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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

My fantasy for my wife

first-time markndeb 2017-11-09

You then said that you needed the loo before the movie started, so you stood up and went to move past Nate, as you did he stood up to let you out, because he was such a big man you squeezed past him, as you did your back brushed by his groin, you could feel something big in his trousers, you entered the aisle turned and smiled at us both and disappeared down the stairs to the bathroom. The white man in front of you asked if he could play with your boobs while you sucked the other guys cock, you reached up and unbuttoned your dress, you pulled your mouth from Nate's cock, and lifted your dress over head and tossed it over the seats behind us.

From eyes contact to anal in less than 10 words.

first-time 2017-11-09

Let me be clear, I have no intention of making love to this horny angel tonight, but I can't resist a few moments caressing this stunning body before I fuck this d***ken slut the way I'm sure she is craving and probably even deserves. She paused just long enough to make sure she wasn't making a fool of herself in front on the other people at the bus stop. She had slid her hand slightly up my leg and stopped for a few seconds on my semi hard cock before she slid it backdown a inch or two away from my dick- not in the sense of pulling away but simply the 30 people half watching.

Twin Summer Ch. 04

first-time jane700bond 2017-11-09

I do not know how long we went on like this, I remember, Dora's hand moving back down and onto my clit and rubbing as my playing with her nipples became more and more rough, pulling squeezing, sucking, trying to get her whole breast into my mouth. However, we had reckoned without Bob. How long he had been peering though the bedroom door we do not know, I hadn't been watching it, but the next thing I know Dora beautiful open vagina is lifted up from my face and there is Bob's great Dick thrusting deep into her dripping cunt, his hairy balls slapping about.

My gfs big cock experience

first-time Asimmo01 2017-11-09

She could he just over half way down when I told him to ram it down her throat , he hell her head still and slowly stuk his fat throbbing dik deeper an deeper , she was moaning and gipping like mad as she tried to swallow him but she couldn't and as she came back up for agin I could see the disappointment on her face So I told her to try again while I fuked her from behind , but she begged me for my mates huge cock so be insider her to which I agreed I could wait to see her destroyed by his monster cock so he dropped to his knees behind her and pulled her closer as he put his dick in her wet pussy I could see the joy in her face as he got balls deep I made her deep throat my cock while my mates fucked her her hard from behind


first-time GypsumRed 2017-11-09

While the ice melted, David raised his hand and slapped her ass six times, every slap harder than the last. After spanking her, David rubbed her skin soothingly with both hands; her thighs, her butt, and her back, all the way up to her neck. He grabbed her chin and kissed her hard, completely in control, slipping past her lips with his tongue and deepening the kiss even more, before pulling away and leaving her wanting more. She felt vulnerable but she kinda liked it because she knew she still had some amount of control; she could tell her boyfriend to stop whenever she wanted to. The sound of the slaps and the feel of her warm, angry skin against his hand turned him on.

Teacher Teaches Well

first-time Itheswag 2017-11-09

When Cynthia looked up at the mirror in front of her she saw that Joey’s cock was again ready to burst so she stood up from the dresser and kneeled in front of young Joey then wrapped her fingers around his massive cock and jerked him off again after a few seconds Joey came and then splattered all his semen into Cynthia’s waiting breasts. As Cynthia continued to masturbate young Joey she could not help but feel aroused herself, so she lifted her skirt up to her waist and spread her legs apart and got Joey’s hand and then guided it to her panty covered pussy.

Ex Wife

first-time TheycallmeMrBig 2017-11-09

Again, she smirked and said to me, "smart ass, I do know what a lug wrench is and no I have not tried using it because it is not in the car." I apologized for stereotyping and pulled the 4 way from my trunk and asked her if I could change the tire for her. As we walked through the doorway of her bedroom, she limped over to the bed and getting on her knees, she said over her shoulder, "Skip the four play, I want that cock of yours all the way up my pussy." I dropped my uniform pants to the floor and stepped up behind her.

First Experience: Sister-in-law

first-time sunnyboyz 2017-11-09

Anyway at night I was sneaking around their room door to see what they doing I finally got the way to see them what I see my brother try to fuck her and she resist to say I am very tried and I don’t wanna do this tonight but my brother told her she want her right now she said no again with anger my brother didn’t like her that way and he slap her face and started taking off her clothes and made himself naked with big dick hanging down and what he did he hold her from her waist and made her horsey and put the dick inside her ass and started rough ride she yell very hard that I can hear her from my room.

Chronicles of my man to man experience.

first-time slovakcock 2017-11-09

I started to get curious about anal sex but this time I wanted to know how it felt to bang a girls ass. I pulled out of her pussy and started to rub the head of my cock on her asshole. I put it back on her asshole and whispered in her ear "That's where I want it" I slowly kept working it in her tight ass using her pussy juices as lube. I followed him to his place thinking I don't want to give up my means of leaving in case things got weird. I slowly let it sink into my virgin ass taking little bits at a time until it was all the way in.

Happy Ending

first-time bassbelly 2017-11-09

Brad was upset because I wouldn't let him do some things I didn't want to do." "I want you too, but I'm afraid." Her hand slid up his leg and grasped his rock hard cock through his clothes. He felt her pussy quivering on his lips and he knew the time had come. She got on top of Brad and slowly lowered herself onto his waiting cock. "Do you mean to tell me that Brad is in your room, in your bed, waiting for you to come in and give him some more?" her mother asked, shocked. "You know, honey," he said, "one of these days that wonderful pussy of yours is going to kill me!"

Losing My Virginity to Daddys Friend

first-time 2017-11-09

I was a little scared, but I could also feel my pussy starting to get wet--Mark was feeling my nipples through my tshirt, and it felt really good. His wet mouth felt so good, his tongue swirling around my hard little nipple like that...and as he moved over to start sucking on my right tit his cock pressed against my leg. Mark wanted me to suck him too, because he started reaching for my hair and guiding my mouth towards the tip of his dick. Mark reached down between us and flicked his thumb over my clit again, and soon after that I came around his dick, my pussy pulsing around him hard and fast.

In the park

first-time TTERRY 2017-11-09

She slid the shirt off his shoulders and followed it with her mouth, planting hot, breathy kisses along his collar bone and down his arm and then did the same on the other side, thrusting her chest forward in an u*********s need to feel Terry's mouth on her breasts. He smiled into her eyes as he lowered his head and flicked her breasts with his tongue before taking the weight in his hand and closing his mouth over her nipple, just as she thought she could bear no more, he started to suck and to draw as much of her breast into his mouth as he could take.

A knight in his arms

first-time 2017-11-09

Her face, her breasts showing through her white shift, so fresh, sunlight making them surreal, and those eyes, deep pools of blue where he had lost his way many times before. At the same time he was pressing them hard as if he wanted to milk her and he could tell how much she like it. He then knelt before her and took her clit fully in his mouth, exploring that lovely valley where men want to live. “Your vagina is sooo tight that one finger is having hard time, but the wetness is helping to get it inside.” The attention her clit is getting was so intense, so I increased the pressure and pace a little every time she moaned.

Rhonda TAKES Me!

first-time Tcs1956 2017-11-09

One guy, Malcom, was talking about how she gave him a blow job in the parking lot during the Friday night football game. Suddenly he said, "...and then she sucked my dick!" The guys all laughed and moaned and went their separate ways. Finally she rose up, swallowed, opened her mouth to show him that she had swallowed his cum and then she grinned really big and said "Now don't go and tell all your friends that I did that. Then I told him, "She's so damn hot that if you would have fucked her, I would suck your cock just to taste her pussy and not even think one queer thought!" We both laughed a big laugh about that as if we both knew I was kidding.


first-time stoneypoint 2017-11-09

She said the second time we came to know each other I was 18, she was 29. Not that I've ever seen a woman put as much energy and enthusiasm into sex, but a woman like Vanessa who was a nun at the time, came to fuck me and the way she did so was utterly amazing. "Never in my life have I ever, ever enjoyed making love with a woman more then I did now with you Vanessa... She said she wanted to make love like we had, but with me. I whispered in her ear telling her I loved her, but she knew I said it out of a fit of passion.

Sarah Submits

first-time LoveFromRoma 2017-11-09

I am a journalist and my family commitments frequently caused me to turn work down, or to spend time away from my boys. I didn't really think about calling in advance; it was late and I figured Sarah might well be asleep, so I pulled my car into the garage and came into the house through the kitchen. 'Come on, Sarah.' I led her by the hand into my bedroom next door. I again targeted her nipples, alternating sucking and squeezing while my free hand moved over her pussy, above the panties. I could feel her pussy clinging to my cock as I pulled out, and felt her muscles tightening as I pushed in. I wanted to leave her with the feeling of coming with my cock inside her.

Amie and Stella

first-time Black_Sanchez 2017-11-09

Stroking my back I felt her weight move across me, her body lying full length over my back, her legs astride of mine, her mound pushing within my cleft, her fingers touching my hand, entwining with my own, sensations all of which I readily accepted and responded to; her pelvis moved slowly against me as I felt her lips kissing the nape of my neck, sending a shiver down my spine and causing me to release a murmuring sound of accepting pleasure. She held my head with both hands, her fingers holding me tight in her embrace and wanting kiss as I moved my body between her thighs; then releasing me as I kissed my way down across her tits, following the line of her cleavage; kissing down and down to pause at her tummy running my lips and tongue around her navel.

dad`s best friend

first-time john1195 2017-11-09

house-sitting for my Dad's best friend when he and his wife were out of His crotch looked like a melon was concealed within the fabric that One time it occurred to me that the dirty clothes hamper was against the opposite wall, and so I opened it and found a pair of Don's dirty underwear found a pair of Don's underwear right on top of the pile. shot a huge load of cum in the front of this pair. I remember sitting on the floor and holding the underwear inside out to my another pair of his clean, white underwear with another huge load of cum in few pairs of dirty underwear and laid them at various points on my body.

Eighteen Ch. 04

first-time SelenaKing 2017-11-09

"Okay, like, seriously, after that performance I feel like I should pay for dinner myself," said Scott in the back of my Civic, shaking his head. I'd made sure we got a booth, so I sidled into the round leather seat in the middle, with Missy on my right and Scott on my left. "Sorry about the prices tonight, Scott," I said as I daintily wiped the last of my meal from the corner of my mouth with a napkin. Tonight is all about Angie." She looked deep into my eyes as she said it, lacing the words with double meaning. "Tonight, if you want them," I said immediately, looking him dead in the eye.

My Scond TIme

first-time 2017-11-09

Next thing you know she starts licking my balls and cock. "got to get you nice and slippery she says" I can hear her pulling off her pants and underware. I grap it to stick it back in her but inside of putting it in her pussy I end up in ass, she squeals in surprise"I'm sorry" "it ok its not like it's my firstr time with a cock in my ass go crazy she says. So I g**** her ass cheeks and hump like made till all cum emptyies into her tight little ass hole. I pull my cock out and it smells like shit, "don't worry i'll clean it off she says.As shes cleaning my cock off I cum a little in her mouth.

The Lake House

first-time zimabean 2017-11-09

I got the hand lotion and the pantys and started to pretend mom was right there with me and we were going to fuck. I pushed a little more, my cock head was now inside mom's pussy. My cock was still hard, I was going to dress and leave before I got busted but I thought I may never get another chance to fuck my mom's fine pussy. This time I pumped mom good and hard for about four minutes before filling her fine cunt full of my spunk again. I did get to stick my cock into Tina's pussy a few days later but she would not let me cum inside her.

How We Educated Our Daughter

first-time nckboy 2017-11-09

I loved the feeling of power as I flicked her clit in to an orgasm and she lifted bolt upright on the bed while pulling my head hard in to her coming fanny. Paul lay down and Lucy grabbed his cock as she climbed over him, she did the rub along her slit, spreading the new pre cum her dad had made with a very excited looking smile. I watched Paul give his signal to me, he couldn’t hold back much more in her tight virgin pussy so I knelt behind Lucy, fetched my hand on to her fanny and started to play with her clit.

fuck me

first-time 2017-11-08

Your warm, moist tongue Your hot, steamy breath I wanna feel your cock Fucking me to death Rub my nipples Pinch them tight God, all I want Is to be your whore tonight I want your cock inside me I wanna inhale your seed I've got what you want You've got what I need Rock this bed Rock my soul to the core Slap my ass, fuck me deep And call me your whore Tell me you desire me Tell me you want me Tell me our sex Will forever haunt me I give you my soul Now give me your cock Touch my pussy Mmmm, spread it wide I can hardly wait To feel you inside To feel you inside

Anticipation Ch. 05

first-time 5thRing 2017-11-08

She released my hand and reached across me, wrapping her fingers around the back of my head, and guided me to sit up with my face hovering over hers. I moved in for another kiss, setting the knife on the counter, and then ran the fingers of my right hand up her back, beneath her tank top and pinched the clasp of her bra. My left hand moved back up to rest against the underside of her left breast, and my right hand creeped downward, occasionally pausing to curl and uncurl my fingers, causing their tips to graze her skin. Her right hand moved mine at a much slower speed, and I let her do whatever she needed with it.