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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Playing Doctor with Sandy

first-time Grey Beard 2017-11-05

When I asked her where she found the rubbers, Sandy just smiled, still bent over to make sure I did not lose sight of what she wanted me to do and told me how a girl friend had kept guard outside the men's room of a gas station. She purred a bit and then without letting go, said " go all the way to the bottom and play with that little knob." My penis started to grow and ache and just when I thought I was going to fill that rubber, Sandy opened her mouth and cried out " Oh My God " and her body started to go into convulsions.

Prom Week: The Final Chapter

first-time SafeSexting 2017-11-05

"Unless you want me to ram my first up your cunt bitch than say I'm a big cocktease and that I'd love to suck your cock Fred because I'm a slut" Fred ordered Alexis. "I'm a big cocktease and I'd love to suck your heavenly cock Fred, because I'm a total slut" Alexis said, her arousal added extra enthusiasm to her words. He had so much money from selling the tapes of the prom night that not only did he retire, but he also bought Amber Smith, Harmony, Melanie, her lover Lisa, Rachael Goldstein, Alexis, and every other hot slut in his class as sex slaves from their disgusted parents, pimping them out and forcing them to star in the most foul of pornos in order to pay for their university educations.

My Night Of Being A Dom

first-time baldguy46 2017-11-05

He walked right in front of me and pulled up my t-shirt, (It was summer and he was hot), up over my head real slow, I nearly died when I felt his touch on my skin and couldn't wait for him to do the same to the rest of my body, when he finished undressing me, that seemed to last for ever, then I told him. I knew What I wanted from Adam, and started to suck real hard, my head went up and down in such a flurry, that I really started to get dizzy I decided to slow down, but I stopped and took his cock out of my mouth, as I said.

Janet's Perfect Pair Ch. 02

first-time sdsioux 2017-11-05

Janet went and sat down on the couch and she could see one of the pictures I had taken of her earlier and picked it up and took a long hard look. What she did next surprised me as she put my wrist between her titties, squeezed them together and began to massage it like she did to my cock earlier. As the head popped out of her titties you could hear a slight pop along with Janet quietly moaning and softly saying fuck em fuck em fuck em which I gladly did while she squeezed them together making the cleavage tight with a little bit of friction to make my cock even more erect.

Sometimes It Just Happens...

first-time yoursexysharon 2017-11-05

I would have to think about this - like I said before, I have never cheated on Tom. Unless of course you count the time at the office New Year's party I got a little tipsy and let a couple of co-workers finally get a look at the girls. I said OK, that I would be ready.It was about a 20 minute drive from the mall, so I sat down next to Brad again and hugged his neck once more, and he put his hands on my waist, and once more not knowing why, I kissed his mouth again.

Another Fantasy Spanking from Peter

first-time spankingjenny 2017-11-05

Jennifer gave a little squeal that sounded more like delight than pain making Peter smile and stiffened his cock which he still had trapped between his legs, fighting to be released. I looked back over my shoulder at Peter and in a sweet little girl voice said, please sweetheart please spank me now I want you to give me the spanking you know I need and desire, I trust you to spank me long and hard until you feel it is sufficient and then I want to show my appreciation by giving my whole body to you for you to make love to me.

What You Risk When You Take On Fantasies.

first-time Nohj2 2017-11-05

Charlie was real eager, Susan sort of gave me a dirty look. When I got through I leaned down and said, "Susan I want something to happen, I will be back in about an hour." It looked like Charlie said something to her, I couldn't tell, but she nodded yes. I could tell Susan needed a good fucking, she was squeezing her boobs real hard, and was sucking on her nipples. Susan had her head towards the bathroom so I could see Charlie's eyes they were looking right at her shaven pussy. Susan started screaming stick your cock in me Charlie, I need you and I want you to fuck me.

The Photographer.

first-time PurplePal 2017-11-05

From his pictures and videos, Chris’s cock seemed delightful with a solid, meaty shaft and a cut, clean, satin, glans and easy release slit. Meanwhile Chris bounced onto the bed, and lay on his back, his arms behind his head, legs spread, cock swaying, pre-cum leaking as he watched me at work. Having set up I told Chris that as the light was not so good here, his cock head needed to shine and to glisten more so that the pictures would be improved and the focal point enhanced. Still masturbating, I squeezed every drop I could from my balls and shaft and using my cock head I spread the pools of cum between his ass cheeks and onto his, now open and swollen, wrinkled, brown hole.

Julie's Journal - First Night

first-time Cybertease 2017-11-05

Then the first guy to touch me simply eased a digit slowly inside my pussy and at the same time bit a little harder onto my left nipple leaving it throbbing while his finger slid in and out a little faster. The fear factor seemed to raise my excitement and I knew if he kept doing what he was with his fingers I would cum before I got to feel his cock. I felt his fingers open my pussy lips the sweat of fear and excitement ran down my face. I thought OMG no he is going to pull out but he rammed it hard all the way back in making me almost cum and then his rhythm went into over drive till I could feel my cum juice running out of me.

Nice Nina Seduces Shy Ai Kawaii

first-time petdyke 2017-11-05

Nice Nina is a yummy young blond beauty as Swedish as sexy, but in bed as lesbian as can be! Ai Kawaii is shy but also so sweet and secretly sexy, Nina knows how to teach her hips to swing Nice Nina you're so sweet to me in the snow I feel very clumsy but in your arms I feel like a star! Nice Nina knows which slow seductive old soul music to dance to she will play for them two in her room Nina smiles at herself and how easily she conquers this shy sweet sexy cute beauty and longs for more Ai Kawaii is indeed still a virgin, she begs nice Nina not to finger her inside her hairy hole

poolside sex

first-time 3knockers 2017-11-04

She gasped as soon as she finished sucking, looking up at me she asked “how was that stud?” “so good, I want to fuck you bad” I said, she undid your thong and she was shaved completely, Emma went to lay on the recliner and spread her pussy out so I immediately began to run my fingers around run tight pussy then I started to lick and inserted my tongue into her tight vagina, she moaned in delight “OOOHH YES” she exclaimed, as I continued to do so she moaned louder until I said “bend over babe” so she turned around and got in the anal sex position with her nice round ass sticking out.

The Mystic-First Time

first-time MrTheDevilMan25 2017-11-04

Lauren drank her wine and John finished his rum and she took his hand once they were standing and lead him to the elevator bank across from the bar. John's hard cock slid out from his pants and Lauran pressed her lips to the tip, giving it a little kiss and moaning slowly on his member. Time seemed to stop in the elevator as Lauren slowly sucked on John's hard cock, taking him fully into her mouth, then sliding him almost all the way out, then just playing with his tip and then sucking the whole member back into her mouth. John started to thrust into her mouth, in time with her sucking; Lauren removed her hand from his balls to play with both her breasts and sucked him hard.

Inspiration To Fuck Mommy

first-time nana414 2017-11-04

Due to the gap factor and the position of the bathrooms, I thought he is watching someone close to his house, which narrows the gap to only one lady from the With the thought of talking with Ranjan, I quickie changed the dress and went to his home telling my mom that I’m going to play with him. I stayed calm at their back door to see what they are doing and hear Ranjan saying (They talked in Tamil, to reduce the burden of typing in Tamil and English, I’m giving the direct English version. His thrusts were very hard that his mom was literally crying like……After that, I thought of starting to home without them watching me.

A f****y FRIEND

first-time 2017-11-04


My nerdy ex-wife Aileen gets anal

first-time badnewzsho 2017-11-04

I agreed that it was imperative that she complete her fantasy as soon as possible, so she yarded out my cock and began enthusiastically stuffing it into her wet mouth. I deposited my cum in her mouth, and she swallowed it, then slapped me on the arm, and said something like, "god damn you". On my birthday one year, she strips naked and crawls on all fours over to me and tells me she wants me to cum in her mouth. Her body was rigid as I began slowly stuffing my fat cock into her rather spectacular ass (I have pictures from this occasion as well) while she complained and cried about the pain I was causing her clutching, teenage asshole.

I sat by while he took his daughter upstairs

first-time 2017-11-04

I was being titillated and turned-on by him, seduced within a short distance of our marital bed, my bridal gown remaining high on the side facing him, while my husband drink hard liqueur, I was toying with the notion of taking on my first adulterous affair, with a man in my bridal suite, who should never have been there, especially at the point in time, I was primed for sex on this night, and my husband was drifting in and out of consciousness, while I looked at an alternate source and exposed myself to him, the sluttiness of my actions, clearly defining my need of sex, ‘Looks like my darling husband wont perform tonight’, I commented brazenly, and as if to emphasize my meaning, I swung my exposed leg in Georges direction, letting him see deeper into my soul and meaning, as my shaven pussy came into view, and I slid forward on my seat until my bared ass was over the edge.

Banished to Purgatory

first-time dass4450 2017-11-04

I then outlined the new business plan that involved invoking the clause ceasing the contract with Langhams if the business changed hands, showed him the art work for the can labels that made prawns, squid, various fish and rock lobster look positively mouth watering, and the new contract with Langham's main rival food chain that contained clauses relating to market fluctuations ensuring the cannery would never again be operating in anything less than a profit situation. Cries of "Derek's had his end away", "Rae you filthy wretch, I haven't had him yet", "Fuck me, she's had a right going over", and such like further heightened her blush and made me get a little red in the face as well.

The Jersey Boy Ch. 01

first-time CoolChick2000 2017-11-04

As Noel walked outside she saw her best friends Amanda, Jackie and Jennifer in Amanda's black BMW. As she got into Amanda's car all of her friends said hi then they saw josh walking out of his house Her dad put his head up and said "What the fuck" then saw Noel running up stairs. As Noel and her sisters were getting ready for dance her sister Nicole walked in and said "Did you walk in on mom and dad earlier" Later that night at dance Noel was at her solo practice and saw josh standing there while running her dance for competition and she kept messing up.

First Times a Charm... My 1st love.

first-time 2017-11-04

He is just really looking for a room mate to add life to the place, and for company. I started noticing him disappearing to one bedroom that was his office or "computer room".. I called work, marked off for tomorrow, and went to my storage unit with a trash bag. So the dark lip gloss gave me an almost gothic look, but very classy. I know this really sounds silly, but there's a song I always wanted to play when I lost my virginity to a man. My toenails looked so good long, squared out, and painted a creamy mauve. He said, would you like to come to my bedroom? He called out work the next day, and we christened every single room in the house.


first-time ikerrrr 2017-11-04

Sean and his wife said their son wasn't home but that they still wanted me to come. My parents and them decided to settle in the backyard and I said that I'll wait for them upstairs, hoping that Sean would spare some time and come check how I was doing. -"So, tell me, did you have a good night sleép?" -"It was all right..." I wanted to reply with something else but his hand was all I could think about. He started going through my short blonde hair with his long fingers and roughly grabbing my both cheeks and gliding down. I started gliding my hand on his back, slowly getting in his shorts again but this time for his ass.

Jason Does Mother and Daughter

first-time licksit 2017-11-04

Mrs. Lawson let Jason take her packages from her, his cock stiffening from the touch of her thigh and breast as he walked up the stairs with her, now side by side. He watched as if he were an alien from outer space as Mrs. Lawson took his cock in her hand and rubbed the head along the outer lips of her pussy. She stroked his face and felt her pussy quake when his mouth moved from her tits down her body, kissing her taut skin avidly and licking a trail down to her flat tummy. Following the script he had practiced many times with Harriet he kissed and licked her tits and tummy and pussy, bringing great sexual joy to Angelina.

Guess Who

first-time SissyPantySlut 2017-11-04

You feel her long hair brushing your stomach as she gently licks the side of your raging erection and then takes it into her mouth. In the dim light of early morning you can make out her legs next to your head and her panty-covered pussy inches from your face. The sensations are overloading you: her hot mouth, her tight lips, her rough tongue, the suction, her bare breasts against your abdomen, her grip on the base of your shaft and balls, her pantied pussy so close. You get tighter and tighter, feeling your balls clench up in such intense pleasure that you hear yourself cry out and you CUM! your hot cum flowing up your cock and shooting out into her warm and eager mouth...

First Time Pegged by my Girlfriend

first-time 425olds 2017-11-04

She turned and walked to the couch and I couldn't help but admire her ass in those leggings and the image of her big black cock swinging from side to side. Amanda said with a little chuckle, but I didn't care, I was loving being on my knees sucking on her big black cock! As she got to the last sip, I felt her sit up and pull my lips off her cock, my face a little red and gasping for air after having that big black cock deep in my mouth as far as it would go! "Now I'm going to fuck that little white ass with this big black cock. "Listen to you moan just like a real white bitch, you love Daddy's big black cock huh?"

JerseyBean gets detention

first-time 42gary 2017-11-04

I f***e you down so you are laying across my desk I take hold of my Cain and begin to punish you, long red marks begin to cover the snowy white flesh of that sexy ass of yours but my desire to taste you is strong I get down on my knees and push your legs apart pressing my pace between your legs and begin to devour you my tongue licking from you tiny clit to your rose bud, you look back over your shoulder and grin as I stand up and drop my trousers letting my massive hard cock free finally from its cage, i rip open your tight blouse and pull your thin sheer bra up exposing your firm round breasts and pencil thick half inch nipples as i group and tug on them taking them into my hot mouth making you throw your head back in pleasure.