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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Hotwife finds more than she Wanted

first-time 425olds 2017-11-03

He grabbed my head with both hands and rammed his cock into my mouth. Use me, come on my face.” He grabbed me f***efully again and stuck his cock in deep. It was wild looking up into that expressionless face, yet hearing the fast breathing, feeling the hands rough on my head. If I lifted my legs, I got a little reprieve, but then my hips started hurting. As he rubbed my ass with one hand, I felt a finger penetrate my ass. I started rocking my ass back against his hand. Yes. I felt the second cock start to press into my already full ass. I felt the second cock start to penetrate.


Mackinaw Island

first-time johnnyblm1 2017-11-03

My right hand swiftly slips down her underwear over her firm ass and begins to lift, squeeze and pull up on it. But only feeling the bulge; she soon backs out of the heavy kissing to slide her hand into my pants and fill it with my hard cock. I toy with her by only fucking with the head and without notice I ram my pelvis into her butt lodging my penis as deep as it will go hitting something inside her that causes a high pitched moan to come out between her clenched teeth. She lets out more moans and tries to come up a bit but I push her body back down while firmly pulling her hair.

The Cruise

first-time gkuncch 2017-11-03

I mean at least it’s not like Bertha.” As John was thinking about her name, he noticed Cally getting out of the pool. “Hey there,” Cally said as she looked at John, “Do you mind helping me? Cally smiled warmly at John and walked with David back to their lounge chair. Before John could answer, David had come up behind Cally with a cookie in one hand and a full beach bag in another. “You look gorgeous, Cally.” She turned around, her hair pulled away from her face, accentuating her big blue eyes. “Let’s go somewhere a little less public,” Cally said, breaking from the embrace, “We need to take care of something.” She placed her hand against John’s groin, and smiled.

A College Freshman and Ariana

first-time rd_bombay 2017-11-03

I started kissing and licking her sensitive neck, and coupled with massaging her breasts, Ariana's head thrashed from side to side, her moans getting louder and more frantic. She was breathing so heavily, her eyes still shut, and said, "Neal, that was the most intense orgasm I have ever felt, and just from you going down on me." I held her close to me, and my hands ran all over her sensitive body. I asked, "Ariana, are you ready baby?" She said, "Ya, totally, I want you inside m so bad!" I kneeled between her legs, and started rubbing her pussy gently.

The Tease Part 1

first-time 2017-11-03

Strolling through the park sipping my morning cup of coffee with my book in my hand I came across a bit of a secluded area where there were benches to sit and relax. Lost deep in what I was reading I was a bit startled when a mature gentleman bellowed "Good Morning" towards my direction as he gave me a slight nod. I heard a bit of a grunt and looking up at the man opposite me I noticed he quickly darted his eyes away back to his papers. He looked to be like a man who had worked hard all his life and even for his age still had a good bit of strength in his body.

Tina's Awakening

first-time kittensdesirexoxo 2017-11-03

I'm sorry, don't take it to heart sweetie" Chad smiled as Tina's eyes slowly looked up to meet his. "Of course I will." Tina said, and Chad smiled and went to lift her up again and she looked into his eyes until she thought he was going to kiss her and she turned quickly and shut the door behind her. Tina felt dizzy as she stared into his piercing eyes again and Chad started to kiss her. Keep milking my cock like that you bad girl." Chad was pushing faster and Tina was clenching her pussy muscles and literally trying to milk his sexy rock hard dick.

Pimping Angel

first-time Angelscuck 2017-11-03

"Yes, and a lot of money, come on honey, two hours, let's do it, it will be fun!" She said knowing I couldn't refuse her anything. What started as a joke in the men's room at the club had turned into the reality of my fiancée, Angel accepting the $5000 for going to a motel with the gentleman and his eighteen year old virgin grandson for two hours of fun and games. I felt like a complete fool waiting in the parking lot of the motel while my fiancé was getting fucked in Room 24! He told his grandson that he "It looks like your in good hands I'll be back in a couple of hours."

My first time as a bottom and with a tranny

first-time Pepmeister 2017-11-03

it went on for a few minutes and she told me "ok, let's try again doggy style, i just have to fuck you like that", I agreed by nodding and assumed the position, I was again on my knees and elbows and she said "no, put your chest down and spread you cheeks you both hands" so I did and felt her hand on my left hip and her dick head again pushing on my asshole, then she jammed it all the way in and i released a strong moan, I didn't hurt or maybe i was just to exited to feel the pain.


first-time 2017-11-03

Thrusting hard into her mouth I taunted Dee “spit on it you dirty cunt, spit on the cock you have wanked over all these years, come on bitch get nasty you cock sucking slag” Forcing more into Dee’s mouth until she was gagging, “I bet dave would love to see you on your knees sucking my cock wouldn’t he Dee?” “Look at you, you married slag, once all prim and proper now just a dirty cheating cock sucking housewife” Looking into Dee’s face as she chewed on the wet gusset of her panties, I began to f***e my 8” of rock hard cock into my posh stuck up neighbour’s cunt.

The College Party

first-time need2try 2017-11-03

The blow job stopped and the guy got back into the water while the girl took his place on the deck. Jenny wanted a closer look and pulled me with her so we were right next to them as his cock vanished into his girl. Then Kathy did what I had been wanting to do: she pulled the strings on the side of Jenny's suit bottom and, as it became free, toss the bottom onto the deck saying it was only right for her to be as naked as the rest of us. But Kathy didn't let me do much sightseeing, she gave my head a push and told me to do Jenny real good.

A funny thing happened on the way to the ...

first-time lovelickingclit 2017-11-03

However I was smoking a bl**dy good joint and as I threw my leg over the wire, you can guess what happened next, I got the arse of my jeand caught. I got to the country lane leading back to civilisation and I was looking all over for anything like string to wrap round my leg to hide my embaresment. A bl**dy good looking woman who I have dream fucked millions of times, but never had the bottle to talk to. with a swift movement of her hand she gripped my cock hard and leant over and started to swallow it down her throat. I managed to get the bag from the hedge and hid my modesty as best I could, and trudged home with a fucking smug smile on my face.

Two loving daughters

first-time adel5000 2017-11-03

An apartment which, luckily for me, just happened to two beautiful young women. For I knew the pitfalls of settling down with the first girl split up. "Poor Dad, his big 'ol cock hard all the time and Mom probably always kept her legs shut whenever he got close." cock as my daughters, together, licked every inch of my rock-hard shaft That's gorgeous, baby!", I moaned, reaching for my throbbing And then when we heard you were splitting up with "Uuuuuh, yeahhhh! I expected Lynn to follow her little s****r's lead and straddle my "Ooh, yeahhhh! I fucked her hot little ass while Lynn reached under to finger her clinging twat, squirting my sperm up into her belly like I used to do to

f****y Fun Time: Chapter 1

first-time Colleeto5 2017-11-03

How do I start this? Me and my s****r, April are very close. You might say that if your a fucking bitch. After she moved out of the house, (she's two years younger than me) she had some trouble finding a place to stay, so we worked out a plan for her to live with me untill her friend came through for her. One night, after I came home from work I was bored, so I got on the computer and after seeing a "sugestive" advertisement, I was suddenly horny. So I went to and got ready to watch some porn. I sat on my bed and started jacking off. It was April. She was standing right there, watching me...

Saturday night session with mum.

first-time 24_m_uk2011 2017-11-03

The shower had stopped running for a few minutes by now, she was obviously getting dry, so I got off my bed and started putting clothes away still in my boxers. So much so, she pushed me back onto the bed, laying on my back she mounted onto me and let her big breast sag down towards my mouth, I carried on sucking her tits, taking it in turn so one didn’t fill left out. She lent back and laid down, she obviously wasn’t going to let me cum in her mouth by the way she moved back, I looked at her naked body laying there and started wanking off next to her.

Neighbours Fun Pt. 01

first-time konradj 2017-11-03

Jemma swims regularly and Ray is the club captain of his cricket team. I'll always remember Jemma overhearing their comments and looking around at me on the bus. Jemma has phoned my mum and asked would I like to play for Ray's cricket team at the weekend. Jemma suggests I call round to their place at 10am on Saturday and Ray can drive me to the match and leave me back. I follow her into the living room with my eyes fixated on her short, silk dressing gown and I wonder what, if anything, she is wearing underneath. I look closer and also note that her lovely hairy mound has the extra attraction of beads of thick white cum on it.


first-time bassbelly 2017-11-03

She had squeezed it through his clothes, felt it poking her bottom when she sat on his lap and seen the bulge in his bathing suit when they went swimming. Larry sprinted to the telephone and informed his parents he wouldn't be home for a couple of days. Larry's hands rubbed her breasts and he bent his head to suck one of her succulent nipples into his mouth. "Oh, that feels so good," she moaned and squeezed his cock a little harder. It felt like someone had pinched her pussy hard. Larry began his dance of love deep in her pussy. A feeling she had never felt before suddenly assailed her senses and took over her body.

A Wife's Awakening

first-time Littleonewriting 2017-11-03

Squeezing a little too hard he pulled my ear to his mouth and in a voice that could only be called hissing he said 'if you are going to let someone dominate you on the side, you will be a whore for me. 'Take my cock out' as I struggled to open the belt button and zipper he slapped my face 'faster whore' when I finally got to the last layer I pulled his boxers with my teeth freeing his beautiful flaccid member. ' Suck it whore and make it hard' pulling his cock in my mouth I almost lost my balance. Right before he came he pulled out once again jerking off 'stick out your tongue whore' I happily complied, I wanted to milk his amazing cock.


first-time Ashson 2017-11-03

"I like it fine enough," she said, still sounding completely casual, "but I don't think Paw would." "Well, idiot, perhaps you can tell me why your hand was on Cindi-Lou's leg. "Paw and Ben were a bit rough on Sally-Ann at the start. She took one look at me and said in a very judicious voice, "I think Ben has a bigger one. If you're scared of possibly getting hurt a little you may want to change your mind." Cindi-Lou had her head lifted and was watching avidly as I pressed more firmly against her. Cindi-Lou had deliberately swallowed a scream, I could tell, determined to show herself superior to Sally-Ann who had kicked and squealed.

Older and Wiser man

first-time zopri 2017-11-03

“I have wanted these for a hell of a long time.” Rita just lean back into Shaun and enjoyed the feeling. Oh Shaun I’m ready for your cock … He thought she was ready for him to fuck her, But Rita had other ideas. She opened her eyes after what had seemed like a long nights sl**p, to find Shaun slowly sliding his fingers in her cunt and out to his mouth licking all the cunt juices off. Shaun asked, “ would you mind leaving you dress up so I can feel your cunt, and let one tits hang out all the way home?” As Shaun circled Rita’s clit and she pounding that cock into her and pinched her nipples, it didn’t take long for her to cum.

The Tomboy and Randy

first-time midnightfalcon 2017-11-03

To this day I don't think Randy knows that he gave me my first real orgasm or that from that time on I began to masturbate every day while looking at his picture. I want it!" Then I returned his cock to my mouth and began to move as quickly as I could, bobbing my head up and down while swirling my tongue around the rim of its head. Because he stayed firm and rigid, I began to bob my head again, hoping I could make it happen a second time, but now my jaws ached so much that I had to let him go.

Playing with Fire Ch. 01

first-time AnnaStesia 2017-11-03

Nick got to know me as Misty, the twenty-two-year-old woman who likes beer pong and latte's and not Amelia Anadide the eighteen-year-old high school virgin who just traded her braces for breasts. I instructed Nick to cut off the headlights about half way down and when I saw the clearing by the trees I told him to turn off and face the water. I began to think that maybe this wasn't such a good idea, but just as I was about to ask him to stop he grabbed me by both my ankles, pulled on my panties until they were off, pushed my legs until they were wide open, my vagina was not even an inch from face.


Easily turned.

first-time riverlander19 2017-11-03

I undid his zipper and fondled his cock and balls until he came in my hand which got me all hot again and we engaged in mutual masturbation for a while. We were both reclining with our jeans around our ankles and our satisfied cocks laying against our thighs and I said I should really get home. He said sure and we got ourselves together and set off with him still stroking me as I drove. My wife and I had sex twice that night and she remarked how intense I was and joked that I must have been to a strip club on the way home; if she only knew!

Twinverted - Chapter 1

first-time LouiseFairfax 2017-11-03

The robot waiters might recognize 'her' (in this case me), but even if one of them said something to Cat she wasn't likely to pay any real attention to them. Freddie has some things he wants said and I do not want to stir this pot again so it’s best if Cat doesn't know I got together with him." Nobody wants Freddie Benson, Melanie," Sam said, sounding exasperated. But her cheery voice was back and she even sounded a little hungry when she said, "But it is neat to see everything clearly and so bare." And I felt her warm breath grow heavier on me as she moved even closer.

La Plaza Ch. 01

first-time mightypinkdms 2017-11-03

They were the perfect adolescent couple: Lucy was the equivalent of a petite, modern-day Rapunzel with white-blonde hair swinging its way gently to her tiny waist, her brains and body equally as brilliant as each other; on the other hand, her partner John was tall, dark and handsome - a clichéd description for one of the most intensely sexy men I had ever had the fortune to lay my eyes on. John's fingers brazenly traced the outline of her nipples through the thin, lacy mesh and Lucy pushed her chest forward in unconcealed pleasure. In response to Lucy's sudden state of undress, John lowered his head to her sweet, tempting nipples, licking them softly like ice-cream cones.