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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Rose gets help coming out

first-time gobbler72 2017-11-20

Pulling the blanket up to cover Rose, Sally kissed her making sure their lips touched while patting and caressing her bottom. Sally hugs Rose kissing her full on the mouth causing her causing her to gasp as slipping her tongue past Roses’ sweet lips. Rose stiffens saying are you sure this is ok as Sally pulls the shirt over Roses’ head exposing her firm breasts. Felling the wetness of Rose, Sally withdraws her finger putting it to the lips she had just been kissing saying does this approve its ok my love? Sally finds one of Roses’ nipples and squeezed it lightly hearing a squeal Rose moans saying so good oh my god.

In a dark room

first-time uniquet 2017-11-20

I had been watching videos of cuckolds eating cum and taking orders and it became something more for me, my mouth started watering at the sight of a big beautiful clean cock being licked after a messy situation. I got up top and buried my cock in his throat, it felt amazing... I sucked him for 30 or so minutes before his cock grew in my mouth choking me with a huge hot loud that had at least 8 ropes of cum spewing out of him. I fucked his tight little ass for 10 minutes before cumming inside him. She started sucking me off and it felt so amazing, she got ontop of her boyfriend who stuck it in her ass and told me to fuck her tight pussy.

Helping Each Other Out

first-time zimabean 2017-11-20

I wanted so badly to stick my cock deep in some girls pussy and blow a huge wad of jizz into her womb. My cock got hard at the thought of me plunging it deeply into mom's cunt, her boobs shaking from my thrust. Mom's hand stayed on my cock, she then said that I must be thinking about the same thing she is. Mom pulled my boxers off and jacked my cock for a minute then she went down on me and gave me a pretty good but short BJ. Mom started to fuck me, she was rolling her pussy up and down and all around my cock. We became so close after we started having sex that we both think it was the best thing to ever happen to us.

Passer by.

first-time jeffmasson59 2017-11-20

Fishing was ok with long breaks and some were good enough to cook up on a fire.I am a naturist and also like to dabble with being an exhibitionist which going to a remote place is not ideal you might ask.But on this occasion i wanted peace but i also wanted to spend the time naked , the water was ok to swim.Ok so two days in i am stretched out and i hear a voice i look over my shoulder and a women is walking a dog , WTF.

Cousin Jeri: Chapter 2

first-time jrinbendor 2017-11-20

Oh, we had come close a few times....I had rubbed my hard cock against her wet sweet pussy on numerous occasions. We both knew that when I slid my rock hard throbbing cock inside, I would only be good for a stroke or two before I came. Jeri's Dad needed to go to town and pick up a load of seed, and he took me along to help load the sacks. When I finally got there, I found Jeri, laying nude on the quilt, thumbing through the magazines I had found in the old bunkhouse She smiled nervously, gave me a big kiss, and helped me strip my clothes off.

How I lost my virginity.-Part 1

first-time MaffiaLover 2017-11-20

She started rubbing her wet pussy although she knew that soon the door will ring. her bare 34 C tits stared at him and he started sucking her nipples with one hand rubbing her pussy. She went all the way down to his balls when he started to face fuck her. -yea' I'm fine..ammm...wanna do something els?- she looked at him,and undressed her pussy n ass. -Fuck yea!- he came to her,taking hold of her hair,and he put his cock that was wet from her lips in her tight asshole. she moaned as he enterd the whole thing in her and started to slowly fuck her ass. He started slowly looking at her face,then harder when kissed her deep.

A Fetish Changed My Life Pt. 07

first-time Ingrid11B 2017-11-20

I laid on the table nearly an hour before I was rolled over and as Bee spread my cheeks, Mia trimmed the hair short before Lu lathered my anus and shaved all the residual until it felt as smooth as a sow's ear. I could see that Bee would like to lick my hard cock as she allowed her pointed tongue to appear between her straight teeth as she worked closely on my naked body that evening, and Mia knew she would be the first woman to test my newly shaved penis the following day. In the beginning, they said they would only shorten the hair on my shaft, but they found it so thin and easy to shave they removed every single strand the night before, and as my body churned from all their ministrations, that I was sure loaded my gun in anticipation.

How I Really Took Her Virginity

first-time Franksstories 2017-11-20

At the end of our dates we always found ourselves back in her dorm room on her bed. In addition to my fingers I would roll on top and rub her pussy and clitoris with the tip of my cock. Several days later We repeated the steps and once more I was bringing her to an orgasm by rubbing my cock on her pussy. While she was in the middle of her orgasm, I inserted my cock into her vagina and pushed through the thin membrane. I returned to my room once again with blue balls, but this time I had a bloody red cock. I pushed up with my arms and held my cock deep in her pussy until the sensations ended.

The Slow Bowler

first-time mangrove jack 2017-11-20

Christine Morgan had heard of Craig's success from Beth who laughed and told her mother, "He is so shy I think he nearly pees himself every time a girl speaks to him. We had a ball teasing him today." She slumped down in a chair, "They say he will be on TV and the girls think he will look great because he really is very good looking." She giggled, "But the people out there will never know because they will only see the top of his head when he mumbles and looks at his feet." Christine looked at Beth, "don't be so cruel, he really will need help if he is going to be interviewed on TV like those cricket stars.

First Lover

first-time Lucky Mann 2017-11-20

After a short time of gently rubbing that little pebble, Ann began violently thrusting her hips up to my hand. Ann was stroking up and down my dick with her left hand while she kissed and licked its head. As I slowly rubbed her little pebble, Ann began lifting her hips off the car seat. As Ann slowly settled down, she rolled onto her right side and began stroking my rock hard dick through my pants. Holding her arms out to me, in a soft and sweet voice, she said, "Come here!" I twisted in the seat, pushed my pants down to my knees, laid between her legs, and kissed my way up her torso to her mouth.

virginity lost

first-time Storygal 2017-11-20

Chris didn’t say much when he got in the car, he was looking amazing. His body pressing up against mine was amazing I could already feel his hard cock rubbing against my pussy. My lips closed around the head of his cock and ran all the way down I felt like I was about to vomit, this seemed to turn him on as he groaned so I continued whilst working my hand up and down. I didn’t like the thought of him eating me out so I pulled my pants off and pulled him up towards me, the juices from my pussy flowing and tracing along the head of his cock.

Gabe's First Everything

first-time BluSkiez 2017-11-20

And he asked me if I thought you might be interested in maybe going out with him and, you know, helping him out with that." Anya giggled. I actually did kind of want to stay and join the party for a bit, but he looked so earnest and a little scared. When he continued touching me without my assistance, I put my hands behind his head and kissed him lightly on the lips. I waited, and after another moment, he put his hands on either side of my face and returned my kiss, holding it a bit longer before letting go. "And I don't want you to feel pressured to do anything just because you think I expect it." I held out my hand and he took it.

Marcy's Playground Pt. 01

first-time MJRoberts 2017-11-19

Bevvie pushed me away from her a little, and ate more ice cream with a thoughtful look on her face. "Yeah, but if it's not too busy a desk I could read on the job," I said. Forget paying for a new car; I need a summer job so I can pay back the money I'm going to have to borrow from my parents to fix the busted air conditioner." Of course I should go tell Bevvie the news right away, but instead I walked back to my house. Yeah, I couldn't tell anybody exactly where I worked or what kind of place it was, and it was a 45-minute drive away, but other than that, it was pretty sweet.

Meet the Captain of M/V VENUS- Part 1

first-time alexcass 2017-11-19

Being a chief engineer on board merchant vessels for many years I can admit that in every port I have met and had sex with lots and lots of ladies. I new that during recent times more and more women follow more masculine jobs, but never saw it with my own eyes...until I opened the Captains door...I was expecting to meet a HE captain, instead I met a female captain...I could not say a word, actually I didn't. She sat on her knees, took my hard cock in her mouth and gave me a blow job I will never forget. My hard cock slides in her wet pussy so easily...and BANG-BANG, HIT me she yelled, HIT MY ASS...and I did.

Uncle made me part 2

first-time 2017-11-19

I had just had the first orgasm of my nine year old life, and the best part was that it was down Uncle Warrens throat. And Uncle Warren came back out of the bathroom with a jar of vaseline and told me he was going to smear some on and in his butthole, and he wanted me to put my pee pee up his butt. I collapsed to the floor until Kay called my name and told me to get back on the bed and watch her and Uncle Warren do it.

Ella's First Ch. 02

first-time ChloeBea 2017-11-19

Fingers pressed to my temples I roll over to see David's business card perched on my bedside table and feel a smile slowly spread across my face before I flush hot with embarrassment at the thought of what we did last night. "Don't you think that's for me to decide?" I ask softly and place my hand over his, my finger tracing over the hairs on his wrist like I've wanted to all night and I discover that the hair is softer than it looks. "Are you sure this is what you want?" he asks looking deep into my eyes as if searching for his answer and I stare back at him transfixed as his hand climbs higher, thumb brushing the top of my thigh, blushing deeply as wetness burns along my undies and my heart beats louder in my ears.

Trophy Virgin

first-time Sophia 2017-11-19

I really liked to masturbate a lot of the time. I would wear tight pants, so my lips would constantly be separated, leaving my clit totally stimulated all of the time. Even though I was a virgin, I was fairly lose from all the times I masturbated. The guy introduced himself as Gary, and told me he liked what he saw, and I was hired! I told him that I was a virgin, and he asked if I would look at his cock. He put me on his messy desk, wiped all the papers off, and spread my legs and inserted his huge cock. He pumped me like crazy, and I slipped my hand down and rubbed myself to a major orgasm.

An Old Man and His Fantasy Girl

first-time marshwrack 2017-11-19

Sara cannot be considered beautiful in the classic All-American girl sense, yet she is very pretty with an appealing wholesomeness and innocence to her, very pleasing to look at, and definitely my idea of the perfect "girl next door." She has medium length light brown hair, a perfect young body that suited my tastes and preferences—slightly chubby with nice hips, a firm, rounded butt and small, perky breasts. Sara smiled at me, and with another lingering look at my wet bulge, she said, "We've had enough discussion about this Sam. I think we both know what we want, so can I see your penis now, which I can tell is really hard just by us talking like we have?

First Experience

first-time iceman0807 2017-11-19

He ran a hand through her blonde shoulder length hair slowly as she began bobbing her head faster now, taking in more of him, beginning to get the hang of it as she sucked on the intake and then licked around him as she pulled her mouth away, she looked down realizing that this was the first time she’d ever seen his balls, reveling in their sight at how hard and clumped they seemed be, she gingerly moved a hand to them giving them a baby squeeze as she watched his face as it contorted into a mad look of pleasure.

Princess Virgin

first-time nymphetboy 2017-11-19

He smiled and nodded and told her yes as he looked her straight in the eye. “Then everything and I mean everything is going to begin slowly and when we’re all said and done, well then you’re going to love what’s happened.” She tried smiling. God yes, more, and she told herself she wanted him to squeeze them harder, more firmly but didn’t say so out loud. He flipped her over, which she didn’t know any better anyway, and he kissed and licked her back…all the way to her shoulders before coming down to that cute little ass he so loved. God it felt awesome, he thought as she licked or did a number on his cock, but soon enough, he knew what better way to end all this by getting her to say the words.

Toni gets anal from Wendy's dad

first-time fotisampini 2017-11-19

She stretched her lips around his girth and sucked him into her mouth, swirling her tongue across his cock feeling every ridge and vein sculpted into the throbbing flesh. Jim continued watching Wendy getting fucked while Toni's mouth worked its magic on him. The thought of a big cock up her ass like Wendy had in hers was really exciting her. Jim pressed the tip of his cock against her ass and slowly pushed until it popped inside. As she turned away Jim stared at his daughter's ass through the tight shorts she was wearing, thinking about the cock that had just been up it and cum that was probably still leaking into her panties.

Babydoll, panties and holdups

first-time fiona_cdf 2017-11-19

It wasnt long until we both notice each other had got erection, he grins and gets his cock out, a nice uncircimcised boner, so i got mine out too and both start to slowly wank together (not mutual to start) to the film but eventually he leans over and offers to start wanking me, so I let him and he's quite good at it, after a while I reciprocate and we wank each other stopping just prior to losing our loads. He squirts some oil on to his hand and starts to wank me slowly, so much more enjoyable when we released our balls from our tight nylon panty restraint.

First Meet

first-time xfox 2017-11-19

I ran my fingers along her wet panties, up into her moistness, now soaking her panties to a sodden strip of lace pulling into her aching clit., my fingers tracing along the side of the material feeling for the first time her trimmed venus, her breathing was rising rapidly, slinging her head back being sandwiched between two guys, with two hard cocks pressing into her, Darren nibbling her ear lobes and running his tounge along her neck in a soft but teasing manor, with love and affection, as her juices flowed from her molten quim, causing a squishing sound as my fingers squeezed her puffed pussy lips together, firmly , but not too hard , to give her even more tension filling sensations, that must have been shooting through her body, on every touch.

Even Exchange

first-time endgambit 2017-11-19

"I'd like you to try and find time for my son," she whispered as her hand crept up my leg. I'm not sure what I was expecting but regarlessI opened my eyes to look at Mrs. Stevens. I then said what could charitably be described as the completely wrong answer: "I can start tomorrow, I have to..." I trailed off as she removed her hand from my cock. Mrs. Stevens hand had reclaimed its place around my cock. "Actually I might not be able to make it at all this week unfortunately" I lied but Mrs. Stevens hand seemed to approve as it began to slowly jerk me off. Mrs. Stevens waved her spare hand in my face to get my attention.