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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Let Me Go To That Place

first-time flutter_by 2017-11-02

I felt hot and clammy as Luke kept working my clit he was sucking the pink flesh into his mouth making me want him making my pussy contract. He began to move his body back and forth slow and gentle movements "Touch your clit baby, swirl it round your fingers." As I did so I could feel my clit swelling even more I rubbed faster as he fucked me, his cock hard, his mouth hot I could feel the sensation rushing through my body and this time I cried out his name. As Luke moved himself next to me I felt his body hard, hot and I held tight in his embrace.

Sticky Candy

first-time Uillceal 2017-11-02

They'd push out her blouse and suit jacket seemingly inviting you to touch them, but aside from her short skirts, Candy always dressed professionally with her blouses buttoned up and not a hint of cleavage showing and always acted very business-like. "Sit down, Mr. Stevens." Candy said all business like directing me to her office chair. Again Candy got that strange little look on her face then she smiled up at me and put the head of my cock into her mouth and started pumping my shaft. "Lick me some more, Mr. Stevens." Candy leaned back on the desk and pulled my head between her thighs and started riding my tongue.

S****r has a Secret

first-time drew1207 2017-11-02

The picture on top of the stack showed her knelt under the running shower with her eyes closed and mouth open in pleasure while she stroked her hard cock and water ran down her slim body and plastered her long, black hair to her back. Sarah smiled and said nothing for a minute, picturing her little s****r rubbing and fingering her tight pussy while she rubbed that tight sphincter of muscle that was her anus. Sarah wanted to taste deeper, so she slid her tongue into Hope's pussy as Hope licked the head of her cock while moaning loudly from the feeling of Sarah's tongue. Hope moaned with a mix of pain and pleasure, her pussy rippling slightly and tightly gripping Sarah's cock.

40 Year Memories

first-time Euan 2017-11-02

Greatly daring I let go of her ass and moved one of my hands to her breast, and gently stroked her nipples through the material of her dress and bra. I lifted to cup, and as it seemed the right thing to do, I began to gently stroke the left breast, coming along to touch the nipple which was standing hard and erect. I reached down and began to pull up the hem of her dress and then ran my hand up her legs, I came to the top of her stockings and reached what my friend Paul use to describe as the promised land,

The Virgin

first-time The_Expatriate 2017-11-02

I allow my hand to draw over her breast, slowly at first, as if by accident then with more intent as I repeated her own question to her "is it ok?" Noriya breathed, more a sigh, a heavy desire filled sigh, and with a simple "yes" she gave me permission to explore her never before touched breasts. I whisper to her how beautiful she is as I take it in my mouth, as if an electric shock has hit her she arches her back, my tongue and lips make love to her breast, my hand traces her other breast, finding and pinching her other nipple lightly between my fingers, I twirl it, my ministrations causing shock waves thru her body.

My Vacation

first-time kyaaadaa 2017-11-02

The woman in the form fitting black dress looked like it had been poured on her had made eye contact several time, a subtle but direct hint of things to come, and I will admit, it had set my heart rate soaring. Her body was perfect made flesh, from her heart shaped face, her bedroom eyes, the way her long dark hair flowed almost like blackened water down her back. With a coy expression I’d only seen on movies, she placed her hands on the shoulder straps holding her dress up, and so slowly it made me ache she slipped them free, sending them loosely to her elbows. Slowly, with parted lips, she placed one kiss, then two, then more at the base of my head, and then licking the bead of pre-cum that emerged.


first-time fourstringman 2017-11-02

"Damn," he thought, "I look good." Rob flexed and then admired the way his cock swung between his legs. Grinning to himself, Rob pushed his tongue into Kailyn's slit as far as it would go, rubbing her clit with his nose at the same time. Hot and tight didn't begin to describe the feeling as Rob slowly pushed his cock in further. As the speed of his thrusting increased, Kailyn began to move with him, rising to meet his body, and withdrawing when Rob did. Cupping her ass with his hands, Rob began to slowly raise and lower Kailyn on his shaft. Their pace slowly increased, until with every upward stroke of Rob's body, Kailyn was pounding downwards.


first-time alibodge 2017-11-02

Surprisingly each week, she re-appeared and worked with me, it wasn’t that she needed the course as she already had the certificate and it was not to be mauled about by me surely, she looking like she could have had her pick of the men in the club, perhaps it was just to defy her dad, I have no idea but the scenario was soon commonplace each week, both in practise and in the pool week after week, as I touch her breasts each time her nipples stiffened instantly as did my undersize dick.

The Flight of the naked Goddess - End

first-time sushicook 2017-11-02

And I thank my godly patroness once again for my naked escape from the clutches of evil, as I feel Kundalis wet lips on the sensitive skin on the side of my neck and her teeth on the soft lobe of my ear. And as Kundali hands me the reigns she takes hold of my sun-warmed titties and she tells me her story: About her favourite game with Abu and Ali called the Lion-Hunt, about her sportive efforts to chase the lions and to catch them, and about the exciting arousal to pin them down into the soft sand and punish them dearly. His eyes are an aquamarine light-blue and reflective like those of a black panther, his hands are fine-cut and clean, and even his dick bears quite human proportions!

Dreamfest Ch. 01

first-time chillout 2017-11-02

Did you call out Kevin’s name when he first entered, or did you simply moan, ‘uhhhhh’, his cock forcing the breath out of you, like you just did in your dream in our bed? Taking a little weight off you by lifting his body up slightly, Kevin begins to move his torso in concert with his cock allowing your tits to move as he moves. As the wave starts to crest your pussy grips Kevin’s cock like a vise and your hips buck urgently, faster than Kevin is thrusting. The sounds that escape your lips betray your passion, as Kevin continues to work his cock in and out of you, your own body twists and strains in every direction possible to prolong the feeling.

Bosom Buddies Ch. 01

first-time bosombuddies 2017-11-02

I threw down a couple beers and headed through the dim lights, finally finding my girl in a dark corner, speaking quietly with her equally hot friend, Talia. You've got a cute face and, like, really amazing eyes, but girls want a guy who takes care of himself. Despite being beautiful enough to merit a statue in the Parthenon, Elizabeth's quiet, good-girl nature caused her to often be overlooked by guys more interested in outgoing easy types like Talia or Amy. This lack of attention gave Elizabeth the ridiculous notion that she was "the ugly one" in the group, something that drove me insane. It was always the same story: no matter how much I liked a girl, she just couldn't get over feeling intimidated by my bevy of gorgeous friends.

Help Me Lose My Mind

first-time sinfulcaramel 2017-11-02

"Would it of my fingers slipping deep inside your wet throbbing pussy, teasing you with long slow strokes out here on the patio underneath this beautiful night sky." His breath tickled my neck just before his teeth sank in, sucking and nibbling slowly on the pulse point and surely making a bruise, but fuck did it feel good. "Or...would you like to go find somewhere more private where I can have you on your hands and knees, grabbing your soft hair and fucking you so thoroughly you won't be able to walk out of here without every step reminding you of my hard cock buried deep inside you, making your amazing ass the same color as that incredibly cute blush you've had on your face for almost the entire night."



first-time jpln 2017-11-02

Christy smiled and agreed so we spent at least fifteen minutes kissing and caressing before ever touching below the waist. Neither of us spoke about moving on but I was ready when I felt Christy's tongue licking low on my belly and then licking my hard cock. I kissed her pussy a few times, then stuck out my tongue and pushed it into the soft, smooth, warm, slippery wetness. Sometimes, Christy would press tightly against me to get an inch or so more penetration and wiggle a little, but most of the time, we just laid there relaxed. This time, I was able to enjoy having my cock engulfed inside her for several minutes before the inevitable finally happened.

My Brother's Keeper Ch. 01

first-time AbsyntheLo 2017-11-02

"S'okay if they park on the lawn here, right?" Jean Marie asked, tossing back her hair as she looked back to my sister, laughing at the way Candie was straddling the guy from greeting and his carrying her down the stairs in just that way. Though she laughed at what was said, Jean Marie turned her head to the guy that was at her side, hiding her face in the shadow of his shoulder. Jean Marie giggled at this, I could see it, see it as well as I could hear it as she was slow to lift her head from the boys shoulder, looking across the fire to my sister.

My first ever threesome

first-time maturemancock 2017-11-02

She stood up and I said to her “Sit on the sofa” as she sat down and Mandy came over to me I put my arms around her and began kissing her, I whispered in her ear, feel Kathy’s tits and finger her as I’m doing you, she said she couldn’t and I insisted she would. As I stood up Mandy looked at me and I said to Kathy “Come down on the floor”, as she sat on the floor I looked at Mandy and she shook her head and I was smiling, pulling down her knickers I positioned my self at the front of her wet cunt, and taking off my undies I pushed in straight up to the hilt as I was the first person to fuck my girlfriends best friend.

Ishmael's Girl: A Virgin in Ruins

first-time XXscribbler 2017-11-02

The fashion has also had unintended economic consequences of generating whole new industries: for instance, there is the need for some product to keep the edges of the shorts perfectly aligned with the patterned makeup despite the attempts of working muscles to displace the fabric slightly. This resolve is being tested, for The Girl has also taken to accompanying Ishmael closely as the group does its frequent short hikes and climbs: she has gotten to the point of occasional semi-private touchings, thinly (very thinly!) disguised as "little accidents". Ishmael, supporting The Girl almost cheek-to-cheek, peers around her and up the hill: the tail-end Charlies of the group are several tens of meters away, and totally preoccupied with the climb: not a soul is looking back, and most are entirely out of his sight.


Teasing Lisa

first-time JennyGently 2017-11-01

My friends were mostly away at University, there was no football to go to and there was nothing else to do so in true nineteen-year-old style, I was sitting in an old armchair in the shed at the end of the garden, filling the time having a slow smoke and a beer stolen from my Dad's fridge. I looked through the window to see my Stepsister Lisa's car next to the house, its doors open. Lisa, my squeaky clean, churchgoing, virginal older Stepsister, wouldn't even let me get away with drinking Dad's beers and as for that geek fiancé of hers, Bobby... I watched him return to the car and was just about to abandon my beer quest when the back door of the house burst open violently and Bobby ran full pelt across the yard.

How a moments indiscretion produces good sluts.

first-time 2017-11-01

As we lay that extra moment I cant say I felt it happen, but it did, and I closed down my reproductive network, he was successful, his seed was home and my husband, still reading his paper, became a 'Coo-coo' and I rose, still naked, but different, my egg was dividing at a rapid rate as his blueprint was taking over my body, I was fertilized and he smiled as he looked at my triumphantly, cupping my heavy breast, toying with my swollen nipple, his excess semen dripping from my relaxed pussy onto the barren ground where I sat.

James Meets Kate and Brenda

first-time pi3p14i 2017-11-01

My first night there, I met up with two beautiful women, a shapely blonde haired, brown eyed hottie named Kate and her very sensual brown haired, blue eyed friend, Brenda. You never can tell if two girls dancing together are really lesbians or just two friends trying to get guys' tongues wagging. Kate and I went to a booth and got to know each other better. Kate got on her knees beside me on the couch and said, "James, I want to fuck you... "Well, I want you to make me cum," said Kate and she straddled my lap, letting her skirt bunch up around her waist. "I want you to grind with me, James." She started to rub up and down my hard on.

An Unintended Seduction (pt 2)

first-time 2017-11-01

"Well.....we had been kissing for quite a long time and it seemed a natural thing for him to do, it also felt really nice before he got too rough, it sent wonderful feelings all down my body and I wish he had tried again but more gently, but he had already stormed off in a huff calling me frigid and a tease." I had many chances to keep Donna at arms length and whilst each step that brought us to this moment was innocent enough it was still the case that I was lying, intimately entwined with a very attractive young girl who was effectively caressing my chest as we lay under a blanket in the privacy of my top floor lounge space.


first-time sambush 2017-11-01

After my divorce I started going to a local diner for dinner maybe 2-3 times a week. I later discovered that her 21 year old daughter Gabriella (AKA Gabby) also works there as a part time waitress. I was at the diner one night and asked Gabby if she wanted to go with me to the concert. About or week so later I got a text from Gabby asking if we could meet for dinner. We started kissing again and this time she did not stop me when I unbuttoned her blouse and unhooked her bra. A few weeks later I texted Gabby and asked if we could get together for New Years Eve. She said OK but could we eat at my place.

To Get a Passing Grade

first-time Sean Renaud 2017-11-01

The pleated skirt was actually a decent length ending mid way down her thighs, even if she leaned over to touch her toes it wouldn't quite reveal her but she was banking that the Math Club had a lot of cross over with the Anime Club and being dressed like something out of Sailor Moon would get her that extra bit of attention that she needed. He wasn't a bad guy by any means but his social skills could use a lot of work, not that it would matter in ten years when he was pulling a seven digit salary and could sift through the gold diggers for one that didn't completely disgust him but in High School it had kept him from even getting to first base, much less anything beyond that.

Weekend away

first-time trindriver121 2017-11-01

Kim was standing in the corner, with her arms folded, then Rena unzipped her skirt, dropping it to the floor, the sight of his wife in her underwear being a turn on for Dan. Then she unhooked her bra, her nipples looked slightly hard, and Dan knew, she would be fine at the resort. Dan slipped his hand between Rena’s legs, as he found her pussy, he was immediately greeted by a trail of moisture, he slid his finger inside and the moan that greeted him was a clear signal of how horny his wife was. Kim couldn’t take anymore, and collapsed on the bed, as Dan pulled his cock out of her pussy, the last strand of cum poured from him, landing on her back.

Rainy Day Girl

first-time Mr. Chuckles 2017-11-01

When I got home, I realized that I had forgotten my house key, and had no way of getting in and drying off. I left the bathroom with a towel around my waist and my wet clothes in my hands. Just then she opened the door, here shirt off, giving me a clear view of her black-lace bra covered tits. “Well, I guess it’s not fair for me to see you, but you not to see me.” She said as she slowly unzipped her pants, and pulled them off, leaving her in only her bra and thong panties. Then she turned to me and said, “My mom will be home in five minutes. As I said at the start of the story, constructive criticism is welcome, but flames are not.