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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

A new experience

first-time vdub-guy 2017-11-16

came over to me and started rubbing his cock head on mine and his flowing pre cum got my prick all wet. I said I had a fucking hard on and mouth down to his throbbing cock in the wet panties. started to lick the panties and felt his big prick smell of his mom's fucked cunt and his dad's cum. said he was going to fucking cum. in my mouth and told me to fucking suck his said he was going to fuck my face like his mother's big wet cock head as I jacked him and told him to take with a big fucking load of cum. prick on my panty clad ass and felt it start to grow.

Tommy and Betty

first-time licksit 2017-11-16

Tommy, always the gentleman, squatted down to pick up the pencil whereupon Betty opened her legs, giving him the closest look he had yet of her crotch and the tiny band of little bitty bikini panties pulled tight against her pussy, so tight the band formed a crease between her lips. Tommy's eyes feasted on her tight ass and her bikini panties, the crotch barely covering her pussy, and her breasts, firm and uplifted barely covered by the sheer bra and thinnest of cloth of the blouse. Tommy looked at her hand, so close to his now raging hardon and then toward Betty, who had turned her body to him, her legs open slightly but enough so that he had an unobstructed look up her skirt to her panties.

College life spring semester 18

first-time ab8715 2017-11-16

The six of us, me, Corey, Kris, Colt, Bryson might find out whether guys suck better than girls," Kris stated and still I know what follows dick sucking," Colt said and "Won't they be disappointed to find out Corey is gay," Colt stated. "Bryson, you really have high expectations," Kris said. "I don't think a minute makes a blow job," Colt said. "Drop em, Colt," Kris said. "Matt, let him finish what he started," Colt said, laughing. not bad at all," Colt said after pulling up his shorts. I got a fucking boner watch Corey suck Colt." "It's cool, Colt," Kris said, stroking his cock not too far from us. you don't plan on wearing that thing on your trip," Michael said still

My friend Deborah

first-time ivorp 2017-11-16

Well spoken immaculate Deborah who is very professional and caring in day to day life confessed she craved the sexual performance of groups of men; she wanted to be taken by a lot of men continuously but had been deterred from risking doing this openly through fear of her safety, disease and so on. Deborah's dark side involved a new name, a desire to exhibit herself and talk extremely dirty and to have minimum of 5 men in the room at any time and to encourage the roughest deepest sex she could dream of. I have to say Deborah earlier this year achieved her goal-but that is another story which satisfied her enormously and left me quite amazed at my friend's lusty joyful celebration of her sexual freedom; her power over the male body and her breathtaking stamina to drain a group of 9 seasoned doggers overnight.

ABC Party Store - First Job

first-time oddtastes 2017-11-16

He said yeah let's see a jerk that fat cock so I unzipped and pulled it out as he sat there watching me jerk off he leaned in closer and took it in his mouth it started to blow me I thought I was going to pass out! But that wasn't the case it was fully lubricated with his cum and so was my throat as he pulled it out it felt like it made a popping sound coming out of my throat into the back of my mouth I looked up at him with tears in my eyes streaming down my cheeks he looked at me smiling with that beautiful piece of meat hanging in his hand dripping of my saliva and his cum.

My First Time & With A Hotwife

first-time ONOURL8 2017-11-16

I hadn't done anything all the way with a woman and here were these women, ladies in their 30's and 40's not girls, calling and wanting young studs to fuck. But then she explains that Frank just wasn't a good fuck, his cock felt good but that was about it, she said that Eric was much better and may have been the best lover she had yet. When I moved my cock repositioned itself and, like my hand earlier, it found its own way into her hot and wet pussy. Eric came into my room with a couple of could beers, handed me one, and said "She's a hell of a good fuck.

How would we know?

first-time 2017-11-16

The time had come when we wanted to express our love each other 2 years later. He thrusted into me hard and I cried out with the pain I knew would over ride my pleasure. So wet and tight!” He pounded my pussy like a starved man needing wanting more. Oh baby fuck me hard!” I felt my orgasm approaching fast. I heard him yell and I felt his warm sweet liquid burst into pushing me over the second time as my body shook uncontrollably. “I only ever want to fuck my s****r.” With that said he pounded against me hard and fast. “I love you.” He whispered over and over with each hard thrust. We made love again and that night we left our home town never looking back.

Sweet Encounter

first-time KrimsonKing19 2017-11-16

"Yes please!" Jack didn't waste any more time, pulling Jill by her legs to the edge of the couch so that her ass was sitting propped on the arm rest and her glistening pussy lips were readily available for his probing tongue. "Did you know that you are absolutely beautiful?" he said as he crawled down the couch until they were face to face, him on top of her still shaking body, "Because I do." She blushed, pushing him aside softly and walking demurely to the table, giving her soft, round ass a quick flick to tease him a little more. Jill took his hard dick into her mouth, washing away the whipped cream quickly, as if she was eating a candy which had a sweeter center than shell.

A Wild Need To Cum

first-time NeedYou 2017-11-16

His eyes twinkled devilishly as he looked into my eyes and as he kissed me again I felt his tongue slip into my mouth and his hand touching the corner of my panty leg no more than an inch from my pussy. As we kissed and let our tongues fight; Nathan continued to drive me crazy with his two fingers inside my pussy as he made love to it under the table. I never realized how beautiful it was but now that I see it I think you are unbelievable lovely" Nathan almost moaned the words as he pulled me to him and again rubbed my body against his as held me tight.


first-time bifun4u 2017-11-16

One night after the burger placed closed, I got in my car and headed to a buddy's house, his name was David and he and I were a little more than friends and ever since 7th grade, we would butt fuck each other and suck each others cocks a lot and I mean a lot! I rinsed off and saw David cum in who said he was just ass fucked by two men and that he was sore as hell since one of them had a huge cock...LOL! I was then fucked by several men in a row and David and some other young guy took turns eating the cum from my hole and licking me clean.

MY COUSIN part 3

first-time wtoni102 2017-11-16

A little awkward though to feel horny early this morning when i stared at Mike's naked body, seeing his soft cock pointing to the side and his balls cooperating with his nice masculine legs. "yeah, good morning, I went outside because the messenger came." i smiled back. And I just felt horny again, with Mike sitting on the chair naked and I can feel pre-cums is dripping out inside me. At the back of my mind, as i thought, "yeah you're right, it really is as if it's not my first time but i just felt like i know what to do with your delicious cock." i can feel your hot cum inside my ass man.." Mike now smiling.

A Mother and Her Son 7

first-time 2017-11-16

Sue was a moaning mass of quivering flesh by the time Tommy got to the soft skin of her belly. "Oh Jesus Tommy, oh God, oh God," Sue moaned as she felt his tongue move up and down the smooth outer lips. Leaning forward on one hand, he used the other to push the swollen head of his penis down to touch his mother's dripping sex lips. "Oh Tommy, no," Sue said, placing her hands on his hips to prevent him from moving further in. Sue looked up at her son just before she lost all control and said, "Oh God, I love you." Then she closed her eyes and her body trembled.


first-time mandeepk 2017-11-16

you took your left hand out from under my shirt and lifted my head, i was so incapacitated that you could only kiss the right corner of my mouth, the top lip, and then the bottom. you threw your head back again, and i remembered to relax my hips i was tensing up again, you moaned when i did that, and i smiled, but my smile became and oh my god and then my whole body started shaking. you grabbed me by my waist because you could tell, i worked harder, and got loud...i didnt want to hold anything back now, i kept moving the hair out o f my face and breathing out through my nose.

Mrs B part 2a

first-time Kalahari_Surfer 2017-11-16

She sat back on her haunches, her hand still firmly gripping my rock hard cock through the duvet, and wiggled her shoulders making her towelling jacket fall from her shoulders and so openly expose her beautiful breasts to me. She slid her hand to the base of my hard cock and took my balls in her other hand and said to me, "I think i need to make you cum very quickly to help break the ice" and proceeded to slide her tight hand up and down my shaft pressing her fist even tighter when it got to my head. She pressed her mouth right in front of me and throatily asked if I wanted to feel her wet warm mouth where her hand is as she began to grip my shaft even tighter and really tug at my cock.

Tommy and Suzie

first-time licksit 2017-11-16

Suzie shivered as she let her tongue play a love dance with Tommy's; sucking his tongue deep within her mouth, licking it, then expelling it past her pursed lips. Suzie opened her legs in anticipation of what was to come and was not disappointed when Tommy began to love the tender sensitive skin of her inner thighs with his mouth and tongue. Suzie licked her lips excitedly as she felt her love cream dun down her channel and into Tommy's mouth. Suzie dozed off in Tommy's arms, dreaming of having his mouth on her pussy, licking and sucking each little rose petal of her labia until she begged him to lick her clit.

Blowjob for a Brand New Man

first-time aden46y 2017-11-16

We had seen all the sites, bought souvenirs, unfortunately I have to admit we shoplifted a couple for excitement, taken pictures on my new instamatic, and tomorrow we would be back in the arms of our loving families. I had seen a couple of hot looking ladies walking in the area and my little pecker was hard. A buxom blond in a tight light poplin jacket and very short white shorts was walking in the direction of our rec center as we had headed back. She was probably in a prime spot to be seen for a couple of blocks, in a quiet main feeder to the downtown area.

The Contract

first-time travelerjd 2017-11-16

I spun her around, bent her over her couch, pulled down her pants exposing her butt and gave her 5 hard lashings. "Yes, pull it out." She took my cock out of my pants and began stroking it. I grabbed the back of her head and pulled it against my body and thrusting myself deeper in her mouth. I told to relax and let her throat expand to the size of my cock as I held myself deep in her mouth. I spun her around again and started moving my hand over her very tender ass. Tease yourself with it." "Yes, master." "If you want to be my sub, you have to give me your entire body."

Thirty Minutes to Go

first-time spicules 2017-11-16

But what made Hywel's heart beat faster was the outline of her largish breasts under the white man's shirt; the poking nipples and gently swinging curves betrayed her braless state. 'She told me herself she doesn't want her kids fooling around with anyone, not anyone, till they're properly married', Eleri swept on airily, ignoring Hywel's discomfiture. But Eleri continued to sit motionless, and, beginning to fathom her game, Hywel took deliberate note of the time. Then Eleri, still gossiping, brought her hands up to her shirt and, undoing two more buttons, pulled it clear of her left boob. 'You can suck it too, young man', whispered Eleri, and Hywel obediently bent his head and took the long nipple firmly in his mouth.

Lets Screw

first-time harley2for3 2017-11-16

I had just joined a dating sight after a year and a half of being separated from my soon to be ex-husband and I thought I knew what I wanted. What the hell soon became my daily mantra until I agreed to meet him early one morning just to see if he could back up his bravado. He laid me back on the bed and when his head went between my legs I thought I would explode. His mouth did wondrous things, it had been so long and I had thought I would never have that feeling again. It was intense and deep and powerful, my whole body shook and convulsed, and while it fulfilled the immediate need it also left me wanting more.

Baby s****r

first-time fotisampini 2017-11-16

Just as John thought things couldn’t get any better, Tammy’s right hand slipped over her leg and started to stroke her pussy, running her fingers around her now puffy wet lips. Tammy was making loud noises now and she violently thrusted her finger in and out of her pussy, then all of a sudden she let out a low, deep groan, her body jolted all over and juice started to drip from her hands. His finger was soon covered in her juices, he pulled it out and moved it slowly down to her ass hole, where he gently probed, waiting for a response from Tammy, it was met with more moans, and a thrust of her hips to try and meet his finger.

Cuckold Training my Husband

first-time 425olds 2017-11-16

Many of these guys wanted phone sex so I would tell them in detail how much I was looking forward to fucking them while explaining to them that my husband's cock was worthless, couldn't satisy me and would likely never enter my sacred pussy again. But a few days later my husband was eagerly watching Roy pounding his thick black cock into my tight little pussy while I moaned and told Roy (truthfully) that he was the best lover I had ever had. This was because the only time I ever released him from his cock cage and allowed him to masturbate was when he was slurping some guys cum out of my well fucked pussy.

Introduction to The Lifestyle

first-time jasmine7 2017-11-16

"Do not try to manipulate me again, little girl, or the punishment will be something that you most definitely will not enjoy." I quickly undid, then dropped my pants, walked up to where Jennifer was kneeling on the floor, lifted her head up, and slid my cock into her mouth. The entire time that I was plowing away into my little pet's pussy, she kept up a steady stream of nearly incoherent profanity that let me know that she was truly enjoying my using her body like I was. Without another word, Sue took my cock deep into her throat and kept sucking while Jennifer recovered from the first time another woman had licked her pussy.

My Bride

first-time NuDude49 2017-11-16

April stands there naked, grasping at the towel to try to cover herself. Grandma raises one hand and talks with April. The door opens and April stands there in a white dress. I turn away from the shower, saying, “I need to learn more about your traditions.” I sit beside her on the bed, and she says, “I need to eat you.” April regains her confidence and turns her head up to look at me. April backs off to the head and grasps my phallus with both hands. April asks, “Have you been with many girls?” April smiles and I push her back to lay on the bed, “Your turn.” April says, “We need to get dressed, someone is here to see us.”

Teacher, Teacher Ch. 04

first-time Malomar 2017-11-16

I moved Ione up to the railing with my hand on her firm, flat tummy and stood behind her to protect her from the clumsy oafs trying to make their way back to the dance floor from the bar. I turned to look at Ione and she was deep in conversation with Tina, their hands below the table when not taking a drink. Ione looked a bit upset when she saw Linda sitting next to me and scurried a little to make sure she got into the booth next to me. I was surprised to feel a small hand cover mine and quickly turned to see Tina look at me with a defiant stare.