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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.


first-time 2017-11-12

I looked down and saw her delicious little tits, her nipples so hard, my hairy chest and her lovely slit with the head of my cock just inside. Just so you know, I don't want this to be the only time." I kissed her mouth gently and said, "With care we can do this again sometime." She giggled then and said, "So I would be mistress the right word...I looked it up once because I saw the word in one of my Mom's books." I laughed and said "Yes Halana, you would be my mistress. "Right now Halana, my hard cock is going to fuck your juicy little CUNT." With that word I slammed her body down my cock.

I Love Dick

first-time Willing2Do 2017-11-12

I loved it - my Dick's dick, cock, prong, rod, shaft and other names he called it as I licked the little opening in the end of it, ran my tongue around the helmet-feeling part of it, stroked it, sucked it. My Dick felt my titties some more, kissed, licked, sucked them, my erect nipples.The limo driver took over on my mouth, on my titties. On my prom night, my first time to have my titties felt, kissed, licked, sucked, pussy licked, cum several times, really see a cock, two actually, suck, swallow cum, be fucked by not one but two guys, I was hooked on the good feelings, dick.

Do we have a Deal Training CuckSucker

first-time 425olds 2017-11-12

I'd come across a few super hot stories where a big breasted wife would tit-fuck her husband until he came all over her globes, and then cajole him into licking all his cum off her beautiful boobs. I hesitated for a second, the big knob resting on my tongue, took a breath, opened my lips and slid the cock into my mouth. I felt the huge shaft fill my throat, and then the last 3.5 inches of that big, beautiful black dildo disappeared into my mouth!!! Then I felt Suzie's hand on the back of my head, "That's it, swallow that cock for me," and she pushed me down just as I started to swallow the shaft into my throat. "Mmmmmm," I moaned as Suzie slid the cum covered dildo in and out of my sucking mouth.

Being the DD has benefits

first-time pelladude3 2017-11-12

As the night went on, wife and her group of friends got d***ker and louder. She laughed and said your wife was right, you are a good beer bring beers on command like you did all night. She laughed and said, well I haven't been married 20 years, but I do like to suck cock. She then told me this could be our little secret and went back to slowly teasing my cock. She leaned in to kiss me and told me she wanted to share another secret with me, but that would have to wait for the next time I was the DD.

Adam and Eve: The First Lovers

first-time MatthewVett 2017-11-12

God had granted to me a small, sharp piece of metal that he called a razor, and I smiled as I remembered the way my Father taught me how to shave, patiently explaining the process to me, gently encouraging me to keep going when the blade bit me, drawing blood. "I have new feelings when I am with Eve. I do not know their names. "Yes, Eve. God told me to give into whatever I felt. Eve quivered, moaning and gasping, both her hands grabbing and squeezing and rubbing her breasts, her hair blowing wild and free in the wind, as she screamed a wordless cry of passion. Eve and I locked eyes and I felt something new in my heart.

Hot Tub Flashing

first-time goinstrong 2017-11-12

While in the hot tub, I pulled up one of the legs of my swim trunks so I could exposed my cock and balls to the turbulent hot water. Within a couple of moments, she grinned and asked, "So, how long have you been 'hangin it out' in hot tubs?" I laughed, and said, "Hey, you're all right. After staring at her tits for a bit, she said, "Oh, what the hell" and proceeded to stand up (facing me), reached down and pulled the crotch of her swimsuit aside, revealing a nicely clipped (but not shaved) cunt. I pushed back slightly and said, "Ooooh - very nice!" She permitted me access to her cunt, and I began to slide my hand up and down in the water - against her bush.


first-time bigdick2012h 2017-11-12

Shorty clung to his right arm like she was afraid she was going to be thrown from the vehicle, a pretty ridiculous premise, but she was a girl and she could get away with that sort of thing. Now, handsome, forty-four year old Danny Long gave her a smile and took her hand as he kissed her on the cheek. If Uncle Digger and Aunt Courtney say no, then the answer is no!...Well, because they have a pretty good idea what that sixteen-year-old boy might want to do when he gets all alone with a pretty f******n-year-old girl!” Shorty had to pause to give a playful punch to Danny’s arm as he chuckled.

Farmers Daughter

first-time 2017-11-12

Up the road a bit to the west is the trestle where locals come to swim on a warm afternoon like today. I start working my way down over your midriff I find that patch of hair and as you lean your head back to rest it on my shoulder as you wait for me I slowly work my middle finger over your spot up and down and circling your nub. You turn pulling me to you and as you lay back you say "I want you." Lifting your legs straight up I come to you wrapping my arms around your legs and spreding them as I squat down in front of you to enter you.

My Wife Used Me.

first-time naughtydarksecret 2017-11-12

Josh held his 11 inch black cock and placed it inside my wife, Sue let out a gasp she told him to go deep and hard and not to stop till he cum inside her, Josh didn't hold back he went to town on my wife, he fucked her in every position possible he even took her anal virginity Sue let him do what he wanted, Josh was nearly there he said and he was cumming, Sue told him to cum inside her cos her husband would be finishing her off, I looked at Sue and she said you get to clean me.

Never As Good As The First Time

first-time meesterp 2017-11-12

With the head of my cock nestled in the entrance of her pussy, she slowly rocked back and forth, pressing hard each time she came down on my cock. Each time she came down, my dick would venture a little further inside of her, until she finally completely impaled herself on my cock. My body tensed as my cock pulsed and sent streams of cum deep inside her pussy. More than happy to oblige, she again climbed up on top of me, reached between her legs with one hand, and guided the tip of my cock to the entrance of her slit. Her pussy was so wet; it felt totally different this time.

The Hymen Theory Ch. 02

first-time seriouswriter12 2017-11-12

Chris yawned at Sam who stood in front of him; arms crossed wearing a slight frown on her face. "I mean why 'hell no' Chris?" Sam continued, "You sounded and looked SO against breaking my hymen! "And you just brought up the question NOW?" He did thought Sam gave up on her crazy Theory and his supposed participation in it a week ago when she calmly accepted his refusal. Days after, Sam either spent time with Mona finishing her latest manuscript or locked inside her room doing God knows what. "Spare me the macho act Chris," Sam replied rolling her eyes, "People blush, it is a normal phenomenon. "Now I know your totally crazy Sam. There is no such thing as platonic sex! HE will break Sam's hymen NOT Tim, Brian, Rudy or Stuart.

Good Hearted Ch. 02

first-time OregonDavid 2017-11-12

Ethan wished he could find a way to make Alexa happy and to make her father understand he would protect his daughter. Ethan silently wished he could make those meatheads spend their time sticking up for little guys like this freshman instead of picking on people because they were bigger and stronger. Come sit, let's see what you need and how I can help you get it." In his head, Ethan wished he could speak Spanish so that Hector could understand what he was trying to communicate better. I'd like to speak to her." Helen Walters nodded and Ethan walked around the long counter and through the door to the open office littered with desks, books, papers and forms.


A Teenage Rake Ch. 04

first-time Angel_n_Whore 2017-11-12

These hesitations slowly began to fade away the more time I spent around Mal. His tight jeans, thick workboots, and that oh so delectable build that comes with years of working in construction just drained away my resolve to do nothing but fantasize about the man my daddy called a friend. Mike and I often find ourselves bored around the house, which is why most days saw my brother spending time down at the rec center trying to get in some girl's pants, or hunting. I spent a lot of time at the mall with my girlfriends shopping at all the right places that liked to sell clothes to little girls like me that guaranteed every dirty old man within 5 miles would want a taste.

Ask You?

first-time Ashson 2017-11-12

"I wasn't actually expecting a present from Billy-Joe," Daisy-Mae told Bobby. Daisy-Mae lay there, feeling Bobby's cock inside her. There was a faint whispered "now" and Daisy-Mae felt Bobby press firmly against her and then pull slowly away. Then Bobby was plunging hard back into her, and those little whispers became a sudden shout that was promptly echoed by Daisy-Mae's scream of surprise. Daisy-Mae's screams had stopped, being replaced by eager little gasps and mewling sounds as she relished the way Bobby's cock ravished her body. Then he was coming inside her and Daisy-Mae was no longer squeaking but screaming as she bucked under him, feeling her world flooding and taking her with it.

First Time Nudist

first-time WuLiMaster 2017-11-12

Over the next year I became more comfortable and came to accept my body image and often wondered if a would dare to go skinny dipping, something my high school friends had often talked about but I would never dream of doing. I looked up the public bus routes and found out how to get to Watson's Bay and the walk to Lady Bay. I set out with a towel from the hotel, my sunscreen and some reading material. It was close to noon and the beach was quite crowded with naked people, mostly men but several women as well. When two men came walking down the beach, she was the one commenting on their tattoos and the fact that one of them had a ring pierced through his penis.

The Trilogy Pt 2

first-time whatsosticky 2017-11-12

It’s very pleasurable to have comfort like this and I know we have to enjoy it while we’re here because soon it will be oppressively hot and the humidity will build as the city comes alive and people begin their commutes to work. I’ve worked on restricting myself from being aggressive, but in a soft and urgent way, all the while wanting to feel touching me; or rather my body touching you. It’s only mildly soft as I feel like taking over your body. You aim the top of my cock so it’s even with your hot opening which is so wet that it feels as if it could be running down your leg.

The Coming of Age Ceremony Ch. 02

first-time TheHiddenPen 2017-11-12

She didn't want to explain to Stu right now how she had given Theta a hand job in front of the whole village then lost her virginity to him. Tearing her eyes away from the array of exposed cocks Jess looked up at the villagers' faces to try to gauge their reaction to her arrival. Theta looked angry at Stu's outburst, but he addressed Jess calmly. Theta looked absolutely furious now at the insinuation that the villagers were so uncivilised that they would simply relieve themselves wherever they felt like it. Jess and Stu had been given a hut to share during their time in the village. Jess might not have had much experience with guys, but she had seen plenty of penises during her time in the village, and Stu's was...

Taking Ethan

first-time Merry987 2017-11-12

It was at that point I think I stopped caring about Ethan's virginity. I thrust my breasts out to meet his hands and whimpered and moaned as he touched me. I asked him if he wanted to put my nipple in his mouth. But the more he kissed me amd touched my nipples lightly with his fingers and his tongue, the less I cared about my promise. As the realization hit me, I could feel the tip of his swollen cock at the entrance of my slick pussy and then, he THRUST. I'd like to think he forgave me for taking his virginity but I suspect that somewhere along the way he had already decided to fuck me so it wasn't really my fault.

True story

first-time ravedave 2017-11-12

I felt the mattress give way to her weight, as she moved closer to me, I felt the warmth of her body, and the next thing was something touching my lips, as I felt for it, she was holding her boob and offering me her nipple, I licked around the nipple, now taking the boob in hand, she straddled my chest and I could feel her hair falling down onto my head, I licked around, over and the tip of her rather large erect nipples, before parting my lips, and clamping them tight on the think hard nipple. She began to suck my penis in deeper, always clamping her lips over the tip as she slid it in and out, I was busy licking and sucking at her very tasty and wet pussy, one of my hands was between her legs and fondling her sensational boobs, which didn’t just hang down, but were still pert and hard to the touch as were the nipples.


first-time salimak 2017-11-12

I knew I needed to masturbate, I had to, I didn't do this very much then, but I did as soon as Paul left, I went up to my bedroom, and took my trousers and knickers off, and then I wanted to see myself nude, so I took my blouse and bra off as well, and stood naked in front of my mirror, looking at my small breasts, my stiff little nipples, my smooth brown skin, my legs, I turned, I looked at my bare bum, my pert young buttocks, and back around, at my thick dark bush, I watched myself running my hands over my naked body, touching myself, my tits, my belly, my pubic hair, I looked at myself moving my feet apart, so I could see my genitals, I stepped closer to the mirror, and touched the damp swollen lips of my sex, I watched myself stroking my labia, parting them, then pushing a finger inside my tight young vagina, feeling how hot and wet I was, feeling a wash of moistness get released, spreading this up, over my lips, my tight clitoris, and gasping out loud with the sudden pleasure of this.

My first male Fuck Buddy part 2!

first-time mycocknurass 2017-11-12

Once I was hard he poured some lube on my cock and started stroking me, I don't know how he did it but he had me on the edge of cumming already. I stood there staring at a man I just met with a hard lubed cock and an eager ass ready and waiting to be fucked. After a few minutes of teasing his ass I stopped and his tight little brown hole and started to slide my cock into my first man pussy. I started off slow and Allen told me to pound his ass hard. This was to much for me and I shot three good pumps of cum into my first man Fuck Buddies ass.


Fantaisie Inquiétante

first-time LoveMenLoveSex 2017-11-12

When the flutes began, and some part of his mind finally recognised the piece, it's importance had receded, lost under the feel of a tongue, curling around the lobe of his ear, sending deep shivers down his neck and into his chest; under another, lapping along the inside of his thigh, stroking him in soft heat, the warm suction of a mouth over the inside of his elbow, of nibbling strokes moving downward against his sides, teeth grazing over his skin, cascading waves of pleasure becoming more and more concentrated, his cock throbbing with the blood that was filling it, stretching it ...

Watching his MOTHER get FUCKED

first-time funnsun2 2017-11-12

I was dying seeing her looking like this and knowing that I had already seen her naked and fucking, not to mention sucking dick! dishes, sat back down and asked me if I LIKED the show she put on last night and a couple weeks ago while I watched her in the window! I knew that man had to have heard her and when I went toward the door, I saw him standing behind her, butt ass naked and smiling a good idea!...LOL She told me to come inside with them so I did and she said if I liked, I could watch them do it again while I jerked off.

The Bikini

first-time 2017-11-12

Marcus leaned towards me and said, "I would love to show your wife my house up on the hill. Thomas said, "Yeah, every now and then some stupid white couple finds their way down to the beach and Marcus ends up fucking the wife. Marcus pulled my wife into the doggy style position and really started to fuck her hard. Sara was getting fucked doggy style when she asked Marcus to stop. Sara reached out her hand to Marcus and said, "Let's make a baby." I put one hand on her ass, grabbed Marcus's cock and pushed it into Sara's pussy. Marcus took his time to kiss Sara and rub her body.