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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

DJ's Dad

first-time missluv2write 2018-11-01

Scolding himself to play it cool, Dan carried a can of coke out to the pool, trying to seem casual and nonchalant. “I thought you might want a cold drink,” he said. I’m thinking of Northwestern,” Natalie said as she slowly drifted closer to Dan. “Didn’t you go to Northwestern?” I saw you standing at the window before you came out, and I’ve seen the way you look at me other times,” Natalie said, then grinned. Dan looked down and saw that Natalie had a hand in her tiny pink bikini and was diddling herself as she sucked him. Did I do something wrong?” Natalie asked, looking up at Dan after his dick left her mouth with a soft wet suction sound.

My Neighbor's Son Gets Caught Spying

first-time taylorsam 2018-11-01

I roll back over without retying my top, exposing my tits to the warm air and to Tim. I look around as if I’m making sure no one is around, Tim ducks back a little but I see that he still watching me. My nipples are getting hard and my pussy is starting to get wet knowing that Tim is watching me. I told my hubby that Tim was going to mow the yard this weekend while he was gone and I asked him how much I should pay him? I told him that it was ok, “I can at least let you cop a feel for saving me.” I slid my hand up his thigh and said “Looks like somebody’s a little excited.”

Dream Six.

first-time 1941aaa 2018-11-01

I didn’t really have to use my hand for your body was being pushed forward by you being fucked from behind by the dildo which was keeping your cock up hard to give me the pleasure of sucking on it. What joy and pleasure you were giving me, this first time for me to have a man come in my mouth, and I thoroughly enjoyed it, moving the sperm round in my mouth with my tongue, getting the slight taste of you and then gathering it all together, swallowed it without letting go of the head.

A Real Lover

first-time Jana 2018-11-01

Alonzo wasn't a boy.  Twenty something, I guess.   His long dark hair, and lithe, muscular body called to me and I came.  I don't know how we quickly moved to his apartment, but we did.  I just remember that he was lying on the bed, his shirt off and his taught muscles rippling.  "Jana," he said, "take off your clothes, I want to see you."  It wasn't tentative, it wasn't a question, it wasn't a choice.  I responded, removing my jeans and t-shirt and standing in front of him in a thong and bra.  A man I had just met.  "Move for me, turn around," he said.  "I want to watch you move."  I strolled around the room, a bit awkward in my near nudity, but strangely comfortable.  "Jana, if you are to be my lover, you must learn to be comfortable with your body, learn to open yourself to me," he said.


first-time AdrianCf 2018-11-01

Cynthia knew that Mark was trying to be quiet and she just played along, but if she was honest she had to admit that seeing his naked body, first thing in the morning, was not the best way to start the day. As soon as Mark stepped into his car to join the line of cars that were waiting to cross the Delaware, Cynthia jumped out of bed, took a shower and went back to the bedroom. If he is riding his bike today, the voice smiled, but Cynthia knew that he would. Cynthia’s eyes got bigger when she noticed the bulge in his wet shorts and she nibbled the corner of her lip while a feeling of lust settled in her body and wetted her pussy.

Tired of Being a Virgin, Part 2

first-time sexxxyandiknowit 2018-11-01

Kallie began to move to the rhythm of Seth’s prompting, sealing her lips around his cock a little tighter, wiggling her tongue like he had liked. Seth continued to fuck Kallie from behind, reaching around to rub her clit at the same time as he said, “And then you would lick her clit, and put your fingers inside her, all while I pounded this tight hole you have.” She wanted to watch Trish’s fake boobs bounce as Kallie finger fucked her. Kallie opened her mouth and let him put his cock inside, sucking off the juices from her pussy and all his cum.

Forgetful Friends

first-time Ntygirl5522 2018-11-01

He looked at me trying not to laugh and said " Hey...Sadie's not here" I pretended to be suprised, and told him that we were supposed to go to a concert. He looked over at me and told me that Sadie said she wasn't going to come home tonight because it was too late. You should just stay here...You can sleep in Sadie's room." I quickly agreed, and told him that I would need some pajamas to wear, so he got up and brought me to his room and gave me some boxers and a hoodie to wear. He told me he was going to cum so I sucked harder and started to fondle his balls a little.

sinnndy's First Time

first-time sweetsinnndy 2018-10-31

He pulled his cock out, turned me around, started kissing me, and put his softening cock back inside of me.  The smell of sex was around us, I loved the aroma.  He laid on top of me, his soft cock still inside.  We kissed for a while; I could feel his cock hardening, so could he, because he grabbed my legs, put them on his shoulders, and fucked me hard and deep.  It was even better than the first time, as he was getting close to cumming, I told him I wanted it down my throat, he pulled his cock out, and started fucking my face, filling my throat with his cum.  I swallowed it all, and kept his cock inside my mouth, sucking and licking it clean.  We laid there for a while, kissing some more, he told me that he had to leave and this could never happen again, I knew that was so, there were so many new cocks to fuck and suck, and although Jim is still friends with my father, we have never slept together again, but every time he comes over, I tease him by flashing my tits or pussy, or by bending in front of him wearing tight pants, I know it drives him crazy.

Filthy School Girl Fantasy

first-time Little_L 2018-10-31

I was getting off at watching him lapping and biting my nipples, knowing his cock was hard and then he slipped his fingers inside me...first dipping in and out until his two fingers were covered in my creaminess "Oh god yeah finger my pussy, please sir...mmmm fuck yes". He looked down at me, and pulled his joggers down, challenging "why don't you show me what you can do with it?" I worked his cock up and down with my hands a couple of times to get an idea of what I had to play with, and looked up at him while I stuck my tongue out and teased his bell end, making his cock dance around my tongue...before slowly taking the head into my mouth and sucking hard flicking my tongue around his cock.

My First Time With A Man

first-time stacilana 2018-10-31

While at work on lunch, I couldn't stop thinking about licking a cock and so I started to search for a playmate online. Then he lay on the bed and told me to start sucking him off. I was so horny and just holding and licking his cock made me cum and I shot jizz all over the bed. I had cum twice in about 30 minutes and it was all due to the pleasure that I got from having a cock in my mouth. He dressed and left quietly and I lay there thinking about how I should have sucked him until he came because I really wanted to taste warm jizz.

Hots for the Secretary

first-time Tanksdad 2018-10-31

“Do you now?” Debbie said through a huge mischievous grin. I guess Debbie wears actual stockings because I felt the softest skin as my hand moved heavenward. Debbie stepped back from me and grabbed me by the hand and led me towards the boss’ office. “Do you like what you see?” Debbie spoke, barely audible. I cupped her now naked ass in both hands as I dived into her pussy with my whole face. My slick tongue met with her moisture as I squeezed her ass flesh and tried to climb inside her pussy. Debbie started grinding faster into my face. “Do you want to fuck me or a blow job?” Debbie smiled and said. “I want to cum deep inside you,” I pleaded.

Gordon's Mom

first-time WayneGibbous 2018-10-31

"Now, Greg, you gave me a lovely orgasm with your tongue and I want to give one to you with my mouth," and she got between my legs and bent over me, took my dick and began licking circles around the head. She got up off my cock and moved down next to me, her hand rubbing me on my chest and said softly, "I loved sucking you, Greg, and when you started cumming, I just knew that it was because of me, what I was doing to you. Her head pulled up off my dick as I heard her orgasm, "Oh, Greg, oh, OH, OH, UHH, OH, oh, that feels so good, do it more, oh, more, please, mmm, more, yes, yes," and she went back down and sucked me on.

My Widowed Daughter and Myself

first-time bava12 2018-10-31

I replied, ” OK Anu, from tonight, after putting your c***dren to sl**p in their room, you come and sl**p on my bed, beside me ! Now that I was seeing a woman in my bed-room and that too – in the semi-darkness at night – I was getting sexually excited – though it was my own daughter! Again, thrusting my strong cock into my daughter’s cunt, I asked her, “Did he manage to satisfy you and make you get your orgasm, when he fucked you? Now my lovely little daughter cum mistress, from tonight – your young and tender body is for my pleasure. She shyly replied, ” OK Papa, if that is how you want me – all hairy – I shall grow hair all over my body, for your pleasure.

Lesbian Experience

first-time Barmaid77 2018-10-31

When I saw her in the bar the following week I had had time to think about things, she apologised for kissing me like she did but I found myself telling her it was ok as I quite enjoyed it, which was the truth, possibly not at the time but certainly afterwards! After work I knocked at her door and I remember that I felt like I had butterflies in my stomach, it was a mixture of excitement and apprehension I think. She looked so excited and pleased with herself when I did that that she kissed me really intensely and told me that next time it would be my turn to do the same to her!

My best friend and i exploring one another

first-time alexandra19 2018-10-31

She responded that’s what drives me crazy that you are untouched and just the thought of being the one to be the first to touch my breast, lick you pussy, touch your tender clit, I can already hear you moaning from delight. Lilly didn’t want to make me feel uncomfortable so she said she would sleep in the guest room. I’m about to cum she started to make faster circles around my clit with her fingers and she was pressing harder. I didn’t know if I was doing things right but when she started to tell me faster I’m about to cum. She looked at me and said that she had never felt this great in a long time.

Finally meeting

first-time pick_your_posion 2018-10-31

I looked him in the eye, and he pulled me into his sweet embrace, taking his time, feeling the warmth of my body against his, when he let go of me he look straight into my eyes, with his piercing blue eyes, and kissed me. Without me needed to say anything I smiled, and dove into our most passionate kiss yet, his lips crushing mine and his strong hands pulling me into him, pressing our bodies together as one. I breathed in deeply as he kissed down my neck, making my pussy throb even more, and he slowly made his way to my breasts. It took some time to catch a breath, but when I finally did I whispered,“I love you, Daniel.”

One Night Only

first-time iamanenigma 2018-10-31

He's sitting by himself at the bar drinking Coca Cola whilst his friends get hammered on shots and dirty dance with random girls they've never seen before. I hop off the bar stool and take James's hand, leading him to the dance floor infront of his friends. His friends watch in confusion mixed with awe as James and I find a spot just a few feet away from them and begin to dance. I look at them and half smile, then slide my hand down James's body until it lands on his bulge. Once I'm finished with myself, I undress James until he is naked and look at his five inch hard cock. I smile in response and watch in admiration as James catches up with his friends.

wifes fantasy

first-time flash 2018-10-31

Timed out!

86% wife

Tori's Secret

first-time ronniemcdonald 2018-10-31

  One rather mild day this past summer, I was changing the filter in my jacuzzi tub on the patio and Tori was playing ball with her dachshund, Frankie (his AKA name is “Frankfurter”).   By this time, my rock hard cock had found its way out through the pee slot in the boxers so that when Tori sat on my lap, my dick nestled itself snugly in the crack of her ass.   Tori slowly moved a hand down into the water and began to caress the head of my dick.   Tori kissed me one last time and squeezed my cock as she got out of the tub to dry off and get dressed.

Bosom Buddies, Ch 3

first-time KennethPierce 2018-10-31

No longer at peace, more like an animal in heat, Elizabeth kissed me back passionately, Frenching me with wild abandon just as she had on Valentine’s Day. She grabbed my hands and crushed them to her tits, her whole body shaking with desire. “It wasn’t as weird as I thought it might be,” Steph whispered, “I wouldn’t want to do that to any other girl, but you and I are so close, it’s almost like I’m just touching myself.” I throbbed in anticipation as Elizabeth placed her own hands on her disproportionately enormous breasts, slowly pulled apart her epic cleavage, teasingly positioned my iron rod between those big, soft, wet titties, then, at long last, lovingly squeezed them together.

Amnesty Program Ch. 05

first-time ambidentrous 2018-10-31

Jason nudged Nathan when Rebecca came out of the ladies' room wearing Emily's clothes and leather jacket. "The next time you come," Nathan said, "I want to see your eyes." He laid down next to her, his head on her stomach, listening to her breathing and the sounds of Paris. "I'd like to write about this," Emily said, her fingers sliding over Nathan's face and exploring his lips, "This would be a great technology story." "You really know this one," Jason said, grinning, but he started reading when he saw the look on Rebecca's face.

The road to my first time as Christy (part 2)

first-time Chrisjohnson45601 2018-10-31

Watching the video made me realize, I would probably enjoy it more and have better luck with the lube if there wasn't anything in the way. I had seen the technique and figured I'd have it down, so I turned on some lesbian porn and tried to replicate the night before. I'd be having sex with a beautiful girl and these thoughts would pop up, "I wonder if she'd massage my prostate, if I asked". This time rather than watching lesbian porn, I watched one of the prostate videos from before, I took my time. I was so close to the edge by the time the new video was getting to the "action" I was half paying attention to it so I hadn't noticed exactly what was going on.

Gypsy Girl: In the beginning.

first-time NatashaTsarinaErotic 2018-10-31

I had not always looked like that, when I was a kid I was quite chubby and was often teased in school, but something happened in my early teens, my body began to change and by the time I was sixteen, every boy, and man in the neighbourhood was ogling me, and that’s when I realized I had power over men, I could make them eat out of my hand just by flirting with them. When he was hard and ready, I wrapped my legs around his waist and pulled my bikini bottom to the side and slowly lowered myself until his cock was pressed against my pussy lips.

Goodnight, Jolie

first-time LaTourEiffel 2018-10-31

But when she looked into his eyes the way she just did, Joe got a different feeling for Jolie, a feeling he knew was more about her being a woman than being his niece. Every time the actor wanted to touch the actress, Joe would give Jolie a squeeze, his hand around her back and resting on her waist. Jolie parted her lips and Joe responded, opened his mouth and pressed his tongue into hers. He reassured her by looking deep into her eyes, and slowly, gently, letting the swollen head of his cock slide into her. Joe looked at Jolie, smiled, and gave her a gigantic squeeze of a hug with a deep, sensuous kiss.