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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Will & Gracie

first-time Southernfire 2017-11-14

He helped her remove her shirt, and bra, and he started to kiss her breasts, sucking her hard nipples into his mouth. "Now let me make you cum." She pushed him back and took the tip of his cock in her mouth, licking it like a lollipop, getting it back to original hardness, after the shock had deflated him a little. Her hands started to caress his balls, and she took the tip back in her mouth, sucking it, and running her tongue around the head. He kissed her hard, forcing his tongue deep into her mouth, and with his hands on her ass, he pulled her hard up against his cock.

Babysitter's Fantasy Comes True

first-time HorneyDevil69 2017-11-14

"And since no one else is going to know what happened here tonight, you might as well finish what you started." The porn was still on the TV and Katie lifted her skirt back up and started watching it again. Katie immediately got down on her knees and pushed me back on the sofa so that she could play with my cock. She continued kissing and licking down my flat stomach all the while her hands were still playing with by cock. She made her way down to my cock and started licking up and down the shaft and around the head. Slowly I made my way up her tits and started licking and lightly biting her nipples.

Ebony & Ivory Series: Black Cherry

first-time velvetpie 2017-11-14

Vanessa had a vision of his hands, those big strong hands rubbing her chocolate skin, and she said, "I would." I love swimming." She swallowed her fear and pulled off her shirt, showing her latest acquisition from Victoria's Secret, a lavender half-bra, the lace just underneath her dark brown nipples. She trembled in his arms as Herm nuzzled her breasts, slowly striding to the shallow part of the pool. Vanessa nearly swooned at the feeling of his thick fingers, pulling her lips apart and heading right for her clit. His tongue pushed her lips open and he pulled her to him, his cock slowly sliding into her hot core and stretching her. Vanessa ran her fingers through his chest hair, rubbing his hardening nipples.

The Virgin Exhibitionist

first-time deepemerald 2017-11-14

"The problem, sweet Agnes, is that I'm dying to feel your tits in my hands, your lips around my cock and fuck your brains out." It didn't take Gary to get hard as a rock and he soon lifted Agnes onto his cock and fucked her against the cold tiles. She soon came again and Gary made her turn over, sitting on the bonnet as he slammed his cock inside her cunt again. Agnes didn't bother pulling her skirt down as she went back into the car with Gary's cum running down the insides of her thighs. Gary got undressed and walked up to where Agnes was checking out his collection of porn DVDs. He rubbed his cock against her ass and kneaded her tits.

new girl in town

first-time leadpencil21 2017-11-14

She looked at me in the eyes and gave me a long hard kiss grabbing my ass. Selena started licking my dick and took up sucking it. “I’m cumming, Oh, God, fucking cumming!” I blew load after load right in her ass… I pulled my semi hard cock out and she began to suck it. By positioning herself to enter my virgin ass hole she then shoved it right and started fucking me as hard as she could. Oh, yeas” and with that she blew her load right up my ass and pulled out her cock… she ordered me to suck it … I didn’t refuse and obeyed, it tasted great as I sucked it long.

down for u

first-time BrwNEyedDream 2017-11-14

mmm yes that one daddy!!i start taking off my thong first watching and waiting what u or any of ur friends might do. at this point u and i daddy start the kissing and biting while jones sucked on my nipples. i start stroking it up and down ur hard throbbing dick as jones finger fucked the hell outta me while he had my nipples in his mouth. the other two friends kevin and bobby watched after a while kevin walked over and moved jones's hand out the way and dove in starting eating my kitty, i was already dripping wet. i got on my knees and started suckin and licking every inch of ur dick while jones ate my kitty and ass.

How It All Began

first-time smalltittyasian 2017-11-14

Usually, they would've just stood there, constantly opening and closing the window until one of them finally relented, but this time Tariq felt bold. Perhaps it was the fact that he had been coming over nearly every night to her room, or that she had just failed a midterm and wanted to do something stupid, or the moonlight shining on Tariq's angled features, but whatever it was, she decided to take a risk. They had subconsciously begun leaning into each other and Alanis could feel Tariq's warm breath all over her face until their lips finally touched for the first time. His lips were big and so warm and it felt so right to kiss him like this, to feel his hard and large body against her own.


21st bday

first-time 2017-11-14

Then, James slowly spread her lips with his BBC and all we could hear was Tonya gasping for air. Kim and I knelt down and released his raging cock that was now rock hard from watching Tonya with her first BBC inside her. As he watched James working his cock inside and out of Tonya's pussy, we worked Marks cock in and out of our mouths. For the rest of the night, we all took turns with the guys, accept for Tonya, she didn't want anyone but James. Mark, after having all of us girls at least once, went over to Tonya, his fiancé, and knelt down and began sucking her pussy and clit.

Fucking the older BBW manager

first-time cassiusclay 2017-11-14

Of course the men were talking about the younger girls from the shop floor, and warned me about the payroll manager, a large older woman who looked about 50 years old and who apparently liked to grab the youngest man at a night out and kiss them, usually without their consent. She stopped only briefly as we moved onto the bed, although she couldn't resist a kiss in between, and then told me then that she wanted "to swallow all my cum" before we started fucking, and aggressively finished me off with her mouth on all fours, as her tits swung from side to side and I screamed at the ceiling, every single drop of my cum swallowed by this amazing 56 year old.

Pizza Man Got A Piece of Him

first-time DdysAngelFace 2017-11-14

Brian said, "Hey man check out the big cock on that dude." I nodded he was right the guy had a rock hard huge cock. I smiled and said "Hell after I just saw that guy take a load I would love to have my cock sucked that good." Brain bends over pulling my throbbing cock out and started licking me. "Hey play with my ass hole it feels good when you get your ass hole fingered." I wasn't so sure about it until I felt my shorts being pulled off. Hot smooth hard and throbbing I reached to grab Brains balls that had grown tight letting me know he was about to unload his come in my mouth.

Snow Storm and the Babysitter

first-time Jafobuds 2017-11-14

She looked in to my eyes as she slide her tight little body on to mine, straddling me in the hot tub and said, "Yes, I want you to fuck me." as she kiss me passionately. Soon, I could hear Nicole moaning loudly while trying to keep my cock in her mouth, finally she let out a deep moan and I could feel her little pussy convulsing, but she kept sucking my big cock and I could feel the tingle of my pending orgasm. I placed the head of my cock at her tight little opening and very slowly and gently began to enter her, she was so tight and I knew it was starting to hurt her and she tried to move her pussy away from the big cock that was impaling her little pussy.

Camping with the Stepdaughter 5

first-time 2017-11-14

She looked around and went into the van coming back out in her little silk robe again with her towel. She walked out into the stream and lay on her back in the water getting her red hair wet. She then ran her fingers through pussy lips spreading them apart. She slowly dried her hair wrapped it in the towel picked up her robe and walked back up to the van. I then told her that I was going to walk up the trail a little ways and watch her. With her other hand she was spreading her swollen pussy lips exposing her tight little hole. She spread her legs and I told her no that it was my turn on the bottom.

how me and my ex wife got into swinging/dogging an

first-time hornygeordiehubby 2017-11-14

She would willingly dress up while we fucked and the sessions got harder including some piss fun, fisting and of course watching porn. The kind she really got off on was the amateur gang/group stuff and she would often admit she wanted other cocks etc but nothing much happened save for it being part of our sex life. As she told me this I was kneading her tits and had started working up her dress to find she had no fucking knickers on!! The next half an hour of us fucking and sucking had her confessing everything, the taxi ride to his with real heavy petting, her getting her tits fully out and rubbing his cock.

How I Came To Be... Vampire Pt. 1

first-time 2017-11-14

First my father, I looked at him and found pride and happiness, flashes of memory went past my inner eye; Mother and him walking up to the newly finished house, me as an infant wrapped tightly in his arms, and finally me walking in with my betrothed at last nights party. Before I left my mother kissed my forehead and commented on how cold and white I was, but I quickly told her that I was fine and really wanted to get to know my betrothed better before the wedding. We went to another and another tavern until I could not drink any more bl**d; he wanted to make sure I looked human and would not be hungry tomorrow night.

Moaning Maid

first-time fantasyimpact 2017-11-14

As he does this Kate gasps.Then becomes wide eyed as his hand grasps a hold of her right tit and starts rubbing her hard nipple under her bra. Kate caresses his dick with her lips then takes it in her mouth and sucks hard and blows in gently. She pulled the cock deep into her mouth until it was in her throat. Chase loved the feel of the gag on his cock. Chase could feel his throbbing dick about to cum. With one last deep thrust he came and filled Kate with warm cum. Kate takes his cock out and licks it clean. Chase gets on his hands and knees and spreads Kate's legs while propping her against the headboard.

Indian Delite

first-time Lucky Mann 2017-11-14

I stopped in the hallway, turned to face Damini, and gently took her by the hand. Facing Damini, I took her by both hands and said, "I have a king-sized bed and a nice big sofa in my room. When Damini began slowly, almost imperceptibly, rocking her hips, I let the hand massaging her breast trail softly down her belly, into her panties, and to her thick black pubic bush. When I grazed her clitoris, Damini lifted her butt completely off the bed and held my hand tightly to her pussy with both of her hands. Wrapping both my arms around her, and kissing her with all the passion I had, I stroked in and out of the first couple of inches of Damini's tight pussy.

Fucking when you weren't Planning on it

first-time ILoveBigBush 2017-11-14

I'm on my back with her leg spread over my torso still lapping at her gorgeous hairy pussy and sure enough, Sara starts giving me a hand job. I told Sara that I didn't have any condoms, and she said, "I rarely do this sort of thing, and I don't have any condoms either, but I'd still like to try if you're up for it." I was impressed with Sara's curiosity so I explained that I wanted to be extra careful since she was not on the pill and I wasn't using a condom so I pulled out the moment I felt the very beginning of my orgasm.

The Cherry Poppers Ch. 08

first-time BlewWater69 2017-11-13

We fucked her in all three, about ten guys total," Ben said as Jason glanced at his name on the chart. Jason talked with Wayne but only about sports and school, nothing as interesting as with Ben. Soon enough Dr. Jenny came out of her office with Ben. The notes and prescription were similar. Just tell the dear old doctor why you're depressed, and believe me, I've heard every story, excuse, malady, and emotional concern you could imagine over the years," Dr. Jenny stated. "Okay, Doctor Whitfield, I'll try," Kira said. Doctor Jenny said good bye to Kira by his desk and returned to her office. "Hi, Beth," Jason said, ninety percent sure he got it right.

My first couple but not the last

first-time Mutualfun2 2017-11-13

Soon we were both naked sittin back down semi hard she appeared in the door way dress gone in black stockings lace bra pants any her black high heel shoes she walked over fell to her knees taking hold of my cock she pulled back the foreskin slid her mouth over it her breathing heavy as she sucked me deep Slowly I went deeper began to thrust faster holding her hips she began to pant moan " that's it babe cum on him let it go " I want you too cum" Dave encouraged her she was all ready there her body stiffened I felt her pussy squeezing my cock as I held her deep on me she moaned and gasped for air

O noapte fierbinte (part. 1)

first-time pleyer24 2017-11-13

Deschide picioarele, inchide ochii si incepe sa geama usor, apoi ia mana lui Florin si o impinge mai jos, printre buci pana la pasarica. Cu mana dreapta imi mingaie mie parul, iar pe cealalta o trece peste pectoralii si abdomenul lui Florin. Alina intinde mana in dreapta ei si apuca coaiele rase ale lui Florin pe care le maseaza. Gaura Alinei este deschisa la maxim in pula lui Florin care, la randul ei, e unsa cu mierea lucioasa din vagin. Sunt suprexcitat, pentru o secunda imi vine sa termin, insa trebuie sa fiu atent sa nu-mi iasa pula din anusul ei cand face miscarile astea incordate. Nici nu l-a terminat bine ca se apleaca peste bucile Alinei si incepe sa-i suga pula care inca mai zvacneste rar.


Teaching Tara: Part II: The Kiss continues

first-time jessiikt 2017-11-13

I blushed a bit and said: “I liked kissing you Mr Tanner, I thought about it all night, and hoped that we would do it again”. “Oh Tara, you have beautiful breasts, you should not hide them underneath such a big shirt and ugly bra. I tensed, but he whispered:”relax Tara, this is what boys like, and you’ll like it too.” His mouth moved lower, licking its way to my nipple. But we shouldn’t do this.” He stopped licking my nipple and pulled back looking me in the eye said: “If you really want to stop we can Tara, just tell me and I will.” “Tara, if you come back tomorrow, I want you to wear a tight t-shirt or blouse and most importantly no bra.

A Very Special Birthday

first-time RebeccaSJ 2017-11-13

My boyfriend said he had a very special birthday present for me, so we went to his house. He was kind, sweet, romantic, gentle, and persistent and respectful of my feelings and eventually my resistance fell away. He had mentioned to me a few times that he had an urge to make love to me, but that he respected my feelings enough not to pursue it. Afterwards, I felt a mix of emotions: sadness, exhilaration, excitement, disappointment, deep romance, nervousness, peace, a bit of regret, but also happiness, satisfaction, and a myriad of other feelings. I felt like part of me had just died, but I also felt like I had just started an exciting new adventure, one I would enjoy many times afterwards.

The Flight Home

first-time funtimes12345 2017-11-13

She smiles at me and asks if there is any way she can have the window seat... (the flght was at midnight so most people we snoozing) I smiled at he and turned towards her and started rubbing her clit through her very tight pants ... I continued to rub her pussy thought her pants and she asked me to go in her pants.... I moved my hand inside her pants and continued to rub her wet clit... unzipped my pants and started rubbing my cock... I continued to rub her clit until she came ... she asked me if I thought giving her the window seat was worth it ...

Virginators: College Buddies' Quest Ch. 02

first-time SXY_Hot_Mamma 2017-11-13

She moved her hands to my head and stroked her hands through my hair as I flicked my tongue back and forth over the soon hard nipple and she let out a tiny moan as my two fingers spread her open to let my next finger enter, now three deep in her pussy, getting her wet for my growing erection. Sierra kept her eyes closed as I looked up at her to see what her face was like as I pulled back on her tit as my head went up from her body. I smiled at when I noticed her eyes open and stood up, looking down at the angel spread out on my dinning table.