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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Just a Little Chemistry

first-time silken_desirez 2017-11-08

Using one hand under her ass, and a slight upward pressure of the vibe when he held it inside her, he rubbed her g-spot so that she cried out, at the same time lifting her hips to slide the pillow beneath her. He watched her try to breathe through it, savored the shocked pleasure in her eyes, and the little whimper of pain as he spread the two fingers inside her to work her open. Fuck your pussy for me, while I show you how to take this cock into your ass like the slut you are." She gasped, squirmed a little, the pressure of his head rubbing against her slippery hole felt good.

Trip with Granddad- nudist campsite

first-time TinyPetra 2017-11-08

Seconds later two young girls stopped looking at me, standing there completly naked behind the motorhome. Both girls was starring and started to talk and point to his cock, and seconds later he took my hand and putting it on his cock now growing. Again they talked in german and soon he helped my hand to masturbate his cock, in front of the girls, looking like crazy. I went in and took my dress off and dropped my panties, and I could feel my holes pulsating when the dildos got out of my pussy and ass. Seconds later I felt his cock pushing against my anus, and It was hurting a bit.

Just This Once

first-time Jizaz_Jester 2017-11-08

"Yeah but if you leave me like this," I said motioning towards where my dick was making a rather impressive tent in the thin cotton of my PJ's, "she's gonna know something's up." Chrissie turned her head away with short chuckle, but I pulled her hand down to my lap and forced her fingers to rub my shaft. She leaned back with a huge grin and shook her head before telling me "Your first girlfriend has a five page research paper due at 3pm, and I happen to know she's barely written more than the opening paragraph." I raised my eyebrows, waiting for a 'but' – it never came – instead, Chrissie happily let me know "We have the place all to ourselves." She ran her hands down my chest and across my stomach, down to pull away my pants and slide my cock out to start stroking it.

A Show with Judith

first-time kumquat 2017-11-08

Judith undid the buttons of her top and took it off and looked at me and said "well?" I got the hint and took off my top, this time it was my turn to ask what if, and she gave me my answer, we laughed a little bit and literally fell together and to the ground, groping at each other like a couple of crazy lovers, she felt so good and I told her that I loved the feel of her skin touching mine, she agreed it felt good, without saying anything, she sat up and took off her bra, so I did too, now we could really feel each other's body.

Returning Home

first-time Master_Vassago 2017-11-08

"I understand," Chad said with a sly grin having evil thoughts of his sister and her little Catholic schoolgirl friends, "I know that you were shy before and then if you didn't get all that stuff fixed until this year your not giving in to guys wanting dates is understandable. Emily's heart nearly broke as Chad told her this, for so long she had felt like no one missed her or cared about her and she had just retreated into her own little world and her friends in Catholic school forgetting about all the people back here that she thought had done the same with her.

George,And His Daddy

first-time dongerdoug 2017-11-08

My best friend,George,and I were in the backyard,playing with his army men,when His Daddy came out and said He wanted to speak with me. Altho I had loved how it felt when George's Daddy played with my butt,I also had to admit that I was a little bit scared. I'm not surprised He hasn't seen another boy's penis before." George's Daddy said. George and I were laying in his bed,playing with each other's penis,when his Daddy came in the room. He promised I could see his penis!" I said,as George crawled down the bed and got between my legs. Wanna see?" George's Daddy asked and stepped closer,until his dick was almost touching me.

Sibling Seduction 1

first-time WongSwing 2017-11-08

Amy was staring at his cock lustfully, watching her hand slide up to the head and then back down. He moaned slightly when he felt her tongue snake out and lightly licks the mushroom head of his cock. She pulled his penis out of her mouth with a slurp and he watched her tongue snake out of her mouth and lick the cum off the side of her lips. He slid his hands under her ass and held her crotch up in the air, his fingers held her panties to one side as he again sucked her delicious clit into his mouth. He moaned, and Amy felt Jeff's penis pulsate in her mouth.

My First Time

first-time zimabean 2017-11-08

I over heard the two talking in the hall, Nurse Lindsay was not sure what to do and Doc just told her to do whatever it took as I was the star player and needed to be at my best. Nurse Lindsay then said she had an idea, she asked me if I had ever seen a naked woman. I felt pretty good about Nurse Lindsay calling me a man, and getting to drain my balls inside a real woman. As I made that last thrust deep inside her and let my balls drain, I thought of Nurse Lindsay and all that she taught me and how she made me the man I am today.

Slutty Sarah's first sexual experience

first-time KevinGraves2 2017-11-08

I felt so sexy and as I stood up, I bent forward to pick up my handbag that I’d put on the floor, with my back to the men in the bar, knowing that my skirt would come up at the back and give all the men there a look at my thighs and my my g-string between my legs, as well. Charlie was probably the best looking out of the three guys, and in any case he’d felt my breast and been up inside my vagina, and at that point, I didn’t care what happened to me, I was so, so sexually excited. I remember glancing around and seeing Gemma bent over the front of someone’s car, I’m sure it wasn’t Charlie’s, with two men I didn’t recognise feeling her breasts and with another man fucking her from behind.

Fantasy on the Balcony

first-time 2017-11-08

The idea came from watching her, sexy chick dancing on the balcony, and at times she bounced her butt like she was getting fucked. I turned her around, grabbing her butt, holding it, massaging it and feeling of my cock getting hard. Amber stood legs apart leaning on the wall, smiling very big. Amber lifted her left leg up,and I held it by my hip, while I drove my cock back in her pussy. Amber leaned in kissing me, and I held her as I pulled away from the wall, moving her legs to hang on my hips. The feel of her feet in my hands had me moaning with the her pussy sucking all my cocks juices.

What I would do to you.

first-time mikenmikena 2017-11-08

My hand pulls out of your shirt and slides up your thigh, caressing your panties feeling your wetness building. All the while my fingers are running up and down your wet panties tracing your beautiful wet slit before I outline the seems of your panties slipping my hand down between your thighs my fingers gliding between your labia massaging the opening to your pussy and returning your wet to your clit before gently rubbing circles causing you to tremble again. I begin soft and build up pounding into you again and again whispering soft beautiful words into your ear, wanting to see and feel you orgasm, wanting to see you cum and hear your moans and squeals of delight.

Camping North

first-time Storygal 2017-11-08

That night I sat outside my tent lighting the stove when I noticed the man setting his pitch up across from me, was unusual he didn’t do it when he arrived. Walking around the stalls I had the feeling that someone was watching me, but I normally felt like that when I was in an area that I didn’t know. “Now that’s a young pussy he said” He pressed his body against mind sucking on my breasts making me squirm a little in pleasure whilst I fumbled my fingers through his hair pushing his head closer to my tits.

New Year's Eve Party

first-time griffen1 2017-11-08

fun!" said Jean, putting her hand on my shoulder. Her eyes were a little red, and her face was said, running her finger down my bare arm, causing me panties were red stretch lace, barely covering my sat down on her desk, spreading her legs open so I fingers to spread open the lips of her pussy. "Do you want to come here and lick my cunt?" she want you to spread your legs and put your fingers on fingers inside your cunt, and get them wet with your rammed three fingers into my cunt, and I dripped all feels so fucking good!" My hips rocked, wanting her to between my thighs, licking and sucking on my clit like

Summer Camping Ch. 02

first-time Turbidus 2017-11-08

Instead, I rolled over pressed my face against the wall and fell asleep telling myself I was a total and complete fucking pussy if I cried. I couldn't get out of the first session but by the Fourth of July I was home, busy burger flipping, floor moping and spending as much time with Claire as I could. My brain wasn't fully engaged yet and I raised my hand to my mouth and began to lick it clean, forgetting to worry how Claire would respond. I grabbed her ass with both hands and held her still as I pressed my face into the crotch of her jeans and sighed.

My first time...

first-time cutekeoni 2017-11-08

I started tongue fucking her pussy and flicking her clit doing anything that would make her moan. Then all of a sudden she cums and cums hard and she literally sits up in the bed and she is moaning out of control, grabbing onto the sheets, my hair anything as I continue to orally please her. We start having sex and she is moaning and so am I. I start to fuck her good and she is moaning and I feel her legs wrap around my body. After a bit I finally came and it was so good to share that experience with someone I loved. We laid in bed and talked and we must have had sex another 5 times that afternoon before my parents came home.

neighbors with benefits...

first-time mrclitoralman 2017-11-08

Her passion rising, she hissed in my ear, "I want to feel your hard cock against my pussy...let me massage your cock with my pussy", then she grasped the base of my shaft, squeezing gently above my balls as she rose up and straddled over my thighs, pressing her wet pussy lips against my cock as she looked down into my eyes and rubbed her slippery slit with my rigid cock. I reached up and captured her breasts, squeezing and pulling her nipples, she drew in her breath sharply at my touch, and I rasped, "That's it, feel me with your pussy!" Massaging my cock back and forth against her pussy lips with one hand, she looked deeply into my eyes and purred, "Mmmmm, feels sooo good...rubbing my hot pussy with your cock...making me wet...mmm, soo fuckin' hot...gonna' make me cum."

Visiting The Girls Of Amsterdam Ch. 02

first-time puppop 2017-11-08

Her pointed tongue licked the corner of her mouth and her luminous eyes looked deep into mine as she undid my jeans, gently pulling the zipper down, anticipating further discovery. Her silent reply- a challenging smile below dancing eyes.Her hands to my shoulders, she shifted a breast to my lips. Her hand went behind my head, pulling me tighter as I began to suck her engorged nubbin until it stood proud and firm in my mouth. Her fingers slid to the back of my cocks head to the sensitive spot, slicking it with my own contributions and then sliding down the shaft, closing gently as she reached the base, pausing, pulling up, and allowing the skin to slide past her moistened palm on the journey's return to the tip.

18 yr old JC Girl SG

first-time Labouroflove 2017-11-08

I kissed her neck from behind, and soon I could feel her body temperature getting hotter, and I asked her - "mei, are you feeling warm?" and she said yes. I feel up her body and breasts over her white bra, and she began to moan abit. She starts to fondle my body as she relaxes in bed, and eventually she brushes her hands over my shorts, and the unexpected feeling is such a rush and I get an erection as I take my shorts off. I guide her and ask her to suck gently and use her tongue to lick under my didi as she slides her head back and forth, using her lips and tongue to stimulate me.

Interactive Story - Rainstorm Rêverie Pt2

first-time yummymolly 2017-11-08

Kirsten looked back at the girl, to see her holding the large mug in both hands, back arched and eyes closed, taking peculiarly large gulps of the coffee, as if it were her first, or last, taste of the beverage. As if reading her thoughts, Fay set the now empty coffee mug down on the table, and turned in her chair to face Kirsten. Instead she felt Fay’s gentle breath on her cheek, and then on her her ear, and the the girl said gently and surely, almost in a whisper, “It is important to have faith, Kirsten, as some things on this earth cannot be explained...”

Hot Horse Ride - # 4

first-time petdyke 2017-11-08

Naughty Nikita needed more merry sexy experiences after I rode her so hotly. Her horny sexy stallion showed his interest, smelling the feromones from her blond furry fanny. Her sexy smells brought me back to lusty life as well. My pale looking lover girl got so wet, hot and red that I almost slid out of her. Soon she started to sound like a lustful merry mare, my naughty Nikita. I loved to make her moan and scream in our deserted dirty mellow meadow of love. My mean ways of treating her with my main pretuberance wetted her sexy slit. I reached underneath her Hotness to touch and treat her glowing and growing clit. Naughty Nikita needs a well hung jockey to tame and satisfy her sexy drive.

The Banging of Becky BlueBalls

first-time laceysgirl 2017-11-08

she was liking it I couldn't believe it she had the most beautiful ass I had ever seen full and round kind of heart shaped her rosebud was a deep rose color I wanted to kiss that ass stick my tongue inside it maybe even push my own cock into it I was thinking as s**t fucked her hard he got her on her hands and knees and really drove it into her Becky was making little girl noises kind of mewling and saying “OH OH OH” as his hips slammed into her ass he even slapped her ass a few times leaving big hand prints on those lovely cheeks but instead of hurting her Becky seemed to enjoy it I felt the erection growing between my legs just watching them s**t came with a roar shooting his cum deep inside Becky's ass then after he was done milking it into her he pulled it out his cock was clean except for a few traces of cum but Becky's asshole was totally gaped I could see up inside her it was the most amazing thing I had ever seen I could see s**t's cum all gooey white against her deep rose colored insides God but she's beautiful!

Adventures of a Indian Wife

first-time cuteb0y25 2017-11-08

“Yeh,” said Pramila thinking how she can tell this man that his son does not know how to use his seven-inch long tool. “Is Narendra doing justice to your pussy?” Hameed said looking into his daughter-in-law’s eyes. “Others will come to know that my daughter-in-law is being fucked outside because there is no man in this house to satisfy her.” “What other justification you want when you have a hungry pussy and there is some one who promises to take good care for it,” he said in an earnest voice. “You are young and you deserve a good fuck,” Hameed said. Hameed had now buried his fingers deep inside the pussy of his daughter-in-law and was sucking, biting her nipples.

My first gay experience.

first-time 2017-11-08

I slowly slid them down and his cock sprang out of his boxers with a satisfying little bounce, it made me smile as I could see him twitch properly, two full spasms that made his dick slap against his stomach and spring straight back up...he was so hard. I smiled and wrapped both of my hands around his cock, fingers interlaced as I pumped up and down, making sure just to brush against head but not go over it too hard. I closed my eyes and remembered the feeling of his cum flying, how warm it felt hitting the roof of my mouth and the back of my throat and before I knew it I was past the point of no cock was ready to explode.

My Camping Trip

first-time RazorTalon1984 2017-11-08

So sometime during our play fight I went from being cuddled next to Jon to lying on top of Jon looking at him while laughing and realized just how much he’s changed since we met. So I didn’t feel Jon get up and walk over to lay with me till he had his arms wrapped around my waist, and had started kissing my neck. Soon I felt him place a candle I’m assuming at the hole to my ass, then take it away, saying he wanted to feel me first to take that away himself not with a candle. When I can finally breathe Jon is looking at me smiling evilly and starts to kiss me again.