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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

A House Painter

first-time kap007 2017-11-05

"No, unless you are willing to breast feed, I'm going to be in pain until Mike comes home, he knows where the extra parts are" Pat said as she started to squeeze a nipple into a baby bottle. I was trying to figure out where her clit was, when Pat said "run your tongue up and down the slit, but just put enough pressure to feel it, Don't try and lick the skin off." As I complied, she continued, that's it, ohhhhhh, very nice, up and down slowly, let your tongue separate the folds … Ohhhh god, that's it, don't stop." "Yes, you are my little boy toy, I'm going to teach you how to service me and fuck like no other 18 year old" Pat said as her pace quickened with every breath.

Ana's graduation party

first-time infinte_jest 2017-11-05

Off of my cock, her pert rose bud pink lips glisten wet with spittle and pre-cum and now warm translucent white load after load explodes with the pressure in my pelvis that has been building all night through Camy and Sam and Haley and Andi and blast after blast of rope after rope of spunk d****s over Sunny's cute little face, on her cheeks and nose and lips and braces and little chin and dimples, down onto her chest and blouse, the pressure released my knees grow weak and I stagger back as my balls pulse and pump and Sunny sits stunned under the onslaught.

my first fuck with mom

first-time adel5000 2017-11-05

"Yeah, Mom, it feels good to me too." Mom kept just slightly moving her hips against my cock from "Would it help if I let you feel my breasts?" Mom asked, and she started "Gee, thanks for telling me, Mom. That makes me feel very proud." I "Honey, would you like to see where you came out of me 16 years ago?" Mom "Go ahead, honey," Mom said. "Mmm, that feels good," Mom purred. "I know that," Mom said with a little giggle. "Push it way in, honey," Mom whispered, pulling on my ass with both hands. Mom pulled my head down to kiss me again, and soon we were trading saliva hard cock was in her pussy again for a long slow fuck.


first-time juanwildone 2017-11-05

George had lifted his own hand when Michelle had gripped his cock resulting in it angling upwards again – he smiled as she pulled it back to level. George watched as Michelle lifted a finger to rub his precum around the head of his cock. Michelle's mouth opened wider and she leaned forward engulfing the head of George's cock. [Now to this day George need only recall that image of his cock in Michelle's mouth, her cheeks bulging then emptying as she swallowed to generate a very hard erection]. He said you guys had a big fight about it..." Michelle stopped as she watched George shake his head side to side.


first-time geronimo_appleby 2017-11-05

The new day, full of summer promise, backlit the curtains while Tom pondered his feelings, the sudden realisation of Rita's sexual allure and her attractiveness as a woman. Despite his body's urges and the sudden, unexpected flare of desire, it had felt wrong to Tom. Hell, Rita was like family, and it disturbed him that he could now see her through adult eyes, was able to recognise her as an attractive woman. Would she moan and gasp, head lolling back, eyes closed, breasts thrust towards the ceiling while Tom fucked into her body and Rita's insides clenched around him?


first-time TheJoker81 2017-11-05

You know I want you to, so what is stopping you?" He couldn't come up with a good reason not to kiss her; not to physically show her how he had felt about her since they had met. She started to moan through her kisses, and he pulled his lips from hers to look her in the eye. He placed his hand on her covered pussy and caressed her, as she reached into his boxers and pulled his cock out. "Oh my god," he said, "that feels amazing." He pulled his cock out slowly, leaving only the tip inside her. "Oh fuck," he moaned, "I am going to cum!" He kept his pace steady, feeling her pussy pulsate and squeeze around his cock.

helping friend in need

first-time cdpaula 2017-11-05

I parked and we got out and walked about 3 blocks over to a street.She looked at me and said you don't have to do this if you don't want to.I said I know but I want too.It wasn't long after that a car pulled up with older guy in it he called me over and asked if I was dateing tonite.I said yes told him price for bj and half and half he said ok.I got in the car with him we parked in a dark alley he payed me so gave him bj and let him eat my boy pussy and then fuck me.Dam that was a quick 150 for 15 minutes.

An Educated Tongue

first-time jw1137 2017-11-05

Out of reflex Dianne looked at the woman who was speaking to her and found she was looking directly at Jill’s neatly trimmed bush since the bottom of the towel had flipped slightly open and her co-worker was sitting with one leg bent at the knee and the other still hanging off the side of the bed. Dianne kept her head turned toward the talk show but she couldn’t keep her eyes from watching Jill’s finger slide between her full lips up to the first knuckle and move up to the large looking hood that covered her pleasure center. Dianne looked up at the smiling face of her blonde roommate as Jill said “I’m gonna make you feel sooo good!” With that she began to work the buttons of the brunette’s blouse.

Temptress Ch. 01

first-time sophiewilliams 2017-11-05

"Father, I keep having these sinful thoughts about a man, I know it's wrong but I cannot stop these feelings. I arrived at the church about thirty minutes after school had finished and I was greeted by Mrs Thomas, who was a real volunteer helping Father McGowan. Happy I was still alone I went back into Father McGowan's bedroom and sat on his bed, opening the magazine back up. Father McGowan pressed his lower body against me before he started swaying back and forth very slowly, and then I felt something hard pressing into my tummy. Father McGowan let out a long slow breath as he filled my mouth with his cock for the first time.

Sometimes You Get Lucky

first-time trial6 2017-11-05

Advising Resources gave me your name, and said I had to negotiate price with you." I'd have done all her programming for the entire course for just one touch of her big, pouty lips on my rock-hard cock, but there's no way I was saying that out loud, so I just stood there silent and nodded. "It makes sense that you're so big," she said, smiling, "It takes a lot of room to store that much cum." She started stroking my cock with her hands again. I fumbled a bit with the laces at first, but my hands got steadier when she let out this little happy sigh and told me how good my hands felt on her skin.

Jo takes control

first-time davefx 2017-11-05

When my lips slide out, my hand pulls on your cock which tugs at the bulb buried in your pussy, rubbing just right and your getting more turned on and can feel a powerful orgasm building deep inside. You find the remote control and turn up the vibrations all the way on two of the three motors, the one in your pussy and the one in the plug snug in your ass, telling me I don’t get to feel the vibe in the head of your cock because my cock doesn’t vibrate when I’m fucking your ass and that’s the way you like it.

Fair, Then A Ride

first-time bassboyhunter 2017-11-05

When we pulled up to the driveway Jane turned to me and said, "hey, we finished the romp room, you want to come see?" now this was a perfect opportunity for me, her parents had left to visit her great uncle so the house was could I say no. Jane stared at it with lust in her eyes then leaned in and kissed me and I felt her hand pull out my cock and she wrapped her fingers around it. I slowly eased my finger out of her now drenched pussy then started kissing her neck, then where the neck meets the chest, slowly moving down to her nipple and stopping to suck on it a little, then moved to the left one.

And my fortune cookie said...

first-time sexihazelswag 2017-11-05

Since the bff was working when I was off, I spent quite a bit of time with the girlfriend. I would catch her in front of the tv playing the game and slip my hands in her shorts, rubbing her pussy with just my fingertips. Feeling her juice coat my hands, I took her mouth in a hungry kiss, telling her without words how much I was enjoying her. I kept sucking and licking her until she exploded in my mouth....cum flooding out the face is wet. She reaches over and pushes me back with a grin on her face saying she's gonna return the favor, immediately pulling off my pants and rubbing fingers over the cum leaking through my panties.............................TBC...........

High School Hookup

first-time hockeytramp_94 2017-11-05

I couldn't think of anything else to do, and I was beginning to go crazy just sitting on my ass watching the clock tick waiting until I was going to go home and watch a movie and get shitfaced. He started talking about what he's doing for the night, which at that time was watching a movie and enjoying a bottle of wine while his wife was out of town for a couple of days. We sat fairly close to each other on his couch; it wasn't even 25 minutes into the movie and I jumped on him like a war veteran jumping on a grenade to sacrifice himself for the greater good.

Baby Sitting

first-time Koreangal 2017-11-05

She got on top so she was facing my pussy, bent over, put her hand on my cunt and told me to make her cum, so I grabbed her hot ass and started licking, sucking and tongue fucking her hot cunt like a crazy woman, wanting her to cum so she would fuck me. After I came a few times, Toni made me suck her cock clean, then told me to show her how submissive a cunt I am by getting on my hands and knees at the edge of the bed and beg her to fuck my pussy.

Teaching Me About Graphic Design

first-time mickey stacks 2017-11-05

After thinking for a second, Gary leaned over his desk toward me, close enough that I could smell him and I'm sure he could smell my wet pussy dripping at the thought of him fucking my brains out, he husked out these words: "I should have known you liked the feel of the air across your ass cheeks," he said as his hand cupped one cheek and inched up so he could feel the wetness of my crotch, "and I should have known that you would like a little hair to remain in order to catch your scent and drive me mad."

first time with a girl

first-time fireball3370 2017-11-05

we were sl**ping in a double bed, so were laying close to each other. she started rubbing my back and i layed really still, acting like i was asl**p. i could tell my breathing changed, heavier, hotter. i rolled on my side with my back to her, still acting like i was asl**p. she kept touching my back, my low back, my hip, the side of my upper thigh, then again to my back, again as though there was nothing sexual about it. i kept 'sl**ping' but was getting really excited. she started touching my stomach, then moved lower. i turned my face towards hers, breathing heavy...and i kissed her. middle of the night, seeming like it was a dream.

Legal Eagle

first-time travince 2017-11-05

With a low a****l like growl, he shoved his cock in so deep I thought it was going to come out of my mouth, forcing my face deep into Issy’s pussy, and with a wail she came, shaking and twitching on her desk. “Not so fast Vicky,” chuckled Darrol, “I think you deserve a little disciplining for having fun on work time,” and before I realised what was happening, I was bent over my desk and my hands were tied to the legs with the phone cord. “I know, Darling,” he said with a grin, “I watched most of it standing behind a very excited young lady who now has a pussy full of come!” A very enjoyable night followed, but now its morning, and my pussy is juicing up at the thought of going to work, and sampling more forbidden delights.

Sissy Fetish Gone Wrong

first-time girly4u2 2017-11-05

Matt said he would treat me like a good girl. As we walked together I really did feel like a desirable girl. Matt gently inserted his erect penis in my mouth and said "good girl, you're such a sexy little slut." I really liked it when he called me good girl and slut. He began slowly pumping my mouth with his penis then he pulled my head back and said "lay down on the bench." As I obeyed Matt's command I looked up and saw another older man masturbating. I spread my legs open and Matt reassured me by saying "That's a good girl, just lay there and take it like a slut." At this point I was crying louder than before.

He had his 18th Birthday and wanted more than just

first-time freddymon10 2017-11-05

He then took charge and asked if he could shower. I asked him do you like? I asked him do you like? I asked him do you like? He was so anxious to put that huge cock in my mouth and f***e my throat to take it. All of a sudden he stiffened up, let out a groan and then blasted the back of my throat as he grabbed the back of my head and held it against the fresh patch of pubes until he finished cumming. There has never been anything like this before for me i said but i am glad you chose me to trust enough to do this. I would have never thought anything like this would happen.

First Time

first-time Rouquie 2017-11-05

With her eyes still closed and mouth open slightly, she breathed quickly as she felt her heat rise with each caress that touched her soft skin. Pulling myself off her gorgeous breasts and sweet nipples I travelled down further over her body, kissing her stomach as I made my way down to her nether regions, the hair from my forehead touching her skin like feathers, making her muscles quiver with delight. When my head hovered between her slightly raised legs I leant in to kiss the course pale hair above her womanhood, bringing a moan from deep within her, her nails almost tearing the satin sheets.

My Max's First

first-time Brodie45 2017-11-05

I put my pen to my lip to pretend to ponder what the professor was saying when I was really pondering what Max looked like without those jeans. I didn't ponytail my hair that morning since I hoped to look like I just got out of bed and didn't have time to get dressed! He nodded as he stood quietly and sipped his 7-Up. I thought we looked like a couple of astronauts with our backpacks on. It was pretty nice and after he pulled his face away, I wrapped my hand on the back of his head and gave him a longer kiss, then smiled and touched his cup of 7-Up.

The Wedding (Challenge #2)

first-time babyangel1976 2017-11-05

Sara, what do you know about pleasing a man? Sara looked at me and smiled. I do like eating a pussy a lot more then a dick. Sara I have never heard you talk like that. Mom she asked have you ever ate a pussy? I don’t know Sara. Mom I may have a way for you to find out if you would like to eat pussy. I will be that person Mom. I would love to eat your pussy. Oh Sara, I said, I don’t know if that would be a good idea. Next I know she had her hand between my legs rubbing me so hard I juiced myself. She straddled my face and I started eating her tight wet pussy.

A First Time Model

first-time DreamWeaver 2017-11-05

She looked me up and down again and said, “are you free for the day?” I just nodded, “How would you like to earn another fifty dollars today.” “I told you I design underwear,” she said “If you are feeling a little embarrassed you can change behind the screen.” She finished with the hem and then worked on some tucks in the rear, to make the boxers hang better she said. “She said, “Would you like to dance with a woman close to you wearing this pouch?” Then she looked at me and smiled, then she leaned forward and started licking the head of my cock. With her free hand she pulled the pouch down and started sucking on my balls.