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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

A Week in Paradise

first-time TrainedPen 2017-11-02

"Yeah I'm going to need some privacy time eventually." Nick says looking around for confirmation. Drake tells us that Kim and Stacy are getting along well but that Nick is problematic. Second order of business, Mrs Kyle and I are going to hunt Nick. "Haley, Stacy, you girls need to run back to the fire and stay on the look out for us or Nick. It's him or us but if we lose I don't want you girls ending up like Mrs Kyle." I say looking around for confirmation which I received from Kim. The girls left so we began our attack. Kim and Stacy got married too and had a daughter which they named Nancy after Mrs Kyle.

Erin Go Bra-less

first-time Wanton Vixxxen 2017-11-02

She’s posed in profile with Frankie Avalon, and her chest is so huge, it looks like it’s going to fall off the front cover when you open the magazine!” Maria was so excited; Erin had to move the receiver away from her ear just to avoid going deaf from her friend’s outburst of enthusiasm. And I AM afraid to make the first move to show him I’m interested, because I am MORE afraid that that piggish behavior runs in the family, and he may be just like his cousins.” She then turned to look at her friend, and quietly said, “I couldn’t handle that disappointment, Maria.”

Trial By Sperm

first-time jallen944 2017-11-02

Staring at the fat head, Faruza nodded and licked her lips. She opened her mouth wide, closed her lips around the end and moved her head up and down. She let out a deep breath through her nose, and her wet, puffy lips slid about midway down his cock and back up to the head. “Why didn’t you tell me you were gonna do that?” she said, and wiped her mouth with the back of her hand. With her mouth clamped on his, she raised her ass in the air, reached down between her legs and angled his cock to her cunt, rubbing the head along her slit, trying to find the opening. “Oh, Dan,” Faruza sighed, and lowered her head to kiss him.

Couldnt believe my eyes

first-time papa23 2017-11-02

then i see a woman walk past the door with nothing on completly naked, i couldnt believe my eye, my heart starts racing, OMG did i just see that? Then again she walks past the door completly naked, that time i good a good look at her, nice small tits, nice ass, she was skinny, beautiful body. I didnt want anyone walking in the hallway and bumping into the walls and getting paint on them, so of course i knock on her door to tell her be carful of the walls the paint is wet, she answers the door and holy fuck she was so sexy. i tell her bluntly i saw u walk past your door naked when i was painting, do you always do that?

Nipple For your Thoughts

first-time woody27807 2017-11-02

I never really gave it much thought until about an hr later a friend of hers came up to me and asked "Your not even going to by US a drink" I said excuse me but who are you. We started talking and the night got later, and I ended up with her phone number. It turned out there was, so I went over to her apartment and watched about the first 15 mins of a movie. We both started furiously taking each others clothes off, and I continued to like her from head to toe. She is telling me to bite harder and harder till finally I think it way to hard. Im starting to get in the final mins of fucking and she knows it.

Sweet Shy Allison Brutalized by Dad

first-time Venus_Lover 2017-11-02

She had been in fear of this for so long and many times she had been terrified, when her father had one of his many drunken tirades, beating her mother senseless and coming on to Allison as if to rape her. Previously, Allison had also been falling in love with Daniel, but had stopped seeing him because her life was so messed up and she didn't want him to see her that way, with bruises on her body, but more importantly the bruises on her mind. She felt like she really was falling in love with him again and wanted him to touch her naked body and hold her tight.

First Time I shared My Wife

first-time barnswallow63 2017-11-02

I told my wife that my friend had always said that he would like to fuck her. He never had said anything but I knew he wanted to just by the way he looked at her, and it was always a fantasy of mine to watch another man fuck my wife. She got on top and started riding me, that was my first experience fucking my wifes pussy that was full of someone elses cum, it was awesome. The next day my friend and I went golfing, he didn’t know that I had seen him with my wife the night before. He started by rocking into her slowly, as he did this every time he stroked into her she spread her legs wider and pulled him into her pussy deeper and deeper.

Sensualist Pt. 02 Ch. 19

first-time Grouchojim 2017-11-02

The fact that the sorority had thought to tranquilize her gave me pause, but after thinking about it I decided they probably knew her better than I did and acted in her best interests---if she wanted to lose her virginity. "Prior to that the only person I can recall touching me so intimately was my family doctor and she's in her seventies." Gwendolyn looked me right in the eye and said, "We might as well get started. "Tell me how this feels, Gwendolyn," I said and began rubbing the head of my cock against her partially haired slit. "As I understand the arrangement, Gwendolyn, after I deflower you I will have my choice of any sorority girl I want.

3 Girls I Want To Fuck

first-time 630washington 2017-11-02

Fucking shit, I thought about having sex with three girls today and I haven't thought about screwing my girlfriend once. Once we started getting sexy over text but then she pulled the "you only want sex card" and I had to back off like crazy. So now, being home for the summer, going on bike rides back by where she used to live, I start getting nostalgic for her body and think about fucking her again. I tell her everything but the coffee date - neither of us want her to know until she gets back. We know almost everything about each other, even if we only talk every other month, and god do I want to fuck her.

Saturday Afternoon at the Pool

first-time mwsd858 2017-11-02

She kept the stream blasting my bulging swim trunks as she walked up to me purposefully and let the pressure off just as she leaned up to kiss me like before, soft, then hard. I didn't hesitate to brush my hand up her belly and chest and let my palm circle one hard nipple, then squeeze her breast. Enjoying the taste of her skin I continued down along her arm to the side of her breast, over the top, along her collarbones, right up to the very edges of those little triangles. She continued, slowly sliding her mouth up and down a little bit of the length while her hand gripped the base of my cock.

Father Moss

first-time adel5000 2017-11-02

An intense wave of pleasure hit me hard when he began to caress my tongue with his and I moaned softly into his mouth as his lips crushed mine, his fingers entwined in my hair, pulling me to him. Then he leaned over me and put his mouth so close to my ear that I could feel his lips form the words, “You’re a naughty little cock tease, Elisabeth North. His proud manhood slid home like a key into a lock again and again and he turned my face to his to taste my mouth while I squirmed and wriggled about beneath him, relishing the feel of him inside me.

To Have, & Have Not

first-time DekeJeffery 2017-11-02

Amanda felt the same thing for Rick, but she chose to keep those thoughts and feelings more to herself. Rick looked at the band's platform, smiled at the timing, then turned back to Amanda, hoping that her excuses had been narrowed down to zero. Amanda sighed, with a smile on her face, looked up at Rick, and offered her hand to his. What did you think, that I would melt when I walked inside?" She smiled at Rick's sarcastic sense of humor that always made her feel good. Amanda looked at him with an obvious sadness in her eyes, as if she were watching the man of her dreams turn and walk away from her.

Tennis Anyone?

first-time Morsecode44 2017-11-02

No one ever called me Sally but in this moment it made me feel incredibly sexy, like a woman instead of just the tomboy that everyone ignored and I let my fingers wrap around his meaty girth and squeezed it and stroked it a little making John moan. Yes!" Suddenly his knees buckled a little and his hands clutched at the back of my head as I felt his cock strain for a moment and then with an incredible pulsing twitch it exploded, a hot stream filling my mouth with warm, tangy, salty-sweet cream! My head reflexively tried to jerk away as his cock blasted into my throat but John's strong hands held me down firmly as his dick jumped and jerked again and again, pumping shot after shot of his creamy hot load into my mouth while he gasped and groaned in ecstasy.

My first time swinging part 1

first-time milkman987 2017-11-02

One Sunday morning I started flicking through the pages reading how these mature busty women wanted to fuck a young stud like myself I was so turned on reading about them I was wanking myself furiously just thinking about it. He asked if I would like to speak to his wife nervously I said yes and a rather posh spoken lady asked straight away "Did you shoot a big fucking load for me listening to my suck off my dirty husbands little cock" I looked down there was spunk everywhere on the floor and up the wall and I replied yes with that she said "good I want you drown me in your hot cum, so when you coming over".

Episode 33 - Second Homes

first-time dasx2 2017-11-02

The librarian clicked a few more times, pausing at some odd photos which had young boys in tight shorts, but no girls – I pulled away slightly from his hand up my skirt. She loved it – the shorts didn’t stay on for long – she was soon lapping away at my cunt – wet tongue slapping against my hard clit and sucking out the juices. Amy’s dad never took his eyes off her fit young body, raising the camera to take in her soft puffy nipples, down across her flat stomach to her pulled down black cotton shorts, now quite damp from sucking Timmy, just exposing the top of her dark pubes.

The Garage Sale

first-time KingPE 2017-11-02

There was one special videotape that I watched where Allison said that anyone with the magic ‘words’ could fuck her in any or all of her three holes. Then as Allison undressed she told the camera that I had found out the magic password, that I was going to fuck all three of her holes even if it took us all night, and that I was going to take her husband’s place in her life. I said, “I want you to masturbate for the camera until you are exhausted.” I got off the bed and started zooming into her pussy for a close-up. Allison smiled and said, “Yes, Master.” Just like she used to say to her husband on the videotapes.

Surfer Girl

first-time Ashson 2017-11-02

The young lady was most offended, and said no way known, but sort of spoiled it by pointing out that if he brought a mate, there wouldn't be much she could do to prevent it, what with two men holding her down." I'll swear my erection was even larger this time and Tracy's small hand couldn't close all the way around it. Tracy suddenly found herself in a position where, instead of worrying about a boy groping her, she found herself groping a man who said he didn't want to seduce her. "You do realise if you tell me to go on, it may hurt a little, especially when I break this?" I gently bumped my cock against her hymen a couple of times, watching her eyes open wide.

2 Cocks and 2 Cunts

first-time tellmewhatyouwant1 2017-11-02

Soon, a couple contacted us , inviting us to their flat a couple of miles away, and we looked forward to a cock-sucking, cunt-licking and shagging foursome. Dan stood in the middle, a fine figure of a man, with a cock to be proud of, and the girls stood on either side, with his cum dripping down their chins, as he pushed it back into their mouths. Lyn and Dan came back from the shower and we sat there, with mor wine, as we watched him dry his torso and Lyn licked around his flaccid cock, till it hardened and she joined us on the settee.


My first time with a man

first-time 2017-11-02

A random evening, I received a message of a man who I had gotten to know on a website a few weeks ago and we sent photos to each other, said to him that I really liked what I saw, his cock was so nice and big, we talked about meeting each other but I was not quite sure since I had never had sex with a man before, he said he really wanted to meet me, he asked me about when we could meet and I said again that I was not sure but maybe a week or two we can meet if a dare.

The Yearbook Girl Ch. 03

first-time jehoram 2017-11-02

She said that men get hard-ons when they're horny, and they like the feel of their peckers when they get that way. It was mainly her taking pictures this time, posing me and taking shots of my cock in the various states of arousal, from soft to hard. When I had her posed on the sheepskin rug, pulling her labia apart to expose her entrance, I slipped a fresh rubber onto my cock and took the shot and then, with a growl, I lay down on her and thrust inside. The feel of her mouth on my cock, her tongue teasing the cap as she sucked on my dick, got me the rest of the way, and I rolled another condom onto my shaft.

My First Bi Experience

first-time maxxxdalite 2017-11-02

He put my flaccid cock into his mouth and began to play with it. I let her get nice and wet and then began rubbing her clit as her boyfriend sucked my cock. It felt great to finally have a cock in my mouth. Each time his head bounced on my cock my tongue flicked her clit, worked back into her pussy and squirmed momentarily. I had just sucked my first cock and loved every bit of it but wasn't sure if I could handle a full load of cum down my throat yet. By the time I got home I was so turned on, I jerked off with the thought of his cock in my mouth.

The first time Jess cheated and I caught her

first-time kcfunseeker 2017-11-02

Jessica then said, “Fucking fill my cheating fuck hole with that big thick load, Corey, I was to be full of your cum when my k**s and Mark get home!” Once he was soft, Jess slowly climbed off and put her pussy in the air, probably to keep his cum in her, and then she took his soft but still huge cock and noisily sucked his cock while telling him that his cock tasted so good after he he fucks her. My sweet petite wife then started to scream, “Fuck me goddamit, fuck this married pussy, fill Mark’s pussy up with your big ass dick and fuck that cum into my fucking baby maker!

The Wife Watching Me Sucking On A Cock

first-time manard 2017-11-02

you know it would not upset me if you wanted to see what it felt like to suck on a big hard cock and taste another man`s cum. i was not honest with my wife cause i really think if the time was right i would not have any problem with wrapping my lips around another guys cock and let him fuck my mouth and see if i could swallow is cum. i got down on my knees in front of him and wrapped my lips around hard cock and started sucking on it trying to get as much of it down my throat as i could when he started to fuck my mouth my wife grabbed the back of my head and said suck it bitch take it all.

Holiday in Cabo

first-time Kat900 2017-11-02

Becky and Susan wanted to move from the boat to a hotel with unlimited hot water for showering. Becky and Sue showered and got dressed then headed out the door and said that they meet me at the hotel bar leaving me alone in the room. Tempting me to masturbate but with the other girls waiting I just massaged my labia and clit a little enjoying the new sensation before getting dressed in shorts and loose blouse without a bra. We kissed and fondled each other with growing intensity he turned to put his head toward my feet and put his thumb in my pussy while his finger explored my perineum and a little on the outside of my butt hole while he used his tongue to excite my clit.