passing second, I was shocked by his act but even I wanted that, so, I didn’t say anything and responded well to his kiss.After the pretty long kiss, I felt like I cannot take it anymore and stepped a little back, but he is in no mood to leave me, now he started touching me over my dress, he started from my back, came to my waist, pressed my waist a little, it was even, I felt like I am his wife, now, he went on me and started to touch my boobs, they were already rock hard, maybe he liked it, he used all his f***e, I opened my lips wider and let a mone out, that’s all, he know that I was enjoying it, he left me like that and took a few steps back, and was staring at me like I am his property, I felt a little shy, I ran and hugged him, and asked what made him turned on so much.

Stable Master Ch. 02

first-time chickypoo 2017-11-20

John walked into his office and dropped his keys on his desk. It was one of the few rooms in the place that actually felt like a man decorated it: Leather sofa in the corner, mahogany double pedestal desk that matched the wood panelling around the room. She walked slowly up to the desk and held her hands clasped in front of her. Ben, or Mr. Jacobs as she was so fond of calling him, would let her know anything else she needed to apprise him of. He looked up once more to notice she was biting her lip and grasping onto the edge of the desk like she was bracing herself.

Dirty Chrissy Goes to College Ch. 1

first-time DirtyChrissy 2017-11-20

Then, when I noticed Jim wasn't looking, I kissed my way down Rob's neck to his chest, and then quickly moved my lips over the head of his cock. I moved my right hand to his balls, and slowly caressed them with the tips of my finger nails while I sucked his cock deep into my throat, releasing it momentarily, and then engulfing it again. He hastily whispered, "Watch out…I'm gonna cum!" I stopped moving my mouth and simply sucked the head, while stroking his cock with my right hand. When I brought my head out of his lap, Rob pulled me close and kissed me hard, slipping his tongue in my mouth.

How I learnt to love sex...

first-time timea87 2017-11-20

But that’s alright as long as you let us teach you… maybe time for a new instrument in your life, no?” That was John who said it and he stood up, opened his pants and took them off. One was longer, the other one larger… I like Pat because he tried to be so nice and I felt less sure of myself with John, but I didn’t want to sound as if I preferred his buddy for fear of making him mad… John said “You want Pat to do it, hon, right, that’s ok, don’t worry…” and he made me stand up and took my skirt and panty off.

My Piano Classmate Later GF

first-time WhiteGuy20000 2017-11-20

NOTE: as I said in the beginning this entire scenario was manipulated into a more erotic scenario, she wasnt the virgin I was, I dated her afterwards for a while, yes she had a boyfriend and she left him for me, he was a k** also 15 years old, the last part with the sex DID NOT HAPPEN in the class building as it is described, but it was in my room at home like few months later..what actually happened (since I carried her up and went out of the class she was heavy as hell and we almost tumbled on each other, but she was shouting "put me down" in our language while laughing, and yes I got turned on by that and had a boner but never talked to her about it in the scene, but when I put her down her entire body scanned my crotch going down , so I assumed she's likely felt my erection, but that was all)..

She is so hot

first-time elamyster 2017-11-20

On one of my looks up her skirt she must have like moved her body or something because one her her pussy lips came poping out her thong. When she pulled away i asked if we could go all the way, i told her i had condoms and she shook her head and said no condoms i love the feel of warm cum in my pussy. She got ontop of me and started riding my rock hard cock. She must have liked what she got from me because for the past month we both sneak out every other night and meat under the local bridge and fuck the same way.

Girl friend past

first-time Bearwolfz 2017-11-20

& with having the smokes I was feeling good n bit horny to be honest & reply back "well why don't we find out & see" A n B both looked at each other wiv a big smile ! A pulled my thong to one side & slowly eased his huge hard on deep inside my dripping wet püssy by now with situation I was in, while at the same time I watch B pull out his erect penis & I willing open my mouth to take it in. I couldn't believe I was on all fours & feeling this huge erect cock which was filling my pussy up big time while sucking firmly on another hard cock.

A fan meets Mila Kunis at a concert

first-time XXXNoBounds 2017-11-20

I'm close!" I moaned and Mila moved her other hand onto my shaft as she went back to using both hands to stroke my thick shaft whilst she kept my cock head in her mouth, flicking it rigorously with her tongue as I felt my balls start to tense up. Mila quickly sat up, lowering her head onto my dick, impressing me with her flexibility as she took as much of my man hood as she could in to her mouth and started sucking my member hard, like it was a pacifier. FUCK MY PUSSY!" Mila yelled and I started off at the pace that I had left her feet at, going fast and hard, working my dick as deep into her as I possibly could with each thrust forward.

Summer Lessons in Blow Jobs

first-time Ravenwood 2017-11-20

Amy's face contorted in fury, and for the life of him, Tom couldn't understand why, but his brain picked that moment to notice that in the year he'd been away at college, she'd shaped up pretty nicely. Wanting to make the most of her chance to experiment, Amy let Tom guide her in the way he liked to be jacked off, but also added some of her own touches. For several moments, they both sat panting from the workout, Tom with his eyes squeezed shut in near bliss, Amy wiping her hand over her mouth to catch the slippery fluid that leaked out.


First Time Fucking My Friends BBW Mother. Pt. 3

first-time bigdong6969 2017-11-20

As my mouth was sucking and playing on her tits, she took hold of my hand and slowly moved it down towards her pussy. Once my tongue touched her clit, she grabbed the top of my head with both hands while closing her thighs on my face letting out a load roaring moan screaming "Yes baby, thats it, eat my pussy. You feel so good." Hearing this, I pushed my face deeper and just buried it in her pussy as my tongue went wild on her clit. I stopped eating her pussy to which she exclaimed "don't stop baby, you're so good!" I got up and crawled on top of her body and started kissing her tits again.