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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Sea Girls Part Three

first-time 1941aaa 2018-10-30

Satisfied as to how I looked, I stood up and automatically ran my hands down the sides of the dress to smooth it so no wrinkles showed and felt myself getting an erection with this simple action and had to really try and control this as I went out into our sitting room to wait for Rosie to come home, which wasn’t long. I now had a big smile on my face as he came into my open arms and gave me a lovely big kiss, pulling me tight to his body for me to feel the erection that he had suddenly acquired at seeing me like this.

Winter Storm

first-time woyaojiao 2018-10-30

She whispers against my lips, "I am your woman." My hands drop to her waist, seeking the buttons of her skirt. She wraps warm fingers about its length and moves her hand back and forth slowly and deliberately. "Well, if you want it, Rachel, why not?" I put one hand behind her head and, taking her long blonde hair in my fist, I slowly pull her face into my crotch. One of her hands grasps the base of my penis, holding it and stroking it in time to the motion of her lips and tongue. As I suck and bite on her distended nipple, my hips rise and fall, thrusting my penis deep into her tight warmth.


Coming Home pt. 4

first-time BattleRavyn 2018-10-30

Faith watched the group of guys, and laughed and cheered them on with the girls as the game got more heated and the rules became more ludicrous. Most of the girls laughed and clapped at the declaration, but Faith got a queasy feeling in her stomach, as the guys were all joking about who they would kiss first when they missed. “I’m guessing it’s because Jenna took the kiss too far, and we’re all a little drunk, so emotions are high,” he said. Faith sucked in a breath at the invasion, but it didn’t really hurt like she thought it would, especially since he had spent so much time priming her, making her wet and ready for this.

An afternoon in the pool

first-time claudiaf 2018-10-30

We were kneeling, facing each other and John just looked at me and touched the side of my face with his fingertips, his other hand was resting on my waist, holding me close to him, he was a lot taller than me and I could feel the end of his cock pressing hard against my body, just above my navel. My biggest surprise though was once, when I was holding the ball in front of me, about to throw it to Bobbie, Brett came up behind me and grabbed me around the waist to stop me throwing it and I felt the length of his cock pressing against the cheeks of my butt, he held on to me for a while, even though I had let go of the ball and thrust his hips hard against me.

Her first lesbian threesome

first-time EvelynLi 2018-10-30

“Come in, Evelyn,” I said, “You look so sexy I just couldn't help but stare – hope you're not going out in public like that, you'll cause a riot.” She just wiggled her cute ass and kissed me lightly again. I know what it's like to have two girls pleasuring you, and I could tell that Evelyn was savouring every minute – me nibbling her tits and sucking on her hard nipples, Mel lapping at her cunt and drinking in those sweet juices, which were now flowing freely from her pussy. Evelyn couldn't hold out for long with her two blonde girlfriends sucking and licking at her like this, and soon she exploded in a massive orgasm as she came and filled Mel's mouth with hot, sweet cum.

Sexual Awakenings (Chapter Fourteen)

first-time John_Doe 2018-10-30

After a night of having my cock blown to the point of cumming in Julia's warm wet mouth, while at the same time I sucked on Amanda's succulent firm tits and fingered her dripping wet cunt until we climaxed at the same time, I awoke to find myself alone in the bed. As Julia gently eased her hips and weight up and down a fraction, causing the friction of her shaven mound to rub against my mouth as my tongue was delved deep inside of her wet cunt. Below, Amanda's mouth worked harder upon my cock as it thrust deeper inside of her warm, wet mouth as her lips locked tightly upon the length of my shaft and foreskin.

My First Time

first-time ChuckEPoo 2018-10-30

Standing in front of Chrissy's car, we all talked, but Tom and Jan wasted no time getting into a lip-lock. "Yes, I want you to, but you have to talk with my dad, and he's a hard nut to crack." The serious look on her face made it seem like an impossible task. "Chrissy, I called to ask if you would like to see me play in our home-coming game Friday night. As I watched her folks drive away, I threw my keys to Tom, and said, “You drive my car, I'm going with Chrissy.” “You're bad… in a good way,” Jan said, pulling Tom toward the car.

The First Time

first-time maddyjean08 2018-10-30

I giggled silently as I led Ken down the hall to my room, quietly locking my sister's door on the way down. I tugged off my own jeans and sat down on his stomach, moving backwards a bit until I was sitting on top of his cock. He tugged my soaking panties off and before I had time to stop him, he picked me up and threw me on the floor so I was on my hands and knees, slipping into from behind. Ken pulled himself out of me and flipped my over, then lied down on the floor, his cock standing 8 inches erect.

Birthday Girl Wanted Tattoo On Her Chest

first-time bava12 2018-10-30

Once when I was in my tattoo studio a boy came to me and asked me about the charges and other stuff. After asking all the things he told that “my girlfriend wanted a tattoo on her chest’ so please come to our place and do tattoo there”. But he told that tomorrow is her birthday so she needs a tattoo. After this when I started to apply A&D ointment on her breast I wantedly pressed her boob. She took my hardened dick and placed it in her pussy lips. She gave her friend number and asked me to do the tattoo on her breast. Girls if u want a tattoo over your hot Boobs or near your Sweet pussy Please write a mail..

The Story About George - Chapter One - Hot Pants

first-time Mysteria27 2018-10-30

Pamela liked George and flirted with him during the week. Pamela waited a little while before calling George to come downstairs. George was a bit grossed out because of all the hair, but wanted to please Pamela. Pamela got on her knees and played with his cock. When George was finally hard, Pamela wrapped her mouth around the boy’s cock and started to give him head. She again gave him a kiss and this time he tasted his cock on her lips. He really liked the taste of cock on her lips rather than pussy. Pamela kissed the boy and made George put his hands all over her breasts. George pushed his cock into Pamela’s pussy and fucked her.

Teach me more part 2

first-time nightgirl45 2018-10-30

     Elaine said for me to wait a minute and then she went back to a whimpering Kim and gave her the orgasm that she was longing for. Elaine and Kim dropped me off with a hug and a kiss and said that they would be listening to every thing and know when to pick me up.      I reached over and touched her shoulder " Tracy l really enjoy your company, Would you like to come up to my room for a drink and then let me take you to dinner " " You are the first person l met and l love your company "

They Called Me The Babysitter

first-time Buddybear 2018-10-30

Despite being decently good looking, and having an intense sex drive, I had been rejected so many times in high school that I didn't lose my cherry until I was a sophomore in college. So, there I was in graduate school, jacking off half a dozen times a day while fantasizing about the really hot girls in the tight-knit group of hippies (the "freak community") that I had started hanging out with a few months after I showed up on campus. I looked down and took it all in, the sight of her elfin face going up and down on my rigid six and a half inches, the way her breast jiggled so sensually as I fondled and squeezed it.

Jayne's First Time

first-time Mysteria27 2018-10-30

We share an apartment, and when Steve comes over I am going to tell him that I want to have sex. He also has his hands on my breasts, and my body feels as it is going to cum. I slowly put my mouth on the top of his cock, and start to suck him. Steve starts to play with my pussy. He then rubs his cock on my pussy, just teasing it and then he slowly starts to fuck me. He takes his hand and starts to finger my pussy again. I just love to feel how my body responds to all this licking, I start to moan and squirm.

Wife Version of First Time Shared

first-time Riverrat3060 2018-10-30

My husband had seen the guy's picture and knew what he had. We will be towing a red and white ski boat with a blue truck and be prepared for a day on the water," my husband told me. My body started to shudder in a huge orgasm. Then he pushed his nine inches all the way in me and I felt him release his man seed deep inside my cervix.  My eyes were closed, my legs spread wide. What a sight for a woman's husband to behold - his wife laying on her back, legs spread, with another man's cum dripping out of her pussy. Later that day, my husband took a turn in my pussy as the other guy watched. Then we took the other guy back to his truck.

My first time i'll never forget

first-time sexiichick 2018-10-29

began to go down and I pulled off his boxers only to longing to wait to see his amazing 10" cock, it was so big and thick I just wanted it inside me then and there, instead I grabbed it and started stroking it, it felt so good in my hand. I went hard and fast trying to take in as much as I could, I held my head and was groaning loudly so I knew he was enjoying himself, I began to go faster I wanted his hot delicious cum inside my mouth, he started panting loudly and groaning louder, the then said “Angie I’m going to cum soon.” This is when I started going harder and faster, I grabbed the bottom of his cock and stroked it while I took the rest in my mouth.

Swim Coach (chapter 6-7)

first-time MindSparks 2018-10-29

Pete is so cool about things so that even if you two don’t like make a love connection he’ll still be totally sweet, ya know?” as she lapsed into a bit of her Valley Girl talk. The night went by quickly for Pete and I, there wasn’t a love connection, but as Beth had promised he was really nice to me and didn’t seem at all put off when he dropped me off at my place and only got a quick kiss on the cheek before I ran inside. After thinking about things long and hard I decided that the party on Saturday would be the last time I’d try to see if there was any way that Matt and I could be together.

My First Lesbian Experience Happened On A Boat

first-time luvdr 2018-10-29

John and Debbie’s friends Megan and Troy went with them and Dosh, Luke, Mathew, Shelby, Tabitha with Cheryl and me. I didn’t see Uncle Jim, Debbie or Megan but did see Troy fucking some woman doggie style. Debbie and Megan both moved to my face and kissed me forcing me to taste my own juice as it mixed with Jim’s cum. She began to tongue fuck Cheryl’s pussy as Debbie smothered her face with those 44 DDs. Cheryl muttered a scream of pleasure as those two had their way with here as they had with me. Jim ended up fucking both Cheryl and me several times and we both ate Debbie and Megan’s pussies.

Excerpts From My Inexperience: The First Time I Gave a Tit-Wank

first-time Shylass 2018-10-29

I did it again, and this time, I wriggled my tongue tip over his sweet little thread, combining the hard suck of my lips and deep push of my hand. I took him in further, starting the suck lower and harder, and every time I reached the ridge and passed over it, wriggling my teasing tongue on his underneath, my friend would gasp and give little thrusts. It was difficult with the force on and against me, trying so hard to keep wriggling my tongue and keeping his throbbing head inside my wet mouth, but I tried to help by flexing my upper arms against my boobs too, trying to match his rhythm.

Harry leads the way

first-time EdKnows 2018-10-29

As we walked, Harry told me the story of how he had explored sexually, how he had learnt to always try everything, how he had found that once you got past the taboo everyone loved having their cock sucked or their clit licked or their ass fucked, and you just had to get someone’s pants off to unleash the animal.  “Don’t worry mate,” he said, spotting my uncertainty, “We come in all shapes and sizes, and we’ll take it slow.” He took my hand and placed it on the end of his cock. The feelings coming from my back were driving me wild, my cock was straining under me, and Harry reached down to gently run one finger down the underside.

An Unexpected Lover Ch. 3

first-time xfallingxangelx 2018-10-29

Ask him and let me know.” I said, coming up with the perfect plan to get out of work that night. Spreading my outer lips and lightly tracing my slit with his tongue, he said, “Yes. Yes I am.” With that, he speared two fingers into my wet hole and started rubbing my g-spot. “Wow.” Kevin said slowly pulling his fingers from inside me. “I hope you didn’t wear yourself out.” Kevin said, moving to lie in between my legs and lightly kissing my stomach. “You know I won’t be mad at you if you don’t want to have sex with me.” He said looking away. Don’t you think if I didn’t want to have sex with you, we wouldn’t both be laying on my bed naked right now?” I said.

Sucking My Way Out of Depression

first-time edlangston 2018-10-29

The guys were talking and laughing about me being a hungry cock sucker as I continued sucking until Wendell’s big cock started throbbing in my mouth, and I swallowed his load of semen and sperm.” Hector said, “I don’t need to have my cock sucked again, at least not today, but I sure would like to feel your tongue in my asshole again. I joined a health club that caters to men of color, and I have been able to enjoy a steady stream (no pun intended) of men who like using me to have their sweaty balls and asses sucked, in addition to shooting their cum and even some piss into my warm, sucking mouth.

s****rly Love

first-time jpjai007 2018-10-29

Chal theek hai, mai bathroom mei chali jaati hu yadi tujhe room mei baithna hai to, nahi to ek kaam kar, tu tera TV dekh aur gate band karte hue ja." She continued her reading and fingering with that. She looked at me for a long moment, just drew my face close to her and gave a small peck on my lips and said, "chal theek hai, yahi par let ja. ab mujh se chhupana shuru karegi kya?" I said, "Nahi didi, aisi baat nahi hai, just thoda awkward lag raha hai!" There followed a bit of an aurgument or sort after which I relented and removed my bra and shorts and started fingering myself. Tammie probably got it and said, "kya baat hai, maja nahi aa raha?

Batrea (Part 1)

first-time BethanyFrasier 2018-10-29

She picked up the grocery bag full of clothes her aunt had given her and looked through it again, paying closer attention to the hand-me-downs that her cousin no longer wanted after leaving home to go to Holy Cross College half-way across the state. Mercifully, the car pulled off into the intersection and she turned around quickly to look out the rear window, but the boys were still half-way down the block passing her bra back and forth between them. The car slowly pulled forward off the tracks and Trea strained to watch the girls until they were obscured by the trees as they left the crossing behind.

My Little Black Beauty

first-time iceman 2018-10-29

Let me go and start a hot shower for you and set out a robe so I can dry your wet clothes." She just nodded her head as she sat back down and I headed upstairs again. With a quivering lip, she said, "I've wanted you for a long time, Mr. J., haven't you noticed how I always flirt and flaunt my body around you?" I didn't reply, just kissed her deeply again. As I stood, she took my softening cock in her warm hand, feeling the slickness of our combined fluids, slowly working me, trying to keep me from going totally soft. Leaning over to kiss me, she said, "watch this!" With one hand cupped up to her pussy, she used the other to spread her lips wide open.