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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Camping with stepdaughter 6

first-time 2017-11-15

I took my time before I let my fingers slightly brush over her swollen pussy. I moved up above and started kissing her little red patch of hair teasing her even more. I moved a licked and kissed her outer lips for some time. Finally I slid my tongue between her lips and moved up stopping just short of her hard little clit. I sucked on her clit and slid my middle finger into her pussy. To take her over the edge I inserted two fingers into her pussy and my thumb up her tight little ass. She grabbed my cock and slid her lips over the head.

My Stepdaughter and I p4

first-time HankWilliams1956 2017-11-15

When Joanne finally came down from her orgasm and the jerking of her body slowed down some, I rolled her over off of me, I then got turned around and in between her legs and slid my rock hard cock into her hot tight wet bald pussy, then turned her onto her side and while I squeezed her ass cheeks with one hand and squeezed her tits with my other hand, I started slowly fucking in and out of her pussy.

Word of Mouth

first-time lgreenwood 2017-11-15

To be honest, I don't recall too much of what she said but I clearly remember the feel of her breath on my ear and the five times her body rubbed against my arm as the crowd pressed in. Nico gathered her kilt in her hands, slowly revealing the pale flesh of her thighs, the serpent tattoo that started on her left hip and rose towards her abdomen, and the black cotton of her panties. Finally, her eyes narrowed and with her free hand she pushed her panties down her thighs, leaving me to pull them the rest of the way off. Nico was standing in my open door wearing a t-shirt and ripped jeans, a lock of jet black hair covering one eye.

First Time

first-time minxette 2017-11-15

Soon we became fast friends, and a few months after we started talking I realized that I had a crush on him. He took my hand in his, and looking me in the eye, pulled me gently off the chair and onto the bed next to him. We lay on our sides facing each other, gently kissing, while he rubbed his hand over my stomach. He rubbed my stomach and my tits while kissing me all over, and once he judged that I was nice and turned on, he slowly brought his hand down. He slowly thrust into me; I winced and gasped each time because of the pain, but he could see in my eyes I wanted him to continue.

The End Is Near

first-time greatnarf 2017-11-15

She felt something inside her change in that moment, the fear, not leaving, but changing into passionate desire. And like a child who has just learned how fragile an object can be, he began to gently move his hands down her body, while she closed her eyes, her forehead hot with restrained desire. He broke away from her breast and gazed into her eyes as he gently moved his hand just around the outside of her glistening wetness, and felt her shiver beneath him. He began to move in and out of her in quick, stilted movements, but with guiding arms she slowed him, brought him to her pace, and together they moved in passion, his glistening manhood slipping deep into her.

Clover Loses Her Virginity

first-time clovermoffatt 2017-11-15

Every morning before school assembly I was in his room, on my knees, sucking Cyril's cum out of Jed's big hair ball sack. He was murmuring and moaning as I rubbed his cock and I slid my mouth over him again, enjoying his man taste and the feel of his tight, spent balls. He bent me over the bench and he fucked me as if I was going away for ever, whooping and laughing and plunging in and out of me with all the joy of a boy who just lost his virginity to a girl who could suck cock better than anyone he would ever know. We fucked and groaned till he screamed and roared and came, his lovely cock plunging in and out of me, rubbing my vagina gorgeously.

Three For One BBC Lucky Girl Blacken

first-time 425olds 2017-11-15

C pushed two big black fingers into my tight little cunt as he kissed me, I moaned up into his mouth and thrust my wet cunt onto his hand. You want me to fuck that tight little pussy with this big black cock?” C teased me as he let his cock head rest on my dripping cunt lips. Tell the camera and all the men jacking off wishing they were fucking a whore like you what you want us to do to you....” C ordered me with little thrusts of his hips, sending his thick cock deeper inside my tight pussy, the base of his cock scr****g my clit. I looked over at the video camera, with the twins cum dripping out of my well fucked pussy and ass and with G’s cum coating my skin, smiled and said “I love Black cock....”

first time hubby shared me with another guy! (plz

first-time discreet4rmlanc 2017-11-15

hubby went to go to the bathroom, and thats when i made my move, i pulled up my dress, pulled down the top of it, and let both my tits and pussy get some air, RIGHT in front of Danny. when my hubby came out of the bathroom, he smiled and said that he loved it when i flashed other guys. Danny told my hubby he didnt know where to cum at since he didnt wear a condom. hubby smile, spread me open again, and took his turn on me. the whole time hubby fucked me, he swallowed all of Dannys cum out of my cum and licked it off my face and nipples.

Bikes, Cars and First Time

first-time lovingfingers 2017-11-15

His mouth opened into an O when her hand started to stroke his chest and slid down to his pants. She giggled softly, "Just relax sweetie, I will take care of you." "And I will give you your first orgasm and you will remember Me for the rest of your life," she thought, " I will be the girl you always dream of, the one against whom all others will be compared, Amy, the fox with the big tits. "And for that," she panted, "I will fuck you good and raw, let you feel my bare pussy, let you spurt your cum deep in me." His hands were on her hips, holding her, helping her, forcing her down on his cock.

first date P3

first-time nicenhard50 2017-11-14

I reached down and grabbed and squeezed your ass pressing you against my now very hard cock. You placed both hands on the hood and leaned back as I stepped behind you and rubbed the tip of my cock over your pussy. with that you reached back and grabbed my cock and shoved it into your pussy. Your legs got ridged and you slid down and were pressing against the car window still keeping your hand on the hood. You reached down and grabbed my cock and stroked it till there was a drop of precum at the tip. You looked at me as I put my cock away and said I want more of that.

Love From Ashes

first-time secretsxywriter 2017-11-14

I smiled, laughing softly at the memory of him hugging me tight with a toothy grin while Nana took our picture. "No, lead the way." I smiled and even felt a little giddy when he grabbed my hand and pulled me through the crowd that was slowly filtering out the front doors. What I wouldn't give to be able to come home at the end of the day and sit out on a porch like the one at Nana's and watch the sun go down instead of watching it from the sixth-floor balcony of my high-rise in the city. "That's us at Nana's pond." Alex handed me a glass of cola and picked up the frame.

Beyond the thin blue line

first-time bangyouhard 2017-11-14

Walked back in my room and got dressed up with my best looking pair of jeans, put on a black casual t-shirt and my sunglasses, I was feeling pretty damn great. I got out of my small apartment and walked to my car parked down the street, needless to say it was dead outside so early, road and grass were still wet and shiny with the sun raising up. We sat on my sofa and we talked for a bit but it was getting late, we yawned a couple of time and she let her head down on my shoulder, I wrapped her shoulders with my right arm and I kissed the top of her head.

My First Threesome

first-time CarolynCumlover 2017-11-14

Tim started walking towards the stairs, taking very heavy, deliberate steps, and with every step he took, my pussy bounced on his cock, making my whole body shudder! I started bouncing up and down on his cock like there was no tomorrow, and though I don't remember doing it, Mark and Tim later told me that I was loudly and repeatedly screaming "Fuck me Tim!" Tim has incredible staying power and I came several times as he was fucking me. Apparently Mark had told Tim how much I love the taste of cum, because when he was ready to shoot his load, he yelled, "Please climb off Carolyn, I want to feed you my cum." So I stood up off his cock, then knelt down beside him and took his cock in my mouth.

Invitation into a virgin ass #4

first-time petdyke 2017-11-14

Short summary: She trusts me to take her last precious treasure. She has a long weekend to celebrate and initiate her holy hole. She is on all fours and tied up, only her left hand left to rub. She is ordered to come within six minutes, on camera. She is very wet and aroused, but withholds her orgasm. She acts up to my expectation. My admiration rises. She expects to be punished. I am pleased to oblige. She longs for my flogger, a cat-o-nine-tails. She shrieks as it paints her bottom with red stripes. She sees her burning bums. And also how wet she gets. She needs something inside. She can´t help coming after six sexy minutes more.

Mary, Mary

first-time bigdonhabs 2017-11-14

After a couple of minutes I felt the tingling in my balls and told to get ready that I was going to shoot hot, thick sticky cum down her throat. My cock, hard as a rock, dripping pre-cum like a faucet moved into her lips as I pulled my fingers out. Mary was still cumming, "I feel it, I feel your cum filling by body Don. My god, so good, so fucking good." My cock was being milked dry by her pussy walls. She soon had my cock at full hardness, she was grinding her pussy into my mouth as I tongue fucked her and sucked her clit.

Lisa's Black Submission

first-time cuckwanabe1983 2017-11-14

With one hand he continued to pin her shoulders to the lounger while his other hand guided that huge purple-black knob to her already openly wet cunt lips, and using the head like a battering ram, pushed his way past the swollen red flanges of her cunt. Big Al, and his huge black cock, pushes through the still tight lips of her cunt, and without pausing, he shoves forward, down deep into her, until the mushroom head buts its way against the mouth of her cervix. Even as he is thinking these thoughts, he pulls back almost out of Lisa's so-warm, but so-willing pussy, and then slowly, but surely, starts thrusting into her, as he continues his dominance and his possession of his newest white woman conquest.

Fromage Paysan

first-time Scotsman69 2017-11-14

Or is it the French girl's heat?' Straightening as she turned, she pulled my face to her mouth and kissed me long and deep on the lips, my nascent arousal fully provoked as she pressed herself hard to me, making me feel the delicious firmness of her breasts, the pressure of her lower torso. Still kissing, I moved my hand from her shoulder to her soft firm breast and she squirmed and moaned slightly as I gentled her nipple through thin fabric...'ah Douglas, tu es mon cher...but I think I need more control here...' and she slipped round so that she was leaning over me, now flat on my back.


1st MFF

first-time open4u 2017-11-14

Eileen was then instructed to slide her entire finger in my ass, and at the same time, Laura told me to cum inside her. Once inside, Laura sat on the end of the couch and told Eileen and I to kneel before her and lick my cum from her cunt. After perhaps 10-15 minutes of licking her, Laura had Eileen bend over the couch arm (a puffy wide one) exposing her pussy and ass, and instructed me to pleasure her with my tongue and fingers until she came back. Once the entire anal bead string was inside Eileen, Laura told me stand, Laura grabbed my cock and pulled me toward Eileen’s cunt.

Sex on the beach

first-time bgboy2010 2017-11-14

This started 5 years ago, when I met Leanne. Our first experience was in the middle of the night, on newquay beach. Her soft lips touched mine, and our tongues began to dance, I could smell the irresistible scent of your cum and sweat. You were wearing a short skirt, with no panties, which I removed quickly, eager to see more. Your juices seeping from your pussy. You took of my shorts, and gave me the best blowjob I've ever had! I pushed in, your pussy so tight and welcoming. I picked up the pace, and you came within a minute, the best orgasm ive ever seen. I pulled out my dick and eagerly lapped up your juices. That was the best night of my life.

My Delhi Girl Friend

first-time callboydelhi 2017-11-14

I told to her that am coming but she started to suck hardly I cum in her mouth with heavy load she drank all that and I removed her short she was in her black panty she was in only bra and panty she was looking very sexy in that then I removed her bra. I did not take out my tool I made her to calm down and started to stroke slowly she was enjoying the pleasure now I fucked her like that for about 20 min and cum in her pussy my dick was still inside her we lay like that for some time then we both had bath together.

Dick & Pussy

first-time mocalious76 2017-11-14

Once there was a woman by the name Lusious and she was sitting at home with nothing to do she is saying to herself I'm board to death with nothing to do so Lusious said I will go for a walk down Stroke Ln and Wet St; As Lusious was walking she didn't see anybody or any action going on so she walked down a little more on Wet St and Lusious came to a stop and she notice a group of people in this abandon ally behind Wet St to her surprise she notice that it was a bunch of people having an orgy with each other not knowing that someone was standing behind her while she was in the mist of playing with herself so she didn't feel dick and pussy smacking her on her ass cause she was so cought in the action of the orgy and playing with herself so she was shock.

First wife

first-time strawhappy 2017-11-14

When we went inside he about shit himself, I had moved Donna around on the couch so one leg was over the back of the couch and the other on the floor, like Cathy was that time we walked in on her, and facing the door so that is the first thing you see as you walk in. I let Henry fuck Donna like that several more times after that, after she was asl**p of course, and even while Cathy was there in her room sl**ping too. Donna had felt guilty about fucking Robert so she had Cathy do some things to "try and make it OK" She had me walk into the kitchen nude while Cathy was fixing dinner, loved the reaction of that one, it was the first time she had seen me naked.

lucky guy (part 1)

first-time wankersoffagain 2017-11-14

I had never thought of her sexually,that is until May asked me to decorate Rays room while she was on holiday as a suprise for her. I had to move Rays bed and as i did so i had to move a carrier bag with what looked like a box in it. I was intrigued and had a peek inside,i was home alone so thought why not. It was then that i got the shock of my life,in the box was the biggest vibrator i have ever seen in my life(even to this day). I tried to dismiss all perverted thoughts from my mind and put the box away and got on with the decorating,but this had set thoughts in my head.

The Virgin

first-time darkheart69 2017-11-14

Then with an intense driving force I thrust my manhood deep inside of her until I feel the outer ring of her hymen and her legs begin to tighten then tremble again. Then with another intense thrust forward I break through the delicate hymen with fury and passion and her toes spread with a sharp tension as I start working my manhood deeper inside of her a little at a time until I am buried deep inside of her womb stretching it to full capacity. I put her pretty little toes in my mouth and start sucking gently and like a wild horse her body starts to buck uncontrollably as I feel the intensity of her second orgasm squeezing around my throbbing member.