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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.


first-time jjosh4u 2017-11-10

Jenny was wearing a low-cut t-shirt with light blue jeans her breasts were showing very nicely I couldn't resist the height of my boner towards her. Kiss Jenny again passionately my lust for her was overwhelming and then soon I asked her if you want my cock in your pussy she nodded her head very so slightly yes. I pursue the line up my cock in her pussy I slowly push it deep inside her she grabbed me really hard not knowing that she was a virgin for the very first time. My pace quickened and I fucking her really good, then I got off of her, I put my cock towards her mouth I squirted every load of hot sperm down her the back of her throat.

An Aggressive Learning Strategy

first-time XXscribbler 2017-11-10

It had been quite a long soliloquy by the time she finally paused, but before Jeff could say anything she went on yet again: "Surely not all men are like my boyfriend? She paused to study Jeff's face, found nothing disapproving, so continued with a little shrug: "There is of course PaPá, but she has also another man hidden away somewhere, this I know for reasons I will not explain. Raj and Ranee looked at one another for a long moment, then Ranee said quietly, in Hindi, "Oh, my goodness gracious, but for Zohra this is now a very different place, a very different universe, than the one we had at her age!" Then, a moment later, "In many, many ways I quite envy her!"


First taste of being a cuckold

first-time need2cumnow 2017-11-10

I quickly noticed that there were three men on staff who were definitely "dirty old men." They were known for ogling coeds, making inappropriate comments to female staff members, and giving prolonged hugs. "I can't believe that dirty old fucker gets his dick sucked twice by MY wife, and I have to jack off." I thought of the expression on the ancient secretary's face as she looked at me, thinking I was an important pussy, because she knew what was going on behind the office door and I did not. I thought hell Dr. Johnston brag to the other two dirty old man about fucking my wife's mouth while I waited outside his office.

How I Took My Friend's Virginity

first-time terry20069 2017-11-10

After about 20 minutes on my finger, my dick was starting to ache so I asked was she ready to do it for real. She said yeah and asked me to lie back on the bed as she moved to her knees between my legs on the floor. "You know what I mean," I said as I moved up between her legs and softly tapped my throbbing dick against her mound. She opened her eyes and saw the look of pure pleasure I had on my face and asked, "Does my pussy really feel that good?" She turned her head toward me and said, "Terry, wait." I kept pounding her pussy harder and faster moaning, "Oh fuck YEAH!

My first gay experience.

first-time 2017-11-10

I was feeling great, relaxed, and horned up, he had worked his way down my back, started rubbing my ass then he slipped his hand between my cheeks and rubbed my hole. I rolled onto my back, he slipped my hard shaft into his mouth and worked my cock like Ive never been worked before. I slipped a finger in, trying to loosen him up, then I worked my fat cock in ever so slowly, he was moaning and writhing but I just couldnt get it in! He said "Do you want my load?" I nodded yes, he started to moan and shook, then he spurted his hot cum into my virgin mouth.

Lucy: How We Met

first-time txgent101 2017-11-10

I made it clear that, because of my ED, I use a vacuum pump and cock ring to make and sustain an erection. I will suggest to her how good it will feel to have my cock kissed and suckled by her mouth when I am erect. "It works best to use some vacuum, then click off the vacuum temporarily to let my cock adjust to its new girth and length and then repeat a couple of times. This is because (when I have removed the tube) I want her to begin using her lips and mouth to make love to my cock (and the lube probably tastes bad).

The Bunny Hop Pt. 03

first-time charliewilder 2017-11-10

Helen whispered something to Boo and they both looked at Rain and giggled, and then walked off in the direction of the bathroom. I immediately knew when she was saying "Is this okay?", or "Do you like this?" When she started rubbing my cock she clearly expressed to me "I know that you like this!" My full attention had been on Boo, but when she walked away I saw that Helen was rubbing oil on her body. I wanted to know if you would want me, or if you want the Chinese girls that most western men want like Helen and Boo. Now I am scared that maybe I cannot make you happy."

Erika: A Young Woman: Lessons Ch. 06

first-time PhilMc 2017-11-10

She in turn was thrusting back at me and urging "Harder, harder, baby, I want your cock right in me, fuck me hard," when a couple of shadows fell over the lounge window and the door bell rang! She was thrusting wildly back at me, whispering more insistently "Fuck me harder, fuck me, you dirty old man, fuck my pussy so hard," giggling and forcing me to laugh. I was alternately grunting and laughing, almost breathless, but my cock was loving it: the friction in her pussy was great, and I was being accepted all the way in, deep into Erika's insides, as deep as I had ever been.

Fiery Heat Chapter 2

first-time Vectivus 2017-11-10

“Oh Damon,” Lisa quipped, “Tristan said he wanted to discuss an important business Tristan thought, looking at Damon. “I don’t want to talk about it.” Damon said in a hard voice cutting him off. Watching Tristan go, Damon slumped into his chair, feeling like an ass. Damon turned to look and froze when he saw Tristan. Damon turned to see Tristan striding towards him Someone cleared his throat beside them making Damon look up. “Did you bring a car?” Damon asked Tristan, his hand lightly caressing his hips. I didn’t want to drink and drive.” Tristan said softly. There was one thing Damon was pretty sure of: If he didn’t take Tristan soon, he was

Mom Caught Me

first-time bossinmotion 2017-11-10

Nevertheless, about that time, the guy in the video grunted hard and a thick stream of cum squirted from the tip of his cock and lavishly splashed against the teens pouty lips. I looked down at my still visibly throbbing member and a new warm stream of precum was drooling down the side of my cock, changing it's path lazily as it ran across the pronounced veins protruding from my dick. I didn't know what my plan was, but I started sliding my hand up and down slightly, glistening my cock meat with slick precum as I stared blankly at my mom's huge tits. My cock gave a light twitch at hearing that and a big glob of cum leftover in the head oozed out and dripped onto my moms left thigh.

When The Lights Start To Fade Ch. 00

first-time Forevermorealone15 2017-11-10

I have light green eyes, which frank said are hideously creepy, with long, dark, eyelashes. He wasn't choking me by any means, but from what I could tell by the looks of his arm, he could snap my neck like a stwig. As soon as I told him I was a virgin, his face lit up." Well, then we're going to have to take it nice and slow, now aren't we?" He said as he picked me up like I was a child. He went slowly at first, but as soon I started telling him faster, harder, longer, he picked up the pace. Leave a comment if you feel like it, let me know what you thought, and if you want more.

Distance and Dominance

first-time dutchenglishlove94 2017-11-10

Mel turns around and takes her clothes off, not sure what came over me, but suddenly I felt a surge of power and I forgot all about myself rules and I grabbed her, turned her around, looked at her in the eye and said "The fuck you think you doing? I cup my hand on her pussy, and I start to rub it, softly, teasing her, she pushed her ass towards my hand, she clearly wanted more but I didn't give in to her needs, instead I stopped completely and grabbed a T-shirt on the bed, she is a messy girl.

Nighttime with the Neighbours Son

first-time 2017-11-10

He lifted me up and held me in his arms while he fucked me against the patio wall.” Her lips were against my ear and her hand stroked my cock. I looked up at him, startled at his words but I knew straight away I was going to have him fuck me, feel his hard body thrusting in to mine, driving everything away while we just fuck.” Her hips now thrust against mine in time with her hand wanking my throbbing cock as I listened to her story. He watched me as he told me to take his cock in my hand and he smiled as I touched him for the first time.” She pumped on my cock and rubbed my pre-cum around my sensitive head as she licked and nibbled my ear as she murmured her story to me.

Chubby and the jock

first-time 2017-11-10

"Fuck me harder Derek!" He faulted a little but lifted her legs holding them by the ankles and drove into her faster but just as deep, she wiggled her legs free and caught Derek off guard when she flipped them over and began riding him like he was a bucking bull, her ass and tits bounced so sensuously all he could do was watch her take him, he gripped her hips and drove up into her hard, the sound of flesh slapping was delicious to their ears, they kissed and fucked each other vigorously, neither had had sex in a long time and they got lost in each other in, they both ended up on their sides spooning and fucking Derek was ravishing her face and neck while having her leg hooked in the crook of his arm hitting that sweet spot deep inside her, she was delirious with pleasure by now and had cum a couple of times, tears had run down her face and her body shook gripping both him and the bedsheets his breathing got ragged and he finally came filling the condom and pulling out her by now swollen pussy.

My Ex Wife Turned Me

first-time 425olds 2017-11-10

Then she pulled my blindfold off and I realized It WASN'T my ex-wife who was working over my prick, It was some man I started struggling but I couldn't get away my ex-wife smacked me hard on the ass and pulled off her nasty panties and shoved them in my mouth, she then told me to quit trying to get up and to lay back and enjoy the blow job I was getting she told me the man's name was Bill and that he was bi-sexual and he loved to suck cock. When he was done he looked over at my ex-wife and said that I had very sweet cum and a lot of it, she laid the camera down and Told Bill to fuck her pussy, Bill got up and I saw his massive cock it must have been 11 inches long and as big around as a beer can, it was twice the size of my cock.

My bestfriends dad and me

first-time babychiken44 2017-11-10

oh just to let you know he wore a condom, and i sucked his dick and he stoped me after a wile and he held my down and licked me i almost came in his face but i held it in it felt like magic his tongue went up and around my wet pussy i moaned and i pulled him closser then i herd the door down stairs opening i grabbed my panties he was still licking i moand again and i pushed him away and got my panties on and he tryed to hump my ass i was telling him to stop and i put him to the bed and i told him ill be back for more , a rushed to the room whisperd "no come back" it was my friend who came home whith the food she yelled "guys im home" and ran up the stairsi was sitting in her room pretending to be texting on my phone she said "wow i hope my dad wasint weird when i was gone" and laughed i laughed to and i said he was fine why?

She Doesn't Pt. 08

first-time barnabus 2017-11-09

He put his hand on my breastbone and slid it downward, between the open sides of the bra to my stomach, and followed his caress with kisses. He took my hand, raised it to his lips and kissed both sides of it, then he returned it to my side, leaving me uncovered. Almost reverently, he bent lower, his lips grazed my nipple, then moved to the edge of my breast, kissing his way around, covering every inch and working his way by circular patterns toward the areola. if you didn’t disparage the breasts that I love!” He kissed my nipple, ran his lips over it pulling it gently into his mouth before releasing it and kissing it again.

L'apprentissage de Chloé... Fin de soi

first-time 2017-11-09

Elles me savonnent au gel douche en même temps, les mains de ma chérie sur mes pieds, mes jambes, mes fesses et Marie caressant ma nuque, mes épaules et mon dos. Chloé est la première à enfoncer deux doigts dans ma chatte en torturant mon téton des dents mais c’est quand Marie pénètre mon petit trou, en délaissant mon autre sein pour murmurer « Jouis petite salope » que je me tords, accrochée à leurs épaules… Ou… J’ordonne à Chloé de se mettre à quatre pattes, ou accroupie et de pisser par terre comme une vraie petite salope, ses doigts écartant sa chatte trempée et nous disant qu’elle aime pisser devant nous. Les doigts de Chloé tirent un peu plus sur ses pointes de seins quand Marie insiste pour qu’elle le fasse.

Druesha of Hartshorn Hill

first-time lindiana 2017-11-09

She sucked him hard between her cheeks and pressed the head of his cock into the roof of her mouth. As Master continued to move in and out of her tight cunt, she could feel herself begin to become more and more aroused. Druesha begin to push back against her Master, loving the way he filled her so completely. Her young nubile body, her innocence and her cock sucking all combined to make him cum as hard as he had as a man her age. Lord Hartshorn climbed into his own bed in his new chambers with his new personal chamber slave and fell fast asleep with a smile on his face.

Goth chicks are cool

first-time bigS11 2017-11-09

You start masturbating I want to watch you cum" Jamie stated "I don't know if I can." I said having never done that in front of anyone "look you want to right now either do it in front of us or wait till you get home and do it to the memory." She was right I start masturbating my rock hard cock. I am watching Jamie play with her pussy panting looking at Ashley playing with her tits I start feeling myself cum after about a minute. "Ill let you play with my wet pussy while you cum if you look into my eyes while you do it" I agreed quickly I wanted to feel it and I was starting to cum.

Three Weeks to Lose his Virginity Ch. 03

first-time seth_perm 2017-11-09

Spencer had already agreed with Emma that she'd make herself scarce so that he and Suzy would be able to come back to his mum's house to get some time alone. So, even though she would be gone soon, Spencer knew he a damn good chance of having her; Suzy had virtually promised him that they would fuck on Friday night. To be honest, Spencer neither of us really fancy you but Suzy told us you had a big cock and that you lasted for ages so we thought it might be fun to have a fuck." He could feel Anna's breath on his cock as she spoke. Jenny's oral technique was slightly clumsy compared to Emma's assured sucking and even Suzy's enthusiastic head-bobbing, but it still felt amazing to Spencer.

Jason Quinn's Ghost Story

first-time julybear7 2017-11-09

At the onset of the holiday season of Jason's third year in college, Meli's senior year in high school, and Gordie's first year of working, tragedy again struck the young household. A week after the funeral, Jason, now a tall, slightly built, good looking twenty year-old, was able, based on his history with the conservator, to convince the Family Court he would be able to continue caring for his 17 year old sister and give her the support and guidance she required. "Because of Gordie's sudden death, and your age, Meli, at the time of your father's accident, I am guessing that he never discussed the terms of your trust with you.

Cleaning up

first-time sinnedbad69 2017-11-09

It was my first time working late alone at the office; no managers and no day shift colleagues. I'm several minutes into watching a 'teacher' "educate" her 'student' and pressure is building... Her breasts brush my shoulder as she talked hold of my cock. "I wasn't meant to be in here until the building closed for the day, but I saw a light on and got all curious. Before I can bring myself to believe my eyes my cock is in her mouth! I think nothing of it when she lets go of my cock. A view of her left hand wrapped round a swollen cock. As I watch her, she lovingly cleans my cock with her tongue before swallowing my load.

Tiffany and Marcus

first-time Pappageno 2017-11-09

I never wanted any of those teenage boys to put themselves in me, but I imagined his hard cock up inside my tight pussy, and I fingered myself to the thought of it often. My only regret was that I was no longer going to be able to call up Marcus for a session, to be with him, to feel the special way he made me feel, to feel the spark that I felt every time he touched me and when he photographed me. After the waves had subsided, Marcus kissed his way up my body, pausing to pay special attention to my small breasts and my hard nipples.