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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

My Prom Date with the Neighbor

first-time redkissy 2017-11-07

I think Heather was impressed by the surprised look on her face at where we went for dinner and that made me feel good. Heather started sucking my cock harder and faster, I could not hold back and came in her mouth...she swallowed all of it. She was smiling at me and told me, "Dan, I want your cock in my pussy now!" I jumped off the bed to go to my wallet, I grabbed a condom to put on, but I was fumbling with it because I was so nervous and excited. After she came I asked her, "Can I fuck you from behind?" She crawled off me and got on her hands and knees turning her head at me with a sly smile wiggling her ass at me.

Anticipating Our Rendevous

first-time lookn4fun14 2017-11-07

Your legs are quivering, your toes are curling as you hear me softly say, " Let it go Baby, cum for me!" soon your pussy convulses and spasms your body tightens and you feel like you are on fire as you cum hard on my mouth and hand. As our orgasms subside, we kiss passionately, once we catch our breath still joined together, I tell you, "I want to taste you again Baby." with that you smile knowing what I want and return to a 69 position and I begin licking our combined cocktail from your pussy  as you do the same to my cock.

Anal At Last Ch. 15

first-time scottishmeat 2017-11-06

In fact, when I thought about it last night, it actually got me quite excited to think that you were getting off on watching us... Then I remembered that Angela had told Sam to watch us one night. Sam stayed where she was, shifting her weight on one left, moving her shapely ass around, and said "Andy, I think you'd better go, don't you?" When I walked into the living room, Sam was sat on the sofa, surrounded by books and paper, obviously hard at work. Keeping her head lowered, and flicking through her book as though she wasn't really interested in our conversation, she said "Andy, last night I was wearing nicer clothes, and you couldn't keep your hands off my body.

my gurl and her friend give me their anal cherries

first-time 2017-11-06

Is pretty sexy but its manly the big titties and the fact That she told my gurl she wants to fuck me. I took our son to my moms for the weekend, so my gurl nvited toni over for drinks and to watch "its always sunny"...well they started to get alilto loud for me(I'm not a drinker, ima smoker) I made my way up to her hicky batterd neck where toni only stopped to kiss me over my gurls shoulder. My gurl wisperd into tonis ear I wanna taste u..then into my ear "the back doors open tonight"....this is the end of the page...but not even half the story..hopefully I get enough good comments to put the rest up...for now ima jerk it to the memory hahaha

Truth or Dare

first-time BiBabe2004 2017-11-06

Cherry, Becca, Tricia, Peter, and Sean were at Ken's house for a get to know one another a little better party. She looked around at everyone else, Cherry was sitting on another love seat with Becca, Peter, Sean, and Ken were all sitting in separate chairs. It was now Cherry's turn and without blinking she looked at Ken and noticed his erection and felt somewhat bad for him so she turned her attention to Peter. Since Peter's a little busy I dare Tricia to eat out Becca." When Tricia got her senses back she looked around the room and noticed that Peter was still giving Ken a blow job so she leaned back against the love seat and watched.

Teacher, Teacher Ch. 02

first-time Malomar 2017-11-06

Ione came running into English class just as the bell sounded, looking very flustered and a little ragged again. Her eyes stayed focused on Miss Raphael but her hand moved inside her bra and her fingers were now fondling her nipple, the turgid flesh occasionally exposed to my view. I glanced at Miss Raphael and her eyes appeared to be locked on Ione, even as she rattled off her spiel for this morning's class. She looked confused for a minute as she stared down at her now exposed panties, then turned more towards me, a small smile appearing on her soft, luscious lips.

My wife's first taste of cunt

first-time maturemancock 2017-11-06

As Donna sat there getting breathless and extremely turned on as Jan did the business she knew she was coming quite quickly and it was an orgasm she’d not experienced before, it came on suddenly as Donna cried out as Jan’s tongue was doing all the work, she pushed the back of her head hard into her cunt as Jan licked and fingered her to her first girl on girl climax. As Jan moaned Donna tasted her first pussy and she said it was an unusual taste but not awful, as she carried on giving her first oral sex to another girl, Jan was bucking as she was coming as Donna licked her off, then it happened and Jan went rigid as her orgasm ripped through her pretty slim body as Donna licked and fingered her.

Carole's hairy cunt - the magazine shots

first-time CaroleX 2017-11-06

My boyfriend said it turned him on to think of another man ogling my naked body. Over the coming weeks he urged me more and more to do so and said if I did he’d be happy to let one of the readers fuck me while he watched and took photos. I’d almost forgotten that I’d sent the photos off when an envelope arrived from the magazine enclosing a letter from one of their readers. Over the coming days my boyfriend and I had great fun with him acting out most of the suggestions except, thankfully for Kingsley’s who had wanted to fuck my mouth whilst I put my fingers up HIS arse.

Young Couples and A black man 3

first-time cuteb0y25 2017-11-06

Pooja had delighted in “converting” harpreet and her husband into a black cock cuckold couple, and often participated in Garrett’s sex sessions with the younger Indian, urging her friend to explore every perversion she could dream up. “Between harpreet and me, we know at least a dozen young Indian couples under 30 who are totally ready for converting to cuckolding,” Pooja said. Now, if you want me to help turn Indian wives into black cock sluts, you’d best set me up with a first time couple,” Jake smirked. “Your fiancée needs to see how hard you get when she’s fucking a black bull.” Tyler did as he was told, and sat down, uncomfortably, in the chair near the bed.

A Night To Remember

first-time dalespeer 2017-11-06

With the night ahead, Dale was getting the feeling that his friends cared about him, and that lessened his inhibitions. His family was there, and they had arranged to take his car home, that way he could spend the night with his friends. As the one hour closed in, she was going to take him to Chris' home in that limo- and a night of ecstasy would ensue. Pouring them some wine, she asked, "Dale, did you ever think that you would hit it off this big with me?" "No way, Chris," he said, "This is the best night ever. Once they got together at her home, Dale sat down with her and their friends and talked about what the 2 discussed.

The Contract

first-time ainu2 2017-11-06

I get a phone call from a counselor at the high school I went to some years before, asking if I would talk to a group of students, seniors, about the college experience and working and making a living. I even tell them, this isn't an order, I'm not saying you have to, I just know this girl is looking for work so if we have something she could do, it would be kind if we could employ her. She had also realized that she'd have to wait a semester or two before she could start because she wasn't making that much money and she needed to pay for a place to stay and for food and clothing.

Cummuters! Ch. 02

first-time shireman 2017-11-06

The school term ended and I knew that I wouldn’t be seeing Simon for several weeks, so I selfishly turned back to Stephen for consolation. Despite the poor fishing, the morning had been a success in other ways: Stephen I began to chat like old times and our old fondness for each other seemed to have returned. Stephen must have felt it too, for his blonde head began to bob up and down furiously, sucking and releasing my cock in a compelling, irresistible rhythm until my body squirmed wildly as my senses reached a spine-tingling crescendo. “I wanted to try that for a long time, but I didn’t know what to do until Simon showed me.” I felt myself blush as I admitted.

Me my b*****r and my wife

first-time twister403 2017-11-06

I could hear everything, the sound of his dick going in and out of her mouth and telling her how good she sucked cock, she was better then his wife and he had always wanted to fuck her and eat her pussy. She keep straining at me as she fucked is face telling him how she loved to fuck and suck cock and wanted his cock in her pussy, how she wanted him to cum inside her. I aske Diane how she liked it, she said that she always loved fucking cock but to fuck two b*****rs in one night is a dream come true.

A night in the Valley

first-time nobodywashere 2017-11-06

This one starts out as true but the actual encounter is not. Damn nice dick there. But you won't let me come over. You have a girl coming by. By you say I can lick her juices off :) You make some small talk to put me at ease. You unzip you pants and there is that 8 inch beauty. I drop to my knees and start licking. I unzip and slowing play with myself as you fuck my mouth. You tell me about her small perky tits and hot pussy. I feel you shake. I feel you tremble. I cum almost immediately. Just me with her smell and your cum in my mouth. Damn, I wish you would have kept your promise

Exploration of a Darker Side Ch. 00

first-time FlemingEdin 2017-11-06

In addition to this and the demands of being a wife and a mother to two wonderful children Sarah loved to keep fit and was a very active member of her local gym, attending at least five times a week. To the outsider looking in all appears perfect for Sarah, but no, her life lacked one thing, sexual excitement. Bryan was a very contented lover, happy with this routine and believed Sarah to feel the same. Sarah's new found confidence had given rise to new fantasy's, new thoughts and had awakened desires that had remained hidden for a long time. However, her mind was made up she was going to live out her fantasy's through whatever means possible, whilst safeguarding the lifestyle that she loved.


first-time softride 2017-11-06

A little while later I told Tony I had to head home, said bye to his Mom on the way out, and quickly walked home and headed to the bathroom to jerk off. As soon as Tony returned he said "We better put these away, I don't want to get caught with them and Mom will probably be home soon." I didn't argue, and soon headed home myself, again making a beeline for the bathroom to jack off. It probably wasn't more than two minutes before Tony grunted "Ah fuck I'm gonna cum!" grabbing a couple of tissues and holding them in front of his cock.


first-time adel5000 2017-11-06

quickly glanced at Helen, her face wore a stunned expression and she looked pale, sapphic apprenticeship – Helen had thrust her hand so hard into her panties that they sucking on her right breast, I took my hand from her left one and slid it slowly, Helen gave a shudder of excitement as my questing hand reached the crotch of her Despite this, I took my time – I didn’t want Helen to climax too soon, so I eased back a Helen’s mouth opened and her eyes widened, as for the first time I pressed the Helen almost clapped her hands with glee as she sat up and turned to me, looking Helen looked stunned as she was almost lifted upwards, and she gripped my breasts

A Deal is a Deal

first-time CuriousNewGirl 2017-11-06

I told him that if he could go down on me and eat my pussy for a full hour non-stop, then he could cum on my face. Every time I came, it would take longer and longer for me to recover and build to the next orgasm, but he never took his mouth off of my wet cunny. I could feel his head start to swell as I worked his shaft, and I knew he wouldn't last too long. I cupped his balls in one hand while I stroked his cock with the other and ran his head against my tongue and open mouth. I rested on my knees and cupped my hands beneath my breasts, watching him work his wet cock and waiting for my first facial.

Aunt Dora's Box

first-time AdorableAurora 2017-11-06

A couple of weeks later, a registered letter informed me that Aunt Dora had bequeathed Mike and I her substantial investment portfolio, her BMW and the contents of her beach house, In addition, I inherited her business contacts and a conditional guaranteed income for the rest of my life. I think you should continue on producing those vanity personal videos Dora originated and I think we should promote your b*****r as a sperm donor.” Her suggestion to have Mike impregnate as many women as possible, thereby allowing us to branch out our business into the next generation, just won her a nasty little nipple twist through her blouse.

Surprise Blindfold

first-time Indypassion 2017-11-06

The feeling of passionate kisses on my neck and relaxing massages on my body is hard to keep the mind concentrated on one or the other. I can feel his wet lips grip my skin. I can hear him breathe on my neck every time he pulls those lips from me. I can now sense the room and feel his presence. I feel like a wet noodle. I dont know if it was me or the landing on the bed but my legs popped open ready for business. As I land my lips on his throbbing dick, I could feel him jolt. He wraps his arms around my ass and placed his head between my legs.

The New Lodger

first-time dbfortyniner 2017-11-06

While Rose was in the kitchen, his mother said, ‘I’m sorry Tony, I didn’t mean to upset you, but I felt you needed to know that I can hear you when you’re doing it, I’m not angry, but I’ve heard you say things about me when you’re masturbating, how you describe certain parts of my body and the things you’d like to do to me.’ He went red. His mother asked him, ‘are you nearly there Tony?’ He felt the tingle that signalled the start of his climax, ‘yes mum, I don’t know how long I can last, urghhh.’ Rose managed to say, ‘urghhh, it’s alright Jean, urghhhh, I’m coming, urghhhh, let him come inside me, urghhhh.’ Jean said, ‘okay Tony, you can ejaculate in Rose’s vagina now.’

Amanda Takes it Deep

first-time SlimFat 2017-11-06

"Sure, we'll dance." Amanda said, she looked straight at David and gave him a smile. Amanda said to David "Let's go find a place that we can actually talk." They told their friends that they would be back, and went to find a quieter area and sat down next to each other. Why don't you lie up on the bed and let me inspect your pussy to be sure you are a virgin like you said. He looked at her and thought to himself "I can't believe this is happening, here is a gorgeous virgin girl naked in front of me with her legs spread wide, clean shaven with DD's and she wants me to pop her cherry.

Virgins No More

first-time nakedskin2000 2017-11-06

So much so that I started my own company and as the years pasted and my business grew, I spent more time out of town than between my beautiful wife's outstretched thighs. "Look boys, I want your first time to be memorable and to last awhile," she said while still stroking their cocks, "I am going to make you cum over my tits and if you lick it up you may fuck my tight pussy, okay?" I can believe you boys did that for me!" she said, "Keep those cocks hard, I am going to get you something to wrap them in." He did as instructed and by lower his weight onto her body the head of his cock slipped past her pussy lips, followed by his entire shaft.

A Gentle Awakening

first-time julia so sweet 2017-11-06

She could feel his cock stiffening against her and his taut young body and all sense of right or wrong left her, this was the boy she wanted. Looking into his open blue eyes she took his lower lip between her teeth and tugged gently, she could feel him shaking a little as she released it and softly entered her tongue into his open waiting mouth. She reached one hand up to touch his face and with her other hand she began to fumble for his belt and as she began to undo the buckle she felt rather than heard him groan in her mouth and shudder. She nodded her ascent and kissed the boy again as he slid a nervous finger under the elastic of her panties and gingerly stroked the soft hair of her mound.