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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

His Daddy's Boy

first-time VoluptuousCara 2017-11-16

School was closed for an entire week because of the snow, but we had long, drawn out phone conversations, about how Sister Elizabeth Hill, the Italian teacher at St. Edmund's, hated children and probably had no business teaching, about how my mother didn't like my hair (it's naturally very dark brown, but I'd attempted to dye it auburn not long before that, & it ended up sort of an eggplant color, which my mother hated), about how Jackie's mother was dating someone, she was dating someone while her husband was in South America avoiding his indictment, and she made Rosy and Jackie call her boyfriend "Uncle Lou".

First Time

first-time gr8_4play 2017-11-16

I love the feeling of making her cum even when she wouldn't let me get into her pants. She was embarrassed, but she finally asked if I had tried one of them on? knowing what I wanted but waaaaaaaay too bashful and she suggested that we go to her room and I could lay my pants on the chair. I finally asked if she wanted to lay down on her bed and touch me. It was tight, but I had opened her with my fingers so many times it wasn't difficult... She saw I was still hard and she knew that I had brought two condoms (they were in 2 packs then) and breathlessly she asked me if I wanted to try the other one!

1st Time Fantasies (Mr. K Meets Nessapooh Hottie)

first-time 2017-11-16

As she got down on her knees and starting stroking the shaft, she put her lips on the head of my dick and began to suck it nice and slow. I grabbed her lifted leg and began to thrust my dick deep into her pussy. I had wrapped my arms around her waist, bent my knees up and began to hold her up as I thrusted faster and harder. 1!" I let out a loud moan, pulled my dick and began to cum on her tits. She opened the door, looked me in the eyes and said, "Tonight was fun, but next time, I'm going to show you what I can do." She gave me a kiss on the cheek, walked into the hallway and out the hotel.

History Lesson

first-time vegetasfire 2017-11-16

How do your parents feel about that?" Miss Smith asks, walking towards me, crossing her arms under her breasts. "Um, I don't know," I reply nervously, tearing my eyes away, I look at her hand on my shoulder. "I'm not sure what you mean, Miss Smith," I reply, feeling a bit scared. "I can think of something that feels nicer," she takes my hand that she had been kissing and holds it against her breast. "Sure thing, Miss Smith...I mean Rachel," I feel like I've been invited in on a grand secret that no one else knows. "Please, I've wanted you ever since I met you," I continue kissing her neck, while sliding a hand under her bra to feel her skin.

A Twist of Fate

first-time stickivicki 2017-11-16

Four months earlier, Sophie Huffman and her father Floyd were traveling to Las Vegas for her 18th birthday. She worked out a year or so ago that if her father bet big enough in Las Vegas on a sure table he would be able to wipe his slate clean and let her finish school. The dealer opened a new pack, shuffled them, and slid two cards onto the table, one to Michael, one to Floyd. The frequency of his visits increased over the next three months; he had new girl in training there, a young and innocent beauty with dark hair and brown eyes, sure to be a big hit with the clients as soon as her training was finished.

Take It Like a Man Pegged

first-time 425olds 2017-11-16

Brian eventually through text explained to Susan that he always enjoyed dominating her in the fun of their countless sexual adventures. Brian gave it some thought and asked Susan what she felt like trying. Brian's head momentarily flew back in the newness when he felt lube fall coldly and freely down his balls to his anal area. Brian went with the new avenue and slid his tongue out of his mouth closed his eyes as if giving a first kiss and closed his lips around the stiff shaft protruding in front of him. As his mind reeled he lost track of time going to town on this new toy that he never had the guts to try before.

Lisa #1

first-time petdyke 2017-11-16

As our last mails date back about half a year, I´d almost forgotten about Lisa. No matter her lovely looks and letters, nor her few sexy images on my page. Suddenly she sprang back to my mind, as I recognized her as ´cover girl´ of a gallery, titled "girls I´d like to f***", of an admiror of a young lady friend of me, here on hamster. I just checked that page and immediately saw: "That´s Lisa"! And the date Lisa had taken that picture for me. As she looks lovely and tasty indeed, despite her lack of age, I now wonder how many copies of her already exist here on horny hamster or the rest of the net?

Neighbor Teen

first-time unscented 2017-11-16

"I usually watch the weather and NewsCall at seven," David looked at Kelly, remembering how good it felt to have is hand under her teen ass. More juice flowed from her tight pussy as Kelly started cumming into David's mouth. David unbuckled Kelly's skirt and looked down at the pale skinny teen with small tits. David enjoyed the feel of her tight pussy pulling on his finger as she neared her second orgasm. David relished the tightness of the Kelly's pussy staying still for a moment and she grabbed his back, digging her nails into his skin. At the last second, David pulled his cock out of Kelly's wet pussy and shot a stream of cum onto her belly.

Giving Head For The First Time

first-time Orallover92 2017-11-16

He was getting more and more turned on though as he felt me up and I let him lift my shirt up and start kissing my C cup breasts through my bra. I was still scared but I loved how hard his cock felt between my tits and how this animal side of him had been released as he started groaning. The way it smelt and tasted, the way my tongue flicked around the head of his cock as it pulled back to my lips and the look of hunger in his eyes. I went to kiss him but he pulled back and I realised the salty taste of cum that lingered in my mouth was probably not something he was keen to share so instead I reached down lower and kissed his neck and then his chest.


A Ride in the Afternoon

first-time desertkat 2017-11-16

There was something in the way she stood, the fit of her jeans, and clean whiteness of her t-shirt as it clung to the gentle curve of her breasts that made his hands itch to feel it. Aloud, she said "I'd rather you be early than keep me waiting." As she took his hand, the first time they had touched, a warmth poured over her, she felt an instant magnetism and the prickly feeling of her nipples hardening. He continued tracing his hands up her stomach to just under her breasts where he could feel the wild beat of her heart and the quick little breaths of her excitement.


first-time castlegate 2017-11-16

both 7 years old and told them who was and that they must do as I tell them Mr Richards urged his wife to hurry as he did not want to miss his plane this seemed to upset her a little as she went out and slammed the door around 9.45pm I noticed the lights from the car pull into the drive I went to the front door and seen it was Mrs Richards so I opened the door for her thank you Billy thats very nice of you as she walked past I could smell her perfume which was very intoxicating she seemed quite upset so I enquired as to why had I done something wrong the boys where in bed sound asl**p no no she replied its not you its that stupid man of mine he was supposed to be going to Madrid for 2 to 3 days now at the airport he tells me it will be a week to 10days and he wonders why I am upset.


first-time Ashson 2017-11-16

I hated to turn him down, him having been so helpful, but I told him that I thought I'd be better off getting an already established fashion photographer to do the portfolio as they'd know what sort of shots to include. I was rather despondently walking through the mall the next day when I met Joe. Deciding he was at fault for including Andre in his list of photographers I gave him a killing look, but he just ignored it. Joe grilled me on the sort of shots that Andre had suggested and I think I remembered them all. Joe couldn't just tell me no nude shots if I wanted some. "You actually want to try the nude shots?" he asked, sounding quite startled.

Best Job Fair. . . ever!

first-time slapnuts69 2017-11-15

I reached for my bag to get a condom, but she said "I am on the pill and I have never let my boyfriend not use one, you will be the first for that." With that I put my cock to her sweet hole and pushed gently. She sucked me up again and said "There is something else I never let him do." With that she got on her hands and knees and stuck her ass in the air. I got my fingers thoroughly wet with her pussy juices and slowly worked one then two into her ass. She sucked me some more and got my cock rock solid then I slipped it into her pussy to get it as wet as I could.

Bound And Loved

first-time FallenAngel1227 2017-11-15

Corey took his time now, slowly guiding his hand over her left breast, brushing his hand through the cold water on her belly and sliding it over her nipple, feeling it harden under his hand, until the scrap of fabric that had covered her breast was laying on the ground beneath her. She sucked and licked, and dragged her tongue over his balls before finally flicking her tongue at the most sensitive spot, right between his cock and his ass, and then dragged it, loving the feeling, up over his balls, all the way up his shaft, around the tip, and then in the space of a heartbeat she descended on him, taking as much of him into her mouth as she possibly could.

His First Piece of Ass

first-time kandie 2017-11-15

She licked her lips and was so excited that she exclaimed, "Oh, fuck Ray, you know damn well the taste of the man's cum you're your mouth will make my cunt go into over drive." Ray waited until he had drained Jonathan's balls then moved over on the bed to LeeAnn. As he slid his hot, hard cock into her, he kissed her deep and hard, sharing the delicious nectar with her. Jonathan looked at Ray's cock, licked his lips, and answered, "I'd love to it will be the first time I give a blow job." He moved as Ray got between LeeAnn's legs so he could suck his cock.

My wife's first time surprise

first-time Chris51a 2017-11-15

Well, this is the true story of the first time my wife and I ended up in bed with another couple. With all of us finally in the bed, we chatted a little and then our friends started kissing, fondling each other and generally playing around. He said when the four of us were all finally in bed together that he felt his dreams were close to coming true. He apologized and hoped that I was not too upset that he had touched my dick as he spread my wife’s pussy lips apart to run his fingers down to that smooth area inside. He had been fingering her inside the lips and folds of my wife’s pussy and rubbing her clit while my dick was fucking her.

Mr NaturallyHot "A Day At The Office"

first-time 2017-11-15

Touching your leg, and running my hand up under your skirt. My hands run up the outside of your legs and push your sexy skirt up to your hips. Slipping off your red bottoms, you then place your feet on the arms of my chair, and sit on the edge of my desk. Looking into my brown eyes as you run your hands threw my hair, Telling me exactly what you want, and how i am to please you. Slipping one time, a little bit gets out and runs down your big booty and drips onto my desk. Sitting up you slide back down onto my lap slowly licking the wetness from my lips before giving me a highly approving tongue kiss.

Athena Unleashed

first-time fastandsloppy 2017-11-15

So when she saw the growing distress in her father's eyes when confronted with her increasingly adult body, she knew she'd finally found her perfect weapon. "Oh no," she said weakly, throwing her hands up over her face to shut out the suddenly too intense light as she sagged down in a rush to get to the ground before she blacked out. Athena could hear that the wind was still rustling the trees and she dreaded confronting the dancing, disorienting light, but she was feeling suddenly cold and she wanted to get out into the sun. She opened her eyes and saw the tall one sitting on a neighboring lounger, stoking his penis -- so that's what one looks like - as he watched his friend eagerly feast on her pussy.

Sexily Ever After

first-time easyballs 2017-11-15

"Ah Iain, I'd like you to meet Simon he's going to be taking over the business and if your prepared to stay on he promises you no change in position or salary for at least a year." he grinned " After that who knows promotion, higher salary or the old heave ho eh what!" Laughing at his own joke it might have been funny if Iain hadn't seen the smug look in his new boss's face. Later that day as Jillian moved to prepare herself for her meeting with Simon Iain was still laid up in bed feeling sorry for himself, as he watched his gorgeous wife get ready to go out and try to save his job.

My cubicle happenings

first-time doncaster4u 2017-11-15

i was in the cubicle of the mens public loo legs up spread wide trousers off pantys on what a dirty slut i felt! I pour baby oil all over my legs and crotch mmmh it felt so sexy i start rubbing my inner thigs slowly put with sexual intent! By this point the man had climbed in n was pulling his cock over my spread eagled body i fisted my self till i climaxed all over my face mmmh i felt so filthy i sat up off the toilet seat cum all over my face n looked up at the dirty man..... His cock was only 5inch on hard mmmh i said hands behind your back plz mr he did so leaving his peker stood proud!

Ella's Sweet Education

first-time curlyandcurvy 2017-11-15

Later as Ella listened to Anna sleep her thoughts drifted to Calvin. She licked her lips as she imagined running her hands through his hair as he covered her hot body with gentle kisses, until he reached her wet and glistening pussy. She rolled over and started to gently kiss her way down Calvin's body, taking time to run her eager tongue over his tiny nipples and dip into his belly button as she made her way down. Calvin only moaned a reply as Ella began licking his throbbing prick in long, wet strokes. Starting with her firm breasts her rained little kisses all over her, pleasuring her as he sucked and licked her nipples, which stood rock hard and erect.

First Time with gay couple

first-time 2017-11-15

Anyway after filling out all the info on this app I couldn't believe that just under an hour a couple had messaged me saying that they like my profile and wanted to meet in a public place for drinks. We meet in a pub which wasn't too far away and had a couple of drinks and I thought these two guys seem nice, their just a little older than myself (I was 21) and we were laughing and having a good time. I was completely weak straight away and felt like this was something I needed, as I got weaker I fell to my knees and they both got their cocks out which were hard and I started to suck on them one by one.

The Lodger

first-time Norfolk Boy 2017-11-15

The clock ticked away the minutes as she purred and rolled her head until, at last, she opened her eyes and looked at him, "Um, that was nice, you are a quick learner young man, would you like to learn some more?" Paul nodded silently, but once again, he had no idea what she intended. After a short time during which neither moved, the pressure in Paul's groin subsided slightly and he withdrew a few of his erect inches, but not for long - instinct forced him to drive them home again - hard and deep - levering her slim body clear of the bed.

Sex with FTM

first-time jadon69 2017-11-15

We emailed back and forth and decided to meet up in my room, watch some porn, have a few drinks and just see where it led. I reached over and stroked his leg while i began to slowly jerk my hard rod as we watches two chicks suck and fuck each other with a huge dildo. his hand slipped into his underwear and he spread his legs slightly. very little foreplay and here i was eating this cunt and sucking this big clit. i ate and sucked while jerking my cock and tugging my balls. i fucked his mouth pumping until i was balls deep. he squeezed my cock and told me to fuck him hard.