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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Joe massages his busty mom

first-time Glerkor 2017-11-01

"Come and massage mommy honey, my back is really bad today." Joe likes to wear loose fitting boxers to let his hard-on grow free as he massages his mom, somehow hoping she will comment on it some day. She didn't have to suck him long before his body started shaking." Oooh shit, I am cumming mom, yeah, aaah, aaaaah." Joe screamed out as he filled his mommy's mouth with hot streams of cum. "What do you want to do with me honey, make a wish?" "Can we do it from behind." "Oh, yes, I love getting fucked from behind by a big cock." Joe started pounding while listening to his mother's moans and the sound of her breast bouncing back and forth.

Sexual Awakening of Alix

first-time Egmont Grigor 2017-11-01

Or had boastful Tony told his mom about getting a leg over Alix and she immediately rushed to the phone? Alix told her mom she was going to Sara Black's for dinner, dressed and left, knowing the rumor mill would find her out but by then it would be too late for her mom to react by marching over to the hotel and pulling her home by her hair. Luther came but she didn't and when he was driving her home told Alix that next time she should finger her cunt and work around her clit. When her mom said she would be away for a couple of hours just after Luther left Alix smiled and said casually to enjoy herself.

My First Date with Max

first-time shaunariley 2017-11-01

He smiled and said that I should first understand that Muslim men give themselves entirely to the women & of course expect that in return. As he got up on the bed I grasped his cock in my two hands and planted a big kiss on his mushroom head. Before he slides it into me he asked if I was having a good time and if I understood why so many married women were giving themselves over without a second thought. I always want to be with you.” He looked into my eyes and asked if I minded if he shared me with other Muslim men & boys.

Busted in the Act

first-time sevenofseven 2017-11-01

I'm getting a little turned on thinking about him, and I reach down to touch my pussy to pleasure myself. As I was grooming I began to think about him-this man I work with-and wondering if he would still like to eat my pussy if there was hair on it. So I sat up and said, "Thank you for helping me with this, baby." I could see he was disappointed, like he wanted to dive in. That feels like heaven," he said, as I ran my tongue from his balls to the underside of the tip and over the head which had leaked a little bit of cum.

My Wife was a Part Time Hooker

first-time cumslutcouple 2017-11-01

We could have ended the conversation right there and said no thanks, but the next thing I know the wife types in "$1000" and hits send. And for two I just think it is so hot to do something like this to a guys wife and he knows about it." And for the first time, my cock twitched in my pants and I started to realize I might actually enjoy it too. We drove home in relative silence, when we got home I logged back on to the site that we were on earlier as my wife was taking a shower and noticed that the guy had left us a note saying thanks for the great time and let him know if we ever wanted to do it again.

Indian slut's hen do (Bachelorette)

first-time bellic87 2017-11-01

While i slowly fingered her I give her a cheeky wink and said 'i'm not forcing you to do anything you don't want to do'. She looked up at me with her sexy exotic eyes and smiled just before she kissed my cock. We kept looking around to check no-one was there and then lent against the wall and pulled up her skirt and said "Fuck me hard" i tease her by slapping my cock on her wet pussy lips and make her moan with anticipation. Feeling like it was my night I pulled out to tease her and said "would you like my cock in your ass?' I rubbed my dick on her wet pussy and then slowly put it into her virgin ass.

Claiming Ruby

first-time Yogakay 2017-11-01

That's all there is to it,'s time." The look on the middle aged woman's elegant face had been one that said she wasn't going to listen to argument. Ruby's grandmother was hosting a small gathering at her home for a few old friends and her mom was going to be there too. Ruby was being left behind dressed as Little Red Riding Hood to hand out candy and to protect the fort. Reaching out her hand she spoke in a voice that sounded small and childlike, "I'm Ruby...of course you can use my phone...where are you trying to get?" We'll help you." Ruby felt the autumn air touch her bare arms as the cloak slid into their serious hands.

My fantasy

first-time 2017-11-01

leads vokru hole, lightly touching the inside, and Anna meanwhile makes happy Dima: blow in her performance - it is something - she caresses his tongue, then he holds the handles trunk, the testicles, then descends to the base member, Dima tickle there, takes it in her mouth nenadolo scrotum ... "" Mischa rises sharply, lower a little pants and enters Anya as a member, which is even greater than that of Dima! - My little girl in question, sighed wearily: "AXX?" - And it was lifted so that underneath lay Dima kotoroya immediately went into her vagina mokreeshee - "Yeah!" - Held it until I got another drink frictions ass - "OOO!" - was her reaction ..

My First Bi-Sexual Expierence

first-time BiGuy75148 2017-11-01

The whole time I was sucking his cock, his wife's face was right there next to mine as she whispered to me - I can still remember how hot her breath felt on my cheek and neck while I sucked him and she stroked me. "Watching this young guy fuck you has got me all worked up, and you need to prep me for his cock!" She then had me start pounding into him harder, so that I f***ed his face into her pussy. I mentioned that I wanted to do 69 with a guy, suck a lady while she was getting fucked, feel a cock come in my mouth, and many other things.

Jenny -- An Autobiography. Chapter 2 part 1

first-time jennyDar 2017-11-01

Once when I was looking at her pussy as we got to call it by this time as other girls at school called it, I pulled the lips open to see what it was like inside but Amy winced and said it hurt slightly so I said sorry but I was only being curious. Pushing the cock-head to me Amy said “Jenny you’ve got to taste this cock, it’s amazing, just feel the head in you’re mouth it’ll blow your mind, yea that’s it Jenny, deeper. Amy took my hand and looking me straight in the eye she said “Jenny I’ve thought about this a lot recently and I know it’s got to happen some time and I would like it out of the way sooner rather than later.

My Daughter and My Wife Go Black

first-time 2017-11-01

We tried to quietly talk about things -- anything we could think of -- and at one point my wife said, "Her latest boyfriend is a black athlete," as if that explained things. There was silence in the kitchen for a while and finally our daughter said, "I guess you heard a lot." I said, "I was thinking how I would feel if I came home and heard that noise from our bedroom -- knowing your were with someone like him." The next evening in bed my wife said, "I guess you should know, although I can't remember much about it, I had sex with him. Our daughter came home a couple times with her boyfriend when my wife was in the bedroom with her black lover.

Mariana's First Time at the Lake

first-time GMB214 2017-11-01

A couple months had gone by and I hadn't seen Anthony but I knew he was going camping with Kiara's family, who had also invited me to their annual lake trip. I decided that I needed Anthony more than I cared about getting caught in his tent by Kiara's family. I felt him gently kiss my neck and then nibble on my ear while he let his cock sit inside me for a moment. That morning, and for the rest of the day until we headed back into town, Anthony and I exchanged glances at each other and we couldn't help but smile thinking about what we had done the night before.

Amnesty Program

first-time Ambidentrous 2017-11-01

"Look," he said, slumping into his chair, "I don't mean to offend you or anything, but I don't like group projects, so if you're not going to pull your weight, you should probably find something else to do with your time." "All right then, I think that's it," Professor Suarez stood up and handed Jason and Rebecca each a manila folder. Jason tried to get cues about Rebecca from her car, but it was clear that she didn't spend much time making the car her own- it was just a way to get from her apartment to her classes and back. Jason looked at Rebecca, took a deep breath and held out his left hand. Rebecca pulled a chair in from the dining room table and sat in front of Jason, her knees together and her hands in her lap.

Lili Marlene

first-time brknborn 2017-11-01

I was on the base soccer team and we practiced two nights a week and played games on the weekend, usually Sunday. Manny took a suite of two rooms at the main Gasthaus in the town where Lili lived. Lili earlier told us that she was in a group that went to parties with Mingus, so she had a special feeling for his music. I had one hand on a tit, playing with her nipple, but I don't think she even took notice. It was getting flaccid and returning to normal size, but I kept at it until Lili took a deep breath and then let it gush out and she arched her back and pushed her hips up and exploded into her orgasm.


first-time DavBoo 2017-11-01

She then moved onto my lower back and gave me a good deep workout, saying that she could feel the tightness in my muscles, after a period of time she gradually moved higher up till she got to my shoulders and the injury that I had, she once again commented about being able to feel the difference and proceeded to give this area a good long massage. As she worked lower she removed the towel that was covering my bum and started to massage me there, as she worked she put plenty of oil on her hands and went right down between my legs spreading them apart, she then proceeded to work down my bum with her finger tips just lightly tickling my balls, as she did this my dick started to respond and start to grow a bit.

My First Time

first-time cubfordaddybear 2017-11-01

When I looked into the glove compartment as I was fingering myselg (and he was stroking himself: now rock hard) I noticed some toys in there as well as more lube and a lot of condoms. Once I got the plug in I turned around and slowly and easily sat down on it so I could stroke his cock....I NEEDED to get my hands on it! He turned me around and pulled the plug out and was rubbing his rock hard cock against my hole and I could feel the cool lube--LOTS of it--dripping over my hole and onto the seat. He didn't even ask me, he just thrust deeply into me and I could feel the thick base of his cock spasm 6 or 8 times an then heard him groan and then sigh.

The Prize Ch. 03

first-time MarzyDotes 2017-11-01

"Take it off...your shirt," he said, "And work every rushing, I want to see every little bit of your skin at a time." Not to mention those breasts, he had felt the nipples against him already, and he wanted at some point to suck them one at a time inside his mouth, to see if they tasted like ripe cherries. Then he moved his hands to his own shirt and whipped it off more quickly, exposing that magnificent chest of his that rippled with muscles from a life of hard work, and sprigs of dark hair she longed to twist around her fingers to see if he'd like it.

Under the Bleachers

first-time girl_4_rent 2017-11-01

Getting her clothing off was a little more tedious, because as soon as Derek's shirt was tossed to the side the black haired cheerleader had her lips and hands all over his hairless chest, letting her thumbs and forefingers graze his nipples while her tongue worked on the tiny valley between. Derek's eyes were closed as her hand moved up and down his member, and he inserted a finger into Kara's wet pussy. Their bodies entwined in sexual heat and wet passion, Derek finally tensed and pushed his penis into her as far as it would go in one fell motion, wrapping his arms around her and holding her tight as warm semen spurted from his cock and into Kara's waiting pussy.

Saddle Her Up

first-time peterdee 2017-11-01

Half an hour later, Linda pulled up at a clump of trees and dismounted, I followed as she released the cinches on her saddle and tethered the horse, allowing it room to graze. "Your turn now," said Linda nodding towards my Jockeys against which my cock was straining uncomfortably. I moved between Linda's legs, my hand still on her breast and pushed it at the wet patch which had appeared where her skin-tight jodhpurs met. I knew ma would not be able to hear my conversation above the noise of the rain drumming against the roof, so I took a breath and said: "I lay on my bed thinking about you all night and that made me so hard that I just had to take myself in hand.


first-time 2fast2quick 2017-11-01

"Here's my number and my dorm room, if you wanted to talk or get together later?" She asked, her cheeks turning slightly red. Bye!" She told me, giving me another kiss on the cheek before starting to walk away, waving as she left. I ended up doing terribly in the game, thinking about Jenny's stunning eyes, heart-warming smile, beautiful auburn hair tied in a bun, and her adorable nose. "Now what do you wanna do, since we've both finished eating?" She asked, leaning back in her chair and stretching, pulling an adorable face of relief as she did. You said my game collection was bigger, but I wanna see for myself." She told me, her beautiful smile stretching across her face.

Supervising A Bachelorette Party

first-time nobigwillie 2017-11-01

We were both very excited since we would be driving around in a party bus with a bunch of drunk, attractive girls who are all thinking about getting married. As we got on the bus there wasn't enough room for all of us to some girls had to sit on each other's laps. As we headed into town I noticed my sister was a little uncomfortable having Robyn sit on her lap. When the bus arrived at the hotel all the girls went to the room while I tried to come up with a plan to get me and Robyn alone. Robyn got and her hands and knees on the bed and turned round so her ass was facing towards me.

My Stranger Fantasy

first-time kap007 2017-11-01

I watch the muscles ripple across your chest and down your arms as you stroke over and over again swimming in the lake. I picture your long hard shaft being held by my hands instead of you towel-drying every glistening drop of water from your luscious body. I take another long pull of my drink as I start pleasuring myself. "We are not done yet," You whisper and start climbing up over my body, "I don't plan on letting you leave anytime soon." I find a grin of satisfaction cover my face as I reply saucily, "I didn't plan on going anywhere, and you seem to need some attention yourself." I can't wait to bring you the same pleasure that you have brought me.

Making Out With Mom 2

first-time 2017-11-01

I grabbed her ass and pulled her body into me, moving my hips a little so that my penis would rub against her pussy. So I went to my room, got naked, wrapped myself in a big beach towel, and walked through the sliding glass door off the breakfast nook to join my mom out on the patio. By this time my cock was hard as granite and dripping pre-cum onto Mom's butt. to know what it's like." She looked into my eyes again and her hands started moving on me, and I moaned again. "Okay, Rick, but I want to do this again with you!" Jenny scampered back inside, just as my mom 'came home.'

Night at the Oil Party - Part 5

first-time 2017-11-01

Clearly the largest cock was Marcus’, followed by Jack, Frank, and Ray. My cock was right in the middle of the pack and I could sense that all of us were getting very excited watching the girls going down on Angela and scoping out each others bodies and cocks in the room. Louis left the room and so we all took a moment to refresh all the drinks and as we did so we could hear the sounds of the women laughing, chatting and then came a knock on the door. Jack opened the door and Claudia led the women into the room, each one of them wearing a bathrobe. “I’m quite certain it won’t be the last time you squirt again tonight honey,” added Maddy, an even bigger smile coming across her face as she began to stroke John’s cock.