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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

The Cherry Poppers Ch. 19

first-time BlewWater69 2017-11-13

Jason was trying not to stare and to stay focused on her face, but his eyes wanted to watch her uncross and cross her legs. Jason wasn't sure what expression his face showed but if it looked anything like the desperation in his eyes had for that pussy, it was probably evident what he really wanted. "I'm going to make him even happier," Sheila claimed taking Jason's cock softly into her hands. "You like that, big boy?" Sheila said, looking up into his eyes as she continued to tongue his sensitive cockhead. Jason played with her tits for a good long while, sucking each nipple a couple times before kissing back down her belly.

Watching My Mother

first-time VirginPaul 2017-11-13

I started tentatively at first squeezing my mother's breasts with my hands, then looked up at her face and she nodded at me to continue. I squeezed her breasts really hard and she stopped me, "No, Paul, not too hard, like anywhere else, they can hurt." I began to focus on her nipples, playing my fingers over them, amazed at how erect and tight they were getting. My mother, knowing exactly what I was doing, moved her hands, without my really noticing and slipped the panties all the way off, giving me free access to her mature bush. Once she'd lowered herself all the way down my penis, I gazed up at her, seeing her smiling face above those wonderful naked breasts, I realized I was no longer a virgin.

A Death Wish Fulfilled

first-time Dr_hyde 2017-11-13

But if anything I can do helps then know that I am completely yours in every way." I knew she was right and it did feel so good to just be with her. And if he loves you and if he asks will you agree to marry him after I die?' I tried to believe that she would not die but my medical training assured that I knew she would." As Rachel said all this I was suspired to learn this conversation had occurred, but I was not angry. I will never forget the way Jennifer said 'Be gentle to her Jesse' then she guided your cock into my virgin pussy.

What Happened Under the Moonlight

first-time MarzyDotes 2017-11-13

"When I look at you...I don't see my daughter's best friend, I see a beautiful young woman," he said, "and I think about what I want...and it's not for your ears." "But...this is wrong...we both know that," he said, "My family's in the house and you have to be so beautiful?" "Try me...fuck me Devlin...I might not be experienced like you but I know what I want...and if you're here..." "Soften you up a bit," he said, "'s going to feel so good to get inside of you...but I want you to be wet first..." "You drove me fucking crazy with those damn pictures," he said, "I jacked off so many times I can't count just imagining what it'd be like to fuck that pussy...I'm so hard right now..."

My First Blow Job

first-time acuriousguy2 2017-11-13

One time I was in a booth watching a video of 2 women when one kind of slid off a couch so her butt was up in the air and her partner started to kiss her ass cheeks. Several times while I was in a booth I would see guys stick there fingers through the hole in the wall and it took me a while to figure out they wanted me to stick my cock through. I took his cock in my right hand and very slowed stroked it and with my left hand I gently started to roll his balls in my hand. Most book stores no longer have booths that allow holes or enough privacy for blow jobs.

Moms School Re-Union

first-time 2017-11-13

It was hot under my hand, I pushed my fingers under the elastic of her thong and felt a little hair, Mum moaned as I found her clitoris and began to rub it rolling my fingers over it, I stopped and withdrew my hand, mother opened her mouth and looked at me in disappointment but all I did was slip to the floor in-between her legs and reach up to grab the sides of her panties, she raised her ass as I pulled them down to ankles and off.

Long Summer Days

first-time pilotguy2016 2017-11-13

“Hey, want anything to drink or maybe eat?” Looking down expecting more, you replied “Um sure, I guess I’ll take some cold water.” “Alright, well I’m going to order a pizza too, just in case” and some how, I managed to crack a little smile to cheer you up. You sat up and said “Alright well I think I’m going to take a cool shower to cool down again.” “Sorry, didn’t mean to get you all hot again.” “Babe its okay, the pleasure was well worth the heat, I love your hot loads.” “Well, um, maybe you should come over more than just Wednesdays.” “Trevor, after what you just did, I will have to, but lets go eat that pizza, pretty sure its cold by now.”

First experience in a lorry

first-time TinyPetra 2017-11-13

He said he needed to pee and went out on the side of the lorry, and I saw him on my side in the rear mirror. We laid there and talked a bit, and he told me how much he liked to swim naked and to be naked in the sun. After 10 minutes they went off again, and I got into the water, and started to swim back. I saw his cock growing and soon it was straight in the air, and his hand grabbed it and he started to stroke it slowly. After he was finished he went to the lake, and into the water and started to swim to the plattform.

Double Trouble

first-time lasslorn30 2017-11-13

Ruth began to move her hands gently over Terri's body, stopping at her breasts to massage her nipples, then slowly stroking down her stomach to below her naval. "Terri, lie down, there's something I've wanted to do for a long time," whispered Ruth, gently pushing her cousin backwards onto the bed. She began kissing her cousin's body, dragging her tongue around her nipples and her naval, firmly but gently moving south to her pussy. As Ruth lay there, her cheeks, her chest and her pussy flushed red as all the bl**d rushed there to heighten the stimulation they were getting, she felt Terri's tongue between her lips, circling, flicking, hovering and fucking her intensely.

A Passionate Day

first-time mcds566 2017-11-13

As I shove two fingers into your swollen pussy, deep and hard sending wave after wave of pleasure just crashing through your body, I feel your walls clamp onto my fingers as your juice gushes from within you, the image of your writhing body is etched in my memory. "Don't release yet darling, I want to feel you're cum spurt deep inside me hold on bit longer," you whimper, as a moan escapes your lips. "I want you to thrust yourself deep in side me, until I feel jets of your hot thick white cum erupt inside me until my pussy overflows with it." Your sultry voice is now full of urgency. I run my fingers up the inside of your soft silky thighs, stopping at your swollen lips spreading them apart slowly.

My Friend stayed overnight (Boy sl**pover)

first-time Skyler96 2017-11-13

I had never told Matt about it, and I don’t know why but as we were driving to my house I said half joking “If we get bored we could watch porn.” As I said that Matty’s eyes opened up wide and he said “You have a porno?” I said “Yes.” Matty seemed excited now and said “We should watch it!” I said “I don’t want my Mom to get suspicious. We will have to wait till my Mom goes to sl**p, and then go down to the basement, and watch it on the T.V. down there.” Matty agreed and we got to my house and had dinner, played Playstation, and watch some T.V. in the living room. Almost immediately Matty asked “Can we watch the porn movie now.” I said “Yeah” and went to my room and got it.

Jersey Summer Love

first-time LunaEroticaMystica 2017-11-13

Her sister on the other hand loved the sun, the beach, the boardwalk, and all things summer -- a true shore-girl, a true "Jersey Girl." Raina knew that the minute Coral became old enough, she'd be hitting every Dance Club on the Seaside Heights strip. She looked back down to where her sister had been a moment ago and knew that she'd probably never reach the end of the lagoon before Coral won their little race. Raina looked into her sister's green eyes and shook her head. "And your big sister?" Logan asked, looking over to see his buddies swarm the pretty girl. "Okay, sure," she smiled, glared at her sister and Logan, and followed the boys into the house.

Bare Beach By Bicycle

first-time petdyke 2017-11-13

I slowly slide a finger down the slit between her cheeks - she lets me, enjoys it enormously I feel how wet she already got I slide my finger deeper down her slit indeed she moans now I whisper in her ear as she pants from her hard coming: I want you to turn over open up now! I get terrificly turned on from eating her sweet salty sexy slit, especially when she comes hard I arch my back a bit to start a slow dance of my hotspot on the tip of her index longing to come I reach up a bit to grab for our supply of water - taking a long sip my gaze dwells up the dune

A Friend in Need - A Special Night

first-time KKross 2017-11-13

For all that Taniksha only ever had one "serious" relationship it was with a guy named Randolph, I never understood what she saw in him, she was clearly smarter than him and he treated her like shit, and I suspected had cheated on her a few times, I only ever once obliquely mentioned my thoughts to her but she brushed them off and I did not bring it up again. "Tanni, sweet heart, he's an asshole to pull this kind of bull shit on an amazing girl like you, any retard who would throw away a beautiful, sweet, loving and sexy girl like you has his head up some other retard's ass."

Fucking Kelly Heinz Ch. 01

first-time melsdad 2017-11-13

Instead of behaving in a responsible adult way, telling her to ask her parents about those things, my cock driven brain took me down the road of lust. I took her in my arms, holding her gorgeous, young, body, to mine and began to kiss her on the neck, working my way to her delicious little mouth, tasting and smelling her erotic breath, as I almost consumed her with my mouth, invading her with my tongue, feeling her innocent responses and wanting her so much. I felt her hand touch and push the top of my head and her body began to pulse so that I knew it was time withdraw contact from her sensitive sex organ.

The Setup

first-time AutumnWriter 2017-11-13

Steven's task for the weekend was to introduce Tracy's roommate and best friend, Jennifer, to the pleasures of sex, or 'lovemaking' as the girls had insisted on calling it. Steven knew that his and Tracy's playtime in their dorm room piqued Jennifer. As Steven strolled across the quad to Jennifer and Tracy's dorm he had to admit that he felt a little nervous. As Steven walked he thought to himself that he would have liked to have a little more time to think things over. Steven started thinking about Tracy and asked himself why she had arranged to have him and Jennifer in the positions that they were in.

Bach & Elgar's Happy Ending Ch. 04

first-time ReefBeach 2017-11-13

The girls innocently start with, "Tell me, do you love me?" then breathlessly sing, "Look out, look out!" The music races on, stopping suddenly as if to gasp and catch its breath, then driving on, encouraging the singers/lovers to kiss and bite each other then hold and stroke her breasts. I needed to see Jack and see if he was affected the same way but I couldn't focus to find his face in the men's chorus. When I sing that stuff and look across at some of the boys I start getting a bit hot and bothered myself." George smiled warmly. I was still tingling from Jack's thrusting and my climax, seeing George's smile and recalling Jack's eyes; the fantasy of sucking and fucking came back.

the cook

first-time lonelywolf91 2017-11-13

Well this girl name sexy ass chick(blanca) was struggling with her payments with her apartment. Well my lucky ass had a bathroom in my room and it was the only accessible bathroom in the house. Well she came in my room and headed to the bathroom. I was pretending I was sl**ping, after she came out I felt her presence coming towards my bed. One night I was about to fall asl**p and she came in my room to use the bathroom. She started to fell on my chest and made her way down my boxers. She got on top and started kissing my neck all the way to my chest. I squeezed her big ass and made my way to her pussy.

Mommy its better then paradise

first-time savita009 2017-11-13

This time as we drove by it William said to me, "Mom, I'd like to celebrate my first paycheck by taking you to that restaurant tomorrow night." I told him that he didn't have to do that, but he kept insisting that he wanted to. I was completely caught up in the sensation of my son's massive cock sliding in and out of my pussy, and was just on the verge of cumming when William said, "Mom, I'm going to cum! I was completely caught up in the sensation of my son's massive cock sliding in and out of my pussy, and was just on the verge of cumming when William said, "Mom, I'm going to cum!

Bitchy stepmom

first-time Icecub 2017-11-13

The second time was when i saw my father fuck my step mom in their bedroom early in the morning.I was only 15 then but i was amazed on seeing my step mom's big boobs and the way she sucked my dad's huge cock.I wanted to lick clean her wet pussy but it wud be some other day. My dad is a very rich business man.I think he deals with gadgets and now he is going to start his own gadget company.He is very rich so he gets to fuck that gorgeous bitch.She is amazing and absolutely gorgeous,at 5'9'' aged 32 that angel is a treat to the eye she's got a amazing tan and equally amazing body,you should have seen the way she sucks my dad's cock.


first-time lucypussy 2017-11-13

Few days I used to open the door when bell rang in the morning, when I opened the door in the morning she used to walk as close as she can and some times she touches my dick by side ways. She dint knew that there is no body in the room, she asked me "come and open the key, I want to wash clothes". again bell rang, this time I got furious and opened the door shouting "what!!" it was Shalini darling "You said you come and finish the work" I smiled and welcomed her. But she dint enter, I asked her to come inside and gave a little way and immediately came back to same position..

Adventures in Babysitting

first-time TallNavyMan 2017-11-13

I always liked it when she came home late because I made more money and it gave me more time with her husband's porn stash after the kids went to sleep. I looked at the magazines for an hour or so, jacked off a couple of times (two times in an hour sounds like a lot, but remember that I was only 19), and then suddenly saw headlights in the window. She obviously trained me correctly, because as soon as I licked her clit a few times, and even sucked on it like it was a little cock, she flooded my mouth with her pussy juice.

There are no coincidences .....

first-time penetreitor 2017-11-13

she gets up and asks me to help move furniture taste and I notice that I get up and stares at my cock with desire face because I was so excited and had my dick hard. I lean over her feet and started gently kissing her fingers and her ankle and went slowly kissing all beautiful tan legs up to her thighs, where my tongue caressed her waist and walked up to her stomach when she kissed his breathing grew increasingly and slid my tongue into her womb and slowly went down to her clitoris was hard and was all wet started to pass the tip of my tongue up and down and every time she breathed deep and moaned softly ...

A Cherry in Las Vegas

first-time GotBacon 2017-11-13

A half hour later a very small Chinese girl sits next to him at the table. She clears the table and Eric tops off their wine glasses and takes her by the hand and leads her to the living room. He feels his cum getting ready. "I feel so good in your arms, Eric. She gets off his lap and puts her mouth on his cock and strokes him faster. Your pussy feels so good around my cock. She lays her head on his chest and gives him little kisses on his neck. She follows holding his cock in one hand and is feeling of his ass with the other. She snuggles her face under his chin and gives him little kisses on his neck.