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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

drama class

first-time 2017-11-11

the next drama class was the same, the lights went out and she stood still, again the hand touched her back, she didn't move, she let the person come close and slide both hands under her top, they could feel her flat abs as her breathing quickened, the hand slid up her back and unhooked her bra, she stood still for them, the hands lifted her bra up over her tits, and grabbed them started squeezing again, groping her, she felt her top being lifted, she grabbed the hand but they gave a quick jerk and her to was pulled up, then she felt something hot on her nipple, hot and wet, Omg , they were sucking on it, her knees went week, a sensation she had never felt, her breathing was fast ,her heart was beating quicker, ൒ seconds people" they stopped, she pulled her top down, on went the lights, she turned red, her bra was still up, she noticed a few guys look at her tis, her nipples were poking though, ,she ran out the door to the washroom, hooked her bra, put some cold water on her face, went to the library and sat in a daze, the rest of the day she was in a daze, what was happening, who was doing this, why did she feel this way, she had no one to even talk to

Sissy Swallows corrected

first-time girly4u2 2017-11-11

I smiled, kissed the tip of his cock, and looking into his eyes I said “I would love some, but not in this nice mans store.” He said “I will just pick a more humiliating situation for you.” I pulled my skirt down over my new boots, stood up and said “Humiliate away sweety.” He laughed and said “I'm going to enjoy you.” I gazed into his eyes put my forearms over his shoulders and gently kissed him on the lips. He said “Ok then Barbie Doll do you swallow.” I know it is gross, but if I keep to this life style I will need to learn how to take it so I replied “No, but I will for you.” He pushed his hard cock past my lips slowly to the back of my throat.

His story about the hotel

first-time pornstartony 2017-11-11

Your screaming my name, screaming to fuck me harder and faster, your screaming oh my god it feels soo good...and finally you scream one last time before your body collapses and quivers before the front desk manager walks in on us, thinking something had gone wrong, but the smile on your face says different, he gives us the weekend free if he can watch and he puts us in suite where we have a wing all to ourselves and nobody can hear us you ask if I can turn you over and asked me to make sure my balls slapped against your clit ring..

The Steamy Chase Ch. 09

first-time adjoaq 2017-11-11

Dean felt helpless because though he sensed there was a problem, he didn't know what it was, and couldn't help the woman he loved more than life itself. Placing the bowl of ice cream on the bed-side table, Kayla's hand moved to cradle Dean's head, holding him to her taut flesh. Kayla's fingers went to her pebbled nipples, she pulled on them, twisted them, but it didn't feel as good as when Dean did it. Dean reached out one hand to take a nipple between his fingers and his other hand went to Kayla's swollen, throbbing clit to lightly pinch it. And for the first time since Kayla started fucking him, Dean didn't make a sound whilst he pumped her full of his hot, thick and creamy cum.

Remembering the 1980's...

first-time Bonr717 2017-11-11

She turned around with the bra in place over her HUGE tits and told me “ I bet you want to see the girls? She spun around on my face and said...Your turn and she hurriedly ripped off my shorts and attacked my cock with her hands and mouth. She looked me in the eyes and said “ I want to eat your cum” she started hand jacking me in front of her face as she licked the shaft and began to moan...I got to the point of no return and she shoved my cock into her throat and sucked...I shot my load down her throat and I could feel her throat contract around my cock was surreal!

A Special Memory

first-time MiliktheRed 2017-11-11

As my hand cupped her boob, and my fingers played over her already hard nipple, she kissed me deeply, letting her tongue find mine. Amanda seemed to enjoy the feeling of my cock as she sucked on me and let her tongue slide deliciously under my shaft as she moved over me. The feeling of her lips on my excited cock was incredible and I felt orgasm begin to swell in my balls but all too soon she tasted the tangy flavor of precum and pulled away. Amanda looked scared but told me she needed it too, so with that I moved forward strongly, forcing my cock into her channel.

Black Master pays her bills

first-time Jen12 2017-11-11

Kelly was tired of not being able to pay the rent, her husband was a 27 yr old white male, that had got laid off last winter, and has not been able to find a job paying more than $8.00 per hour. she had all her bills paid, house was bought and paid for, boys were now taken care for by a black nanny. the black master made sure the white boys be raised by a black women to teach them proper ethics and how the world now revolved. Kelly was now happy, sexually and financially, and satisfied now that her husband and boys was well taken care of by her black master.

A Mother and Her Son 3

first-time 2017-11-11

She stirred and felt Tommy quickly pull his hand from her breast, letting her top cover her again. Sue could still feel his hand on her breast and her swollen lips were still dripping in her shorts. Tommy took a chance, brought his hand up, and slid it under his mother's top, touching her breast again. His fingers were shaking as he played with the nipple, causing his mother to push her breast into his hand and let a little moan escape her lips. Tommy was shaking as he felt his mother take her finger and run it through the stream of clear juice coming from the dripping tip. "Mom, I uh, uh, I'm sorry," Tommy said, feeling like a fool for not controlling himself and squirting cum in her face.

Woken by a divine smell of pussy

first-time interestedgeorge 2017-11-11

He must have been enjoying the sight of my wife’s fantastic tits bouncing up and down, as she tried to get herself high enough to let my rock hard cock slip inside her, as the movement I had seen was him moving as close to the end of the fence as he could, to allow his hand to move more freely, as it looked like it was down the front of his pants, and he must have needed more room to rub his dick while he was watching us.

First time

first-time pleasureseeker420 2017-11-11

I felt her hand on my head, pressing downward as she added, "The nipple, silly, kiss the nipple." As my lips came in contact with the dusty rose colored flesh, she hissed, "Yesssss! "I want you to fuck my face!" she said, as her hands caressed my shaft and balls. I brought my free hand up to her left breast, and kneaded the ample flesh, rubbing her nipple against my palm as I continued to finger fuck her and suck on her clit. Grabbing my face in her hands and pulling me up to her waiting lips, she whispered, "Make love to me!" and kissed me as my cock slid effortlessly inside her tight, wet sheath.

Julie's Journal - Day One and Two

first-time Cybertease 2017-11-11

In some ways I envy her but I think my parents would go mad if they thought that I had fucked one guy let alone as many as Tina seems to have I keep a journal and what you are about to read is about our holiday to Jamaica during the carnival. For some reason this seemed to please me and I lay there letting her run a finger around them each time she touched my nipples a small electric shock travelled straight down to my clit which I have to say was already rock hard after watching the goings on at that night club.

My Friends Mom

first-time wasdman123 2017-11-11

She said that she was going to go pick up Tom because he had broke his leg and couldn't drive. Toms stepdad wasn't home so it was just me and Joann. I took off her pink shirt and saw that she was wearing a black bra with lace on the top. Then she took off her pants and slid my penis into her vagina. I then started fingering her vagina while I sucked on her clit until she came. It felt so good that about after five minutes of thrusting my penis into her vagina I came. We went and picked up tom and all I could think about was Joann's vagina.

Girl Friends Share a Dark Secret--Day 2

first-time innocenttoo 2017-11-11

Her husband was going out of town and I needed a vacation, so I said, “Let’s Go.” Although we are both married, last night we met two guys at a dance club, Edward and Darien, and spent the night together at the Bellagio. I thought we might have some BFWB action but Kelly pulled back and said “let’s go out for dinner and save our hormones for this evening; I am still really sore from last night with Darien.” We had lite tapas in the lounge and then returned to get ready for the club. Just before 9:00pm we grabbed a cab to the club and as planned Edward and Darien were to arrive a bit later, so Kelly and I ordered a cocktail and sat at the bar.

New Girl in Town Pt. 04

first-time AuroraIncident 2017-11-11

"Okay Jake, I really want you to sell the hand off on the play action." Coach Pennington tells me. "Okay, we're taking five while Jake puts his eyes back into his head and picks his jaw off the ground," Coach Pennington announces loud enough for Jessica and Shelly to hear. "You're sure that we didn't get you in any trouble?" Jessica asks me as she and Shelly join Ray, Staci and me at my car after practice. Jake and our friend Ray are playing in the game and my friend Staci is a cheerleader," Jessica points out. Pam nods, "He won't let anything happen to Jessica, I'm sure of that." She states looking down at where Jessica is talking to Jake.


Rin Ch. 01

first-time fotisampini 2017-11-11

Matt bend his head to her chest and his mouth closed onto her nipples as he sucked them. She felt his hands caressing her breasts, his finger and thumb rolling her nipples alternately. Rin heard a choked sound emitted by Matt as he felt her suction and he moved his body so that they were in the 69 position. Rin felt an orgasm building as Matt fucked her with his tongue. At the same time, Matt felt her lips clamped tightly on his penis as Rin sucked him while in her throes of orgasm. Matt's mouth and face was sticky and wet with his s****r's cum as he gently licked her swollen vagina lips.

Pay check time

first-time dripinwet 2017-11-11

Kelly caught me and told me that he thought I should either sit back down or lay down for a few minutes until I could get my bearings. He rolled back over near me and slid his hand in between my legs and pulled them apart. He took one hand and slid it back between my legs and moved them apart again. He told me that he was going to slide in more and then with a solid push, he slid most of his 8 inch cock in me. He starts pulling back and rocking forward, sliding in and out of my wet pussy. He rolled me over and got between my legs and starting sucking on my clit and licking the cum out of me.

Naughty Cheerleader Goddess

first-time iggyspear 2017-11-11

Her low cut cheerleading top exposed an almost criminal amount of cleavage, and Alan loved those moments when her skirt would flip up during routines so he could catch a glimpse of her perfectly formed ass covered by nothing but tight red panties. Sitting in the locker room, it was awfully difficult for Alan to focus on the game at hand while his coach gave a speech to fire up the team. Alan had missed their halftime performance, but he was hoping the cheerleaders routine would be like the one earlier when he'd caught a glimpse of Shauna's pussy. With one hand Shauna massaged Alan's balls, and with the other she reached under his legs to grab his ass.

The First Quim I Ever Touched

first-time Luvspink 2017-11-11

The only thing that made the experience bearable was the chance that I could look at one of the Playboy or Penthouse magazines that were usually available at barbershops in those days. Despite my best efforts to avoid being hauled off for a buzz cut, I found myself walking into the barbershop with my dad one Saturday morning. After finishing with my dad, he went and sat down to read the Playboys and Penthouse magazines. Soon after starting with my haircut she leaned her body against my arm which happened to be at the exact level of her pussy. I just sat there and thought to myself, it’s cool to have her pussy against my arm.

Random Shopping Mall Hook Up

first-time imornery81 2017-11-11

Her eyes got real big and when I asked her what she was doing, she said, her friends on the other side of the area had dared her to pick out an older man at random and go kiss him. She looked over her shoulder at the nervous circle of friends and then she looked back at me and said, “Okay, why not?!” I did not give her time to change her mind, I stepped up to her, pulled her against me and put my lips on hers! In that time she learned how to stroke a cock while sucking it and how to roll a man’s nuts in her hand and feel for that telltale twist that said, “He is getting close.” She was good.

Our First Threesome

first-time jakemoran 2017-11-11

She sat back on the floor between Daves legs but this time told him he could carry in stroking her hair if he wanted to. As Dave carried on with his hair stroking and shoulder massage I gently started to massage my wifes legs, slowly working my way up to her ass. I went across to her and knelt down, and started to run my hands over her tits and Dave moved further down. Conscious that this could end sooner than we'd want I moved down to where Dave was and he lay underneath my wife's tits and started licking and sucking them as the hung above him.

Truckstop Gloryhole

first-time jayke1981 2017-11-10

I unscrewed the cap from the bottle as I walked toward the Men's room held it up over my head letting the last few drops of soda trickle into my mouth before swirling my tongue around the opening. I opened my mouth wider and held my head closer to the hole taking more of his ridged cock into my mouth. I wrapped my lips around his dick as tight as I could and clenched my hand around the base of his cock pulling him to me so I could suck him deeper down my throat. I pushed his dick all the way into the back of my mouth as he continued to shoot load after load of thick creamy cum directly down my throat.


first-time windsurfer16 2017-11-10

I would suck his hard LONG thick dick and if he lasted 10 min he could then eat my bald little pussy & then he could fuck my pussy. I told him if he failed he would have to put me over his knee and spank my bare little ass for 10 min. When he was ready to go we set the timer for 15 min and he enter my bald little pussy with condom on and he began to fuck me. He then pulled out of me and then flush the condom and came over to me and picked me up and he sat on the bed and I found my self over his knee and he began to spank my bare little ass.

Young Explorations (Part 2)

first-time KeiranX 2017-11-10

I took her hands away from her face slowly n pulled her in my arms. In the middle of all this kissing, with one hand, I was trying to put my cock in her pussy and was unsuccessful. We started kissing like that again and my cock was trying desperately to find her pussy. Again she guided me into her pussy and this time I pushed more, until I felt my cock getting squeezed tight. I propped myself on my arms and pushed my hips in one hard movement, putting everything I got behind that one thrust and suddenly I had gone all the way in, into a very tight grip.

Graduation Dress

first-time LaTourEiffel 2017-11-10

Her face turned bright red, but she smiled, turned away, lifted her head, shook her curly red hair until it swayed loose, and arched her back, making her butt stick out towards him. She relaxed her leg and let it swing open from the gentle pressure of his hand climbing her inner thigh. He pressed his mouth against hers and lifted his fingers to slide them over her sopping wet, swollen vulva lips. He slid his hands down to her knees where he gently pressed and she responded by letting her legs fall open. He held her face with his hands, let his chest sink into hers, his hips flowing down her thighs, and kissed her hard.