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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

The Hardest Kind To Be Ch. 02

first-time Joe Wordsworth 2017-11-17

The tight line of her abdomen, perfectly toned without being muscular; breasts that seemed to either supported by God's most perfect bra, or sheer genetics--it wasn't that she was surprised that Tina had boobs, she could kinda tell that already, it was that where Ginnie had figured the redhead invested in a pushup or something a bit padded... It seemed like whenever Tina smirked, it made everything else o.k. Ginnie hadn't really thought about going to a party, but this was college--she absolutely had to start off college different than high school. Ginnie pulled her dress down and nudged him out of the way and went back to the party--making a bee-line for Tina, who was sitting smugly on the couch in the next room over drinking a beer and trying not to laugh.

Sally, Summer of Sex Ch. 15

first-time Susie_O 2017-11-17

Sally knew that Andy wouldn't last ten seconds, let alone a minute with Sarah sucking him and he likely wouldn't last if he had his face in her pussy. Andy looked down as he came out and saw Sarah's vaginal opening spread wide and then slowly close back to the lovely slit between soft, fleshy pillows. At the implication that Sally was going to shower with him and then Sarah's obvious enthusiasm for more, Andy's cock came back to life. In the shower, Sally soaped up Andy's penis and watched as it grew, stretching out of the foreskin and exposing almost an inch of the shaft below its head. Sarah stopped her masturbation as Sally told Andy, "You don't ever want a woman to be reduced to this.

I remember my first getting my first time blow job

first-time 1superhornyguy 2017-11-17

I noticed that there was these big bushes that one could hide in, i stopped by to check it out and I saw a hobo there and he was drinking a bottle of wine, he asked me if i wanted a drink, i said yes and sat down on a milk crate and took a big sip. He asked if I wanted to touch it and I said yes, but only touch it, I reached out and took in my hand and slowly started to stoke it for a little while, by this time my little cock got hardd, so I let his cock go and tended to my own.


first-time goinstrong 2017-11-17

Rather, she cracked a slight smile - touched my hand - and said "Please take me to your berth!" We left the Dining Car and walked silently to my sl**ping room. "Lorilei, would you like to learn to perform oral sex on a cock?" She hesitated, but said, "Yes, I would. "God, I've never had an orgasm like that - even using my toys!" I smiled, spread her knees further apart, and slid between her thighs to penetrate her love slit. "Lorilei, that is an amazing gift you've given me!" She looked me deeply into my eyes, and asked, "Is this what it's really like?" I told her it IS, if she's with the right guy - a guy who puts her ahead of himself.

Wild Child Ch. 11

first-time TxRad 2017-11-17

As she wrapped her fingers around my shaft and gave it a light squeeze through my shorts, she said, "But Rita, this thing is always stiff and I like it that way." Rita grinned and said, "You've got that right, and I'm planning on it happening at least one more time before mom gets home, so get your cookie snatching little hand off that thing." I frowned and said, "Hmmm, let me think about that for a little while." Rita's mouth dropped open and then she started to say something but I cut her off with a laugh and reached out to hug her tightly. Rita slowly sat up and turned around, a big grin lighting up her face when she saw Mary.

81% oral

Jackie and Rhonda Ch. 03

first-time big_mike610 2017-11-17

"Like I said, I may not want to go all the way yet, but you will never have blue balls when I'm around." With that she grabbed his rod and directed his head into her mouth. "What the hell are you talking about?" Rhonda pulled away from Jim and put on an oversized set of pyjamas. "Ok we've seen enough of this scene, let's get to the basement section," Rhonda was eager for this part to be over before Jackie or Jim saw what she did next. I hope you don't think less of me." And with that they saw Rhonda's hand reach around and start wanking her brother's cock! Jackie was still watching the scene unfold while the two new lovers, Jim and Rhonda, were kissing again.



first-time mustanger7up 2017-11-17

I ran my fingers though her thick hair, it was so soft and full, and her mouth was so hot, I knew I wasn’t going to last long. My load blasting her tonsils while her mouth continued her loving assault on my dick. I opened her long legs and moved my hand to her panties, rubbing the slit of her crotch feeling her moisture on my palm. I moved so that our hips were together, with her hand on my dick she wiggled it until I was inside her. I moved my hips towards hers and felt her hymen against my dick. I pulled out as I started spurting my load, shooting it on her thick bush, exciting me even more by the sight of my white cum on her dark bush, splattering up to her naval.

Changing Her Attitude, part 2

first-time DEWinSVAZ 2017-11-17

YOU SLUT BITCH!!" Pulling out a dog collar, a leash, and clover clamps. I turned around and showerd her the items "On your hands and knees like a true bitch." I demensed as I walked over to her. She tried to go back to it.."I love a good hard cock, Sir. I want to feel the warm fluid on the back of my throught." her voice was not pleading or even begging, it was like desperation. I wnet over to her with the clover clamps in hand "Good girl, my bitch." I patted her ass as I walked around to the back of her, kicking off my pants in the process.

My Best Friend's Mother

first-time Many Feathers 2017-11-17

Danny and I had certainly looked for "stuff" to amuse ourselves with, but never figured his mom would have anything like that hidden away at their place. I knew that there was one for sure way I could see more, especially now knowing she was naked, though I hadn't gotten that good of a look. Much to my surprise, I now watched as Bev again reached down beside the couch, this time lifting up what appeared to be a hand-held mirror. "Obviously you knew...saw me, and came over to peer through the doors at me, while I...while I touched myself," she said her voice taking on this weird little edge to it.

Medical Training

first-time cybersky 2017-11-17

Tim was a little taken aback - he couldn't remember a time where Haifah had hugged him like that, and couldn't help but think about how sexually tense the situation was. "Well most of this is fine, its just some of the pulse taking, and using my stethoscope that I find embarrassing..." Haifah sighed, blushing a little again. "You're going to have to look to make sure you get the right place Haifah, don't worry I've covered it." Tim added. As she removed the pressure from his groin, being careful not to touch anywhere inappropriate, Tim felt a rush of euphoria, and his cock gently pulsed, growing a little. But she followed with a smile, peering through the tears, and a follow up kiss, this time with Haifah's hands embracing Tim's face.

Denise, Denise

first-time Charley_Ace 2017-11-17

Denise caught up with me one day after class and said, "Rich, I wonder if I might impose on you and ask if you would be willing to find some time and help me with this math? The day she received her second 'B' test grade, and I got my second hug, she asked me, "I'm so happy and excited with my improvement and since you're the one responsible, I was wondering if you'd like to help me celebrate. I know that we girls are supposed to wait for the boy to ask us to go steady, but I know how I feel about you and I'm pretty sure you feel the same way about me," she said and my heart raced.

Wild Call of the Moose - Part 2

first-time 2017-11-17

“No way!” said Jeremy, “I didn’t even know that you had left town. “Okay,” he said, “I was just worried about you and no one knew where you were either and your dad hasn’t been home lately, so I didn’t know what was up and I was trippin’…” “I think I might know a way in,” Kari said with optimism in her voice. “I think I know a fast way out of here,” said Kari, “Quick, put your stuff on the skip and get on.” “Maybe there will be something about it on the news tonight,” I said knowing full-well that Kari was right and that there was something fishy going on up on that mountain.

It Was Her Mom's Idea!

first-time Alex De Kok 2017-11-17

"I want you to take Sue's virginity," she said calmly, an expectant look on her face. "She said, yes, please, Ben. You know she likes you, I think the idea of you popping her cherry excites her." Anne giggled suddenly, looking at my prick. Sure, Sue, come on in." I stood aside to let her in, closing the door behind her and following her into the living room, enjoying the the roll of her ass in her summer shorts. It was a gentle kiss at first, as we learned each other's taste, but we both knew there was more to come and the kiss warmed, became hot, until Sue broke away, gasping, her eyes wide.

Harry's Story

first-time Tackleberry53 2017-11-17

Harry moved to his new college and being a lively good looking young man, he was an instant hit. She smiled back and replied, "Ok, I'll meet with you at the weekend." She touched his hand and kissed him, it felt like an electric shock all through his body. As Harry kissed her, he chanced it again and touched her leg, moving his hand over her knee and inside her skirt. Without thinking he held her head and thrust deep in to her mouth, he thought he felt himself push into her throat, but wasn't sure? "To be good at French you need passion Harry." The she took hold of his hand and put it between her legs pushing his fingers inside her.

Are you sure

first-time Captwoof 2017-11-17

As I lifted the gate release for the pool Darth just rolled his head over to the side and said I thought you said you'd be over later, not that it matters but Clara's gone inside to ring her friend, to come for a swim, No drama I said as I walked up next to him and I could see a space between his stomach and his swimmers, I dropped my towel on the bench next to him sat down and continued our talk by saying I can always come back over when she gets here to keep an eye on you lot, Geez thanks, Darth said, His cock was pushing against the material and it was making a nice bulge, he didn't care that I was there cause it wasn't going down.

Taking Susie Ch. 01

first-time NickyFaulkes 2017-11-17

Every night Susie Chung left her cubicle, went to the gym and drove home to order takeout and watch TV or read until she fell asleep alone. Her tight little butt moved against my cock as it grew down my pants leg. Satisfied that I had things under control, I pulled her up close to me and asked, "Do you know what I want?" She nodded 'yes' slowly. "Yes, Sir. Anything you want." She had raised her head and laid her face against the bulge in my pants. Unzipping my pants she fished my hard cock out and rubbed it against her face and mouth. When I nudged my cock head against her tight little rosebud and pried her cheeks apart she panicked.

Nice GH Experience

first-time goinstrong 2017-11-17

I really want my fantasy to be real!" I assured him we'd "all been there." I asked if he had cock experience, and he stated "No." I asked him if he was really ready, and he said "I'm a bit scared, but am here for a reason!" From lips only, I soon began to increase the length of my strokes - taking his cock fully into my mouth. As I felt him tense up, I could hear his "Ahh, Ahh!" I knew he was going to explode, so I took his entire cock into my mouth. Eventually, as I felt my juice well-up inside me, I whispered "You may not want me to cum in your mouth.

‘Aunt’ Joan

first-time girlslovedit 2017-11-17

I’d managed to feel a few tits at school parties with fairly d***k girls who didn’t mind so aunt Joan’s large pair easily got my attention and I couldn’t help myself staring at them when she wasn’t looking. “My, that’s nice, I’ve wondered what it would be like, haven’t seen it since you were a k**, now I know” she said and started wanking me gently which was a lovely feeling. I love erect hard nipples, they really turn me on, and I knew Joan was going to be so good in bed teaching me about sex as she desperately wanted to please, how wonderful. As I sucked one tit and gently fondled the other she made even more encouraging noises and while doing so reached and took hold of my cock which by now was very hard indeed.

Friends No More

first-time rachelanne 2017-11-17

The crush that Rachel had on Justin was huge by the time they were in their junior year. As the year went by, Rachel's relationship grew greatly with Justin; however, it remained strictly platonic. Rachel knew that if she were to have any chance with Justin she would have to perfect her appearance as much as she could. The few people that were outside the small school turned to see who it was, as the stunning body followed, their jaws dropped in surprise and Rachel smiled at them all and removed her sunglasses. Rachel didn't know what movie they were watching and neither did Justin, they were both thinking about what they both were about to do, they were both buying time.


first-time shireman 2017-11-17

There was no chance of that, of course, so I took up my usual place against the end wall of the carriage as the train lurched forward on its long journey to London. As the days went by, I began to look forward to my journey with growing enthusiasm and was almost disappointed as the weekend approached. I felt the tip of my cock slide out of its sheath onto Simon's rough tongue and his eyes opened wide in surprise as my balls constricted and my jubilant sperm jetted into his mouth. Without warning, he gave a loud grunt and I felt my mouth stretch as his massive cock head seemed to grow twice its size as it throbbed out its release against the back of my throat.

first bow job in public

first-time merlinnz 2017-11-17

I returned one afternoon after work, but this time in normal clothes, no railway uniform and was promptly turned away for being too young and told never to return! However the second time a woman came in, with a bloke, I was at the side of the theater and felt secure enough to stay and watch what happens. One afternoon I went in, uniform on as per normal, and when I got in and my eyes adjusted to the darkness I could see a gang of blokes around what I instantly took to be a woman, (Although I couldn't see her). Soon the bloke she was sucking says he's about to cum and she pulls back and he shoots his spunk, or at least that what I think happened.

Learning Curves

first-time joulie 2017-11-16

Jeff stepped behind the tree, I guessed that he was pulling up the leg of his shorts to pull out his cock, I could see the arch of pee coming from behind the tree he was clearly aiming it up into the air, the soft breeze scattering it a bit as it sprinkled down into the grass away from where we had been lying. I felt so guilty, so thrilled at having seen something I wasn't supposed to it was a strange feeling, and you know, in our innocence I was passionately in love with Jeff, I just adored him I was so far gone with my feeling for him at that moment I was nearly sick. I moved to the exposed grass corner, and stood best I could in the low tent raised my skirt pulled my knickers down and squatted as Jeff watched.


first-time savita009 2017-11-16

I figure if I help you do it this once, you might be less embarrassed." I looked down and said, "Now move your hands so I can see your penis." He moved his hands and his hard cock came into view. That's it, keep stroking." He looked into my face and I smiled, "See I told you it was okay." Jeff started stroking faster, his hips moving to meet his strokes. Jeff grunted and his body went rigid as cum spurt from his cock pooling on his chest and stomach. I climbed off the bed and said, "I don't know about you but I'm famished, how about some dinner?" I turned and walked out of the room still completely naked, my tits swaying with every step.

Kaitlyn college cumslut

first-time lustylindsey69 2017-11-16

She didn’t know what to do, but he encouraged her….”yes baby…suck on my big cock…” She gagged a bit a few times, but soon she was hungrily sucking Gregs cock. She didn’t cum again, but after a bit, she felt Wes tense and pull his cock out of her pussy. As she stepped close to him he said, “hey, what are you doing tomorrow night?” “I don’t think anything…maybe starting to pack to go home for spring break.” “Well, now that finals are over, we are having a big party at Jared’s house. “Well, he can come later when he is off work if he wants.” She could tell that Greg would prefer she come to the party without Wes. “I’ll think about it.” She said with a naughty smile.