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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

The Sexual Awakening of Virtuous Ch. 02

first-time txshygal04 2017-11-03

Recap of The Sexual Awakening of Virtuous Chapter 1: My name is Virtuous, and I had just met this incredibly gorgeous guy in a parking lot, his name was Antonio. One guy yells “Take it off bitch!” Another guy yells “Drop your pants sweety, we want to see that big cock of yours!” Liz looks over at me at the exact same time that the campsite leader is giving me $3000 for supplying the entertainment. Antonio gets a cock stuffed down his throat, and is being face fucked by this older burly guy, while another shoves his enormous cock up Antonio’s virgin ass. Antonio, at one point, had 2 dicks in his ass at the same time while being throat fucked by a guy that was hung like a horse.

The Deacons Wife

first-time DzDog 2017-11-03

We walked out of the closet to her bed were we layed down and started kissing passionately she was rubbing my pussy and I was rubbing hers, it was so tight and I was surprised by how tight it was and I slipped a finger inside her and she let out a loud moan and we kept kissing she unhooked my bra and started rubbing my tits and pinching my nipples I started rubbing on her nipples then she stopped kissing me and started kissing down my body till she got to my tits and she was licking my tits and it felt so good and she started moving slowly down my body till she got to my pussy and started licking my clit as I jumped back quickly as ive never had my pussy licked before I was moaning loudly almost to a scream as she was licking my pussy very fast and her tounge was going deep inside me.

Virgin Anal Teen 19 Meets Online Mature Couple On

first-time tightcocklad 2017-11-03

I then said "Can I have something to eat Grandpa?" to which he thrust his cock into my mouth whilst Granny was fingering her wet lips like mad. Once we got in the car I suggested to Granny "Shall we be daring, lets take our trousers and underwear off for the drive home and give each a little play now and again", "Yes Son" she said. It was unbearable until Granny then followed over whilst Grandpa was still fucking me saying "Oh dear son, shall we make that pee pee better?" and within seconds began deep throating my cock.

House Guest 2

first-time john1195 2017-11-03

Chuma turned around and gave me that mean look. We went through the steel door and downstairs to what looked like a night Chuma's friend strapped a ball gag into my mouth and fastened it "I think it's time the professor gave us a show," laughed Chuma. black man came up from the bar and gave my ass a spanking with his bare Chuma entered the bathroom completely naked and stepped into the shower. I grabbed his thick hard cock with my right hand and began to slowly pull Chuma came in and tossed a cock and ball harness on the papers in front of That night I heard someone call Chuma's friend by name, Randy.

My first Craigslist story...

first-time 2017-11-03

I was a little sad to see he wasn't yet hard, but I took his flaccid cock in my mouth and rolled my tongue around his bell end and was rewarded with his cock growing in my mouth. I wanted that cum in my mouth, so I knelt back a little, jerking him off at a quickened rate, his dick still soaking from the face ducking he had given me. Soon he was moaning and he took his dick and aimed straight for my mouth, large jets of cum shot from his cock, splashing against my lips, every time he stroked his dick another load shot straight at my face.

Mother in laws first taste of anal

first-time 2017-11-03

I lubed up my weapon and climbed between her legs,lifting them till her knees touched her chin,guided my tip to her ass and fondled it in,just the very tip as she held her breath,`take a deep breath on let it out quick` i told her,as she did i felt her muscles relax and pushed my bell end in,Carole let out a big sigh,she was rubbing her huge clit fast,she had cum and her juices ran down over my shaft,pussy juice is better than lube anyday because the next inch slid in softly,i was only giving her 3 inches and trying to take care when she begged, `push more in,i can take more`,she was tight and no wonder,i leant forward taking her nipple inmy mouth sucking it,flicking it hard,as i pushed again `oh god`she screamed as again her pussy flowed it`s cum all over the bed,before i knew it i was down to my balls,and withdrew,the second pump went all the way in back down to my balls with ease.


first-time WriterLynn 2017-11-03

"I'm going to suck on you for awhile," I said to her and moved my head down to gently take one nipple into my mouth and give it a gentle lick. So, when I was really working her nipples over and she was arcing her back to bring her breasts even closer to my face; I gently pulled on her zipper or tugged on her snap until her jean pants were open and I could see her panties peeking out from inside. Her arms were over her thrown back head, breasts slightly tipped to one side on her chest -- nipples almost straight up and swollen from my licking and sucking - and her legs opened just enough to reveal just a portion of her panty covered vulva.

Putty In Their Hands

first-time holden_2005 2017-11-03

With just a knowing hint of a smile whenever you see me gazing, as if hypnotised, under a spell, down your deep and distracting cleavage, the perfumed valley between your breasts that is as alluring as are your toned, smoooth arms and underarms. You know I can hear you, but you address your visiting friend, "You know, we should make his day -- let's tease him together today and make his dreams come true." I am sure he will like the feel of my ripe, firm breasts rubbing against his hard chest and then his hard cock..." Surely the two of you are just teasing me, testing me, and perhaps will start laughing out loud and cry, "Gotcha!

b*****r Brad

first-time 2017-11-03

Whenever I felt up my pussy and clit, masturbating and fantasizing about ideal guys, they were always the sweet ones who needed a little prodding and would then come on like lions once they were aroused and their cocks were throbbing for release, deep inside my sugar walls. I know nothing which gets the average guy sexually aroused faster than a look at some deep, soft, tempting cleavage, and it was my intention this morning to seduce Brad, the young hunk who was also my b*****r. Then we'd move on to him where we'd give him tandem blowjobs and invite him to fuck both of us in turn as we got on our hands and knees, our asses and pussies in position for his hard young cock.

Joe And His Boss.

first-time agunna 2017-11-03

This is the 3rd morning, Joe…and such acts can’t go unpunished because if I allow it to, these other people will think I have a soft spot for you, Joe. Joe loved how she was talking to him, but would appreciate it more if she would do so in bed; He couldn’t have said he hadn’t noticed her hot bouncy ass but he did not like workplace romance due to the complications of work plus his mind had completely drifted off his boss’ ass since the emergency of Evelyn and her erotic nature. They were in his office with the door unlocked, and except his boss had told his secretary not to interrupt them for any reason, they could get into big trouble.He grabbed her exquisite ass, a feeling of contentment and satisfaction ravaged his body as the soft flesh of her ass tickled his brain.

I Wanna Be Bad

first-time Mugzie 2017-11-03

"Well Goddamn, I see why you got sex problems and in that will make a nigga's dick soft." He then gave me the second glance; it didn't do a thing for my curves but cover them and make me look puffy. it's underwear!" I said as his now bluish green eyes looked like he was trying to burn off my clothes. "I know." And he stopped licking his fingers by the sound he made, I could tell that much with my eyes closed, then I was being flipped over on my hands and knees, my ass in the air as I felt the bed shift behind me.

The feel of a warm mouth

first-time j-birds 2017-11-03

Quite some time back I received my first ever experience of having a hot mouth around my cock when I was ejaculating. As we groped each other, me with my fingers caressing her hot juicy pussy through her panties, she had her hand in my shorts stroking my very erect cock. Oh what a feeling to have a hot tongue licking my cock head. I reached up and put my hand on her head and pushed her down and she slide my cock completely into her hot mouth. I had never experiences such a feeling of a hot wet mouth around my pulsating cock. Not flinching, she sucked on my cock till I was completely dry and the released my cock from her mouth and gave me a hot sperm tasting kiss.


first-time abigfan 2017-11-03

When we returned to the hotel, Donny instructed me to take a long bath, and afterword, my birthday gift would be waiting for me. Donny was sitting in the chair in the corner and laying in the bed under the covers was a beautiful blond young man, with no shirt on. Donny got up and walked over to me, saying, “Happy Birthday, Princess! As my hair was falling over my shoulders, he opened the towel around my body and stepped so close to me, the tip of his cock was rubbing on my wet pussy. As I lay there, Donny got up and walked over to the bed. But what if that surfer boy had been younger?” Donny smiled, turned and walked out of the room.

Hot Caramel by Dscurve

first-time jonline 2017-11-03

I watch as her ass bounces on his dick, pulling my dress up to my hips I part my legs, sliding my hand between my thighs as I slowly stroke my pussy in the same tempo as her. Caramel intensely looks into my eyes as she raises her hands above her head, pressing her sweaty body against the glass her breasts shove through the two large open holes as I reach out and touch them. I can hear her moan as I roll my tongue in circles around her nipple, “Aaaaaaah…..” she moans and I suck on it hard trying to take as much as I can into my mouth as I look behind her and see her lover arch her ass back towards him, he leans his head back as his dick slips inside.


first-time adel5000 2017-11-03

could walk into the room and take my breath away with just a look. The look on his face changed, and he reached his hand out and lifted me from the floor Mike said, “Be careful, Jesse, you don’t want your ass kicked with either one.” When it came to the job, I could boss any guy around no matter how strong I felt like I couldn’t breathe.” I said. want to know what I thought about that day?” I was careful not to look directly at him. knew if I said this while I was looking into his eyes, I wouldn’t be able to finish. “Well, just for starters, when I saw you on the floor in front of me that day, I wanted to

Auntie Wanted More Than Just Her Tits Sucked

first-time nckboy 2017-11-03

“Feel that, well suck that like my nipple” Kim said while touching her clit then continued stroking her wide open sex lips with my finger as her pussy continued to drip her wonderful love juice “And lick and suck me here first” I had sucked her clit to a hard erect tower in my mouth and began to lick it as instructed, Kim came in seconds and held my head while just about lifting herself up straight on the bed with her orgasm. Kim was already moving and lifting her leg over me as I pulled my fingers out, the sight that greeted me was unbelievable, two pink fat wet lips protruding out from her bush, rapidly lowering on to my mouth.

Take Me to the River

first-time angel_grant 2017-11-02

I sat on a large, flat rock by the river, with my feet in the water, watching the sun dance on the surface, thinking about Paul and wishing for the thousandth time I wasn't so shy. "Is it on your property?" Paul directed this question to my dad, and I saw his brown eyes sweep down my body before he finished turning his head. I draped my towel over a big, dry boulder in the sun and turned to see Paul looking out over the water, his face split in a smile. As he touched my hair, ripples of pleasure moved through me, like the ripples that spread across the surface of the pond from the water that dripped from Paul's outstretched hand, radiating outward and fading away.

First suck from a man.

first-time comadrejar 2017-11-02

But the feel was so different that my cocks pre cum just started to run from the tip. Mom had been sucking my cock for over a year now every time dad went out of town but I had never felt anything like this. As I took my shower I started to jerk off to the picture of dad ramming mom but I ended up coming to the sight of the top of the mans head as he sucked me dry my dick buried in his throat. Now that I'm older and visit the bathrooms to do the sucking I know how nice it is to have a young hard cock throbbing as they spew their cum down my throat.

Elders Meeting – Elsbeth

first-time tankengine123 2017-11-02

Pastor Daniel and the two church elders had been making plans for months for their annual Elder’s Retreat and the Pastor’s assistant had just gotten pregnant. Lily told Pastor Daniel that, if anything, Elsbeth might be even more passionate that she. Lily knew for a fact that Elsbeth had a secret crush on Pastor Daniel. Pastor Daniel told the Elders that he was taking Elsbeth to his bedroom for special prayers. (Oh, goody, thought Elsbeth.) The Pastor took her small hand in his and led her away. Having been forewarned by Lily, Pastor Daniel asked Elsbeth a special question. Daniel joined hands with his fellow churchmen and prayed for the salvation of little Elsbeth now that she was fully baptized.

You're In My Seat Pt. 01

first-time JaneSaysIt 2017-11-02

Ty's girlfriend, Angel, wasn't very good at cards and ended up naked first—her nipples puckered into sharp points on her huge tits due to the draughty room and her obvious arousal; when she finally lost her skimpy white thong it was soaked through with her juices, making it almost transparent. Paul isn't a tall guy, but he is stocky and solid with really nicely muscled legs and a tight ass that he seemed to enjoy showing to Angel when he bent over to remove his boxers. "Looks like you're the odd one out, Ally," Angel said, as she ran her manicured finger up and down her leg. "Looks like she wants to play, Paul," Ty said as he started to gently tug on his cock.

Asian Girl Becomes Call Girl

first-time asian38d 2017-11-02

When I was 19, I got a call from one of my long time friends from 2nd grade (She went by the name "Mei" at the time this happened). Mei had bought a school girl outfit a couple days prior, and was now putting it on. Fantasy: Wants to give wife 1st time w/girl. My ass did go numb about half way in, but she said she couldn't hurry or I'd tear, and that's no good for the client. heard the hiss as she started pumping air, and felt a huge increase in pressure from my ass. I spread my legs all the way apart to the point where my cunt was against the bed.

Hot Coed Needs to Find Her Way! Ch. 03

first-time andrewsixpack 2017-11-02

As he looked down at her magnificent chest, her big tits so beautifully outlined against her small tight top, he smiled saying, "Well that means that you most likely don't even always need to wear bra, at your age, oh your breasts must be so firm and prett...oh I mean, so firm." As he said that, he glanced down between her firm legs, down her panty crotch, and now he could clearly see that the light blue material of her tight panty covered mound, was forming a small dark wet spot, oh he had to gulp hard before looking back up at her pretty face.

The Day My Girlfriend Said She Wanted To Fuck Me

first-time TSRMA 2017-11-02

We were laying in bed and french kissing eachother the whole time until she suddenly said: ''Well i would like to do it with you sometime''. I had no idea what to say but since i am a good talker my mouth said: ''Yeah that would be fun''. She told me her parents were going to the shop in a few moments. By now my girlfriend stroked my dick who was still trying to escape my pants. She took my hand and said ''Take my panties off and give me those fingers''. She lay on her bed and said ''Take me''. She told me that she wanted to try other things during sex as well but that's something for another story.

First Married Woman

first-time clandy 2017-11-02

She began breathing heavily as we kissed and when I finally got my hand on her naked breast she started moaning. Grabbing the base of my cock with her left hand she sucked extra hard and popped my dick out of her mouth looked up and said “I need you to fuck me!” She stretched out on the floor as I finished taking off my clothes. Her pussy would tighten around my cock as she lifted her hips and cried “fuck me, fuck me.” By the time she finished we were both sweating so I lifted up in a push-up position and began taking as long a stroke as I could without pulling out.