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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Sue's First Time

first-time Dave H. 2017-11-13

She started humping my hand so I slid my hand up to the top of her jeans and started undoing her pants she just stared at me as I pulled her zipper down and started to slid her jeans off I could see that her panties were wet after I took her jeans off I started kissing her legs till I got to her crotch I spread her legs and started kissing her pussy through her panties she started moaning again saying how good that felt. She was moaning that she was going to cum when her body stiffened and she went into a full blown organism her pussy was squeezing my cock for all it was worth and her muscles in her belly was rippling asking for my seed.

My Mom and My Dream Girl

first-time 2017-11-13

“Well mom remember when I told you this morning that I had something else to talk to you about…” I went on to tell her about walking in on her the night before, how it made me feel, my reaction to her in the robe in the morning, me not being able to look away from her all day, and finally Sara saying she was into i****t and that the thought of me fucking my own mom made her horny. My mom walked out with a form fitting little black dress on that rivaled Sara outfit in sluttiness, “Since you two are going to be making out all damn night, I’m gonna go out with Becky.

Adventures at Lake Juno

first-time gg17 2017-11-13

Like by holding my hand, or rubbing my shoulders. I'd get stiff pretty quickly from the lip-to-lip contact, so I would sure that the lower part of my body wasn't pressed against him. Then one night as we were doing our usual makeout, John asked if he could suck me off. Carefully, John slid my underwear down to my ankles and proceeded to lick the head of my penis. I started to moan very quietly as John let me go in and out of his mouth. John stood up as I put my shorts back on, and said that he was surprised by how long I lasted. I quickly blushed, and said that maybe I could try him next time.

My Boss, Mr. Paul Cooper: Part2

first-time Ashley1991 2017-11-13

I have to bang my secretary next then get home and fuck my wife like a wild horse next" said Charles, I was happy i got everyone to horny & I giggle and winked at paul calling him close to me as i sat on the couch. As he was putting on a condom, Charles said "No condom, Isn't the girl on her pill?" I was so Paul threw away the condom and within a second he thrusted his hard thick cock deep inside my pussy. We were not done yet, Many more rounds of sex were left, Paul was going to fuck me wild today but Charles was to horny now so we told Charles good-bye as he was to horny and needed to bang his wife and secretary and turned off the cam.

Pay for Hooker Goes Wrong? Gay

first-time 425olds 2017-11-13

"Oh yeah" The man said, "I should start chargin' more for a good blow." I slid my mouth up and down the length of the giant cock, it was bigger then I had ever seen in the shower at the gym. Again I didn't know why I did what I did, but sure enough I reached out and opened up their pants and grabbed onto each cock pulling them free and I quickly let one slide into my mouth. The two guys split up one moving the black woman to the head of the bed the other reached for me, still a little disoriented from the smack in the mouth the man grabbed me and easily bent me over the edge of the bed, before I knew it my pants were at me knees.

B****er's Dilemma.

first-time black_forest_boxum 2017-11-13

“Oh, don’t be modest,” Margie said, taking another look at the photos. “Well that won’t do,” Margie said, leaning back on the bed, “Go on and get it hard; I want my money’s worth for silence.” Slowly she began to lean forward until her chin was nearly touching her stroking hand every time it came to the tip. “Wait, Margie,” Jason said, his voice coming out in a ragged moan. Margie smiled at this, leaning forward and kissing the tip of his cock. Jason shifted his head from side to side, making Margie moan as his lips grazed her and she ground her hips into his face.

Missionary's Position

first-time fogbank 2017-11-13

This was all stuff that Meredith had known before from sex-education classes and from hearing others talk, but it was a different thing entirely to see it in practice. "You've wanted this for a long time, haven't you," Meredith whispered, running her hand along his rain-soaked shaft. And that was another thing: she loved the way he called her 'Miss Birsch.' She figured that she probably should tell him to call her 'Meredith', but no, she liked him calling her by that formal title. Ilapu waited outside while Meredith went in, lit a lantern, and opened a supply chest. She could see Ilapu, lit with a silver edge and stroking his cock the way Paul had, earlier.

Barsaat Ke DIN Aye

first-time micky424 2017-11-13

Mein apki kuch help kar sakta hu?” To vo boli, “Ha, Acutally meri gadi achanak hi ruk gae aur mera driver phone bhi nahi otha raha hai!!” Meine kaha: “etni raat ko to vo bhi soo gaya hoga!, Agar aap bura nahi mane to mein aapko ghar tak lift de sakta hu?” Thodi deer tak atmosphere shant ho gaya. Vo bike se otri aur mere samne aake khadi hue oske kapde pure bhig gae the jisse oske doodh ka shape puri tarah se dikh raha tha aur oski pink color ki strips vali bra bhi dekh rahi thi. jab mein oski chut chatne laga vo jor jor se awaaz karne lagi, “nick, bus karo aab mujhse nahi saha jataaaaaaaaaaa mujhe chodo plzzzzz nick” meine kaha, ” thik hai” aur ek hi jatke meine apna pura lund osmein dal diya.


The Adventures of G Ch. 10

first-time garterbelt 2017-11-13

"Jimmy," I said, as I slipped the other bra strap down,"I have two breasts." As I exposed the nipple, he hungrily started to suck and the waves of pleasure continued He turned on his side, took my breast like a vulnerable child, kissing and sucking, his eyes closed, a look of rapture and comfort on his face. As he took comfort, I was experiencing increasing waves of pleasure and I knew by this gift, God was rewarding me for doing my duty as a Christian woman to comfort Jimmy. His big hard throbbing penis seemed to grow even bigger on my leg as he took my second breast in his mouth, kissing and sucking while caressing the other with his hand.

Not the Blowjob you expected

first-time Scoobydoo456 2017-11-13

Again a smile darkens his features he tells you “I need to arrest you for hanging around a gay cruising area” the thoughts of being charged for that cause you to panic and again you beg him not to arrest you and saying “I’ll do anything...please don’t arrest me” and he leans in close to whisper in your ear while grabbing your ass " anything cock boy" only a feeble " yes sir anything" comes from your mouth.

My only gay experience (true story) Part 2

first-time kpdenomo 2017-11-13

That's when he finally took control and said, "I think you need a lip check." I was so tipsy and nervous that I had to ask him to say it again, but he couldn't reply because he had my cock in his mouth. After licking my shaft up and down and sucking my balls, he went back to work running his mouth up and down my cock while grabbing my balls in his hand and massaging them. So, when I started to get close, I told him, "Oh yeah, baby...I'm going to cum" and even tried to pull his head off my dick by his hair. It wasn't that big, like I said, but still I could feel the head of his dick pressing the back of my throat.

part 2

first-time Johnnytames69 2017-11-12

Tammy thought about it, she really wanted to go on the trip and she was kind of buzzed, plus she kind of enjoyed the attention the guys gave her. Not realizing that the fan was blowing her skirt open, giving the guys a nice view of her precious virgin pussy. The guys asked her about her sex life and she said she was inexperienced but had hopes the trip would change that." "They put on a cock sucking video and gave her tips and pointers, she felt Glen and Daves legs moving closer to hers, the video was turning her on, As glenn talked to her he kept touching her leg, leaving it longer and longer each time.

My first time

first-time 2017-11-12

Turning me over and embracing me, he took a hold of my manhood and gave me a happy ending.........I think I expected more , like him telling me how much it meant to him...but he didnt though he politely thanked me and suggested we must do the same again...though we never did ...and within a short time he was dressed and gone ..............I only saw him twice and very briefly aftr that , he just have me a wink on both occasions.If I ever have a rendezvous and I know or suspect its their first time , I always try and make them feel a bit special.......though even looking back, even now, I remember feeling good that another man wanted to take me ....


JOY - Chapter 3

first-time sushicook 2017-11-12

He didn't look at my belly-button, no: his uninhibited gaze met me lower down where my dark little triangle lured, still warm and half asl**p. When I tried to stand up his fast fingers pus-hed my dressing gown quickly over my shoulders and down to my hips, from where it sailed onto the carpet around my feet. But when he started to play with the little orifice just above my pussy and was wettening the tiny muscle with my own juices I was real-ly annoyed! The drums started with a soft monotone rhythm but when the masked monster put his dirty fingers into the neck of my dress and ripped it open from the top to the bottom at once.

The Lonely Student

first-time Friendly_Canuck 2017-11-12

As I got to school for the day, I can see the cliques starting to group together with the athletes, nerds, Goths, and other various groups getting together in the front hall and jabbering on about who looks great in what outfit. I heard a rush of footsteps coming down a stairwell and the door opened up and there was my dream girl looking slightly ruffled but still as beautiful as ever. The following day, I remembered that the school formal was coming up so I decided to gather all of my courage up and ask Julie to the prom. Julie noticed this and in a comical tone of voice asked herself out loud what had she created but it looked to me like she was slightly jealous.

A Journey to Remember Ch. 01

first-time Sleigh 2017-11-12

As she moaned into his mouth her next door neighbour was coming down the street and he was staring so much that she wanted to give him a show, she slowly eased away from the kiss and ran her hands down James' chest as she eased herself onto her knees and pulled James' cock out of his pants and she sucked it in, right to the back of her throat and his hips started gyrating as she lightly ran her teeth up the side of his cock. She felt is balls tightening as he exploded in her mouth she swallowed eagerly and quickly walked over to her neighbour and said " Would you like a taste?" as she forced her tongue into his mouth and then as the neighbour stood staring as she walked back to James she wiggled her ass sexily.

Moana and her loverboy first time fucking in the p

first-time Starflyer 2017-11-12

After another hour we decided to leave that site and stood up when a black guy asked us whether we don´t mind to have another fucking show in front of them. Moana enjoyed it so much that she started showing everything in detail and sometimes fucking in slow motion in order to get a great photo and movie session for the guys. But I had to admit that the contrast of the black hand and fingers inside of the girl´s white body looked great and obviously Moana enjoyed it a lot and finally she came with a big orgasm into the hand of the black guy.

The Knight and the Horny Mage Chapter 1

first-time fuckemon 2017-11-12

In this town of Kimp, there was an inn, which they will both sl**p at and well, the second part is a surprise. Either way, as our heroes entered the inn... (You biggot)." grumbled Sally as she approached the counter. (You biggot)." Jack said in response. After eating their dinner, our heroes decide to go to bed. Sally wakes up in the middle of the night, hornier than ever. she looks at jack, but she doesn't see a guy, she sees the salvation from her horniness. As her hips shook up and down, Jack was having so much pleasure, he had cum, like, twice before Sally'd had enough sex for one night."Remember what i said" She told jack.

Professor Lumpkin

first-time stoneypoint 2017-11-12

He knew he could and the fair looking full figured woman with above average features took a liking to the young man because of his high goals he set for himself. Your grades aren't up to speed young man and if they drop below our 2.0 standard, unfortunately you'll be removed from this college." Speaking firmly, she added "I do know from our initial interview back in July when you and your parents came up that you expressed with confidence and some arrogance as well that you'd have no such problems staying up on the curriculum. The chubby professor who weighed around 165 lbs with medium length blondish hair and of course a full figure closer to her mid-section and upper body immediately felt sympathy for her student but only asked "What is that all about Kip?

Husband's Horny Ass

first-time 425olds 2017-11-12

"If you expect me to fuck your ass, you need to give up control to me totally so I know your ready." "You will have to say the most nasty thing you can think of," Jane demanded. I heard myself saying, "Fuck my ass sir." "Stick your big warm wonderful cock all the way up my ass and make me your bitch." "I need a real dick so bad!" I heard Jane ask me from somewhere across the room, "How's that big cock feel in your ass?" "Show me your appreciation for your birthday present by giving our new friend the best ass he has ever fucked."

My Beautiful Neighbor

first-time urpussysucker 2017-11-12

Nancy told me about her husband job and said that he goes for office in the morning and returns back in the late evening and she feels very bore whole day. The smell of the pussy and her nectar was so intoxicating and arousal for me that I parted her outer vaginal lips by my fingers and put my tongue deep inside her wet pussy and moved it to and fro very fast. I observed her reaction that she was enjoying it very much and started to rub her small pussy hairs with her fingers rapidly down to her outer vaginal lips. I continue to lick her pussy from deep inside up to which my tongue could go then I took her swollen red clitoris in my mouth and licked it gently.

Stacey Gets Out of Her Rut

first-time blueberry_camelot 2017-11-12

I think she will be working a lot of long days from now on." Stacey had known there was tension ever since Mrs. Devon had become a nurse and was spending so much time away from home but the sadness in his voice shocked her. Why don't you take a look baby, tell me if you like it." He grabbed her right hand and guided it down to his fly. "I've got to push that inside you." He bent over her and licked her stomach up to her right tit and sucked on it for a moment before pulling his head back and grabbing either side of her hips.

Christine's Advice

first-time AnnHoytRedlass 2017-11-12

As his eyes hungrily took in the scene, Liz shifted and gestured to the chair with her foot giving him ample time to notice the lace trim on the babydoll she was wearing as well as a peek at what looked to be a matching black satin and lace thong. "I've had a lot of time to think about our discussion and what happened the other day" Liz said as she languidly slid her hands from her thighs to up her stomach, before gently circling on her breasts with just her fingertips. I was thinking that since I got to watch you masturbate the other day, I thought it was only fair to let you have a chance to see me." Liz made sure to make eye contact with him the whole time she said this.


first-time shotguner 2017-11-12

all Tammi could do is nod WELL STRIP NAKED AND GET IN THEN Tammi looks once again at her f****y sheds her clothes and gets in the two drive away to a lake house where the woman FUCKS Tammi over and over pussy ass mouth tits till she passes out after 4 hours takes her to her home tells her get out sult Tammi does as told walking in her house to her f****y naked pussy clean shaved red and puffy from all the strap-on fucking ass red from spanking and fucking make-up smered and running hair tangled her husband says where have you been smiling she says getting FUCKED better then you ever have and goes to bed..........................