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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Ashley the French Maid

first-time TraceTheMaid 2017-11-08

It took them till 7:37 am to get the house clean and nice looking again, which Brad got the best view when Ashley bend over showing off her underwear that he couldn't help, but adore them. I had grown so much to you Ashley that the first week of you working for me I had feelings for you that I was scared to let you know." He kissed her cheek as he wrapped his arms around her waist making her sit up as he laid his head on her shoulder.

to sore

first-time 2017-11-08

When my husband and I got married he talked about going into my butt, but I wasn't interested and we were doing fine every other way of sex. He pushed each side of my butt apart and put his cock against my hole. He started to push his cock into my butt hole and boy did it hurt. It didn't take my husband to long untl he came deep in my ass, but it was a new hole and I didn't hold that against him. Now I have a third hole to use when my cunt and mouth get sore and my hubby needs release. Not a hole for everyday fucking, ( still hurts to much, maybe hubby to big) but for special times.

Taxi driver seduced my old guy

first-time grinch76 2017-11-08

Suddenly he produced a porn mag from the carrier bag “fat old slags” He kept opening the pages and showing them to me, I was getting distracted and not to mention I could feel my cock stiffening. He suddenly engulf my cock with his mouth, feel something hot and warm around it was like having one of the birds in the mag straddle me. He began sucking it again, whilst stretching my balls, I could feel is stubble on my cock, which made it even more sensitive. We didn’t say a word the rest of the journey, however I got to keep the mag and like clockwork, he gets his weekly mouthful from me on the way home from the club :-P

She & Ms. Jones

first-time 2017-11-08

I left to use the restroom down the hall, and I was walking back to the living room, Ms. Jones cornered me, and something inside of me didn’t want to say no. Her lips were soft, her skin softer than mine, and breasts that looked like they never aged a day, probably because she hadn’t had strong, coarse hands trying to squeeze them off of her chest for ten years. We were violently interrupted when Vicki started calling for me in the living room, jokingly worried that I had fallen in. Back to my problem, after a night of cheesy movies and a stack of homemade almond macaroons provided by Ms. Jones, Vicki and I fell asl**p on the living room floor.

45 yo Heidi Gives Her First BJ

first-time 2017-11-08

It was a particular long night and her car pool friend needed to leave and I offered to drive her home later. I then slid a finger into her pussy and as soon as I hit her g-spot she said Oh-My, and went crazy as her orgasm over took her. She licked my balls for a short time and asked if that is what I wanted and I said yes, and she continued until I told her to suck me some more. I felt the orgasm rebuild to a much higher level and knew this woman would be getting a mouthful, so I reached my hands down and positioned them on her head.

My first bi-guy.

first-time thewhoami 2017-11-08

One day, a bit pissed, I was showing a mate, Simon, some of my collection, and I spotted him stop at that particular photo, I went to get a couple more beers from the kitchen, and then went upstairs to use the toilet, when I returned he was still looking at the same photo. He disappeared to have a piss, I was sitting on the edge of my bed, feet on the spare mattress, looking at that photo, sporting a hard-on, when suddenly I realised he had returned and was standing in front of me. I just said, “well?”, he replied, “OK!”, and with that we grabbed hold of each other and rolled over onto the mattress, both looking deep into each other’s eyes, as our hands started to investigate each other’s bodies, soon we were both grabbing at the other’s cock.

Buddies Forever

first-time R E THEGN 2017-11-08

Amy remembered a time at the clubhouse when Bear reached across her, grazing a breast and whispered to Jeff, ‘She's got tits'. For Amy, it was walking home alone, stripping off her clothes, lying in bed, one hand cupping a breast, the other working between her silky thighs and always thinking of what they were doing, until sleep came and with it, tortured dreams. Jeff told Amy that it felt like summer camp, organized activities during the day and roaring parties through the night. Lynn was about Amy's height, had large breasts that fought with her sweater and fantastic looking legs coming out of a short skirt. Lynn's fingers were unbuttoning Amy's blouse and then she felt the woman's hands on her naked breasts.

Taking the Girl

first-time Daddy_Jack 2017-11-08

Slowly I begin to remove your dress, pulling it down over your shoulders, but letting it hang on your upper arm, suspended, as my fingers dance below your throat at the top of your beautiful white breasts. My fingers continue to caress the other thigh while my wet lips offer kiss after kiss, moving up toward your gushing cunt. Your taste is divine as I suck on your clit, running it up into my mouth between my lips, while I slide two fingers inside you. Suddenly I stop moving, and you feel my entire body shiver, and my cock gets even harder and hotter, as I experience my first orgasm without ejaculating.

A Gift for Her Teacher

first-time Katiecat 2017-11-08

"Good, good," Dave said, between kisses, "real good." He left a trail of their clothing all the way to the bedroom: her sweater, his shirt, her bra, his belt, their shoes and socks...when they got to his bed, he tugged her jeans and panties down over her hips and tossed them on the floor, and his jeans followed in the heap. Carrie nodded, swallowing hard, while Dave slowly began kissing down her neck, her shoulder, her collarbone, her breasts...stopping to tease her nipples with his lips and tongue while Carrie sighed and ran her fingers through his hair. He smiled to himself, focusing on that sweet spot, feeling Carrie's thighs shaking under his hands, while she moaned, "Yes...yesss...oh Dave...right there...I'm so close..." He felt her clit throbbing, and sucked gently until he tasted a gush of her sweet juices as she came in his mouth.

Her kisses

first-time pleasureseeker420 2017-11-08

Her back arched and a deep groan escaped her lips as I engulfed her nipple in my mouth, swirling my tongue against it and sucking on it as my hand squeezed at its twin. I rubbed her clit a little and took her nipple between my teeth, dragging them over the sensitive flesh, biting down as I thrust a finger into my best friends tight hole. She slid two slim fingers into me as she sucked my clit between her lips, her tongue rubbing against it hard and fast, sending me over the edge. As my gasping breath settled I felt her slide her way up over my body, cunt grinding against mine as she kissed me hard.

Surprise turns into a real fun evening.

first-time Car97 2017-11-08

Now as you lay on the couch looking down as our friend licks your pussy I decide to sit back and enjoy the site of you with another man. As you two are making out our friend says hey call my house I know my wife is still up. As I am playing with my wife pussy she squirts all over the place and that shocks my friends wife who says man I did not know you squirt. As she does that our friends wife says darn I want to be there next time so I can join in and lick it off your face next time.

Tips & Experiences from an Amateur CD Pt.1 ANA

first-time MaskedBottomBoy 2017-11-08

That was always my only fear of anal, later on when i started getting real dick my fears turned toward protecting myself (stds, etc.) honestly its number one to protect yourself but its kinda boring to talk about and most people have heard about safe sex since birth, if not look it up or ask me. Ill play along with peoples fantasies about bareback and i love watching bareback and absolutely prefer bareback sex but i wont let a bare dick in me until ive seen documentation that u are clean, no ifs ands or buts about it......... Practice on a toy, start small and work ur way up and see where ur sweet spot is to getting that dick in (for sucking dick and anal).

Nice Guys Finish Last

first-time nameuser 2017-11-08

As the bell rang to end such an uncomfortable moment, she asked me as I was prepared to leave, "Will you walk me to my car?" I nodded, my nice guy instinct kicking in. The girl pointed at my large floppy and yelled, "I told you!" I pulled up my pants as I ran away, planning on going around the block and then back to my house. "Michael, today, you will lose your virginity." I was in shock, both for the fact that I was getting laid for the first time, and also because I wasn't told that I was until the moment it was to happen.

BMOC: The Innocent Ch. 01

first-time TripleL 2017-11-08

"If you like," I said, "we could all go do some study after dinner." Alyssa raised one perfect eyebrow, conveying with the gesture skepticism of my abilities to take some naïve Christian girl and turn her into a bisexual slut in one night. Alyssa's hand traveled further up her leg, and Kelly made no move to pull away from me or stop her. Kelly's legs were closed, her thighs pressed together, but Alyssa was patient, and she steadily worked her hand in under the other woman's sundress. They want dirty whores who know how to please them." Kelly didn't reply; her hips were gyrating in her seat, her eyes were closed, and her mouth hung open, lips parted appealingly, her pink tongue just barely visible behind her perfect white teeth.

Tommy & Michelle Ch. 1

first-time Kemo 2017-11-08

Tom moaned softly as she slid down his body, kissing his chest and then sucking his nipples, swirling her tongue over them and nibbling them as she had his earlobes. She sped up her movements, bringing herself down onto his dick hard and fast, gasping quick breaths through her partially closed mouth as her eyes closed part way, awash in the feelings of the orgasm she knew was coming. As Michelle felt his dick spasming and his hot cum hit the walls of her pussy, her third orgasm hit her and she collapsed onto Tommy's chest, breathing heavily and shaking with pleasure.

Barbarian in Vegas

first-time BeardedBarbarian 2017-11-07

As I get ready to leave the hotel and begin my hunt for pussy I walk past an elaborately decorated banquet room. It makes the banquet room from my main hunting ground at the airport hotel look like a broom closet. I feel no cherry before I hit her cervix but between chicks finger fucking her and an athletic lifestyle I'm sure she lost her cherry somewhere along the way. Fuck, yes!" As she runs her hands through her hair, head turning side to side. I mean, I can't say that I am going to stop fooling around with my girlfriend but if you ever want to fuck again, tell me."

Viviane 01

first-time Tiresias07 2017-11-07

The last girl looked rather like a puppy: a sad little face, an attitude that said: do what you want to me. Puppyface said: "If you want someone who likes sex you should ask Viviane. "Yes, I am looking to make a sex movie about a girl's summer adventures. "How would you like it if we make a movie of you going on holiday, meeting guys, making love to them, and in general of you having fun?" I think my titties are a little small, but I like them anyway." She cupped the firm round breasts, pinching the pale pink nipples, and stuck her tongue out at me.


Merciful Lust

first-time DarkestFear 2017-11-07

We stopped kissing as he put his head against my neck, grinding a bit harder he let out a soft moan into my ear, his hot breath filling me, claming me as it's own – Making me crave that same breath on and around my pussy. I closed my eyes as his soft lips continued to caress my skin, his tongue making brief appearances along my body. I bobbed my head back and forward on his cock, loving the taste and feel of it as it filled my mouth and throat. The familiar tingling in my clit began as I continued to think about him spurting that gorgeous cum which I was going to swallow for the first time today.

Dirty Santa

first-time 2017-11-07

I said no, so she said, “Well, how ‘bout I give you a 'present' on the way home?” Of course I got us the hell out of there. But then in the car she decided she wasn't going to do it so I got mad. When I brought her home, she told me that she was sorry she didn't perform, and said, “If you beat me upstairs I’ll suck your dick, but if I beat you, then you have to eat me out.” We raced and she beat me, so I ate her out and about 7 minutes later she came all over me. About 15 minutes later I came in her mouth and she swallowed all of it.

I take you in the shower (a story for women (and g

first-time 2017-11-07

Gently teasing you, until, mmm there it is, the perfect spot where you can feel the tip of my long hard cock, start to enter the tightness of your wet little pussy. Feeling me shoot deep inside you, still fucking harder and harder, the pressure on your clit intensifies, and you feel just the tip of my finger enter your ass, sending you into the most crazy orgasm of your life, your pussy clamps down hard on my cock. Your body pushes back, the water crashes down, pussy so tight, my hand still on your clit, finger in your ass, you push back and back until you finally stop shaking.

Ali's Deflowerment

first-time EdwardSimms 2017-11-07

Ali picked up an oyster and gently drew her finger across its flesh, before brushing it against Ted's lips, sparsely coating them in oil. Ted lowered his body down onto Ali; their eyes remaining permanently locked the whole time. Ali started to speak softly, while continuing to look Ted straight in the eye. Ted's orgasm eventually started to recede, but he remained erect and buried deep within her, allowing Ali to continue making love to his shaft. Ali was sure that she could feel her cervix reaching down and taking great gulps of Ted's sperm from the pool where it had gathered inside her. Ali grabbed the Champagne and glasses, asked Ted to fetch the baked Alaska to the bedroom, and then headed off upstairs.

History With Miss Martin

first-time Taverner 2017-11-07

After she had collected our assignments, Miss Martin stood at the front of the class again, and she said, "Now, I don't know the rules around here, so you guys might have to help me out with a few things," but she was interrupted by Buckley, the self-styled clown, who said, "Well, for a start, Miss, we're allowed to smoke in class, and in Australia, school finishes at midday." There was a ripple of laughter around the room, as she looked at him, and smiled sweetly, like she was talking to a six-year-old, and said, "Something tells me I might have to check that one out with the principal," and then she looked around, and added, "Now, any other special rules I should know about?"

First Time With My Mother (ap)

first-time nana414 2017-11-07

but at my btech 2nd year I started masturbating and seeing porn videos,but on one day in my final year I got a throbbing pain in my penis,as I can’t say to my mom about that I controlled for some time,but within a short time it increased and I said to my mom, then she immediately called the watchmen to bring an auto me and my mom went to hospital, then the doctor gave a painkiller then checked the condition and after a while doctor talked to me then I went completely then she shouted for a while and said fuck me slowly that it was so tight, after some time then go on,i said ok and gave small strokes, then shortly I increased my rhythm and fucked her fastly,a beautiful sound came between us.


first-time SafeSexting 2017-11-07

I looked down just in time to see my cock sticking out of my fly and watched Amanda close her eyes and put her perfect lips right over my head, sliding my cock into her wet little mouth. Amanda opened up her eyes and looked right up at me, a little smirk on her face as she felt me get fully erect. Amanda immediately looked up at me with her big eyes and moaned a nice long yes, taking me to a whole new level of pleasure. Amanda removed my cocked from her mouth and began furiously jerking it off with one hand, aiming me right at her face as she closed her eyes.