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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Jesus fucking Christ! I sucked my roommate's

first-time kronosqt 2017-11-04

It was 10 AM when I woke up and went to take a shower and I shaved all so that it would be better for him because I knew that he doesn't like body hair." So after a good bathroom I come back in bed, watching the ceiling. We went in the bus station and while waiting for the bus I got some courage and asked him "This might be a little awkward and very movie like but, about last night, do we need to talk or we are good?" David: "We are good" and smiles.

A Year Of First Times Ch. 01

first-time Theeeeee1 2017-11-04

We continued talking for a long time before I had the nerve to pull Torrie close and kiss her lightly. We continued kissing for what seemed like hours before I moved my hand from Torrie’ back and lightly touched her right breast. “If you love me, you’ll let me.” I said softly as I pulled her close, kissed her deeply and returned my hand to her breast. Torrie was very tense but I could feel her gradually relax as we continued kissing and I lightly touched her shoulders and back. That evening we kissed, hugged, and after she had let me partially undress her, Torrie allowed me to freely enjoy the touch, taste and softness of her breasts.

Daisy and the Summer of Love

first-time Scorpio08 2017-11-04

We were headed in that direction, so why not spend a day listening to free music, eating free food, and meeting people like ourselves. Three beautiful girls and two guys walked passed our blankets weaving their way to the stage before disappearing behind it. When we returned to the blanket, Daisy faced me and without any prodding placed her lips to mine. Daisy said, "I'm going to make love to you on the beach tonight. Just when the early morning sun broke the horizon filling the sky with shades of orange, yellow, and red, Daisy put her mouth on my dick. The entire time we were kissing she was riding my dick purring like a contented kitten.


Three Years

first-time Authoress37 2017-11-04

"Love you," Abigail said as she and Reilly parted ways for the day, her going to work and him to school. Abigail would laugh and her beautiful smile would light up the room and Reilly's heart. I'm going to change and then we can celebrate." Reilly sat around for another fifteen minutes, worrying the food would get cold, until she came out from their room, then he thought he may have died and went to heaven. Reilly pushed the chicken and pasta onto the nice white plates they owned and placed it in front of Abigail. Abigail winced at first, felt the pain, but Reilly made it go away with his tender ways of love. Reilly pulled Abigail to his side of the bed, where they laid wrapped in a thin sheet to help them cool off.


first-time hotRobertXX 2017-11-04


Last story for now!

first-time monkeymonkey42 2017-11-04

“You are a quick study, can you feel me tightening?” I do feel it and I pull me fingers away and just lick and suck the lips for minutes, then her knees close around my head, and she pushes up, my lips and nose go deep into her and she’s moaning now, the fluid is so intense, then she’s oohing and ah-hing as the first orgasm happens, it felt like hours but in real time, it’s probably fifteen minutes had gone by.

Bú cuò, not bad!

first-time LaTourEiffel 2017-11-04

So I did kiss her head, looked back up at Hua, who smiled again, nodded, then went back into the kitchen. I turned to open the bathroom door and there, looking in, were Ling and Hua! Hua looked worried, then smiled, came over and gave me a hug, a little kiss, that turned into a big kiss. But I did turn us and barely opened my eyes in the direction of Ling, even as Hua's tongue was doing that thing that got me so hot. I smiled, why should they care, Hua knows me inside out, and Ling just watched me fuck her mother.

Daughter's friend calls him Daddy

first-time sweetgirlsimone 2017-11-04

She did a great job considering her inexperience but Mr. Jones was very happy to physically encourage her to take more and more and more by placing his strong hand on the back of her head and push it down over and over again, telling her what a good girl she was and how much he was enjoying her mouth. "Oh, I'll fuck you little girl," he responded with that menacing look his eye that turned her on so deeply, "but when I'm ready." he shoved his fingers even deeper into her pussy and she gasped and then moaned in pleasure. Finally ready to fuck her sweet pussy again, he leaned all his weight on top of her, pushing her onto the bed and shoving his cock deep inside her, all the way to the base.

A Carnal Family Vacation

first-time cambam 2017-11-04

The first thing I noticed when we went to the rental office, which was in fact just a very small house near the other vacation homes, was how dark and humid the room was. I brought a couple boxes of Magnum condoms because I heard they were for studs, and my sister almost saw them when she walked into my room as I was unpacking. Me shoving the stuff off her desk and picking her up on top of me and her riding me as my family flees in terror, afraid of my sexuality let alone their own, those fucking prudes, and she rides me like the stallion I am until... Just then, my cock beginning to droop, as Claire rearranged her dress and the mother shifted her weight off me, I heard a rustling in the vegetation near where we'd walked her.

First time with Adam

first-time garys35 2017-11-04

Adam had a serious look when he said, "that's a waist." He then asked, "have you ever had sex with a man before?" I said, "no but, I've done anal with my wife so, I know what it feels like." Adam quickly replied, "Do you?" I just smiled and said, "you're not talking about giving anal are you?" He said, "no". I asked, "does it hurt?" Adam smiled when he said, "what did you tell your wife when she asked that question before you fucked her in the ass?" I laughed and replied, "I'll go slow, don't worry." Adam said, "There's your answer, I'll do the same." About that time, we both got up and headed for the house.

Loved it in my ass

first-time blueone71 2017-11-04

One night we were at it and in the heat of passion she wanted me to fuck her arse which is something i had never done previously, at the time it would not have mattered what she asked i said of course and dutifully filled her lovely arse with my hard cock, it felt so tight and good that within minutes i was spraying her arse with my hot cum. Her whip slapping my arse as welled just heightened the pleasure and after a good fucking and with the strap on still deep in me my throbbing cock exploded shooting cum over my body.

My Fetish For Panties CH1

first-time panteeluvr 2017-11-04

I couldn't resist the urge to try a pair on (the least dirty of the two as I didn't want to spoil her scent with mine) and walked around the rest of the day wearing her white cotton panties with a floral print on them! It was real exciting to me to go back to my friends house the next day wearing his s****r's dirty panties and seeing her, wondering what she'd think if she knew what I was wearing under my shorts! and our friendship was never really the same after and we just grew apart, but he never told anyone that I stole his s****rs dirty panties, and I learned a valuable lesson - take in moderation, find the dirtiest pair and take those!.......never again did I want to be caught stealing panties.......of course I have been caught numerous times since as you will find out in later chapters!

Happy Eating

first-time Sondie 2017-11-04

This guy is black, athletic built, had a good size cock and simply loves to eat pussy. We chatted for a while, and then he asked me how my pussy tasted. The next thing I knew, my panty was off, my knees were spread wide and my pussy was spread open on view. I was getting wet and he knelt by the chair, spreading the hair on my pussy, exploring my glistening wet pussy, opening the lips, stroking my clit in the hood. Then I felt his tongue licking my pussy, sticking his tongue inside and gently licking my a feeling!!! He had to leave...but he gave my pussy another good eating...."one for the road", he said.

Brooke Ch. 03

first-time StoryTeller07 2017-11-04

He slipped me the card," William said, while following her into the kitchen. "Did you see Carlene?" she said, with a look of worry on her face. "I guess you didn't bother to look at the naked girls face!" Brooke said testily. "You had better use that card, just to make it sound real on the phone," she said, affecting a demure expression. Brooke was going to try the usual submissive act but thought better of it. He felt the wonderful soft plump lips grip the head of his cock. With her lips gripping the head of his penis she looked up at him through narrowed eyes. Her mouth and throat gripped his cock tight but still he needed to reach further.

b*****r s****r Threeway

first-time qwertyu54321 2017-11-04

I stood in the pool, speechless as Emma slowly turned to Rachel and started kissing her. They looked up at me and Rachel said, "We'll take care of you" as emma started licking the tip of my dick. By this stage they were really frisky and Emma went down and started to slurp up Rachel's pussy, making loud slurping noises as she did. After a few minutes of fucking my s****r, Rachel moved her hand up and shoved a finger into Emma's ass. Of course it changed a bit when mom and dad got home but every night they let me watch them in the bath from the roof and when they weren't home we got up to a lot of wild fucking.

My Girl-Ronnie

first-time NickyFaulkes 2017-11-04

The smile she flashed back at my response was mischievous, "Cool, my little brother is gone for the weekend to a tent revival with my aunt and uncle." Looking down, I saw her breasts bulging out of her tank top as she held my hand and rubbed against my arms. The kisses and her body felt so good I didn't even realize she'd started to pull my pants off until she slipped down to peel off my shorts and my cock sprang out hard and slapped her in the face. After a couple of weeks, she started to refuse to suck me off saying, "What's fair is to share." Shy and feeling stupid, I never asked her what she meant, so I missed out on getting to taste that sweet little pussy or learning how to satisfy her orally.

Suzy Opens Up

first-time arlene548 2017-11-04

I was worried we could get caught so I whispered, "Mike we should stop, someone might come up and catch us?" "Really, we should." But, the other side of me found it deliciously naughty risking getting caught while I stroked his cock. Mike continued rubbing up and down my pussy with his naked cock spreading and teasing my lips with each passing. At this point things were pretty simple for this 18 year old virgin lying on her back, with her legs spread wide and Mike in position with his cock teasing her pussy. I held Mike tightly as he kissed me deeply with his tongue darting between my lips, exploring, while his cock did similar between my legs.

My date with the boss's daughter part 2

first-time mrbigdaddy93 2017-11-04

As soon as we got into the room, Lissa was already out of her tube top. She noticed and said, "Well, are you just going to stand there or are you going to get ready to fuck me?" I then got on my knees between her legs and put my face at her pussy and started licking. I had been licking her her clitty and finger fucking her, for 25 minutes, when I noticed that she went all stiff and started moaning louder. But right now, just put your dick inside me and start FUCKING MY PUSSY! So I lined the head of my now very hard 10-inch cock to her pussy, and started to push ever so slightly.

Wife Fucked By My Cousin

first-time bottomnaked4u 2017-11-04

Both theb lied down on the bed and my cock still erect came near the bed and told dimpy to make way for me.dimpy quilly kneeled down on the bed and icame on the bed to beside rittus body and as rittu got up to clean her chut I caught hold of her and started fucking her, Rittu did not know how a cock become erect so quickly but she didn’t say anything and responded to my act and as I inserted my lund in her chut my cock could feel the sticky cum of dimpys in her chut this gor me more far don and stared fucking rittu very hard and soon I also came in her chut mixing my sperms with dimpys spems We both dozed off to night sl**p

Rent is Due

first-time TwoWorldsTX 2017-11-04

Mason was going to come by at 2 p.m., he had said in an email, and the check or cash better be on hand. "Good," Daniel said, uncomfortable at that idea more than at the idea of sucking another man's cock. He tried to fight it at first but eventually he let his mouth be fucked until Mason suddenly shuddered and released jets of hot cum inside the young man's mouth. Surprising, because other than that you're very manly for having so little hair," Mason said, caressing Daniel's ass, sliding his finger between the crack and making the young man shudder involuntarily. Mason sat up just a little bit and placed his left hand on Daniel's brown shoulder, his right hand caressed the young man's body.

Karen, My Cherished First

first-time Hunkydrew 2017-11-04

Fortunately for me, there was Karen, a cute girl in my class whom I did happen to notice from the very first day with gorgeous silky hair, a cute smile and flawless brown skin. This time I ran my hands across her 32B firm, beautiful breasts over her sexy French maid outfit as she pulled off my sailor shirt. I kissed and licked her perfectly shaped belly button and then pulled off her French maid shirt revealing a wet patch in her white cotton panties. I teased her by kissing her inner thighs for a minute or two and then worked my way towards her dripping wet pussy lips.

Our First Time at a Nude Beach

first-time jason1000 2017-11-04

This summer my GF and I went to the nude beach, something we'd done occasionally in the past but this time we brought a dome style camping tent with us and it was absolutely the most exciting thing you could imagine because it enabled us to control exactly how much we wanted to do and how much anyone else could watch us. So I was not looking at the guy when she suddenly said to me "Oh, look!" because he had finally lost control and had begun to spurt like crazy, with no place else to go he turned and came, spurting a lot of cum onto the front of his body.

A Si ster’s Lust chapter 4

first-time 2017-11-04

Gail felt a strange rush of erotic feeling as she glanced up at Herb’s face. “Oooooh, Herb!” Gail moaned, thrusting her shuddering nipples up into his hot “Ooooooh,” Gail gasped, squeezing Herb’s heat-stiffened cock between her fingers. “Aaaaaah,” Gail sighed, as Herb slipped his fingers over the fluffy mound of her cunt. exactly how Herb could make her feel better and Gail didn’t have the slightest “Oooooh, Herb!” Gail breathed, feeling her whole body shiver with tingling passion. “You’re going to love this, honey,” Herb groaned, pushing his finger forward just a like this before and the slightly d***ken virgin really thought that all Herb wanted to Gail looked up at Herb’s huge lust-bloated cock and shivered slightly.

Devine Defloration Ch. 03

first-time vantyaak 2017-11-03

While my parents were easy going and fun loving persons enjoying the life, everything at Mama's was centered around money. Mama went to share market every day morning to return at lunch time. On the second day of my stay at Mama's Mami smilingly gave me some money and told me to go and enjoy a movie. When I came back home a hefty guy of about thirty was sitting talking to Mami. One day I came late from the school, Mami was not present. While thinking of the Prince and his lund unknowingly my finger went to my clitoris which immediately became erect. A couple of days later one evening Mama came home badly shaken and agitated.