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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Mountain Vacation Ch. 02

first-time Satyr81 2017-11-15

Realizing that her rescuer was in fact simply demanding his turn to extract his own carnal pleasure from her mouth, Lucia looked up at him, trying to think of a way to stall to catch her breath. Grabbing her left wrist, he brought Lucia's hand to his own cock, letting out a moan as her soft hand immediately wrapped around his engorged manhood, stroking up and down the shaft. "MMmmm..." Lucia moaned around the hard cock in her mouth, the feel of another dick in her hand made her pussy pulse. Wrapping her thumb and forefinger around the base of Trey's cock, she began to stroke the base quickly, up and down as she fucked the head of his dick with her throat.

First Time Fuck With Best Friend

first-time MichaelMyers0001 2017-11-15

He said he use to always stare at my cock in the locker rooms at school and wanted to taste it and have me fuck him. Once he got my cock nice and wet he wanted me to fuck him, so he got off me, turned around to get into doggy position. He then wanted to taste his ass on my cock so I pulled out and shoved it in his mouth, he tried to deep throat it but couldn't and always ended up gagging. I could feel his cock head teasing my hole circling it, until finally he shoved his cock deep in my asshole which is also super tight. He kept pounding but couldn't hold it anymore, I told him I wanted his cum deep in my tight hole.

The First Time

first-time mutepenguin 2017-11-15

He put his hands on her hips and slid her skirt down revealing matching panties. She turned back around, her arm and hand covering her tiny mounds. He brought one of his hands up to the other small mound on her chest and lightly pinched the nipple. She lifted her hips as he slid the panties passed her ass. He threw the small wad of lace on the floor and looked at the perfect body lying in front of him. The girl felt shivers running through her nubile body as he ran his hand over her bare vulva. She felt like her body was going to explode. He reached up and took her little tits into his palms and massaged them hard.

The Cinema

first-time fotisampini 2017-11-15

For a brief moment I could just see a couple, still seated, a bit further away down in front of us turn their heads and briefly looked back, "shit", I instantly thought "we've been caught" they might have seen what we were doing, but the pleasure inside me was now so intense, I didn't care, it all just felt so fucking good. Now with both my arms resting on the seat back in front of us, I kept my shoulders as still as I could and I began just moving my butt, just my butt, nice and slowly, going up and then down on his stiff cock, I turned to him and quietly whispered that I've always secretly wanted to fuck inside a dark cinema for a very long time.

Dream Date. Part 1

first-time pleasetv 2017-11-15

Wearing a short blue demon skirt white top and very super sexy red heels, but it's not what you are wearing, it's your smooth sexy long legs that has my attention. The waitress comes with the check and she sees your stocking chad foot rubbing the outline of my swollen cock. When we get up to leave I put my hand out to help you stand from the booth, and when you stand I tenderly pull you close and kiss you, Slowly and actually lovingly. I start to caresses you sexy ass pulling you closer and pressing my cock hard against you. OMG, for the first time in my life my fingers are teasing a hard cock that's not my own.

Alone with my step mother (fantasy about real step

first-time uwantthisdick 2017-11-15

Things took a big turn when she started to guid my hand from her knee up to her thigh pulling me closer to her face with her other hand by my tie.She lift her head up and said "I told you you would get me started" then kissed me.I couldn't believe I was kissing my stepmother.she brung my Hand up more now I'm holding the side of her ass cheek which I've been secretly wanting to grab.I instantly got hard as she let go of my hand and felt my pants to find my dick solid on the side of my leg She said "I always knew it was big I've been wanting this for so long".she unzipped my dress pants and moved her hand threw them to find the boxer hole.She pulled my dick out and couldn't even fit her hand all the way around it.She paused and looked at it solid and Swollen.She said "damn I can't believe you are this big it's so chocolate and veiny I love it".I say it's all for you as she jerked it up and down while licking my neck.

final impression

first-time O14a3351 2017-11-15

but like the weather things change, and beyond the clouds i see your true self. i was happy, but i was self concerned of myself my self esteem stopped me from doing lots of thing that others might enjoy. "you have soft hair i just had to touch it" he said kindly i didn't know what to say i was never complemented on my hair before. the way that i dressed, spoke, walk, every thing about me changed for him. i wanted him to like me. we only had sex twice and the first time hurt like hell. i don't know what true pleasure is. i could love a man until the earth stood still.

Freaky February Part Two

first-time 2017-11-15

"Hold it just like that baby." I opened my eyes and there was daddy's cock, but now it was hard and it was inches from my mouth. I looked up at Daddy's face while his cock was in my mouth and he whispered, "I won't tell your mother we are doing this and you shouldn't tell her. I think it's nice right now just to jack off into your sweet mouth." With that Daddy started to stroke his cock. Daddy made a small croaking sound and then I felt the head of his cock seem to expand as hard blasts of semen spurted into my mouth and at the back of my throat. I opened my lips then and Daddy's tongue played in the semen pooled in my mouth.

Susie Ch. 38

first-time Susie_O 2017-11-15

A year after my wedding to Corey my sister, Cathy's, boyfriend, Sean, graduated from college and asked her to marry him. We're willing to spend some time with you helping you know how to please Cathy on your wedding night." Using my sex organs you will know exactly how to bring your new bride to orgasm every time like Corey does with me." You know men don't like to think they need any help getting that thing in their pants to work." The night before the wedding, Corey and I took Cathy and Sean to the guest house. Cathy looked at it and said, "Corey, just because I haven't let Sean penetrate me doesn't mean I haven't done anything with him."

Wish Upon A Star

first-time Lynne84 2017-11-15

Don't blame me when we have to awkwardly handle situations like dinner tonight." I spurred Patches into a canter and traveled a few more times around the ring before giving her a cool down walk and bringing her back to the barn for a little T.L.C. It was nearly six when I'd finished brushing and watering her, so I returned to the house to shower and get ready for dinner. "Well," Brayden began, "I know that your entire given name is Piper Calliope Whitman, you're 19 years old, just completed your first year at attending Boston College, you're majoring in business finance with a minor in journalism, your roommate's name was Rebecca Jones and she was from Little Rock, Arkansas, the horse that belongs to you is named Patches and she's an eight-year-old pinto mare that you've had her since your thirteenth birthday which is November 16th.

The Apprentices Ch. 01

first-time AvoidingRealWork 2017-11-15

Daphne reached out her hand and Gordon gently took it and kissed it, and it was like the touch of his lips caressed her entire body. Daphne's body tensed and then relaxed, and then tensed again, and her eyes flew open and she sucked in a breath of air, and then she closed her eyes tight and slammed her lips into his, and her tongue invaded his mouth, and then she broke the kiss and gasped and stood up suddenly. After some time being massaged and feeling her body grow steadily warmer, Daphne felt Gordon's hands move around her waist, drawing her close. It appeared this was either a right thing, or Gordon didn't mind, because he slipped his hand inside her skirt, and then inside her panties, his large fingers combing their way through her curly hair to her wet place.

My First Night With My Husband

first-time 2017-11-15

Rajiv said to come to me, my wife.I felt so happy inside and thanked god for giving me such a husband.I went into his arms and we both hugged.I asked him did he liked what I just did,he said he enjoyed a lot and seeing me drinking his cum proved that I will be a perfect Indian wife to him..I thanked him and told him that I will be an Indian housewife totally committed to him and he can use me any way he wants…Will be always submissive and passive and he has full right over my body and soul..I started rubbing my hands over his chest and soon became horny.Rajiv just turned me over and came on top of me….Biting and kissing me allover..His tongue and saliva deep into me…I quickly took off my nighty and I was now in just my bra and panty…I can c that he was getting very hard and I begged him to claim me.He took off my panty and just and start kissing my thighs…Den he reached for my hole and pushed his finger inside.He slowly started fingering me.It was an amazing sensation soon he pushed his second finger …

My First Time with a Shemale

first-time TSfanxxx 2017-11-15

I had watched porn for a long time, graduating from straight porn to videos of shemales, falling in love with TS stars such as Leilani, Julie Bond, and the gorgeous hermaphrodite Dane Harlowe. She was looking at me, and, although she was beautiful, she still looked like a man wearing make-up; I immediately got a hard-on, hoping that she was a shemale and that she would want to be with me. I lifted her skirt to grab her ass, and she thrust her hard dick against me. I knelt before her, lifted her skirt, pulled down her panties, and began sucking her hard cock. She put her hands on the back of my head, and, for the first time, I took a guy’s dick fucking my face.

Mary Tagert

first-time Zeb_Carter 2017-11-15

For the next two years, Mary and John foraged for food together, sleep in the loft together and hung out together. In the two years they were partners, John never once tried to touch Mary inappropriately. The day after her birthday, Mary grabbed John's hand and pulled him along with her. "Geez John, you clean up handsome," Mary quipped, as she stepped into the bathroom and closed the door. John just stood there looking at the closed door, still seeing Mary in all her glory. Pulling her mouth off his cock, Mary looked up a John and smiled. Nodding, John kissed Mary tenderly as he pushed his cock in little more.

Our Night

first-time Black9900 2017-11-15

I begin to moan louder, coming ever so close to cumming in your mouth as you continue to suck away and dart your tongue around every inch of my cock. Again I kiss and gently caress your with my tongue in a spiral around your stomach, making little circles that slowly close towards your navel while I slip your thong panties down your thighs and off of your. I slowly begin to move my hips back and forth, thrusting my rock-hard penis inside your tight snatch in and out, going a little faster each time, but still going slowly so that we feel every inch of it as it slips in and out.

Dear Diary...

first-time Sugarshirl 2017-11-15

He just kept right on, faster and faster, plunging his finger deeper and deeper into me as his hot wet mouth kept licking and sucking until I felt my body lift up off of the desk and explode. He grabbed my hips and then lifted me up a little and then spread my legs wider and slowly, using his fingers to spread my tight little pussy open, he entered me with a cock that was soooo hot and soooo big I felt stretched to the limit. My pussy felt like it was being split open but after he reached down and started to finger my little sensitive clit, I started to feel the pleasure.

Boxers and Brothers in Law

first-time john1195 2017-11-15

But eventhough I was a college sophomore, I felt like a little k** as he took of it, every hair, every mound, nipples, belly button, balls, cock, thighs, "nice job k**" he said and put his big hands on either side of my face and He lifted my legs and licked my erected cock and tightened ball sac..then I crawled on my hands and knees over him to suck his cock and lick his His big hands reached for my nipples and began to twist them....despite my time he got close he would stop me..until he calmed down. jammed his semi hard cock into my ass and began to fuck me. big soft cock....wanting it to harden before we had to go to breakfast.

The Virgin And The Ballet

first-time bigrimmstales 2017-11-15

"Natalya!" I said sharply, standing up suddenly, the towel dropped and forgotten, shocked by her explicitness but acutely aware of that strange look in her eyes again. "Look honey," she had said only recently, "They're having private time, which means they are fucking each other's brains out as noisily as they like for three days. "I will help you discover your own desires and sexual pleasure, but if I don't break away now I have a feeling I may take you to a place you are not yet ready for, no matter how much the aroma of your sex tells me you are."

Checked Out

first-time Juanto_Teaseu 2017-11-15

She didn't mind this much though because often nights after closing up and making sure the doors were locked in the library she would bury herself with one of the numerous books from the romance and even sometimes when feeling a bit naughty the erotica section. Sara never really took time to notice her surrounding, there were tons of books to put away being so near a college it was constant work, never a break. Chris was now sliding nearly all the way out and back in so she could feel his full length, their bodies would slap together making an erotic sound that could be heard throughout the library that anyone could have heard.


first-time laceysgirl 2017-11-15

I walked her back to her apartment she lived close by and it was a cool clear night the stars looked amazing so bright I told her how beautiful the stars looked how they framed her lovely face in a heavenly glow she smiled and said thank you and squeezed my hand we got to her place too soon I wanted to walk all night with her but we stopped in front of her steps leading up to the apartment I looked into her eyes and pulled her close she didn't resist at all just slid into my arms so natural "I hate to let you go Gina!" I whispered into her perfect ear "Don't worry Devon you'll see me tomorrow I promise!" I lowered my face to hers and gently kissed her lips she kissed me back with enthusiasm opening her mouth and giving me her tongue WOW I practically came in my pants she was such a great kisser!

The List Ch. 03

first-time handsomeyetnice 2017-11-15

On top of that, for the first time I started to think that maybe I actually could hook up with Amy, the girl I dreamed about. Mindy planned to spread word among the girls of my endowment, and by lunch period I noticed that some of them were looking at me differently. I could tell that after getting all prettied up Mindy wanted some action, so I let her suck my cock for a while we were driven to the dance. With the girls watching I grabbed my giant member and slowly slid it back into my tuxedo slacks, then I took Mindy's arm. She looked pretty in her formal dress so I wanted to do her, but fucking Mindy tonight wasn't my plan.

Cruising the Bahamas Ch. 2

first-time Airagone 2017-11-15

I swam right up her ass, bouncing my mask off her thigh and running my snorkel right up against her swim suit covered pussy lips, knocking the other end out of my mouth. The girls were off swimming around within the cave and I occasionally glimpsed their snorkels protruding through the surface as I laid back enjoying the heat, contrasting coolness of the water and daydreamed about my little encounter with Cleo. Her left hand brushed against me knee, startling me slightly, thinking it was some kind of fish my eyes jerked open and I quickly realized who it was and smiled believing the touch accidental. But her hand persisted in its contact, continuing its course up along my thigh, insinuating itself under the long leg of my swim shorts until it cupped my mesh cover balls.

A Foot in the Dark

first-time blacklovr 2017-11-15

After about five minutes, what seemed like forever, he slowly moved his foot along my leg so that his toes stroked the back of my butt, and then back down my thigh all the way to the back of my knee. I was wearing shorts under the blanket, and as he kept stroking my leg with his foot, he gradually shoved my shorts upwards, so that the crotch began to tighten and pull on my lips and his toes were massaging my cheeks. He must have noticed, because he started to stroke his toes between my inner thighs, moving a little higher each time until he was tracing a delicate line up and down my pubic region and up the crack of my ass.

Swim Team Doctor

first-time daveevans 2017-11-15

After a very long pause he finally got more to his point and Patrick asked if he could suck my cock. Patrick slipped my speedo all the way and began to suck my dick again I was still roaring and ready to shoot another load. He continued to suck the final bits of semen out of my dick and when he was done we both sat up on the table with our hard-ons still raging for more sex. Rob started saying things like, "How do you like that, you hot little shit, I'm going to cum in your ass." I reached around Patrick and grabbed his dick and began to stroke it.