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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Adulterer Wife Diane

first-time raveriusmax 2017-11-19

Finally Dian admitted that She and Paul started having sex 4 years ago even when Paul was only 16. Since Paul was only 16 and she was 28, they were not suspected of having an affair, they just look like Aunt Nephew even when they go watch a movie, and sometime with our daughter going with them. I partly felt jealous, maybe I'm getting old and there's no arguement Paul is younger, good looking and at this time had a very macho body, while I'm starting too look weak with graying hair. I watched Paul and Dian dance in a mixed feeling of jealousy and also getting horny.

Black Bred by my BFF's BBC teenage Boyfriend

first-time choowhee 2017-11-19

Trinity went on to tell Joanna how David had fucked her without a condom for the first time. I have come to the point that I look forward to his visits as Joanna lets me eat her pussy after David's finished fucking and I get turned on watching his huge cock pumping sperm into my wife's belly. From her vantage point Joanna told Trinity that she could see David's balls getting ready to cum inside her. Joanna made Trinity promise that she would let David fuck her without any birth control for as long as he wanted. When David finished fucking the girls, he let me lick their pussies clean then he had me take Trinity home to her husband and to show him the video I had shot.

Ms. Singly Takes Me In Class

first-time vanteacher 2017-11-19

I sit in class, bored, shamelessly eyeing our English teacher. Ms. Singly is a tall red-head with long legs and a penchant for wearing low-cut tops, revealing skirts and lacy underwear. My eyes rove down her glossy hair and mingle in her neck until I stare at her ample breasts slowly undulating. My face starts to redden and I look back down. My mind seeks out the image of my teacher's panties, my movements speed up, ohh yes I want to cum on her face, in her pussy! Damn, it's going to be about me not paying attention in class again, I know it. I suckle at her breast intensifying my sucking until she pulls me away.


first-time BrianCaster 2017-11-19

I came out from the bus stop and started searching for a private vehicle. My untouched breasts became stiff like they wanted to come out from bra! First time in my life, a man touched me and it heated my whole body. He removed them and started sucking my little tight pussy. He thrust his tongue inside my pussy and it started pouring juice. Time came when I wanted his cock inside me. "I need you to touch inside my pussy's wall gently." He put his finger deeply, but I wanted more. He started thrusting and his public hair touched my cunt. As he came, I felt his cum like a warm fountain sprinkled inside me.


Susan at work part 6

first-time zandy661 2017-11-19

But Lee wanted to see the trucker shoot his load for his slut and he didn’t take long and gave them a wave thank you and got back in his truck. Then the groping started, as she leaned over to put a drink on the table someone would grab her arse and soon hands were going up the skirt as well and as Lee made no objections there was some pretty heavy groping going on. He knew what that meant and next time Susan was near him he pulled his cock out and grabbed Susan’s arm “how about giving this a stroke babe?” She tried to pull away and Lee said “I’m sure she would for a tenner”.

Hill Country Initiation Ch. 02

first-time Sandman8314 2017-11-19

"But," Lena was saying, "when I was watchin' Karen gettin' fucked like that, it got me too hot to wait. The sight of that girl, with a mass of God's own gold shining on her head, and eyes bluer than the deepest blue of a summer sky, looking like an angel newly come down from Heaven but lying there stretched out on the earth with her legs splayed out and waiting to be fucked, struck me as totally incongruous, and I burst into a small trickle of laughter. She continued to stroke maybe a dozen times; then she pulled Lena's pussy lips slightly apart, stuck her finger in her own mouth, and rubbed it on Lena's little clit.

first-time foxxxyvixxxen 2017-11-19

The girl will have a cell phone on her with my number in it so I won't be too far away along with some frat boys I know to kick the guy's ass! Ok. I told Cherie she can join us if for one thing, she doesn't speak a word of our club and for two if she can find us a total hottie for us to take advantage of, she's definitely in!" After 5 minutes, Bridgette got tired of waiting and said she's got some money walking around the mansion and left. "I know about your little operation and what you do is your business, but when you try to involve my sister, it's now my business." Damien replied.

Come conobbi Sissi e cornuto.

first-time syssy2000 2017-11-19

Quando infine ho capito che la posizione più comoda facilitava il crescendo del piacere di lei, la nostra eccitazione ha raggiunto il massimo godimento: " si, si, siiii, vengo, così mi fai venire, si, si!!" lei era uno spettacolo senza pari, la sua voce roca mi implorava di non smettere, il mio sudore grondava sulla sua schiena, si mescolava al suo, ed i nostri liquidi, i nostri umori, finivano a spruzzi disordinati sulla faccia di lui, congestionata in modo inverecondo ed ora anche totalmente bagnata. Pulsante il suo piacere quando infilato tre dita nella sua fica tirandola verso di me, affondandole il cazzo più dentro possibile: ha urlato e urlando ha liberato il suo orgasmo, e quest'urlo ha accolto la mia sborra, uno due tre schizzi prolungati, contrazioni violente che l'hanno riempita, senza che potesse far nulla per evitarlo, bloccata com'era tra il mio cazzo e la mia mano, sotto.


Dolly Pt. 08

first-time ofloveandlust 2017-11-19

She was a plump little thing and when she rolled her chubby thighs up under her round belly and immense tits she was just a pile of flesh with a broad smile and bright blue eyes. He supposed, if she knew and still was okay with it, he wasn't taking advantage of her and he was doing what Dolly had asked him to do. "She thinks I'm a virgin." She was gripping him around the waist with her plump thighs and he could have, with a little bit of hip action, gotten himself off. "Does it feel like I don't want to?" he pressed the head of his cock against her lips. This time his cock was welcomed and she took a deep breath as he moved inside of her.

My Mistress

first-time ofloveandlust 2017-11-19

I imagined David's head between my thighs as I kissed the woman's soft lips. I begged him to eat me but there wasn't time for such things and although it was quick and sloppy when he took me from behind at the foot of the bed I came hard and fast and it allowed me to get to sleep. I taught my chair class to the little old ladies and then took platies with Jennifer and worked my ass off until I was a sweaty mess. He would tell me my breasts weren't saggy and who cared anyway because any man who looked would be too busy thinking about my tits in his mouth to worry about them being saggy.

Emily's 1st Time

first-time dw001 2017-11-19

Brian thought nothing more of it until later that evening when he was in the shower and found that he had become erect whilst thinking of this big breasted cutie that had come into his house earlier Brian started to play with his penis and decided he had best be quick as his wife would want a shower soon. Brian took Emily into his room and as he closed the door behind her and turned to ask if she was sure, he noticed she had already taken off her Summer Dress and was stood there with her huge breasts looking like they were about to burst out of her bra and her cotton panties.

My Surprise weekend away Part 3

first-time Alsaccount 2017-11-18

I couldn't believe what my husband was saying, and I was so shocked that I forgot completely that my hand was still slowly and u*********sly sliding up and down Marks cock under the water, I gave Tom one of my 'WTF' stares, but even this didn't seem to faze him as he continued by saying to Mark "I think the feeling is reciprocated judging by her my wife's comments and her body language since you were in the showers alone together earlier!" There was a short silence while we both took in what my husband had just said before he continued, "And that she's probably got her hand wrapped around your cock under the bubbles!" Tom reinf***ed this statement by reaching across my lap, taking my left hand, and guided it back under the water onto Mark's semi hard cock, making him groan with pleasure and then Mark looked at Tom and said, "Are you sure this is OK with you?

Great Britain Ch. 02

first-time matchdrum 2017-11-18

You really should have thought about a place to stay before you got drunk and started stumbling around our beautiful town at three in the morning.” To hell with fuck’s sake, my one night stand rule was going out the window quick, and all I could see was Lauren staring back at me from the frame of Scarlet’s tight body. I knew she had gotten hers, but I didn’t care about getting head, I just wanted to bury my cock as far as it would drop into her divine lips. Really all I wanted to see was Laurens eyes…I started to feel sick with myself.

I sucked my friend off Part 2

first-time hushlover 2017-11-18

In my head i was thinking about all the reasons why i should not do it but all that i could realy think of was the taste of precum in my mouth, I lifted my hand to his throbing cock again but this time used it to guide his shaft to my mouth,i started by licking the tip then ran my tongue down his shaft and back up,when i got to the tip i w****d my lips around the head of his cock and sucked it in and out,which made him shudder and gasp slowly i took more of his cock deeper and deeper and started moving my head faster and faster,I loved the feeling of his cock in my mouth so hard and dripping in precum,I pull him closer so i could take more of him in mouth i wanted all his cock and balls right down my throat,his legs were now either side of mine,my left hand grabbed his ball and rubbed them as i was still sucking hard, I pushed a finger up his ass which nearly had him cumming there and then,finger fucking his ass and sucking him off his legs started to buckle and shake his ass hole tightened around my finger his breathing quickened FUCK .

Ethan and Carrie Ch. 11

first-time jallen944 2017-11-18

Ethan's head hit the ice first, then his right shoulder, then the rest of his body. Dave put the ice on Ethan's knee and wrapped it with a bandage to hold it in place. She dropped the strap with his other stuff and turned away to get a towel like she didn't even notice how his penis hung between his legs and was quickly growing hard. Michelle reached under her skirt, put her hand around his penis and touched the head to her wet pussy. You're fucking me," Michelle said in a high voice like a young girl. Her hips kept pumping, and then she laid her head on his shoulder and moaned into the side of his neck like she was cumming, too.

A Walk after a Busted Date part 2 OR My First Day

first-time LeslieStone 2017-11-18

I just looked into Jimmy's eyes for a moment then quickly averted them down as not to make it look like I was challenging him in any sort of way. That was a good time to let out a soft wimpering womans moan like i feel right then. He must have like me too showing it in such a manly manner for he gave me a hard slap on the ass and said, "Good Girl!" which made me feel good inside re-energizing the butterflies from before. "Open please." (Like he really had to say please) There was this immediate and unexpected gush of cum going into my mouth giving me a little choke and a cough. The pressure on my hole was greater than ever before and it felt like, I dunno, wasn't mr behind or skinny Jimmy.

More Thoughts, another Masturbation, and of to Sch

first-time 2017-11-18

He would run his hand over my chest but it was flat and without feeling for me, but for him it seemed to remind him of what he was trying to fuck, then suddenly he would call out, 'I'm cumming, I'm cumming', and this was my signal to bend forward, stretching my buttocks, and he would glide downwards until his cock-head was in line with my anus, and once there, by using the imperfection of the indentation, into my anus, he would hump furiously and ejaculate his semen into and around that sensitive organ, making me think for many years, that was the main reproductive organ of pleasure, so masturbation for me was strangely, pushing a sausage into my anus and holding a second, hard into my crotch, I would achieve orgasm, lying face down, humping my pillow.

Tasting Jenny

first-time BorderScot 2017-11-18

We continued to kiss and as we did my hands moved down to her ass and I groped her tight bum through her jeans. She grabbed it hard and started stroking it slowly and at the same time cupping my balls in her other hand. I slowly licked her clit; long strokes with the flat of my tongue and at the same time pushed my fingers in and out of her sopping hole. My hands moved round to her tits and I rubbed them, rolling her nipples between my fingers as I continued to fuck her from behind. As my dick continued to move in and out of her beautiful, tight cunt Jen grabbed my hand and moved it to her clit.

Right Place Right Time

first-time shotguner 2017-11-18

Terry did it just like she was told they talked for about half an hour then Kat came back in honey you will be here all week waited on hand and foot your car well be fixed for free and well FIRST I need you to get naked for me Terry started to say something but then took all her cloth off and Kat laid her on the bed first thing I need you to show me how you get off shocked but also trying to keep her word Terry rubs her tits and puss a little slow and then faster and harder Kat sat and took it all in Terry started to get off and Kat stop her she looked her in the eyes and says watch me hon Kat pulled her tits to her mouth and licked and bite her nipples plus she used one two three four fingers to fuck her cunt into a frenzy panting shaking to a hard cum.

My Second Bi-Encounter With An Older Guy

first-time CockBoy1970 2017-11-18

He then stood up and said “did you enjoy that” this time not lost for words i replied “yes” “how about my cum” he asked “yes” i quite liked it, “same time next week?, you can try sucking me if you like again no pressure” and another of them yes he`ll be here smiles i nodded shyly and smiled back, he said great “just to make sure” and with that he pushed me down on my knees and told me to open my mouth and stick my tongue out, he got his cock and still shiny with remnants of his cum he wiped a bit over my tongue and put his cock head just inside my mouth so i could feel what it was like to have one in my mouth, i motioned my mouth to take it in my mouth and wrap my lips around it but he then pulled it out and laughed “next week young man be patient”!


first-time zaheer12a 2017-11-18

So to satisfy her needs every now and then she looked for a beautiful young man who could satisfy the goddess of love like she deserves and what she would never get from her husband, Hephaistos. Aphrodite knew what he wanted to ask and answered:"Yes Henry, this is what the goddess of love looks like." She approached him in his bed. Aphrodite's breasts weren't like any picture Henry had seen. He felt her vagina contracting even harder and harder, her moaning kept getting louder and louder and she had her third orgasm when they both fell back on the bed, Aphrodite on top of Henry, with her face just inches away from his throbbing penis.

Opening up (Getting back on the Wagon pt 2)

first-time xdjxx1 2017-11-18

Chloe sat next to him in the coffee shop window, the pair of them looking out over the sea lapping over the coast, casting a longing and knowing look at the dunes. Talk was still natural, but Andy couldn't help but feel a little nervousness and uncertainty in Chloe's behaviour. And now, the kind of stupid, insensitive, incompetent man who just couldn't own up to something that had happened a long time ago. There wasn't going to be any happy story this time. He'd often been jibed for the fact he wasn't the biggest in the trouser department, felt it had hindered his success and confidence around girls.

Ai Kawaii at Hawaii

first-time petdyke 2017-11-18

Ai is my fine friend playing the game of Go, I call her Ai Kawaii - as Kawaii means Cute in Japanese Ai likes my invitation to attend a grand piano concert at Holland Festival for free admission with me I invite Ai to try a casual chat to Tomoko after the concert: Holland is informal and they Japanese I see how Ai draws the grand piano in a cartoon like painting of arms moving all over the keyboard I invite my Ai Kawaii for a Summer holiday to Poland with a friend to attend a name day party Ai and I have a dream for next Summer - a holiday to hot Hawaii - so Kawaii to Japanese

Fulfillment in the Sun

first-time catfacts 2017-11-18

He wanted to orgasm with the knowledge that his pleasure was planting new life inside her. He wanted to feel her young pussy milking his cock. They lost themselves in their kiss, and it felt like hours had passed by the time he pulled away. She was aching for him—she wanted to feel him inside her so badly. "I would love to get you pregnant your first time," he said with passion, as his cock throbbed within her tight walls. He began to fuck her gently, kissing her neck as he slid his thick cock in and out of her tightness. His tongue explored her ear before pressing into her mouth again, wanting to be inside her body in two ways at once.