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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

My first blowjob

first-time arasler123 2017-11-07

I loved the look of an erect cock and always wanted to give a blowjob. I could hear Jack stirring again but I couldn't have cared less at this point and put the head of his cock past my lips and I began to suck. I let go of his cock and let him begin to fuck my throat. Not only was I sucking my friend's cock, but he was fucking my mouth with it. I was loving my throat being fucked and wanted to make him cum so I slid my finger between his legs to his tight hole and rubbed it. I told him to stop and he took his cock out of my mouth.

What happens in Budapest part 1

first-time kissakosbudapest 2017-11-07

I've tried to finger her pussy, to make it wider, and even Nikolett was helping me, by kissing her s****r, she just kissed her lips, her breasts, and even she started to play with Adrienn's clit, but she said it's too much for her, and sorry for this, but maybe tomorrow, or a few minutes from now she would be good enough, to let me in. So I pulled out my dick from her ass, I put a condom on it, and I started to insert it to her beautiful, warm, and very wet pussy, as I get in she screamed a bit noisy because I tried to do it like with Nikolett, it was a bit much, as she said later.


first-time chrish24 2017-11-07

The very minute Miss Anna laid eyes on young Hazel Jackson she knew that this was a young woman that she could mole and shape into the kind of woman that she so desired for her life. The first time Anna looked into those beautiful hazel eyes she saw a lonely young girl who needed to be loved and understood for the young girl that she was, and the woman she hoped to be. An ever deepening kiss not only had Miss Anna taking complete control over her young lover's body, but she stole a piece of Hazel's heart that night. Miss Anna loved the look in Hazel's eyes as she got her first look at the older woman's naked body.

Black Guy & Indian Wife's Escapades 1

first-time altaff143 2017-11-07

So, she was in the train on the way to Goa and Raghav would join me the next day when he'd land at Dabolim Airport in Goa. So here she was, on her way to a vacation with her husband. Mira had booked this room after seeing the pics of the tub and the shower compartment, fantasizing about how she and Raghav would 'use' it. Wearing a long floral skirt and a top, Mira walked to the hotel reception. The hotels would be mostly unoccupied during this time of the year so it wasn't surprising that she and this stranger were alone in the large dining room. She called the hotel manager to inform him that she had handed the bike to his men and would return later.

The Peeping Buck, Turns into the Help

first-time therealbk 2017-11-07

A few minutes later, I heard a lawn mower coming around from the front of her house. I did see her lounge chair, and the lawn mower in my neighbors yard. I kept stroking my cock as he went back to moving his lawn. The next day, I watched her husband get his lawn mower out of his back yard. A few minutes later, I heard his lawn mower start to sputter. A few minutes passed before I heard the lawn mower next door run out of gas. A few days passed before I heard the lawn mower start next door. A second later I watched her lower her tight pussy on my cock.

The Bitch Mother! 1

first-time 2017-11-07

Other than the fuckin' great sex we had, I'm glad I left and wish like hell I would have gotten custody of you, but with the way I travel and constantly move around, the judge all but laughed at me for even asking" Tom said, as he saw the shocked look on Alex's face. She loved calling me Daddy, as I held her big ass down and hammered her tight cunt!" he added, laughing at the look on Alex's face, as he thought of Ronda's sexy, 40-inch ass and the way she loved it slapped so hard. "Wow, mom the church going, god fearing woman is a nasty ass bitch!" Alex said with a laugh and his mind went crazy, thinking of the possibilities and wanting to know more.

The Chess Piece Ch. 02

first-time CinderLaw 2017-11-07

Holy crap every time she would rub her nipples across the cool metal bars she felt like it was directly connected to her lower abdomen. Oh his warm hand felt so good against her skin, she did not know if she could hold still like he said. I just want to go back to my life, make it through the next couple of years and try to get into a place then find a nice mellow guy to settle down maybe have a kid. He began to rub his cock over her clit he knew it was not going to take much but he wanted her to be in the throes of an orgasm before he penetrated her.

Amnesia - Virgin Again

first-time InstinctSonari 2017-11-07

Even the bedroom, the place where Eric and I shared many a night making love, did nothing to jog my memory of my past life. I traced varying marks across and down my stomach, if I had any muscle tone before it had long been lost to the many months of laying in bed for far longer than I would like to ever again. How many times had Eric and I made love in this very bed, and I don't even remember what it feels like? Every night before we went to our separate beds, well Eric his couch, he would cup my face in his hands and look into my eyes searching for the remnants of his wife and never finding her.

Curiosity part 2

first-time pleasureseeker420 2017-11-07

I moaned and leaned my head back as Tom began to deep throat me tickling my balls with his tongue just like I had seen him do to Dan. Opening my eyes, I reached down and rested one hand on Tom's shoulder trying to coax him deeper but mostly not to quit while the other hand held the camera on Tom's amazing feat of cock sucking and on my cock. I could hear Dan talking but I just couldn't respond, the exquisite feelings of Tom's fingers sliding in and out of my ass while he kept pulling my cock deeper into his mouth sliding it down his deep throat and licking my balls at the same time his fingers were pumping in and out of my ass made me totally unaware of what I was saying or what was happening around me.

Our Introduction

first-time ptsteve 2017-11-07

Being the guy I am I sucked her clitoris between my lips and tongue licked it causing her to cum and yell even louder. She took the tip of her tongue and licked the pre-cum from the head and exclaimed, "That tasted good" and the next thing I knew my cock was deep in her mouth and prodding the back of her throat. I couldn't take much of that and said " I am going to cum" thinking she would pull back but she took it deeper as the first spurt launched from my cock. The girl started to really like the taste of cum I guess because she blew me several more times and even licked the cum from my cock after cumming in her mouth.

Boarding School

first-time joanne1976 2017-11-07

As I said before, really REALLY big tits, 36F it turned out, and the most fantastic, LONG nipples, which I wanted I opened my own eyes and saw that, amongst others, Ursula and Abi were both watching Ciaran and I, you doity Cow" she giggled as Ursula alternated between p*ssionately kissing Ciaran and sucking on her er*ct nipples. So, Abi came in and started kissing Ciaran whose eyes were fixed on me, as Ursula climbed over her to get to me. Ursula's hands moved to caress my breasts as she continued to kiss me, sucking my t*ngue now. I groaned as the other girls got seriously to work, a different mouth sucking each of my big tits. Ciaran was still kissing my mouth, her tongue probing deep inside.

A Million Dollar Deal Ch. 02

first-time Icingsugar 2017-11-07

But this time on bare skin, slowly inching the dress up as his hands gently caressed the now almost paralysed girl's legs. He reached up to her hips, spun her around and let his lips travel all the way up again, leaving kisses and licks up the back of her legs, her ass, and up her back. The man called Dennis, whose cock now stood full attention at the sight of the beautiful girl. His other hand was still working on her left nipple, and his hard cock was softly pushing at the entrance of her asshole, coating it with his pre-cum. Dennis kneeled in front of her, took his head in his hands and gave her a soft kiss on her lips.

Jennifer's Sexual Awakening Ch. 05

first-time AveryTomDeaconHarry 2017-11-07

David dismounted, leaned his bike against a wall of the building and was about to start unloading the gear when Jennifer approached him from behind, pulled his shorts down to his ankles and then stood up, wrapped her arms around him and lowered one hand to hold his semi-erect cock. After a few minutes he felt the pulsing of her pussy muscles that preceded her orgasm and she cried out, ‘Yes, David, yes, yeeeeees, fuuuuuck meeee.’ Jennifer felt she couldn’t stand this anymore and spread her legs wide apart, putting her own hand on her mound, slipping a finger inside and stroking her clitoris rapidly.

young cuckold

first-time tunemaker 2017-11-07

Getting to watch a younger man holding my sweet Catholic wife close on the dance floor, his manhood pressed hard up against the thin shear material of her summer dress,his hands smoothly and sensually fondling her soft willing flesh as they swayed to the music. "Fuck yes,oh sweet jesus and mary, oh my god, that was good." She rolled off and lay with her legs splayed. It wasn't pain my wife was experiencing but another orgasm building up in her as Patricks fat, so fucking fat, cock pumped her like a locomotive. I pulled them apart, Mary mumbled in her d***kenness, I pressed my face into her cunt and began to lick the boy's cum that dripped from her.

OMG I got more than expected when Luke fixed my la

first-time 2017-11-07

I went in and pretended to sort some urgent emails, then asked Luke to have a look. Day passes by then at about half four my mobile rings, Luke says he has found the problem and will drop the laptop off on way home. So we go into the kitchen diner, he opens the laptop and then presses keys and my boob pic, from here, appear on the screen. He then says "if you don't show me these now, I am going to send the pics around work, from your email account".... I am shattered, I hear him pull up his trousers, and start to sort himself.

Would You?

first-time ArtemisLover 2017-11-07

She smiled at his shyness before climbing out the pool she grabbed her towel before turning around to watch her prize do the same his flat chest and six pack glistening deliciously she picked up his towel wrapping it around him before opening the door they toweled off in the living room Dominique untying her bikini top putting her blouse back on they walked down the hall before turned around looking down at Dominique. "Lay down." She slid off slowly taking her original position he lined up again sliding in a little easier he drilled her like a jack hammer leaning into her raising the bar on what a real kiss is sliding his tongue up and down hers they took turns biting each other's lips she reached up dragging her nails down is chest and stomach causing a deep shuddering moan he drew back.


My story: The middle half, THE TRIP TO LESBOLAND

first-time pussnbootz 2017-11-07

So, over ten years I went from an innocent young girl who remembered the beauty of her aunt, the sadness of her mother, the lack of love from her father to the wonder of the penis of those big a****ls and the friendship of Ed and his not so little buddy ‘Little Ed’ to the wonder of the nude beach and the disappointment of sex with men my own age. I was already all sexed up from the beach, the gin already was making a hit and when I swung the vertical blinds to the open position I saw Dawn sitting on a Chaise lounge in white shorts reading a book.

My first sexual encounter

first-time 2017-11-07

Mark started licking her boobs Lizzes eyes were fixed on me stroking my pennis. Mark carryied on and went in between lizzes legs licking her hairy pussy. Lizz then started licking my balls which tickled but the feeling was so intence I ejeculated for the first time all over Lizzes face I did not know what was going on it felt strange at first but the most biggest relive and feel ide ever had. She told me I had sweet cum and she hoped I had more for her pussy I just smiled and nodded as I didnt know if I had any more but knew by them smile on Marks face that I wanted to slide Into Lizz.

The School Assignment

first-time dowd_elwood_p 2017-11-07

With a giggle, Claire touched her fingertip to my large bulge and shot a glance back at Stephanie, "Oh my gawd!!!" she shrieked, "I think you're right." "Hmmm," purred Claire noticing my engrossment, "I think he likes that." Stephanie smiled at the effect she was having and bit her lower lip. Finally, Claire leaned back with a large inhale, looking incredulously at Stephanie, who was now kneeling at the head of the bed. Stephanie looked at her in complete amazement, "What happened?" But Claire just slid down my body until her crotch was stopped by my pole, which bent back slightly. "Okay then, give me the book, and let's try something else." Claire flipped through the pages, as Stephanie reached down to feel her own private area tentatively.

Dawn the Secretary

first-time paulywill 2017-11-07

In my office I sat at my desk and Dawn came over to me and bent down right in front of my dessk with her tight white blouse straining to keep the buttons together, I said, Dawn that looks wonderful and she said I know I can tell from your cock, she then unbuttoned her blouse and let her white bra out into the open, it was quite sheer and I could see her nipples through it and they were rock hard. We finished the session with Dawn stripping off into her bra and Knickers so I could lick her clean on my desk with her legs hanging over the sides, wide open for me and waiting for my tongue to get her up again, I said, Dawn you need to give me a rest so the little dirty bitch just wanked herslef off laughing and saying let me know when you want my arse.

Brotherly Love Ch. 01

first-time Myalyn 2017-11-07

"Now you listen to me Jaimie, I am NOT a geezer, that's Derek's department, he's the one that's almost thirty." Mark moved his face closer to mine and for the first time in the six years I'd known him, the smell of his cologne and just the smell of him started to make my heart beat a little faster. "Well you better jump start those lungs if you think you're going to try to beat me at b-ball." Mark shoved me backwards but held my arms until I regained my balance. Don't drop me!" I cried out helplessly and then decided I wasn't going to win so I held onto Mark's large forearms as hard as I could and hoped he wouldn't drop me into the water.

Virgin Fantasy

first-time cyber_pussy0119 2017-11-07

When she finally stopped and slowly lifted her arms to encircle Mark's neck, he kissed her more gently and ran his tongue along her lips. I'm going to show you all the ways of making love tonight." Mark's fingers unbuttoned her jean shorts and slowly slid the zipper down. Addie's heart raced and she began to moan as Mark finger fucked her. Addie hesitated for a moment and then slowly began to take Mark's cock in her mouth. Mark slowly began to thrust in and out of Addie's tight pussy, making her moan and thrash. Mark plunged in deeper then ever and let out a deep and loud moan and he came deep inside of Addie tight pussy.

My first time

first-time polish101 2017-11-07

He came over and my parents were gone and we immediately went up to my room and started making out and our tongues we movin in and out of each others mouths he slowly undressed me ad my medium sized round boobs fell out of my shirt and he immediatly started licking and sucking my hard nipples and then I took off his shirt revealing his 6 pack, and touched his rock hard abs. Then we took off each others pants and his boner was warm and pulsing and my pussy was soaking wet and gently expanding, we did need foreplay so he layed me down and he told me to hold my breath for 3 seconds and when I did he slowly shoved his hard cock into my tight little virgin pussy, and I screamed in both pain and pleasure.

BBC losing virginity to fat older woman

first-time giandro84 2017-11-07

Then she stopped and said: “okay, it’s time to take this big cock home”, so we drove to her house. She fell forward, brought her mouth to my left ear and said, “how many women do you know, who can take a cock this big in their ass with just their pussyjuice as lube? A week from now, I still want to be able to feel that your big black cock fucked my ass.” I got behind her, jammed my cock in her fat wet stretched ass and fucked it like crazy. I thrusted a couple more times and wanted to take my cock out, but she said “no baby please leave it in, I love that full feeling, leave it in for a few more seconds”.