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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Sex Studio Secrets #7: Super Subs-1

first-time petdyke 2017-11-10

I ask my beauty Bianca to talk to three lovely looking slim shy sexy sweet tasty tight tiny tit teens I long for blonde beautiful baby lovely looking Linde and hot Hindu nice Neelam who started to study Linde looks like she will strip for me after Bianca shows her great goodies as first to me on camera Bianca bares her beautiful butterfly style sweet love lips and her wet warm sexy shaven snatch Bianca giggles as I ask her to spread her legs wide to show her love lips which look like a butterfly Linde unbottons her tight torn blue jeans to show us her small sexy ass and slender lovely long legs

tossing with friend

first-time dylan_jones 2017-11-10

me and a mate were reading a porn mag...when we started telling each other that we wank.... we i said.....lets compare or dick....have you got a ruler....Yes, he pull one out his draw. i pulled my pjs down, n my stiff cock was there for himn to see....I could see he had a boner in his was he gave me the ruler,and i got a 5" stilffy.. Then he dropped his pants and it was gorgeous. He asked for a clothe or something to blow in, so i gave him a shirt off the floor..after his orgasm he went to the shower BUT LEFT THE T_SHIRT WITH HIS FRESH LOAD STILL WArm....

The Garden

first-time Bowoodstock 2017-11-10

While doing this, the creature had been running it's hands over his chest, and he realized that he liked the feeling. He slowly started exploring the creatures chest with his hands, seeing that the other breast was just as soft as the first, and as the creature smiled, he decided that it must like the feelings too. He reached out and ran his fingers gently through the folds of the inner lips, noticing now that beneath the nub of flesh, there were two other orifices. He looked at the creature for a moment, and seeing the pleading look in its eyes, began to gently rub the small pearl of flesh with his thumb.


first-time MustafaFuch 2017-11-10

The third floor Linen cupboard had an opening window so pretty soon I was edging along the ledge, fifty feet above the unyielding Tarmac and parked Porches and Bentleys, but whatever challenge it may have presented to SAS troopers and James Bond to me it was like a Motorway, wide and strong, I took no chances and soon found Rosalyn's room, it was empty, but as I went to move on I heard the Lavatory flush in the en suite Loo and a very different Rosalyn to the one from the papers appeared, her nightgown opened to reveal that not only had she neglected to wear panties but that she was not a natural blond, luxuriant black pubic hair clustered around, cut and shaved into a heart shape usually hidden from the paparazzi by bikini bottoms.


Ashleigh’s Chocolate Craving

first-time KingPE 2017-11-10

I’m not sure if it was because I was so horny or if it was because it felt so naughty cheating on David, maybe it was because I was fucking a black guy with a cock so big I’ve only seen one that large in a porno movie, but whatever it was the sex was so much better than anything I’ve ever experienced with David! He then said, “Look I don’t want to have to blackmail you but unless you want everyone knowing what I caught you doing and reading and how you sucked me off like a pro you’re gonna have to fuck me.” He added, “You already cheated, so let’s finish this right.


Providence Ch. 01

first-time KateyObey 2017-11-10

i got off the bus in Providence and scanned the old buildings and the dismal streets, not feeling especially free. "Thank you, Sir," i said, the second time in two minutes. i took off my tee shirt, and he looked at my tiny tits, the barest hint of a grateful smile on his face. "To get a drink, yeah," said Michael, "but to work there, no." i thought that sounded wrong, but Michael grabbed a piece of paper and a pen and scribbled on it as he said, "Trust me, I'm a lawyer. "And if you want, come back here at six tomorrow night," said Michael, "and we can do this again?"

The Steamy Chase Ch. 05

first-time adjoaq 2017-11-10

Someone is in a bad mood." Josh Broody, Dean's eldest brother drawled from the doorway, looking at the number of bunched up drawing paper scattered across the room. Dean loved the feel of Kayla against him, her head on his chest, the way her nude body was snuggled tightly against him, the delectable curve of her body...he couldn't stop pressing gentle kisses on her damp hair. Kayla probably wanted to look decent for whatever she was going to talk about, which Dean had a feeling was not in his favour. "What do you want exactly Dean?" Cole asked turning to look at his friend. And don't tell me on her back with you buried deep inside her or I swear to God, I'll punch you." Cole said looking at Dean.


first-time DirtyCanuck 2017-11-10

Staring her up and down my cock begins to throb, quickly growing hard and leaving me in no shape for the public beach. Before she has a chance to turn around I grab her from behind letting my throbbing cock slide between her ass cheeks. With one hand I grab her breasts, rubbing my fingers over her hard nipples. I slide a finger in her wet pussy, rubbing her clit while her body shakes with pleasure. Her moans quickly turn into screams as she nears climax and begins to cum all over my cock. As her screaming reaches a fever pitch I can’t bear it anymore and thrust into her one last time, burying my cock inside her while I shoot off a thick load of cum deep within her.

My Friends Mum - Part 2

first-time SJEKN 2017-11-10

After about the fifth time of reaching the top of her thigh, she spread her legs a little bit more, and that gap was bigger, I just couldn’t take it, I was throbbing, ready to pounce, I knew she wasn’t teasing any more, I knew she wanted my, her moaning, the deep breathing, her gradually spreading her legs, I just had to try something or I may never get such a perfect opportunity again, so the next time I reached the top I went all the way, I let my two fingers reach her pussy, which was soaking by this stage, and I slipped them into her, she let a deep sigh out of her, I knew she loved it.

Your Turn

first-time PaulSandarac 2017-11-10

Not that she was all that bad looking, Anna had to admit, but rather that she was the type of girl who thought the whole "beauty routine" a complete waste of time, and that any old clothes, no matter how unflattering, were more than adequate. With that, Anna scurried across the deck to go into the house, as she opened the door she heard Vanessa questioning Elle: "But what about Jeremy; I thought you two were an item?" looks like a very bad case," Elle continued with a smirk, "well Miss Anna, I think you had better take off the rest of your clothes, lie down over there, and spread your legs ...

Hunger Games Sex Part 1

first-time milli214 2017-11-10

I finally spot a rabbit hopping across the ground and I don't act like an idiot, sprinting forward and shooting it with a noiseless arrow, I stay very still. Reaching down, another hand grasps the bunny and I pounce forward, without looking who it was and send the person tumbling to the floor. "Careful Catnip, you might actually give me a scar." Gale says, his dark brown hair swifted to the side with a huge grin on his face. I bend down, grabbing the bunny and gesture for Gale to step forward as I attach the rabbit around his belt. "Would you consider it?" Gale says and before I know it, he's brought me to the ground, pinned both my wrists to the floor and I stare curiously into his eyes, those beautiful, handsome eyes.

My first bdsm meeting

first-time richard63 2017-11-10

Sometimes if the offer sustained wanted the cathedral to see if he got value for money and had to get an ass felt worden.Er nine slaves were auctioned for example. Cling film The owner came several times a chat with me to ask what I thought of it and what things you could see happening to lichten.Er was very good account of the experience of the people . Then under the type of sub or dom At the end of the evening along with a silly been engaged in a slave, was also a super soft session , but someone teasing with an ice cube , tickle in the back and even give a few taps with a soft whip , was also very nice to do so.

My Wife's s****r....Oh God

first-time TheLantern 2017-11-10

I start licking up and down the length of her clit, shoving too fingers deep inside her pussy, I remember thinking how tight she felt just with my fingers, I couldn't wait to shove my hard dick into that hole, in fact I didn't wait, I stopped what I was doing, kissed my way up her body, stopping to pull out those amazing round tits and put one in my mouth, her nails dug into my back, I make a mental note, apparently my wife, and her s****r both have extremely sensitive nipples, which gets me to thinking, I wonder how much in common they are in bed.

my s****rs -2

first-time stif266 2017-11-10

The feeling of her back pressed against my bare chest, her smooth thighs and sexy little ass against my half-erect manhood, the soft sound of every fluttering breath she took, and the knowledge that her heart was beating so close to mine. I doubt you would have heard the phone ringing with Elisa moaning like that," she said as her eyes ran up and down my body, focusing on my half-erect manhood. It had been a long time since I had oral (I didn't want to ask Elisa to do it, because I thought it would compromise her sweet innocence, one of the things I loved most about her), and I Carly certainly was a master at it.


first-time 2017-11-10

Maybe because I want to feel a hard nipple in my mouth, and roll my tongue over it...suck it. Her hands opened her shirt the rest of the way, and as we continued to kiss, I felt her fingers slip up under my blouse. I broke away from her breast and attacked her lips, and the simple shift of position drove her fingers deeper into me as my tongue went deep into her mouth. I licked her in all the places I thought I would like it, and I moved my hand along her thigh until my thumb tugged her sensitive skin sideways, opening her even more to me.

That Afternoon

first-time vesan 2017-11-10

Greg knew he had strayed into a morally grey area when he had begun wondering if she had an all-over tan. Katie was unhappy in her, now long distance, relationship with Ben. Greg had confided that he and his wife, Laura, were considering a trial separation. Eventually, Greg had done the responsible thing and decided to talk to her about what had happened the previous night. The answer came as Katie moved her pretty bare feet wider apart and raised her knees slightly. “For about two years” he admitted, grinning down at her, “I’ve wanted to fuck your pretty pussy and fill you with me”. Reminded of Ben, Greg felt a twinge of guilt but it passed within moments, leaving his torridly thrusting body to enjoy the pleasure of the conquest.

Lisa Missed The Bus and Her Cherry

first-time slnaughtygirl 2017-11-10

"You can use Debbie's room" said Ken, watching her teenage body from behind as she strolled into the house. I think it's pretty normal for a man...wanting to smell pussy, I mean" said Lisa, closely monitoring his reactions and body language. It doesn't go away on its own for quite a while" said Ken, looking at her near naked body, with lust in his eyes. "Yeah, Ah at least for a while" said Ken. Lisa sported a big grin on her face, licked her lips and ran a hand over her face, gathering Ken's cum. "Your thing is so big, daddy," said Lisa, staring at Ken's cock. She moved her hand down, holding the lips of her cunt apart while Ken guided the head of his cock into her tight little pussy.

Oddball Ch. 08

first-time JimBob44 2017-11-10

He knelt to climb into the bed, but she took him into her mouth and slowly, looking up into his eyes, sucked his cock into her mouth, until the head of his cock rested against her throat. She pulled his cock out of her throat until just the head of his cock was in her mouth; she loved the taste of his semen and did not want to waste any of it. "I love you; I've loved you from the moment I first laid eyes on you," she whispered, then took his cock into her small hand and pressed it to the opening of her pussy. "Don't know 'til you ask," Thomas said and smiled at the waitress.

my first time

first-time 2017-11-10

I jacked off thinking about what had happened and went to sl**p. Next thing I knew I felt a tug on my dick. I opened my eyes and saw that she had snuck into my room, got completely naked, sat on my legs, and was yanking on my dick trying to get it hard. It got hard fast and she started sucking it like a pro. She turned around again and in seconds my dick was slowly being shoved into her pussy. It was so tight and wet and I could hear it gushing as she started riding it hard. I had never felt my dick swell up so hard and my whole body was twitching.

FBMO-Club: "For Black Men Only"

first-time Bi_79 2017-11-10

Er lachte, packte meinen Kopf, drehte ihn, so dass mein Gesicht, seine Lippen nur noch wenige Zentimeter von meinen entfernt waren und flüsterte." Ja, ich werde dich nehmen, du süßer hübscher Junge du, hast einen geilen Arsch, ein süßes niedliches Schwänzchen und alles was wir hier so sehr schätzen. „So, das war geil, jetzt schnell den Vertrag unterschreiben, "lachte er sehr zufrieden und schob mich von seinem Schoß, dabei spürte ich zum ersten Mal seinen hart gewordenen Schwanz, sah ihn mit großen Augen an. Ich weiß nicht mehr was alles ich in meiner Erregung schrie, war wie von Sinnen und er nahm das auf, rammte mir seinen Schwanz mit brutaler Gewalt in mein Loch, machte mich endgültig und für immer zur schwanzsüchtigen Hure.


The First Time

first-time orb76 2017-11-10

Then he starts to lick her with his tongue, his mouth pressing hard and firm against her. At this point I stand up and remove my pants and shoes, feeling my hard cock in my hand, stroking it gently as I watch this man give pleasure to my wife. He moves his mouth from her pussy, and starts to kiss her other lips. She lets it out again and starts to lick and stroke it with her mouth., her left hand holding it whilst she starts to suck and make him even harder. I start to stroke my cock harder as I watch him begin to fuck my wife on her back right in front of me

Een hels ritje......

first-time baandert 2017-11-10

De vadsige, naar zweet stinkende, trucker bekijkt hem verlekkerd van top tot teen als Tony ingestapt is en naast hem op de bijrijdersbank plaats heeft genomen. Hij is al aardig gebruind door de zon en de jongen voelt dat de kerel naar zijn gladde, bruine jongensbenen en -buik zit te gluren. Uren later wordt hij wakker en merkt tot zijn grote schrik dat hij naast Karl in het slaapgedeelte ligt. De vadsige, stinkende trucker heeft een arm om zijn schouder terwijl hij met zijn hoofd op diens behaarde borst ligt. Zijn angst wordt bewaarheid als Karl hem op z'n buik draait en zijn benen gespreid met de enkels aan het bed vastbindt. Op een stille weg wordt de jongen naakt uit de cabine gesleurd en met de handboeien aan een lantaarnpaal geketend.

82% zijn

Sex with Bhahi

first-time chandan0707 2017-11-10

I helped him and bhabi in moving, placing the items in the house. Like this I stated to tease bhabhi; she was taking it as my fun but I was trying to touch her milky white boobs on my back. One day my parents had to go on a business trip to Delhi, so they told my bhabi to help me in food and stay with me. The night I went to my room and fantasised kissing the sweat on my bhabi’s boobs, removing the bra, suddenly I ejaculated. I slowly removed her tops, and again kissed her for her lips, and dragged my mouth to her neck, boobs, and her navel. I then softly kissed her ass and started sucking everything.

Lesson in Modern Culture Ch. 02

first-time MaynaweLovely 2017-11-10

A hand wrapped around her wrist, "Mia?" She turned her head slowly, "My God what happened to you?" She looked up at the office secretary. "Tell me what you want." He kissed her stomach softly, and looked up at her, as her eyes shot open. He looked up at the painting of Leila, and as he drew his hips back, he sank into Leila once again, suddenly, he was thrusting as she liked it, slow and hard, he took Mia's arms and pinned them over her head, as he thrust into her again. Neither of them brought up Leila, but he did rise his head, and kiss her softly, "Thank you Mia." He looked into her eyes, and she knew what he meant.