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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

New Little Sissy

first-time liam6969 2017-11-18

girl like you darling, they're called sissy display panties." The sexiest "Come along little sissy boy, it's time for lots of feminine makeup." To "Well darling first of all to look older your going to need lady's "Yes lovely is it precious the smell of a lady wearing makeup darling." "Meet the new lady in town darling, Mrs. Jessica Grant." "Oh God, yes, it's incredible, I look just like a sexy woman, I never "Oh yes Mommy, I look wonderful and I feel so sexy, it's divine." She "Just like a woman now darling with a cock inside you." She helped him "I want you to whimper and squeal like a little sissy girl for Mommy and

He Was My Birthday Present Ch. 02

first-time sexygirl76 2017-11-18

As he walked over to open the door he smiled, he had never suspected that Felicity and Derek would get together for more then the one night stand they paid for. He looked over towards the bed and smiled, Felicity was bathed in moonlight as she lay on her side facing away from him. "Later baby, right now I need you inside me." She moved her finger and pressed her lips to his kissing him hungrily. Derek growled against her mouth and kissed her back with all the love he felt for her. Felicity giggled and wrapped her arms around his neck as she moved against him loving him pounding her into the mattress.


first-time Newkinkstories 2017-11-18

The receptionist wasn't at her desk at the moment, but Dr. Sarah just happened to be walking between offices and saw Jane in the waiting area. Jane went to the office most of the week, and when she started to feel anxious again, she'd work from her apartment. Jane went into detail about the dream as a butterfly, then a lioness and finally as a woman straddling a man. Dr. Sarah talked about the butterfly representing Jane's soft delicate personality, the beauty within, but that the lioness that was her true nature that she's been suppressing. Dr. Sarah noticed and decided on a tactile idea that she hoped would help Jane overcome her fear of men and their members.

A First Meeting

first-time wildwolves75 2017-11-18

As the doors close, I lean down and place a kiss on your cheek and say "Thank you for coming, I think we are going to be really good friends." Hearing this, you blush as my lips touch your cheek, and you wish you had turned your head a little so our lips could meet. As my hands go lower, I release the kiss, and work my lips down your chest, making sure to only tease your tits and nipples. Your tongue works its way back up, and as you reach the head, you open up and start to fit him into your mouth. I pick up the speed on my fingers, making them fuck your wet pussy, while my mouth continues to suck and lick all over your hard sensitive clit.

Girlfriend fucks giant black cock w/out permission

first-time 2017-11-18

The next weekend I picked up some molly as usual and when I got home my girlfriend told me that a guy that went to the same school we did was hitting her up... Turns out he wanted her to come over so he could show her what a real cock feels like... She said he told her it was her turn so she took his shorts off and almost had to unhinge her jaw just to get his giant cock in her mouth but still could only fit the head and had to use both hands on his shaft in order to get his 10 in soft dick to turn into the infamous 13 incher.

Hayley's Party Ch. 06

first-time ChloeTzang 2017-11-18

"When I saw you come in last night, I thought you might need these in the morning." Her voice was a whisper but Jesus, she sounded like she'd won a bet with herself. "Speaking from personal experience, there's nothing like a good drop after a hard night," Father O'Reilly was smiling as he took the flask from me, drank a shot himself before screwing the top back on and tucking it away. Okay, I know this sounds weird but I was getting a bit of a thrill from exciting Old Joe. When he finally sat back with a "That's all setup for you Hayley," I was actually a little disappointed. Dad had asked Old Joe to take a look a few weeks ago when it was all still being worked on.

My first craigslist threesome

first-time maxxxdalite 2017-11-18

I had learned a great technique from my past experiences that made making a her cum nice and easy by fingering: you simply tickle the g-spot which it on the inside of the stomach side of the pussy. She went back and forth between sucking each of our cocks until she decided she wanted them both at the same time. Before long I could feel the walls of her pussy moving around and knew she was cumming. After a few minutes of her sucking furiously on my rock hard cock she realized that it was going to take a while for me to cum. I pulled my dick out of her mouth and explained that I always had great stamina and it took a long time for me to cum.

Wanna Go For a Spin????

first-time mnmh82 2017-11-18

You backed up to the regular washer, hopped up on it and said, “wanna go for a spin.” OMFG I love it when you say something cheesy like that!! He looked at us then tried to act like he didn’t notice. I didn’t know if I felt more embarrassed or overwhelmed with excitement. The machine was in the spin between the wash and rinse cycle. Damn I think you were more wet than the inside of the machine. You began to cum violently just as the spin cycle started. You grabbed my head, looked in to my eyes and said, “FUCK ME NOW!!” I dropped my jeans, not wearing anything under them. I fucked you hard and fast as the spin cycle was going wild.

Real Hot Quicky

first-time 2017-11-18

When I got home my husband was up waiting for me and of course wanted sex but first I had to relieve myself plus check out my friends at Hamster. His buddy then came out and said he was leaving but my friend told him to come back in and meet me. and thats what I went their for so I asked my buddy if his friend was going to help out and they both started laughing. Those two then came over to me and started feeling me up, My buddy then got us some shots and we did them ' to the good times that are going to happen, now'.

satish sex school

first-time pandu004 2017-11-18

Suddenly a bad thought covered my mind I asked her where she got injured she said in leg I softly touched her knees she said it was paining I continue massaging her and slowly started to move upwards up to her thighs, Oh god it’s so soft as silk she was dumbfounded what am doing and try to pull her legs She gone mad come in no time I removed her panty She try to cover her pubic area but i removed her hands and started fingering her pussy with my middle finger she got excited and moaning in pleasure… After about 2 min she cum.

Secret Shawna

first-time bluefox07 2017-11-18

"So do you think Gertrude knew about the murder?" she asked me rubbing her bright blue eyes, her glasses daintily hanging from her slender fingers. "That I'm about fifteen seconds away from blowing my load in this hot tub," I said seriously as my virgin cock prematurely stiffened for the orgasm. "I love hearing the words," she said as she kissed my left nipple, letting her tongue play with it, "The words are half the fun." I felt her kiss the head of my cock and then suck me into her mouth. "You want to fuck me?" she asked playfully as I began suckling on her breasts, her hands running through my hair.

The Doctor's Favor

first-time john1195 2017-11-18

liked the attention and the touch of his fingers. wondered what Brad looked like naked. Brad asked me to stand, as he felt for any hernias, the old 'turn your head I said "Doesn't look like you have a problem in that department yourself." visible to Brad and I laid on the table top, feet on the floor. "This might be a little uncomfortable at first," Brad said. prostate gland, it felt like fireworks had gone off in my insides. this feels." He said, his finger still knuckle deep inside me. My own erection was touching Brad's skin. "Man that was incredible," he said "I haven't cum like that in years. Brad asked "Was this your first time?"

Best Visit to the Doctor office

first-time pu55licker69 2017-11-18

She closed the door and told me to drop my pants, not very un normal for her to ask that only problem was i didnt wear any underwear. She smiled and said "i have never seen a pierced cock" i strarted getting ideas but didnt think it would happen. after maybe ten minuted i asked her if i can fuck her , she moaned n said to make sure i hurry up, i bend her over pulled her dress down and stuck my cock as deep in her pussy as i could, I was driving in and out of her loving the sound of her moan , her pussy was getting wetter and wetter with every stroke.

18 Year Old Michael Experiences First Time With My

first-time fotisampini 2017-11-18

the thought of Michael fucking my wife had my cock throbbing. us headed for our bedroom as my wife led the way as Michael followed Michael felt a bit more at ease as my wife told him to lay down onto the Michael lay there on our bed as my wife ran her hand up his upper thigh. A few minutes later my wife began to gently tease his cock with her “Would you like to see my tits Michael?” my wife asked him. began to orgasm hard all over Michael’s cock. My wife cried out to him, “Don’t cum inside me Michael! Michael began to slam his cock deeply into my wife as the sounds of

A Curious Roommate Ch. 03

first-time tobloved 2017-11-18

You mentioned yesterday that Shelly can take this whole thing inside her mouth," Camille said reaching down and grabbing his erect cock in her tiny hand. She grinded her lower-body around the bed and thrashed her head from side to side letting out shrieks of pure sensual eruption, as Patrick applied more force holding her thighs spread with both hands and rubbed his nose against her clit each time he slid his tongue inside her. Camille looked down at both her tiny hands stroking the large cock, her fingers struggling to wrap around its width. She resorted to sucking on those four inches and used her hand to stroke the rest of his cock, as she felt Patrick start thrusting his cock inside her mouth.

David's first anal experience with a guy

first-time 2017-11-18

He kept licking it and pushing his tongue inside, I was enjoying it so much and tried to relax my hole as much as possible so his tongue could reach in really deep...Then I felt fingers too, first one sliding in deep at what a feeling and it didn't hurt at all, probably because his tongue had already warmed up my tight little hole so nicely... I tried to relax, he pushed further..oohh it hurted but he kept pushing and then all of a sudden his entire cock just slid what a feeling, first a short flaming pain but it quickly turned into an amazing feeling of pleasure and ecstasy.

The Preachers Wife sucking dick

first-time 2017-11-18

Jack grabbed the preacher's wife's arm and put his hand on the doorknob saying, "Okay, let's go tell everyone about our little party." Even with her fist shoved inside her mouth, the preacher's wife couldn't hold back her muffled scream as she came in multiple little orgasms that culminated in a gigantic one. "While you're down on your knees, put your mouth to better use than praying," Jack said, pushing his cock against the preacher's wife's lips. Jack began stroking his cock right in front of the preacher's wife's face. And then, during one pass over her lips, the preacher's wife grabbed his hand to stop him from moving and opened her mouth, stuffing his cock inside.

Birthday at work

first-time JazzSands 2017-11-18

Sophie liked to wear as little make up as possible but Victoria always wore a deep red lipstick with dark eyeshadow that made her almond eyes stand out to the point you could not help but stare into them. Instantly, Sophie took hold of me in her little hand and began to stroke my flesh. I reluctantly stood up causing my cock to pull out of Sophie's hand and mouth and I ran to the shop floor. I thought I was going to erupt when Victoria took hold of it and pointed me towards Sophie's mouth. My first stream of cum unloaded into her mouth but before I released my second shot Victoria grabbed hold of Sophie and pulled her close.

A Walk in the Woods Ch. 01

first-time daringlady007 2017-11-18

She stroked and teased her breasts a little longer until she couldn't wait any longer to touch herself between her legs and slid her hands down over her tummy combing her fingers through the dark curls that covered her swollen mound. Just the thought of their childish play, how it developed into something more intense for them, and how aroused it had made her feel that very first time she'd noticed the whippet leanness of his body when he stripped off to his shorts to swim in this same Pond... When her breathing and the pounding of her heart slowed a little, she wantonly spread her lips with one hand again and ran a finger up and down her wet slit and throbbing clit again.

Ameazing Moments of my Life

first-time Daniel00321 2017-11-18

once a time, i going to other city by bus.the has full of girls. i am so confused , i asked the bus driver..bus driver says . college bus.. LOLx

My First Time Part I

first-time imcanadian1919 2017-11-18

Then towards the end of my dry spell I got more serious and confident (also more horny) and started chatting with a 22 year old from my city. He was really enjoying the attention so I moved between his legs and slide his pants and underwear off getting my first close up of another mans hard cock. I was so hard at this point that I dove right in and licked the shaft of his cock from his balls right to the tip. What seemed like no time at all because I was really into it and enjoying myself I could feel his balls tighten and the head of his cock swell.

The Unexpected Loss of Virginity

first-time frankland 2017-11-18

One night, we're out for a drive and she asks if I want to stop by her friend Monica's (nod) house. It was a little strange to be locked in a basement (albeit finished) with and by somebody I'd just meant, but I just wanted to go where Rachel went, so I shuffled in without a word. She got off the bed, and I noticed Monica had left the couch where she and Pete were doing their thing and the two girls started making out. Then the girls split up and Monica came to me, and Rachel went to Pete. Before long, I felt the intense, growing pressure and Monica frigged her clit so we came at the same time.

Lola Love [1]

first-time Poet-PETER 2017-11-18

Lola Love looks lingered on in my memory for long time after my visit of only one week in which I fell in love often. I had no other chance for fate in life from the start as my mother was also a hooker for long since I was a little girl. I looked like a pregnant small stocking whore girl so they were, really very happy when I got pregnant the first time. Lola Love sends me a second confession summarising her life after the terrible teen years at her mothers house. Lola Love is only the start of our story of how our love began back in her teen time till it finally re-emerged this week.

One Night in New York

first-time xstarxloverx 2017-11-18

Tony was probably the second-smartest person in our group, but he had spent most of his time trying to excel on the football field instead of in the classroom, and he had barely graduated in the top third of our class - a failure considering his obviously high level of intelligence. By this time, Callie had taken off her hood and was talking with us again, although there was a fire in her look I couldn't quite place. Amanda, energized by the crowd, grabbed Tony's hand and started working her way into the middle of the dance floor. Shrugging his shoulders, he headed towards the large group of dancing bodies, hoping to stay close to Tony and Amanda.