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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Wife & Babysitter Dance at Strip Club

first-time 2017-11-18

When I asked I was told that several days before I arrived home, Anatoli got very possessive of Babs and wanted her for himself. Becca jumped at that and said she was in and turned to Babs who looked me, smiled, gave me a kiss on the cheek and told me to enjoy as they were doing this for me. Babs then moved behind Becca and yanked her skirt off and both of my girls danced around the stage in their skimpy black bikinis. A few minutes later the owner came to the table with a round of drinks and told the girls they were terrific and if they wanted a job that they could make a fortune with an act like that.

Lani & James: Their First Time (Part 1 I may d

first-time xskittlezx 2017-11-18

So today he got off of work at this cell phone store and he came home and crashed on the couch, right on top of me. I took his cock into my hands and started to jerk him slowly but with a good grip. James is also tall and skinny but he has reddish brown hair and blue eyes. "Ohhhh Lani this is awesome." I grabbed at the cushioning on the couch and took it while he attempted to put it all in again. He eventually got it all in and it hurt like a bitch but felt so good at the same time. I laid down on the couch with one foot on the ground and he got on top of me and started fucking me hard.

My husband

first-time youngsex 2017-11-17

He loved my big tits and spent a long time sucking and kissing them. He then told me I needed to suck his cock because he loved that a lot. After I sucked them he told me to lick the slit in the tip of his cock as he was leaking cum and I was to taste him. He then told me to suck his cock starting with the tip and take more and more in my mouth. He loved my big tits and would suck them then fuck me any where we happened to be in our house. He loved to have me suck him and he would fuck my mouth.


first-time AussieJonno 2017-11-17

He had my nipples between his fingers and squeezed whilst he came which made me arch up a bit and then all of a sudden my cock started spurting cum. We stayed like that for a while and I continued to suck his cock whilst it subsided and when he withdrew he went down and sucked my nipples then he moved up to my mouth and kissed deeply, sucking out small amounts of left over cum. We had discovered a new enjoyment and used to fuck face a lot and I have to say that I have no idea how much cum I have swallowed but it must be quite a bit.

My First Threesome

first-time utbobcat 2017-11-17

We started talking and she asked me if I wanted to join her and her friend, Carmen, for dinner and I said sure so I went back to my room to get showered up. Soon as Ashley started licking my asshole I knew I was in trouble and started to shoot my load into Carmen's mouth. Carmen who had been pretty passive up to this point shoved Ashley to the ground and started to eat her pussy. Ashley came in and started licking Carmen's pussy and my balls and when I started to come I pulled out and put my cock in Ashley's mouth and she swallowed the entire load.

Climbing a Fence

first-time serephina265 2017-11-17

I'm your neighbor, I'll help you fix your camera..." his voice was husky, and his muscular hands under my chin sent shivers down my back. He pulled my face down like he was going to kiss me, and he parted my lips with his and blew the smoke into my lungs. That night I thought about his dark green eyes, his curly black hair, his tan skin, his abs, his muscular arms, hands, and legs. His hands pushed my hair back and held my head, ran down my body, yanked off my shirt. I lifted my hips so he could pull them and my panties down, then he slid his hand back up my thigh and immediately his finger began massaging my clitoris.


first-time Callicious 2017-11-17

Of course, her suit was fully lined, so I didn't even get a hint of nipple, but still I enjoyed spending time with Jewels all alone like this. When I went upstairs to my room I found Jewels' door ajar and saw her sitting on her bed brushing out her hair. I wasn't comfortable going into a girl's room, so I said, "Why don't we go down to the verandah and I'll brush it out for you." She got up from her bed and swung her hair around over her shoulder and came out. All the girls were so good looking, and they had such big breasts, and I knew I'd never look anything like that." Jewels hung her head down and covered her face in her hands and sniffled.

Stolen Week

first-time ladyroxanne21 2017-11-17

I didn't want to go home yet, and I knew I had to work tomorrow, so getting drunk and standing on a corner was not a good idea. Not being interested in men in the slightest, I quickly discouraged any man that looked my way, and since I loved to work out, I was confident that I would be able to physically beat the point into their head if they ever tried anything. I wondered what she looked like, and realized that she probably wasn't the best looking, after all, a gorgeous woman wouldn't have had to go to all this trouble, she'd just had to ask.


A Misanthrope and Artichokes

first-time PayDay 2017-11-17

This particular sound came from Penelope Alvarez as she leaned into the employee side of the checkout counter of the small deli and convenience store where she worked. As he walked through the aisles of pre-packaged gourmet foods, with Penelope watching in silence, Wilbert wished at the various items like he wanted them all, while she continued recalling what she knew about him; more pleased for the distraction than she anticipated. In the eighteen or so years of their proximity, and extended silences, it was her first attempt at his influences of personality, and the first time Penelope wanted to talk to Wilbert instead of barely asking something of him or saying nothing.

Crucifix: Temptation Ch. 05

first-time Browniepoints 2017-11-17

"Because, Claudia Fitzpatrick, I've wanted to make love to you since I put you in my car that night at the train station." Brody ran his finger across her full lips. Claudia felt Brody's fingers softly brush the tear away and the awareness of his hand on her face, the tenderness in that one action, made her heart melt. He let her unbutton three of them before he said anything, "Claudia, stop." He took her hands and stared into those beautiful deep blue green eyes. She kissed them and licked them and could tell from looking at Brody's white knuckled fingers gripping the armrests and the deep slow moans coming from him, that she must have been doing something very right.

Kenny's College Humiliation

first-time Mister_Magnus 2017-11-17

His orgasm had actually liberated so much cum that when he landed, it made a little splash, and much to Miss Jones' continuing horror, a small amount of Kenny's ball juice splattered right across her exposed legs. Everyone knows you're supposed to cum on the girl's face, not your own!" This of course caused a fresh wave of laughter to course through the classroom as Kenny finally got his legs moving and made his way into the hallway and to the nearest bathroom... She was scrubbing her legs so fiercely they were starting to turn red, and when the door opened and she saw a cum-covered Kenny walk in her face quickly took on the same shade of scarlet.

Caught by s****rs friend

first-time cheese40 2017-11-17

My parents both work so almost every day when I come home from school I put on my laptop and look at porn on x-hamster jerking myself off. Take out your cock and start stroking jerkboy the princess said and in no time I was all in the video stroking my cock not hearing that my door opened. From now on you call me mistress she said and you will do anything I tell you or I’ll show it to everyone I know you understand. Cum on my boots she said and in no time I shot my sperm on her boots still staring at her beautiful tits. Lick it she said again looking angry at me.

Pam and My Virgin Plan

first-time Longstretch 2017-11-17

She pretended that she was over him and said that she wanted to see the world, so her parents booked her on the student cruise where I was a junior faculty member. But the way I teach makes me need to spend time with these kids, plus the administration wants us to hang out in the student lounge." "There are 26 girls on first review who I think are likely virgins." She handed me a legal-pad sheet of names, in alphabetical order. I'll let you know the girls I have a pretty good idea who like you enough to be responsive. Some of the girls are already getting the idea that it's going to be hard to find someone if they aren't aggressive." We made love but she returned to her cabin.

Pregnant s****r Part 2

first-time luke6112 2017-11-17

I ran my hands all over my body slipping my finger deep into my pussy thinking of Tommy's cock. The feeling of his cock deep inside me was wonderful and the sensation of the condom rubbing against the walls of my vagina was incredible. I grabbed Tommy around his back and pulled him in close to me his cock going deeper into my pussy. As he continued to shoot his load he sent me over the edge and I started to cum all over the condom that was deep inside my pussy. Tommy pulled me into his body and we embraced in a long passionate kiss as his penis started to go limp inside my pussy.

Laundry Room Love

first-time rayan22 2017-11-17

He can't help but marvel at the collection...soft and sexy, he wonders what each had looked like on her petite body. Silvia smiles as she runs a hand through her hair, revealing her neck, in only the way that women know how. Jesse grabs two hands full of hair and pulls back Silvia's head, playfully. Working together, Jesse slides his hand down inside the waist of her sweats as she pulls at more buttons of his. Instead of pushing it inside, he pulls his hand up, causing it to stroke the tip of her clit as it exits. Silvia, in surprise, gasps and clenches Jesse's head with her hands...pressing it firmly against her crotch.

Awakening Ch. 03

first-time KavehNush 2017-11-17

I blushed a little and said, "Yeah, here I tell you my whole life story when what I really want to know is what can I do to help Becky?" She placed a footstool under my leg, unwrapped the tensor bandage, felt the area under my ankle and said, "I think the swelling is down a little. Laura started to move against my hand and said, "That's right Aaron, that's right." My penis was fully erect now, but I was concentrating on Laura wanting her to come. I kept at it and in a couple of minutes Laura started bucking her hips a little, and issuing sounds which seemed to come right from her gut.

Tasting Karen

first-time 2017-11-17

Frequently traveling to do business within the town (I live with my wife in PA), I went to the bar a lot, which was closest to my hotel. Anxious, I decided that I was going forward with my plan to invite Karen to my room after we had a few drinks at the bar, as long as her fiancee wasn't going to be around. She rubbed her tits on my cock, then went back up, this time standing over my head, as she turned around to show me her ass in those thongs, as she slowly slid them off of her. After I got back to the room, she sent an email and said that each time I visited from there on out, she wanted to do more and more with me.

Graduation Night Bloopers

first-time Tess_Stevens 2017-11-17

As the other 10 guys watched with rapt attention he teased my rigid clit with his hard cock for a minute or two before taking the plunge and then he slid in all the way. They finished unbuttoning my shirt, opened my snap-front bra and after watching for a minute or two more proceeded to spray semen on my tits face and hair while Josh's older brother humped and fucked his way to paradise. He could fuck for hours and bring me to orgasm again and again before finally shooting semen all over my tits (or inside, if I got my period and begged long enough.)

It Started With a Snog

first-time stevetruestories 2017-11-17

Whilst James knew he would never stand a chance with a girl who was as pretty as those who posed so sexily and scantily, he thought all girls should look like them. James, felt himself nod in agreement as if he knew what a real pussy looked like. I'm so out of my depth, he thought as he gave an unconvincing reply, 'missionary I guess,' he caught Penny's eye. James didn't even know whether he liked it but felt a direct current to his groin. 'Er no,' James felt his chest tighten in excitement as he blurted out, 'that was the best bit.' The silence hung and he thought that perhaps he said the wrong thing.

The Dirty Game!

first-time 2017-11-17

"Let's play a game", she said..."Hmm..let's call it, the dirty are the rules, I touch your bare body and smell it and lick return you touch, smell and lick mine"...she had already put her hands deep inside my pyjamas and was pressing my hips when she explained the rules...her voice was a soft whisper, barely audible... "You've no idea" she whispered into my ears and brought one of her hands over my swelling was like i had got an electric shock...i felt a sudden rush of excitement flood into my body. I bit her nipples and pressed them really hard as she had asked me to....and I put my finger into the moist hole and tickled it until she moaned with excitement...I loved the way she uttered her stifled moans...they sent electric sparks through my body every time...

Jenny the Midfielder

first-time Longstretch 2017-11-17

Monday night I called her to ask her to come to Hanover for the weekend football game, but she had a class that ran past the departure time of the college-sponsored bus. She touched my cock through my pants, which increased the passion of our kissing, but it was so cold that we decided to call it a night and she walked me back to Mrs. Dwyer's. She took a swing at me but I faked her and she never had a chance!" We joined the players and assorted boyfriends at a post-game lunch in a small room in the dining hall. Jenny pointed out that we could break them if we kept them on, I countered that I couldn't be sure If I was kissing her or Mrs. Dwyer if I took mine off.

Northside Awakening

first-time NorthCoastSmart 2017-11-17

When I think about Kristen, I remember stunning blonde-white hair, her continuous sex drive and sexual confidence, and the way she approached exams like the Olympics. I was trying to hide my growing erection when Alyson even joined the crowd, "I know people think I turn away date offers all the time, but actually everyone considers me just too uptight to ask out. "If you want, I will get naked for you so you can see what a guy looks like." I was rushing the words and looking at my feet as I continued, "but I'll warn you that being around three women as attractive as you means I'm probably going to have an erection with you staring at me." I looked up at Mila as I finished.

Pilar's first woman

first-time rogue-1966 2017-11-17

Closing the door behind me, I just stand there, as I watch Pilar and Racheal kissing turn to a passionate kiss. Pilar removes Racheal bra and the two women smash their naked tits together, as their are all over each others body and making out, open mouth tonguing, kissing and biting each others neck. Then slowly I see Pilar kissing her way down Racheal body, OMG, is she gonna eat her out? Pilar gets close to her pussy and Racheal quickly pulls her underwear off exposing a clean shaven pussy, with some meaty lips and a large hood on top. About a half hour later Pilar comes back outside and whispers in my ear; Racheal has left and my pussy NEEDS that cock of yours.

I Once Was Blind...

first-time frogintexas 2017-11-17

Doris fell in love with the exquisite feelings of warm sun or cool water on her body, sensations that she had just come to know. Hammer was much more comfortable playing video games with Jerome than trying to talk to girls or anyone for that matter. Doris had almost lost interest when one of the girls in a stage whisper said, "Hey, check it's Hammer and, gag me, Jero-o-ome." "Funny but with those dark glasses she had on you wouldn't even know Doris was blind...except for that cane, I guess...I liked her smile...must be damn hard to be blind," said Hammer.