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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

One way to spend a sunday

first-time Trapstalker 2017-11-01

" You attempt to remain quiet but his steady tempo is almost to much for you to handle, your knees feel weak and your cock is throbbing with every thrust and you slowly reach down with one hand, but before you can grasp your pretty little cock he grabs your hand and tugs it backward " Fuck no, you'll cum like a woman. " He said grinning at you as his thrusts start to get harder and harder you feel him start to pulse in your warm asshole, and with one sudden thrust he cums hard, filling up your ass as your cock shoots cum onto the cold bathroom floor.

Uninvited but Welcome

first-time Belladiva 2017-11-01

Mona dropped next to Paul and sweetly said "Watch me." She licked her palm and used the spit to lubricate the long dick in her hand. Professor Hudson opened his eyes a smidgen and saw Mona sitting on the desk and frigging herself, slipping her fingers into the wet silk of her panties. "Tell us how much you want to get fucked, Paul," Professor Hudson said, shifting his weight and getting on his knees. "I want to be fucked, please fuck me, just fuck me," Paul said through gritted teeth, feeling the professor's cock pressing against his opening. First the Professor began to clench his hands and thrust harder, and then Paul sank his teeth into Mona's clavicle, and she tore the chaise with her fingernails.

A Walk in the Flowers

first-time HeavenlyCurves 2017-11-01

With each slow step she grabbed a fistful of each side of her white dress and slowly pulled it upward. We continued to kiss and grope for a moment more, then I rolled with her once again, rose to my feet, grabbed her hand and pulled her up toward me. As I pulled her dress up to her waist she tilted her hips and spread her feet apart, My fingers slid downward slowly from the very top of her panties to the soft warm fabric covering her lips. I smiled, pulled back and she stared right into my eyes as I slowly pulled her panties down her legs while she held her dress up.

Valentine's Day Present

first-time andros14 2017-11-01

I had to admit, it didn’t look like the note was written in my friend’s handwriting, but I figured that she had finally realized that I could tell it was her and she’d gotten a guy to write the note. The way I am, I could be dumped and 2 minutes later, I’d be listening to love songs on the radio and dancing to them up in my room. After a few minutes, I got to the point where I didn’t want to antagonize him I started sucking on his cock like a food-starved animal. He continued to gaze deeply into my eyes as he slowly started to push his cock into my virgin pussy.


first-time six10 2017-11-01

About 24 hours ago me and my good friend and fucktoy took her car into a cemetary nearby. Parked under a streetlight and began preparing a certain "potion" we both use on a regular basis. Both stripping as preparing the aphrodisiac of choise. Over the years the substance preparation and ingesting has beccome a arousing experience in its self. My cock already out. Stroking it with my eyes glued to her slutty, tiny, pale white body and what shes currently preoccupied doin. She moves over to the passengerside and straddle my cock. Forcing myself inside her despite her screaming in pain. When all inside a smile appeares on her face, and were of! This was My first time in a car.

My First Lover

first-time Dr. Dusti Lee 2017-11-01

Of course Cindy, Pat, and I acted as if we had been drinking like fish since we were five, but none of us had ever done more than taste our dad's beer before that night. What I didn't tell her was that besides the three girls spending the night in a tent in Pat's large backyard, some of the guys were going to crash after midnight. I was looking right at Derek when he told me he wanted to kiss me. And I wanted taste Derek's cock and feel him inside me! Derek exploded deep inside my pussy and filled me up with his cum. I liked the feel of his cock shooting hot cum deep inside me.

The Hook Up - A Night of NSA Sex!

first-time 2017-11-01

She then kissed me and her lips felt amazingly soft and plump as my hands got their first feel of her flowing hair and her gorgeously tight, fit body. Wishing to return the favor, Suzie and I slipped into a hot 69 and the sight of her arse in my face exposing both her delicious, wet pussy and tight ass hole seemed to make my cock even harder. We took a few moments to kiss each other before I slipped on some protection and gently eased my way into her slippery wet love hole missionary style which felt amazingly hot and tight. Encouraging her to ride me, I squeezed Suzie’s gorgeous ass pulling her onto my cock and at the same time eased a finger into her tight sweet arsehole which only intensified her cries of pleasure.

I Thought We Were More Ch. 07

first-time DrElectrogasm 2017-11-01

He worked his way down to her breasts where he began to lick and suck each one of her nipples one at a time. He reached down with both hands and took each of her outer lips gently between his thumbs and index fingers. Jacob looked down at the half of her body that was still resting on his legs. "Sometimes it is good to have an orgasm that hits hard and fast, like if a girl is going down on me and she uses her tongue very quickly. She reached out with her lubed up finger and placed the drop right on the opening of his penis. Then she grabbed his shaft with her other hand and began to rub his head with her slickened finger.

Freshmen Year; Part One: The Creep

first-time cupidschoice 2017-11-01

His skin was so warm, he was like a space heater, I wanted to just crawl into bed stiffen in my warm hand his hard cock pearled. fucking stiff." He kissed my neck then said very slowly: I opened my mouth all the way and went right into a deep throat. He pressed his warm chiseled body against me and I felt my skin flush with pleasure. Fuck me, like I'm a virgin too.” He pressed his knees against the mattress and left his feet on the floor. That is almost a full two inches bigger, than I have ever seen my cock.” He quickly down all 10 inches in one motion and I felt my back arch.


first-time stevesthe1 2017-11-01

I went for some more drinks getting myself and Paul a beer but noticed that she had d***k the last of her wine and alcopops.Taking the beers outside i said i would nip round the corner and pick up a couple of extra bottles from the off licence before it shut. He tried to reach her thighs but stopped,slid his cock from her mouth and quickly moved around so he was in front of her bare legs. She gripped the chair once more and spread her legs wide as he shoved his cock back up her in one movement.A dozen or so thrusts later he went rigid and gripped her thighs as he came inside her.


first-time 8075brownsugar 2017-11-01


My Wife Made Me a Cock Sucker

first-time 425olds 2017-11-01

My wife Sara had expressed her interests in watching me suck another man for the last couple years. Baby, I told you, I want to see your lips around a big fat dick. "Okay, Jamal, let me see that cock of yours baby." This is a real man's dick and tonight you are going to suck it good. Sara's hand pressed my head forward, forcing me to take a lot of dick into my mouth. I felt like I was performing and I didn't want to let my wife down so I tried my hardest to re-enact porn movies. Sara smiled as she gripped the lower part of Jamal's cock with her latex hands. "Good job baby, you sucked very well for your first time."

love at first sight!

first-time bigboy1014 2017-11-01

but as i q'd up for a roller-coster ride called 'air' i seen this girl with blonde hair and a grey hoodie, i stared at her and she looked right back at me. i have never felt so in love with any other girl in my life. as it was her turn to hop in the seat of the roller-coster she looked at me for the last time. i never seen this beautiful girl again shes in my head and always will be. love at first sight is real its the most beautiful feeling you will ever experience.

Thighs Wide Open Ch. 03

first-time Rockwell 2017-11-01

"Can't tell how I missed you, Dana," he said, his eyes sweeping over her stunningly lovely face and the delicious cleavage peeking through the half-opened zip up sweater. Yeah, he's here showering me with hungry kisses," she said half-closing her eyes, savoring Gary roving lips. "Dana, what's happening...Tell me?" Daisy asked sounding like she was a home partner in a TV contest equally feeling the rush of excitement going on with Gary and Dana. "Fuck me now Gary...I want you inside me...think I got more coming!" Dana heard her and put the phone back to her ear as she had stopped squirming her hips under Gary's drenched lips.

girls at fitness centre

first-time sexysandy 2017-11-01

i was nude i started sucking each bod parts of her and i started sucking her boobs they were so soft,she was in my arms.i started sucking her pussy it was yummy i saw it was not broken,i laid her on bench i started sucking her pussy and slowly i opened her legs wide and inserted my dick in her dick hmmm, god it was a hell i liked her tight pussy she was screaming asking it to take it out but i did not do it.i pushed deep in her she was bit bleeding, she was in my arms,Sam was seeing all this.

Payback ih hell

first-time kayssexy69 2017-11-01

It even is true with our sex life he makes sure he cums but if I don't big deal some other time maybe if I'm lucky. As we entered his door and closed he pulled me around a gave me a kiss and asked if I minded and I said no so he kissed me again with both hands on my ass getting a good feel what I had to offer. I told him about my hubby and our parting remarks that I was going to get fucked and he said you sure are. He even had a hard time getting the head in very far and he could tell it was hurting me some even with all the eating he did.

The Warmth of the Light (League of Legends)

first-time SubMrine 2017-11-01

Your body can only respond the way it can, as your pants tighten, a bulge beginning to develop ever so close to the girl’s soft hands. Another giggle emerges from her lips as her hands lift up, only leaving her fingertips just barely touching the fabric of your pants before finally leaving, once again putting your body in a swimming nothingness. You feel a small kiss on your cheek before the muted footsteps turn once again to steps on the wood floor, the door opening and shutting, and the light dimming once again to standard levels. You finally open your eyes unimpeded to see the black-haired madame standing over you with a cocky smile on her face and a clipboard with a bill on it in her hands.

After Party

first-time ithinktruth 2017-11-01

She finally grabs the hand from inside her pants and pulls it out as her body slowly resumes back to normal. I follow suit as she turns around and leans forward on her table, her perfectly tight ass spread and pussy ready for my rock hard dick. I slowly guide the tip of my cock into her pussy, feeling the walls inside her grip onto my dick tightly. I start thrusting faster, my dick pushing deep inside her each time. I oblige and start fucking her harder, my body slapping her perfectly round ass with each thrust deep inside her. The words make me pound her as hard as I can, my dick going so deep inside with each thrust that her moans become full out yells of pleasure.

Why Do Married Men Play with Men?

first-time Jjdoesit1 2017-11-01

I slowly lift the semi soft cock out of the way and kiss and lick his balls getting them wet. I LOVE The exquisite feel of that length sliding slowly in my mouth, deeper until it hits the curve into my throat. The feel of that hardness pulsing as it empties the cum into my throat and mouth as I pull back to take the lion's share in my mouth. I squatted back on my heels and reached around to feel my hole slowly closing and a bit of cum mixed with lube sliding out. I just spent some time at a married friend's house on my knees getting my throat and mouth filled.

Cities of Power Ch. 03

first-time xelliebabex 2017-11-01

The three men walked to the Den. Wisp, on seeing them pass the room she was in, stood and took a breath to begin a tirade, but Gale raised his hand and his voice, "If you dare to insult a guest of mine you had best be prepared to follow your daughter into exile." Wisp fell to the couch crying, and her husband and son turned their back on her and walked with Talon into the open door of Gale's den. Mica knew he would miss the warriors but having his friend and lover brought from the village had made him happier than he could have imagined, and he turned his back on the window hoping Talon would find time to visit his family one last time before the walls were complete.

A Perfect First Time

first-time noisymother 2017-11-01

I broke the kiss and moved down her body, lifting her up, holding her ass in my palms and sucked her nipples greedily. I sat on the edge of the bed and she got on her knees between my legs and sucked my hard cock. We had done this many times before and after she got really wet I slid another finger into her tight but juicy pussy. It felt amazing and I was sure I was gonna cum when she started to rock back and forth, my cock sliding the length of her pussy lips as she moved. But I got some more of the baby lotion and put some on the tip of my cock and and smeared some more gently on her pussy to help.

true story tv first dogging

first-time jostwo 2017-11-01

OK no probs I walked over and the man put his arm around me and started to kiss me his friend came up behind me and put his hands under my skirt and lifted it up and now I could feel him pressing up against me stroking my legs and touching me. His was bigger and I thank goodness for both the KY and the cream that had already been deposited I also now see that 2 other guys had come over and were playing with themselves I put my hands out and they came to me one was quite young about 19 and the other around 45.The older guy bent down and started to kiss me whilst the younger one started to lift my bra and kiss my breasts meanwhile the guy I was sitting on started to say he was cumming and he did.

Simon Pendleton Ch. 03

first-time zef4600 2017-11-01

Walking up from behind Simon was the only other person in school who could possibly challenge Jodi for the title of 'Hottest'. "Well," Roxanne placed her hand on Simon's thigh, "My parents are going to be out of town this weekend and they gave me permission to have a small get together. "Well, I was hoping WE might get to know each other a little better." Quickly, she swiped her tongue along the outer ridge of Simon's ear, and then stood up completely. "No. As far as I know, Jodi was not invited and I hadn't mentioned it to her." Simon was a little uncomfortable. Simon recognized him as Jasper, Roxanne's brother and starting tight end on the football team.

Chris and Kim pt 02

first-time silklust 2017-11-01

Giggling and pouring a glass of juice for Chris as well, Kim headed in to the other room. "Wow someone is fancy." Chris teased as he checked out Kim's silk robe while taking his glass from his friend. They talked and laughed more as they ate, and Kim was sure he caught Chris looking a little differently at him a few times. by then his hand were just above Kim's ass though, and he still hadn't felt anything under the robe. "Ok I should go, I need to get moving." Chris half whispered as he kept holding onto Kim's lean silk wrapped body. He didn't know for sure how much he wanted it, but the closer those hands came to his ass, the more he wanted to feel them there.