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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Up For Auction

first-time kvingibson 2017-11-06

When Errol finally got to the century old auction house where he worked, he found the Curator's Library in darkness. Using the time to study his work notes, Errol became so deeply absorbed in research that he hadn't heard Adam open the bathroom door. With the exception of sleeping in a vacant office building, Errol could relate to the daunting uncertainties of a young man, suddenly made homeless. Errol was promoted to Managing Curator for Renaissance Art while Adam expanded his warehouse role, becoming a technical expert for the firm's prized inventory control system. At a firm that brokered some of most valuable artifacts in the world, Errol expected the Acquisitions Office to be as well appointed as an executive auctioneer's office suite or the firm's prized Curator's Library.

Door To Door Salesman

first-time satyr_132003 2017-11-06

I backed myself down the steps and stood at the bottom, "Thanks again Miss Daisy, I was wondering if I could inquire what does your mom do for a living?" I asked. Daisy had a beautiful smile and looked like she loved to be put on. "You keep working on it and you'll learn it," I replied and then checking out her lovely nipples again added, " You know what I'll take you up on that offer to wait for your mom, of course if you're still offering." I smiled at her and hoped the offer was still good or otherwise I'd feel like a buffoon. Daisy was all smiles as she wiggled excitedly, " My mom does, let me go get them," she said and turned to go.

Educated by the School Nurse

first-time JustLikeEwe 2017-11-06

This was a distraction, because this allowed me to not only get frequent glimpses of her armpit hair, but non-stop views of her muscular arms and shoulders as she worked, and while she wasn't a large woman by any means, Miss Couse had a whole lot more muscles than the average woman. "Had enough for today Andy?" Miss Couse said as she took off her gloves and wiped her brow with the back of my hand, and I thought a little smile appeared at the corner of her mouth when she saw me staring at what she seemed to delight in showing me. "Shy fellow, aren't you Andy?" I heard Miss Couse snicker from the foot of the bed, and it sounded like she was putting some kind of lotion on her hands.

Favourite Fantasies #7

first-time hard_for_yu 2017-11-06

By this time I am becoming hard, and she will notice and push her chair back a little so that her shoulder is pressing against my erection, where she rubs it with little movements. In turn I point to her work in front of her and manage to brush against her breast “accidentally.” The risk of somebody noticing what we are doing makes it all the more exciting to us. I undo her jeans button and unzip her fly (for some reason it’s al-ways jeans in this fantasy), while at the same time she has reached behind her and is undoing my zipper and stroking my erect cock.

First Time Anal

first-time adel5000 2017-11-06

I love your tits!” Robin said, “I believe you!” Over the next week or so I When I got the head of my cock closer to her open pussy lips she closed her eyes. her legs, and holding her pussy lips open Robin moaned as I licked every inch of her Finally Robin asked me if I would hold her pussy lips open as he arms were fucked Robin I slipped my fingers in and opened her up as far as I could. Flipping Robin over I told her to get on her knees I was going to fuck her in the ass; I that cum deep into her I could feel her orgasm as she fell onto the bed my cock slipped out of her ass.

The Markenton Boy Ch. 01

first-time devinn 2017-11-06

A moment later I felt his warm hands probing underneath my corset. He gently caressed my left breast with one of his strong hands as his kisses began to land on the other. It felt like all the heat in my body suddenly rushed out between my legs and I shook uncontrollably for a few seconds. "Yes, it felt very pleasant," I said, turning up the corners of my mouth into a smile. The same feeling of pleasure raced through my body as we touched and I longed for the sensation I had felt earlier in the evening. It took but a moment for me to forget about the sort of issues this coupling could cause and I followed suite, kissing his neck and chest.


first-time Texas_Throbber 2017-11-06

The plan was for Gloria to change into her best dress at our house, then Mom would drop her off at the train station on the way back to work. Things had been looking up for Gloria - so good, that she was able to quit her second job, and work full-time at the new job. "Um, yeah, I guess, I mean, it'll be different, and I'm sure as soon as I find my way around, you know, like the places to eat in town, it'll be cool." I wanted to put my face right in the middle of it, but Gloria told me "No, just come up here and kiss me." I did, with all the gentleness I could.

My Fake Mom - BBBBTS

first-time therealbk 2017-11-06

Mrs. Dorian put on her small baby blue bikini and a white fishnet top, that covered her large breast and big ass from behind. (My Fake Name) Remember your Auntie Kendra?" said Mrs. Dorian (My fake Mother now) I smiled and looked down her voluptuous body. Mrs. Dorian went back to spraying more coconut oil on Kendra big breast. She sprayed her chest as Kendra moved her right hand to touch her b*****rs wife big breast. Lick your fingers..." said My Fake Mom. I pushed my hips forward so Kendra could feel more of my cock. Mrs. Dorian moved her mouth up to Kendra right breast. I looked down when Kendra moved to see Mrs. Dorian had put her left index finger inside Kendra tight pussy.

My Best Friend

first-time ghostdawgg62 2017-11-06

watching the movie, I couldn't contain the fact that my dick was getting hard and I began to wonder how the fuck I Randy reached higher into my shorts and grabbed my dick and let out a deep sigh and started stroking it. I guess Randy could feel my dick throbbing with more intensity and started sucking harder and faster. dick in his mouth and was milking and sucking at the same time as if to get every fucking last drop of it. precum and his dick began to throb more and I could actually feel it getting harder in my mouth. I was so fucking hot and horny I grabbed his dick and put it in my mouth to catch the rest.

Fucked and Filmed

first-time ShadowT 2017-11-06

Standing there in all my naked glory, RG went to his knees and started to suck on my cock and massaging my balls at the same time. I watched as he lubed up his cock and he then came behind me and said "I am going to fuck you doggie style to start." I felt like I was being fucked for a long time but enjoying the pleasure when RG pulled out, rearranged his position to where he was sitting back on his legs, now he pulled me back towards him so I was now sitting with his cock back up my ass.

He Always Told Her Dreams Do Come True

first-time Johnnytames69 2017-11-06

When they came across this really sexy purple nighty it was so hot that Jacob started to invision Sabrina wearing it but was to afraid of telling her. On there way home Sabrina asked Jacob if he would like to come over tonight for dinner, and he said sure would love to. Well you can go first Jacob, well Sabrina i want to tell you that i love you and i think of you all the time. He looked deep into her eyes and asked her if she really wanted him to slide his cock inside her pussy, she replyied OMG yes. OMG Sabrina i'm going to explode, as he keeps pounding his huge cock inside her.

Ditchers Have Some Fun

first-time Sexyteendude4u 2017-11-06

It was a warm sunny day and I was currently heading to school holding the hand of my very cute girlfriend, Cindy. Why do you ask?" She asked blushing a little and held his hand tighter. I know the perfect place where we can be alone." I told her with a smile. "The good kind babe." We walk to the door of my house and I open the door for us. I broke the kiss and started to slowly strip her clothes off. She blushed and smiled as she was stripped naked then did the same to me. "How does it feel babe?" I put my hands on her hips and start grinding her against me. She smiled down at me and started bouncing on my cock.

Biker Bar 1

first-time hotrodbear 2017-11-06

Art had a very nice little house at the end of a street, I then follow him in as we went down a few steps I felt Art pull my Ass right up to his cock, He was now pushing it into my hole as myself was moaning with great I watch him pull my knees close to his sweaty hard nibbles & chest as he began once again to enter my tight hole. My god " I shouted after his hard cock went up my tight hole " I can now see him really enjoying this persession sweaty chest and ass, I then took my fingers and started to pinch his nibbles good and hard, " He was now

Mommy's Drawer

first-time manish169 2017-11-06

"Oh Mom" I thought, "they feel so good." I felt jealous for a with Mommy's breasts Jimmie?" She held her position there like that, bent Open your lips more and suck gently on Mommy's tiddy. how Mommy wants you to kiss her nipple." "O.K. Mom" I silently said inside still wearing Mom's high heels, stockings and her white panties. Mom had the covers all pulled down neatly so the bed looked so inviting. It would be nice for Mommy, and I think you might like it too. she was doing when she said "Honey, do this to Mommy just like I am doing Rub Mommy here while you suck her tiddy." "O.K. Mom." At the same time she opened her legs wider and slipped my hand

Hong Kong Threesome

first-time PuraVida503 2017-11-06

Edward was very comfortable, picking up the remote and in an off hand manner suggested that Jenny and Randall might want to take a shower. Randall looked over at Edward who was stroking his own cock and asked the both of them if he could fuck Jenny. Shortly, Jenny asked Randall if he'd like to fuck her doggy style so that she could suck Edwards cock at the same time. Guiding his cock with his hand (like one would hold a golf club), Randall first slid his thumb into Jenny ass, and then he placed the tip of his cock in. When he returned Jenny was giving Edward a serious blow job, her hand barely able to reach around his cock...

Threesome Now we both Love BBC

first-time 425olds 2017-11-06

She was f***ed to stretch her lips incredibly wide to fit his thick black cock into her mouth, and seeing her pull off the feat caused my dick to jump in my hand. Given her reaction to seeing me dominated by Marcus, it really wasn't surprising that she wanted to see my ass violated by his big black cock. Sarah's hands returned to my ass, pulling my ass apart to view his black cock disappearing into my ass, and closing my cheeks to press up against his thick meat, repeating the move several times. I certainly couldn't resist his gorgeous black cock, and it sounded like I wasn't the first white boy he turned.

Sex with the boyfriend of my best friend

first-time Sexylady92 2017-11-05

I couldn't go to the party with my car so I asked to my best friend, Kira, if she could bring me there. She couldn't so we went there with her boyfriend, Josh. After the party, we were all d***k, me, Kira and Josh and Josh brought us back home. Kira's house was few km far from the house of the party, so Josh brought her for first and then he wanted to bring me home since my and his house were pretty close, on the same main street. We made sex in the car, I don't remember exactly what we did, I just remember that when i woke up, my pussy was still wet.

Mobil phones

first-time yg55slo 2017-11-05

We got into my truck and slowly kissed we took our time building up our arousal feeling each other through uor clothing we were like 2 schoolk**s at the back of the bike sheds slowly we undressed each other exploring as we went,I sucked and teased her nipples and slowly worked my way down her body until my tongue parted her labia and I was able to taste her love juice, Oh Heaven she tasted wonderful and she moaned softly as my tongue probed her juicy pussy. She began to kiss and nibble on my nipples and worked her way down on my body, Oh the joy and pleasure as she took me in her mouth slowly teasing my cock with her tongue and teeth, she teased my bum with fingers, then she licked me from my balls to my bum, I thought I was in heaven.

Best Friends

first-time SlamDuncan 2017-11-05

She had always wore modest--actually baggy-- clothing, in contrast to some of the girls at school, who wore jeans that looked like they were painted on, and tight, low cut tops that showed off their tits. In the past, we had always hiked side-by-side, but this time I let her go ahead of me, because I really liked the way her hips twitched when she walked. This night, I couldn't lose the image of Brianna's tits that I saw down her blouse that afternoon. Best friend or not, although she was totally untouchable, I kept looking at her with different eyes. When the dance ended, we kept holding each other, looking in each other's eyes, our lips only an inch apart.

Cousins at the summer cottage (part 2)

first-time Raiz3R 2017-11-05

So as soon as I got the room I began to get ready for bed. I noticed Tracy had got a room right a crossed from mine. The big red lighted clock on the wall said 2am and I also noticed my parents in the room at this point. As I began to walk over to her room I got startled and heard my dad give out a loud breath of a snore. Like a snake slowly moving beginning with my feet again and ending with my head. I slowly backed off my cock from her bubble crack and I began to try and lift her shirt. She now stands on the bed and looks down at me begins to raise her t shirt up and says...

Blind Date

first-time maanmathan_playboy 2017-11-05

"I'm feeling wet, Jake," She said in a husky whimper as I nibbled at her neck; slowly grazing my tongue over her smooth skin, my teeth making her body shiver with excitement. "I never thought our date would get this intimate Michelle," I said as I moved up to her face, seeing her pretty eyes closed tight. "Mmmmm..." She purred as she slowly wrapped her plump, wet lips around my hard cock making me moan and gasp. I felt myself about to cum inside this virgin girl as she bit my shoulders, scratching my back with her sharp nails, making a feminine grunt as her juices exploded over my hard cock.

The Schoolmarm Ch. 03

first-time GloriaWill 2017-11-05

"Those clothes belong to my son Jeb, she said while walking into the room with two mugs of tea, you still look cute as can be even in his clothes." She took another sip of her drink, by the time she set it down I was right in front of her and leaned down and gave her a kiss on the lips. I had to pull away to get some air, the drinks and having my mouth covered by Becca's kisses was making me light headed. "Right after I eat I'll have to head back into town, they'll be worried that I didn't come home and might think I got hurt or lost in the storm," I said.

The Beginning of Trouble Ch. 01

first-time PeltWood 2017-11-05

Looking down at the floor, not hearing anything but silence from Nicole I hadn't noticed that Salita was back, and it was only when she pulled the door from my hand and squeezed inside did I realize she was there. Nicole's curiosity got the better of her, as she reached forward with one hand and tentatively caressed my cock head through my pants, her hand slid as far as is it could, my pants running interference. "I think I need to put this...." Nicole didn't listen to me as she dropped her mouth onto my hard on once again, bobbing her head, she went as far as she could quickly, it was just over half.

Something Borrowed Something Blue

first-time WyKkEdAnGeL 2017-11-05

When they got there Gabby broke the silence and told Jamie to stay there while she went and picked up the room key. She unlocked the door and Jamie asked her " Are you sure you want to do this?" Gabby just smiled and went on into the room. Falling to his knees, he continues to kiss down her stomach to her jeans, he looked up into her eyes one last time as if asking her permission to go forward. Jamie managed to gasp an "Ooooo yeah" as Gabby plunged in, she wrapped her lips around his cock and started a wet sloppy blow job. Jamie kissed her lips as he looked into her eyes, Gabby felt as if she could see into his soul.