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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

A Proper Baptist Ch. 03

first-time jallen944 2017-11-12

“He made me get on my hands and knees and pulled down my shorts then he got behind me and it hurt at first when he put it in you know because he was so big, then when it was inside me for a while it just felt so good.” “I’ve sucked on boy’s things and I got myself pregnant but I don’t know much about real sex either,” she said. Marcie paused a moment with the head of his cock between her teeth and turned her eyes up to see his hand. She put his cock in her mouth again and moved her head back and forth, trying to take it deeper, but Oliver kept pulling away.

summeR DAY

first-time porr-fisk 2017-11-12

it was a hot summer day. and I sat one sam on a beach. no to this beach went all around naked. on the beach where all is left on my summer holidays. and then there came a nice, hot chick. bride named john. She said she gotta go. so she said SMSA me tonight when the evening came and I smsade john. and I replied yes hell! she said we should meet on the beach in the bush and when I went into the bushes. low john full nude on a blanket by candlelight. She walked up to me and said do you want to see something hot and sexy? I answered yes. She also said take me back in from.

Taralee's First Time Ch. 07

first-time cubalover 2017-11-12

I pried my glance away from the peculiar penis and looked again at the man: tall, very tall; slender but muscular legs; wiry arms with wispy white hair; hard buttocks; heavy balls in a stretched sack; and that cock, its fiery head still encircled in my grasping fingers. The slow rhythm of his thumb caressing my clit never stopped as I felt his long, thin penis pull out, my pussy lips grasping for a last kiss as the burning-hot head slid down an inch and pushed gently into my tight-puckered ass.

Mouse's Maiden Voyage

first-time Gorza 2017-11-12

When Zach got it right, Kolya embraced both us in a great hug, kissing my right cheek and Zach's left, knocking our weightless cluster of friendly bodies off all the walls of the Zvezda Module, at the aft end of the ISS. We carried out the tasks normally assigned to a crew of six: ESA checked in for results from my experiments, while Kolya would casually ask me to take on increasingly difficult duties as his second flight engineer. "I have decided that I want to lose my virginity in space, looking at the Earth through the window." But, Mouse, you have not told us who you want to help you", declared Kolya.

The Long, Hot Day

first-time fotisampini 2017-11-12

"Oh," I said, "then I guess I need a tow truck and get it to a mechanic?" "No problem," he smiled again, "I've got it all covered!" "Oh No, let me at least make you a nice lunch, I've got a picnic all packed in my truck, as I was headed for a nice cool water spot to spend the day." He picked up a cell phone from his front seat, dialed a number and called a tow truck and a mechanic friend; and had my car towed to the repair shop in minutes.

Best Friend?

first-time serephina265 2017-11-11

"Yeah- I guess." I murmur still not really paying any attention to what was going on, when he pulls my face so I'm looking straight into his eyes. He started to kiss his way down my body pausing right before my panty line to pull them off revealing my smooth pussy. I bit my hand to keep from screaming in pleasure at having his finger deep inside of me pumping slowly in and out. "What about this," I kneeled with my knees slightly apart, arched my back a little, used one of my fingers to wipe off a little of his cum, and put my other hand on my wet pussy.

This is my dream part 1

first-time himandcandy66 2017-11-11

He stands up and proceeds to drop his jeans and boxers to expose a monster nine or ten inch cock the gasp from my wife when she sees it is more like a orgasmic moan and her hands movement gets faster within about six seconds she is shaking and moaning as she comes for the first time he walks over to her and without a second thought she sits forward reaches out and starts to wank his big thick cock he tilts head back and lets out a low moan "that's good" he says. All the time my wife is looking at me mouthing thank you and wanking her wet throbbing pussy.She the sits up and starts lick and sucking his cock she blows him to the point of coming when she stops.


first-time ranger_ 2017-11-11

Without hesitation the chubby guy pulled the door wide open, Jen had heard the popping of the locks but not registered what was going on, she felt the cool night air roll over her skin and just as she was processing the feeling two fat fingers pushed over her sex and invaded her hole. Si was so excited that he lasted barely a minute before filling her back passage, the blonde guy had disappeared back to his van but the two older guys crowded around as Si pulled out of Jen. They’re hands were all over her groping her tits and ass one sucking her nipples, Jen was overwhelmed and not a little angry at Si so she let the two of them take it in turn to mount her again, before they went back to their cars.

82% cock

Something wicked this way comes.

first-time D_Collector 2017-11-11

Sofie climbed into bed next to the cold man and pulled the cover close around them, Hans skin made her shiver, made her hair to stand on edge and to her added embarrassment made her pink nipples to get hard as stone...But Even though the girl in her wanted to run away in that embarrassment the witch in her pulled her closer to him, wrapped her hands around him and started stroking his arms and chest..Fingers dancing over his slime frame..He sighed as her hesitant hand came down to his stomach.

A Mother’s Tale

first-time nckboy 2017-11-11

For some unknowing reason when changing out of my clothes I slipped my panties off as well and put the used ones back on, Feeling the damp patch as I pulled them up in to my crotch made my body tingle, it might not be Paul’s dad’s cum rubbing against my pussy but it’s the next best thing, his son’s. I am back home early from work tonight to hear Paul in the shower, looking in to his bedroom there is my used cum covered knickers on his bed. I was home before Paul and went to my bedroom taking my sexy red lacy panties and bra off, rubbing them well in to my pussy and laid them on the bed.


first-time PaulSandarac 2017-11-11

Belinda was rummaging through her closet, musing about what to wear; not wanting to get so dressed up that Greg would think she was making a play for him, which of course she was; but also wanting to look attractive and sexy in a wholesome "girl next door" sort of way ... "I have a better idea," Rebecca said with an evil glint in her eye, "if you're as bold as you say you are, then next time you see Greg, go without the panties and let him have a look; how about that!" "So?" Rebecca finally said, arching her eyebrows and looking at Belinda in a knowing way.

Our First Date

first-time honeybadger6985 2017-11-11

Your legs feel smooth, soft and firm, the tips of my fingers begin making circles around your knee and move upward to your thigh. Moving your panties to the side, I slide 2 fingers inside your pussy, and you break the silence with a soft gasp as you bite your lip. my fingertips reach your panties, not moving my face, I slowly peel them off of you, and let you feel my warm breath against your pussy lips. now on your hands and knees in front of me, I look upon your gorgeous body in excitement, ready to give that tight little pussy of yours all the cock you can handle.

Mom Narrates How I Fucked Her.

first-time nana414 2017-11-11

It has been two weeks I ever had sex and besides I would have enjoyed somebody like him fucking me while my husband is sl**ping by my side if he wasn’t my own son. These mixed feeling tipped completely into horny side as my beloved son put his hand on my crotch parting all the entanglements of my saree and started fingering me. By the time I get to the bathroom Arun is ready fuck his father’s wife when his father’s in the house. Once Arun finished his fuck sessions during the day his papa took care of my cunt during the night. In those few minutes, a son fucked his mother, a husband fucked his wife, a secret lover fucked his secret wife and a father-in-law fucked his daughter-in-law.

My Little Cabin

first-time joan658 2017-11-11

So there I was, standing on the stone walkway in front of my little cabin in the woods - drenched to the bone, eyes closed and a pile of wet soapy hair on top of my head that I had worked into a real good lather when I heard something rustling in the woods behind me, off towards the beach. Of course, my hands were covered with soap and that didn't help any, and then I realized that it must have been the shampoo washin' on down my face 'cause we were still standing there in the pouring rain like a bunch o' fools.

Pet: The Prelude

first-time chitrashi 2017-11-11

Gramps always claimed that I came from bad seed and I would run away like my mother and leave them heart-broken once again. Grammy was too old-fashioned to talk about these things and Gramps believed that the less I knew about "temptations and sinful life" the better-off I was. One night a few minutes after I crept into my bed and tried to fall asleep, I felt a hand slowly stroking my thighs over my shift. I was beginning to enjoy his touch and even felt slightly jealous of Grammy because no one had made me feel so good before. Unknowingly I realized that for the first time in my life my hands had traveled inside my panties and I was soaking wet just thinking of Gramps.

Diary of an EnglishTeacher

first-time fantsii 2017-11-11

I know I'm just an ordinary English teacher in an ordinary secondary school, but this time, I couldn't control the situation. I know that I'm his English teacher and I'm 32 years old, but he doesn't look like a simple 18 year old student. It was an indescribable feeling, when he was inside me for the first time. I started to bounce even faster and harder and all I could feel was a warm, overwhelming feeling inside my vagina. After we both came, a laid down onto the teaching desk, but before that I pushed everything down with my hands. After a few minutes of heavenly oral satisfaction, he pushed his two long fingers inside it.

Bhavita Ch. 02

first-time Bhavita 2017-11-11

I don’t know what other reason she had for blowing him away as all the guys she was fucking were very dark and not gujerati so I guess being all those things was his downfall and he will never get to sample her sweet gujerati pussy. The most amazing thing was that I don’t think he was after her pussy but really liked her and she was not into all that, all she wanted was to fuck and be treated like a bitch. That day she wore her fuck me pedal pushers that showed off her pert little ass and her beautiful feet. I envied all those other guys who were also fucking her and made up my mind to ask her about it that day.

Sally, Summer of Sex Ch. 26

first-time Susie_O 2017-11-11

"Oh, sorry, but I needed to ask." Sally grabbed Ron in a tight hug. "Sally responded to Ron, "Sure, lots of preliminaries." She emphasized the point by firmly stroking his cock through his clothes. Sally and Ron folded up the comforter and then the blankets while David went out and returned with his arms filled with four pillows. Can you do that, Ron?" He was happy to oblige and with a bit of encouragement with her hand she showed him exactly where to rub his fingers and where her hardened clit was. "I think we're going to need a condom, David, please get one from my fuck kit." Ron hadn't noticed the small sport bag she had brought into the room and placed on the floor.

Me Jerking my cock

first-time 2017-11-11

My eyes begin to close and I turn the volume up so I can hear the moans of the actress while Mia was torturing her nice pussy with his massive cock!! It was at this point while I was jerking it, in my mind I wanted badly to fuck that female like how Mia is. I decide to let my huge balls out freely and grasp on them hard, while I spank the desk with my massive spanish cock!! You can be as far out the box as you want, Like if your with your man and you notice a guy jerking off in the library and you both get turned on and decide to fuck while you both watch, that is perfectly fine!!

Sweet 16 Sixth Former's Punishment

first-time 2017-11-11

He began to finger her as he continued to lick her sweet love bud............he felt her swollen spongy spot and massaged this whilst he licked her.........she feel back on his desk, swooning at the intensity of the sensations she was experiencing..............suddenly, a wave of the most incredibly pleasurable sensation washed over her and she thought she was going to pee......she couldn't stop herself.........she squirted her love juice over her lover's face............he was very surprised but hugely turned on.........he drank her juices down hungrily..................she clutched his head and held him to her sopping pussy..........oh my god, this is amazing...........


first-time crazyxxxcash 2017-11-11

I didn’t want to stink like sex when Cassie got here. I’m glad you like it,” Carolyn responded hesitantly as she handed Cassie the potatoes. I peeked into my room and noted that Carolyn was piled up in the bed, asl**p, so Cassie obviously wasn’t talking to her. After a few minutes, it was apparent, even to me, that he was getting close to going, so Cassie reached up and unsnapped her bra, yanking it off and tossing it on the bed. Carolyn left shortly after breakfast, and then Cassie had taken off a little while later, leaving me free to think. Apparently Cassie wasn’t concerned about anyone coming into her room, because her giant purple dildo was just lying under the edge of the bed.

Gloryhole Girl

first-time 2017-11-11

Zoe exploded again and again, sucking out every drop as throbbing cocks exploded thick rich streams of cum into her mouth, big dicks slamming her swollen clit, her spasming cunt milking their big cocks, grunts and growls of pleasure sounding as the guys lost their hot loads deep inside her fiery vortex. The wild spasms of her quivering cunt milked greedily at the swollen 12 inch fuck pole, and he grunted, "Oh Fuck, YEAH!" Zoe felt his cock exploding and squirting wildly inside her, the heat of his seed being splattered all over her womb, and she felt the hit of another explosive orgasm, her shrieks filling the room as that huge prick was milked greedily, gushing his full load straight into her womb.

You wanna get fucked with my Big Black Dick?

first-time 425olds 2017-11-11

You look great there on your knees with your hot white lips stretched around my cock and playing with your own white meat like a little boy." He pulled back for a second, then f***ed his way into my throat again. "You got the head, whiteboy, now for the shaft." Staring into my eyes, Jay slowly but determinedly sank the length of his cock into me until I felt his wiry pubes scratching my cheeks. "Yeah, that's the way, whiteboy, keep it nice and tight for your stud's cock." Jay really began to fuck, humping me hard and fast. Ahh fuck yeah, that is good!" The tension flowed out of Jay's body and I could feel his cock finally starting to soften.

Better Late Than Never

first-time Tara_Neale 2017-11-11

Damien nodded and held out his large hand, "I know it is ten years too late, but may I have the pleasure of this dance, Gayle?" And yeah, I could get any girl I wanted back then." He brought her hand to his lips and caressed the back of it, he turned it palm up and licked slowly along her love line. I want to think about you walking around without anything on," he said as he made slow circle with his hips, brushing the head of his thick cock back and forth across her tender flesh until her hips took up the dance, moving against him.