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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Sexual Awakenings (Chapter Thirteen)

first-time John_Doe 2018-10-31

As one hand gently cupped and caressed my balls, the other began to softly wrap their fingers around the shaft of my cock and slowly stroked upon it, pulling the foreskin back and revealing the head which was engorged by the excitement and touch upon the branch it stemmed from. I could feel my cock being sucked on, as I suckled and licked on Amanda's breasts and at the same time fingering hard inside my first pussy I had felt, as well as rubbing her clitoris. I felt Julia's hand grasp tightly upon the base of my shaft and jerk it gently as a wave of cum exploded from inside my cock and splashed to mix with the saliva of her tongue and mouth inside of her.

City 0f Champions

first-time Samuelx 2018-10-31

A five-foot-ten, large-breasted, thick-bodied, big-bottomed young woman of French and American descent whom I met while in high school. I liked Crystal because she wasn't an obnoxious snob like most other girls at school. Later, Crystal would tell me that she liked me. Still, I've got to admit that most of the time, I thought of some of the school's most popular girls as my ideal mates. I looked at Crystal not the way I would look at a friend but in the same manner I would look at a potential girlfriend. Man, it felt good to hold her like this. Yet when Crystal looked at me, you would have thought she saw Adonis. I looked into Crystal 's eyes and what I saw amazed me.

Virgin Forever - Karla

first-time Canuck2 2018-10-30

I was introduced to Karla through my best friend, Eric and his girlfriend, Sam. They had tried to set us up once before, behind my back, on my birthday, but she couldn't make it. Karla and I had been talking on Facebook for a couple days prior to that, so a lot of the nervousness I would normally feel was gone. Karla and I got a couple together as well, but not all lovey dovey like Eric and Sam's were. We met up with Eric and Sam at Boston Pizza along with our then friend, Nick and the girl they were trying to set him up with and had previously tried to set me up with, Stacey.

Learning something new after leaving university

first-time Flexibility 2018-10-30

One morning, as I walked across to go down the stairs, the bathroom door was wide open with Rob standing dressed for work at the wash basin while Liz, I could not avoid seeing, was sat on the toilet apparently urinating. I reached the top of the stairs - and there opposite me was what I had begun to want to see: Liz again sat on the toilet, the silky robe pulled up above her lap only this time with the front noticeably open revealing a glimpse of her small but very pretty breasts. And I had another distracted day when all I seemed to think about was Liz's lovely slim legs on full bare display, the glimpse of her small and now very desirable breasts, her half-smiling stare - and the sound of her stream of piss.

My first encounter

first-time HornyBBW 2018-10-30

He pushed up my bra, and squeezed my boobs a little before moving down a little and began to suck on my nipples, I moaned as he did so. I let out several more moans and reached down to his cock, opening his jeans I took it again in my hand. I began to stand up also, but he told me no, and pushed me into a kneeling position, moving his cock toward my mouth I froze I had no idea what to do! I soon got in to the rhythm and began sucking his cock properly for him he moaned and groaned in pleasure and I enjoyed it also.

Remembering My First Real Sexual Experience

first-time eroticcouple 2018-10-30

In time, I would look forward to the morning ritual and my fingers unzipped my pants to release my enormous erection. Through my sunglasses, my eyes shifted as I watched older guys and girls walk past me – all naked and some very hot looking. I was a little nervous and I realized that my cock was semi-erect, so I shifted my legs trying to disguise it. She looked older than my step-mom, but had a nice face and smile. His hips thrust his enormous cock in and out of my mouth and I took my free hand and surrounded his shaft as I guided him deeper in my mouth. As I pulled out, Steve took my cock in his mouth and I came again shortly thereafter.

Spinning Down The Rabbit Hole, Part Three

first-time greeneyedkitty 2018-10-30

“You must have done a good job,” Mitch chuckled, “because your panties are still quite wet and your pussy feels like it is on fire.” As he spoke, he pressed his finger against her, rubbing it back and forth over her sex. He looked into her eyes for several seconds and told her, “I don’t have to think about your mouth on me for very long before I get very aroused.” He pulled a pen from his pocket and said, “Now let’s change the subject. As Mitch handed her the case, he said, “When you get inside, open the adjoining door.” When she gave him a questioning look, he said, “We have to have separate rooms, but they don’t have to be far apart.” She still looked as if she didn’t understand, so he said, “I ordered adjoining rooms.

Our First TIme

first-time BiSubmissive52310 2018-10-30

The brush of his fingers running over my cilt made me buck with pleasure, he laughed deep in his throat as I whimpered and tried to ride his hand. He slid one finger down my pussy and thrusted his finger into me, I arched, gasping. His fingers hit my cilt and g-spot at the same time, making me gasp and end up sinking my teeth into his shoulder. He growled and wrapped his hand in my hair, pulled my head back and kissed me hard. Ripple after ripple of pleasure ran through me, circled my cilt and into my pussy, making me cum harder and harder. I pulled him hard to me and laughed at the sheer pleasure in his eyes.

My truth

first-time xpassiongirlx 2018-10-30

James' body was pressing against mine and i could feel his huge cock rising. "Please James...Please do it, Please me." I managed to say it afterwards but i permanently interrupted myself with moans and gasps of joy, my lips dry from the moaning i gave them a flick over with my moist swishing tongue. I took one in my mouth and gave it a quick press with my tongue, James liked that. James managed to look up at me then and smiled to, the whites of his teeth just showing out the side of his mouth as it made a cheeky little lop sided grin.

Afternoon with a T-Girl

first-time onlyanalias 2018-10-30

She moved closer to him and pressed closed lips to his mouth and took his cock in her hand. He straddled her legs and took the cock in his mouth and tasted the dry latex as he massaged the head with his tongue, working up saliva to get it wet. He took her cock out of his mouth and said, without looking up, keeping his gaze on the cock, stroking it, wanting it so badly, imagining how it would feel, ripping into him, “Are you ready to fuck me now?” He looked puzzled, but before he could ask, she said, “I want to fuck you missionary so I can see your face.” Applying lube to her dick.

Early on

first-time phred77 2018-10-30

The movies were less “acted” and the people in them often weren't as jaded which made the sex scenes better (at least for me) and couples coming to these little places didn't have a lot of room to be away from everyone. It was at that point I really started seeing the shape of his cock and how the head looked built to spread open pussy lips. This turned me on even more so I wasn't all that reluctant when he pushed my head down to the point where his cock was touching my mouth. I put my tongue out and when nothing bad happened from that I let my lips be spread open as a cock entered my mouth for the first time.


first-time Mortuis 2018-10-30

You drive your tongue into Cherry as I drive my cock into you and she screams and shudders and cums in your mouth, drenching your face, and you lick and suck at her swollen clit, loving the taste of her, no longer nervous, knowing this is something you'll want to do again - Oh God! Behind you, Cherry fits her body to yours; you can feel her soft breasts against your back and her hands come around to fondle your tits as I kiss you deeply, my tongue probing your wet mouth, tasting my leftover cum.

My Aunt Barb Chapter 3

first-time _O2_ 2018-10-30

Barb looked me over, making me feel a bit self-conscious. The three of us managed to get through the front door without incident, then into the elevator still locked onto Barb, giggling our way to the waiting limo on the street. By this time the liquor was having its effect on me, I was feeling pretty good, comfortable with Ping and Barb, not caring at all about my sexually selfish boyfriend/fiancé. Out of the corner of my eye I noticed Ping kissing Barb's cheek. Ping's delicate touch along with her smooth gentle kisses created a warmth between my legs like no other I had ever experienced. Kat, my sweet love, Ping would like to get to know you better. I'd never kissed Barb like that but I think I might again some time.


first-time steve061 2018-10-30

Your body responds in kind, your vagina lips swell and part, in anticipation; you feel fingers sliding up towards your throbbing cunt and part your legs to allow them access as your juices stream from deep inside you. Eagerly you suck on this column of hard flesh, wrapping your tongue around the head & tasting the pre-cum that has formed; the cock inside you is powering rhythmically in and out of your body as you grasp the cock in your hand harder, rubbing the hot hardness. Lost in pure pleasure, you welcome the finger intrusion as it pushes deep into you, encouraging you to suck hard on the cock in your mouth, feeling it throb & twitch on your tongue.

Summer Of '70

first-time Taggerdoo 2018-10-30

We'd progressed through holding hands, light kissing, and petting, and I'd found the courage to ask her to take her panties off one day when we were making out under the stairwell leading to the second floor. The first Saturday night after school started we went on double date with Sheila and Biff. Jen and I went and had a great time, watching our team get their asses handed to them as usual. Jen groaned and the tremors started to subside; she placed her hand on my chest, whispering for me to stop. My cock started to wilt inside her, and she smiled, even giggled a little. We'd forgotten to keep an eye on the fucking clock and I was pretty sure my ass was gonna be toast when I came dragging her in after midnight.

My Sister’s Girlfriend - Part 2

first-time FunTimez 2018-10-30

Hoping that I wouldn’t climax too soon like the day before, I kicked off my sandals, went over to the bed and climbed on top of her. She moaned and writhed as I played with her beautiful wet pussy, but I knew that I would soon have to remove my shorts to let my rock hard cock spring free. She kissed me again, but wasted no time getting down to my rock hard cock. I lay there panting as she slowed, feeling cum drip out of her pussy and down my cock. She removed my cock from her pussy, licked the cum from it, then collapsed on top of me, her breasts pushing into my chest as we lay together, panting hard.

Fun Times, Prologue, Part 1

first-time Hogwash 2018-10-30

Kim handed Carrie her lipstick back and looked at her reflection in the mirror with the new, lighter color on her lips. Carrie got up and put her hands on Kim's shoulders and peered into the mirror over her friend's head. Kim reached up and pulled Carrie's head down so that the girls were looking into the mirror, cheek to cheek. "I don't know how you get into these situations." Carrie shook her head as she examined herself in the mirror trying to see herself as Kim saw her. At 8:35 that night, his balls well and truly drained, Tommy drove Kim home, shook the hand of the father of the girl he had just finished so thoroughly violating and went home himself, delighted at his amazingly good fortune.

Teaching my 18 year old neighbor pleasure of sex

first-time whiteknight 2018-10-30

I pushed ever so slowly penetrating her warm juicy slit with the head of my cock and breaking into her sealed hole for the first time . Over and over I slowly fucked Kathie's hot tight cunt until I knew she was on the verge of another orgasm. I want you to experience it in your other hole too." "But your cock is so big," Kathie whispered worried it might hurt. This was not going to be easy getting my big cock inside Kathie's tiny tight virgin asshole. Kathie pulled my cock out and I could see the movement of her tongue inside her mouth feeling the warm sticky fluid.

Creative Writing Ch. 01

first-time komrad1156 2018-10-30

Sometime in September, the closest thing I had to a friend, Glen, a Mormon kid who was almost as shy and awkward as me, asked if I'd like to meet a girl who was home from Brigham Young University who needed a partner for what he called "Dance Festival." Her father was ill so she was given a six-week furlough without having to drop out. So this brings us to the end of October of that year when Mrs. Lloyd gave us the assignment that would later change both of our lives by bringing us together at a time when both of needed someone to make us feel needed, cared for, and special.


Tilt - A Weird Science Story

first-time aussiescribbler 2018-10-30

Tommy looked over at Enola, taking in her short black hair, her red leather jacket and her skin-tight black jeans. "The rules," the brain explained, "are that anyone who fails to reach 2,000 points on their turn must remove an article of clothing of their choice." Enola grinned, Billy laughed, and Cherry blushed as he slowly slid them down and stood naked before the others. "We can't afford any more poor performances like that," Enola told Tommy while Billy was playing. As the countdown continued Tommy began thrusting harder and harder, slamming Cherry's belly up against the cold hard machine. "Well, it looks like the human race has a reprieve," said Enola, giving Billy a cuddle.

Kelly's First Time

first-time Stoneypoint 2018-10-30

She pushed his head in between her boobs and once she did she felt his lips start kissing her tits. “Oh uh yes,” she replied and soon started nodding, needing lots more of the same thing. Honestly,” she went on to say “I would never ever do this with a man so young as you but Kevin, you have a talent I can’t define. “Mmmmmm,” she moan lightly “now that’s a terrific and gorgeous looking cock above all seeing as you’re only a young man and all.” She looked up at him and smiled. “Mmmmmm ohhhhhh yes,” she murmured as she pushed her tits together while feeling his cock slide up and down while inside them.

Daddy, Do You Want Her Tight, Little Pussy?

first-time Ping 2018-10-30

I sat up and bit your neck, nibbling up to your earlobe, and then whispered in your ear, “Do you want her tight little virgin pussy wrapped around your big cock tonight?” The base of your cock now rests against Chloe’s panties, most likely feeling her young heat and wetness, and also observing her belly button disappear behind the thickness of your shaft as your cock climbs up the front of body. It looks like your cock is going to explode, but you are careful to keep her body still, preventing Chloe from accidentally rubbing you to orgasm. Instead, you pull out slightly, and then push again, now working deeper, little by little until finally, your entire cock disappears inside this sweet young thing’s tight little pussy.

A Week Of Pleasure

first-time SMurphy 2018-10-30

I felt him hitch in a breath as my fingers reached the top of his trousers but, before I could go any further, he lifted my arms up and pulled off my shirt. He stared at my heaving chest for so long that I instinctively lifted my arms to cover myself but he shook his head and gently pulled them away. James lay me gently on the bed and kissed his way down my chest and stomach to the waistband of my jeans. James positioned his cock at my entrance, but stopped before pushing in, to ask if I was definitely sure. I felt him scattering kisses across my face and whispering reassurances in my ear but I focused on the pain until it slowly started to fade.


All in the Family – In the Backseat (Part V)

first-time Cyberfree44 2018-10-30

She was wearing a kind of sun dress with a scoop neck and full skirt that she had pulled up on her legs so I got a good look at her knees and a little of her thigh. Cindy said in a raspy, passionate voice, “Lick it, kiss it, lick me.” My tongue came out even before I started moving my head down, my eyes wide open looking at the inside of a pussy out in the open in bright sunlight for the fist time. The minute I told her I was close she had put a hand down between us and started teasing her clit and almost as if timed she clinched her pussy muscles around my cock tried to push me out but I wouldn’t go, I just kept firing off glob after glob until we both went limp.