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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Rose and Tom Ch. 01-05

first-time RadicalMrT 2017-11-01

Tom, sensing the shift, moves his hand in a rubbing motion back across Rose's abdomen, and starts to massage her right leg, moving from on top to the inner side. Tom feels heat begin to emanate from Rose as he rubs, and he inches closer to her lightly moistened outer lips, still covered by panties and slacks. Tom takes full advantage, working his right hand inside the pants, and begins circling Rose's outer lips, working her panties in and out of the lips. Tom slides his finger around the side of Rose's panties, and begins to rub directly on the outer lips. Instead, Tom leaned over and starting a long-winded kiss with Rose, eventually working their tongues into the act.

Andi's Summer - Day 01

first-time Gilead39 2017-11-01

Mr. Cooper, the owner of the second-hand store squeezed in on the right end of the bench next to me at one of the picnic tables when there were other less crowed tables available, I assumed he wanted to talk with someone at the table. Just ten feet away my mother and Aunt Georgia, on a rare visit to our church with Mom sat at the next table facing me. I had no control, yet in a moment of clarity and after a not-so subtle fingertip squeeze I released my fingers, slid my palm up and down his thigh as a sign of interest and returned my hand above the table.


first-time aki4u23 2017-11-01

Taking the hint, I stand, and walk briskly to the disabled bathroom door not making eye contact with any of the other restaurant patrons, pushing it I find it unlocked, stepping in, I am met by a flurry of arms as she pulls me into a hug and deep passionate kiss, as I hear the lock click into place behind me as soon as her lips met mine her hand wasting no time pulling my zip down, freeing my swollen cock.

Step Twins Ch. 01

first-time jane700bond 2017-11-01

A little time after we spent that evening together, Dad said that he and Rebecca were thinking about getting married and asked me if I would like to go on holiday with them both and Lucy, so we could get to know each other better. The circling hand was pulling my shirt up and exposing my stomach to the cool of the air, but I didn't feel the cold, I was heating from the inside as he started to play with my nipples, gently rubbing them and making them go hard. "I don't know that I want them to." Steve sweetly replied and then bent and kissed me deeply, rubbing his sperm like a moisturiser into my breasts and turning me on even more.

Sally's Third Conquest

first-time Dantheman55 2017-10-31

I stepped back away from Paul about arms length and kicked off my shoes, Pulled the jersey over my head and dropped and stepped out of my shorts in less than ten seconds, so fast that both Benny and Carol didn't realize I was undressing till they saw me nude. I looked over and Benny was now completely undressed and it was clear to me she thought like me, when she pulled her sundress over her head, she was as nude as I was as she continued the blow job she had started with Benny on the other side of the bed. I was surprised how sensitive I still was and drew in a breath sharply, then he started with a slow deliberate light rocking motion I was enjoying while Paul began a hard fast ride on Carol.

MILF B and B

first-time CanoePirate 2017-10-31

With Jill’s hands still pinned above her head and my weight on her pelvis I start fondling her warm, soft boobs. I jump as her cool hand connects with my dick-head, once located she grasps it firmly and starts pumping my shaft. I desperately want her to suck my dick but I don’t know this lady and I’m not about to risk not getting my leg over. I can feel the tingling in my balls and so my hands drop to her hips as I help her to drive down onto my dick. I can’t hold back any…..” Jill drives her pussy down hard and I blow my sperm into her heaving body.

UK Friend cums to visit.......

first-time 2017-10-31

Matt wasted no time sliding his hard cock into her open mouth while i set to work with my tongue on her very wet and swollen clit, i peeled back the folds of her pussy with my fingers a gave her a very deep ploughing with my tongue....the film we had been watching was still playing and was now showing the girl getting a double penetration vaginal and anally..i knew by our past Pm's that Fliss wasn't into the anal stuff but she was into fisting which gave me a new idea, so i told Matt to lay down on the large rug on the floor and asked Fliss to get on top of him.

My ex girlfriends first big cock

first-time pebble_91 2017-10-31

However I only have an an overweight man and have only got a 5 1/2inch cock but because she had only slept with me she said the sex was great. Then that one day came where we broke up and went our separate ways. Then one day we met up for the gym and he had the biggest love bites ive ever seen all over his neck and he showed tried to hide the scratch marks she left in his back whilst getting changed. When we were together she loved it hard and rough and now my mind was wondering what it was like and developed an obsession with wanting to watch them at it. He would always have love bites or scratches every other day.

Daddy helps

first-time sanpeesua 2017-10-31

words like a good little girl. Beth I love you, I need you baby, let me have you, don't Go on and pee Susan, daddy does not mind, let it wash your little pussy, and help you wipe your ass. peeled her sweet ass apart and soaped my cock real good. finger was still in her pussy, as I half fucked her ass. you like it Susan, do you like the way your daddy cleans "Good night daddy," she said as she moved her head to "Susan honey, move over a little bit, give daddy some inside her ass, to have my hands playing her tits, my I kissed the top of her head and said "Daddy loves you

Put It In Me Coach Ch. 02

first-time Mermaid 2017-10-31

I place my delicate little hands on either side of your head and lean into your face as I kiss you, passionately confirming my ready desire. "AAH!" I whimper, "too much, a little too much." It feels like pain, but then turns into pleasure as you pull out, causing my body to shudder into ecstatic moans! I feel your breath on my neck, as you, in turn, kiss it, driving me crazy, and grunt in my ear. I want to turn myself inside out to feel you deeper still." My passionate whisper in your ear sets off a chain reaction of electric pulses in your body, starting a raging orgasm thundering through your core.

Step dad

first-time 2017-10-31

He then pulled his hand out and pushed two fingers in her mouth and told her to suck her pussy juice off them. He began to kiss me tonguing me more as he took my hand and told me to touch and rub his big hard cock. Breathe from your nose so I can get my cock in deep." I did as he said and opened wide as he pushed his cock in my mouth and I began to suck him hard. We are going to fuck day and night." Then his other hand went to my pussy and soon he was finger fucking my ass and my cunt till he had me cumming faster and faster.

The Beauty of Urge and Lust

first-time Ryan19 2017-10-31

In my mind, it's smells like my girlfriend's legging that filled with floral scent, while pairing with sexy high-heel boots. Her left bare foot is slowly moving along my right leg. As I slowly pulling her dress to her lap, my right hand began to slowly seeking towards her bottom (while left hand holding her dress). Once, my hand touching the thin layer of silky panty, my index finger began to twirl around the clit. While stroking her clit on the panty, I could feel her legs trembling. My thumb begins to slide the panty aside, as I began to slowly dip my index and middle finger into her pussy. It becomes intense as I began to stroke faster, while her legs starting to tremble madly.

Becoming His Bitch

first-time laceysgirl 2017-10-31

He told me "Open up!" I didn't respond fast enough and got a good face slap it hurt and I opened my mouth in surprise and as I did his huge cock slid between my lips and my mouth opened extremely wide his cock head filled my entire mouth and I said "MMMUGGHHHHPPHHH" around it "Shut up and suck bitch!" He growled and so I did but I couldn't do it well so I grasped his cock with both hands and stroked it to my lips it began to grow and grow I felt his bl**d rushing into it and the veins along the sides bulged with the pulsing of his heart I marveled at the contrast of my white hands on his pitch black cock and my hands barely were able to wrap around the damn thing but soon I heard him groan and then my tongue got a cum bath he held the back of my head as he gave me his load and when he was done he said "Swallow Bitch!" I swallowed and gagged as it ran thick down my throat he laughed and lifted me up by my chin then he told me to take off my clothes and my clothes fell on the floor then he pointed at my bunk and said "Face down ass up!"

Mom & Daughter Go to Beach II

first-time mooremike 2017-10-31

You come out here looking like every teen boy's wet dream and then you’re surprised that they fight over you!" Mom laughed and Robert laughed even harder “Too bad Keith and Josh are your b*****rs; they both have nice big dicks!” I giggled as I explained how I had felt all three of their cocks earlier I loved the feeling while I felt Keith's finger work into my bikini bottom and started stroking my pussy slit while he French-kissed me. I let Keith slip from my mouth and I licked the pre-cum from Josh's cock. Lisa had a look of jealousy on her face while Brian just gave a smile that said he was going to get his chance with me soon.

Taking Him

first-time Rede772 2017-10-31

"Just because I said I might have him in bed eventually doesn't mean I was going to on the first date," I could feel my face further heating up. It took me what felt like ages to wind down in the warmth of the shower, because every time I thought of Alec I started getting worked up again. Danny watched me from the couch as I switched between outfits indecisively, pinned my hair up and then let it down fifty times, and then sighed. You look..." Danny ran a hand through her short hair and turned away. "You know you can never trust the man to bring them." I leaned my head back and laughed, harder than I had in a long time.

First Blow Job

first-time pezal78 2017-10-31

Suddenly I could feel his hands up my skirt and hooking my pants panties in one move, and he had his fingers in my soaking pussy. When I nodded, he turned around, now pounding me with three fingers I was ready to explode three more strokes and he squirted cum all over my face, completely missing my mouth the last two squirts landed on my lips I hungrily licked it up mmm it was good. When Jon was finished cleaning me up, he came up to my face looked at me and gave me an evil smile then he licked my face clean and kissed me slow and soft I could taste myself on his lips.

Nude beach dream

first-time MorePeter 2017-10-31

I close my eyes and usually drift of into a short sl**p to relax from the day of work. I was was dozing off when I heard some woman's voices getting closer. 'Yes, and if not they know they won't make a change with us.' More voices starting talking. I didn't want to scare them off so I started thinking about work and it seemed to help. 'Looks like he had a sweet dream.' 'Do you think he is really sl**ping?' the voice I reckoned would be Chrissy's. 'I bet that if your talking made him hard he wouldn't be able to get soft again.' I started to think about a collegae I really didn't like. 'Chrissy, you talk like a virgin.'


first-time 2017-10-31

Love too sweet, to recall, dry you eyes, memories that can never truly be gone Trying hard to pretend you can mend, the love that you never longed too end Fearing the final end, never to restore, that love in your heart that you can’t ignore But in the end all it seems, like a cold frozen dream, that the world in it’s hast, did not give us that chance to retake, the life that we made, even if hard it remains, but lost all the same. Don’t face the world on your own, only hope can for sure, can give love in your life the power to restore, hope in yourself, and faith in your heart, and don’t keep them apart.

The First Night

first-time redheadgoddess29 2017-10-31

Your hand reaches up as you take the band out of my hair letting it fall onto my shoulders, your fingers caressing my cheeks telling me how much you want me and how long you've waited to touch me. My hands start trailing down wanting to feel more of your body as you unclasp my bra letting it fall from my breasts and then falling to the floor. I moan softly as my hands run through your hair trailing down to your neck and your back wanting to feel you and touch you as much as possible. You kiss me as I feel your head slowly and gently pushing inside my pussy.

Shelbyville Tales: Study Date Ch. 01

first-time hacker831 2017-10-31

"You must be Josh," She said, "Tara told me you were coming. Just as Josh was about to ask if Tara wanted to call it a night, Abby came out on the porch. After another couple of minutes, she looked up and said, "I think I finally understand this stuff, I don't know how to thank you." "I'm still not sure I would be comfortable with this Tara," said Josh. When Josh surfaced, he noticed that Tara was looking down at his boxers. Josh didn't know what was going on, it almost seemed like Tara had all this planned from the start. "Honey, you have a long weekend ahead of you, we are just getting started," said Tara as she reached down and began to gently play with his balls.

The Crossing Ch. 03

first-time Decayed Angel 2017-10-31

"Maybe wait until she goes into her room?" she said, slowly and succinctly. oh excuse me, I didn't know you had company," Maggie said, standing at the doorway into Cara's room. "So let me get this straight, granny brings him home to meet me and he fucks you while he is waiting?" "Oh, that explains it, granny asks you if you want to meet me so you fuck her and then my mother too." "To go out and find another granny to help across the street and then fuck her family?" she asked, leaning on the door frame. "Oh, you were going to go home without getting to fuck granny's entire family?" "Now Maggie, you know there's more than that," Cara said from the door.

Wet dream...

first-time ilialenyc 2017-10-31

Olga is a late 30s friend, 5' 7" ok built , great butt and lovely smooth cafe con leche skin. I was sitting next to her in a f****y gathering, we were having a great time, eating, drinking telling stories. I went to the bathroom very quickly, did my business and prepared my self to go down stairs when Olga caught me and asked my to go with her to her room, she was going to show me her new computer. She took my malehood out of my panties and kissed it, it grew longer escaping from my panties, curved up, Olga held it and I was ready to get a super mega blow job.

The Granny down the road

first-time granny101 2017-10-31

I arrive at tea time on Sunday evening she has a skirt and a cardigan and blue mid heeled sling backs and looks nice we seat down on opposite sides me on the sofa her in the chair she looked at me and smiled and said do you know how old I am I said yes she asked my age and told she was more than twenty five years older than me . At that point she undid her cardigan to reveal the top half of her corselette and pulled out one of her tits and asked if I liked it I reached across and played with it and kissed her my other hand moved her skirt up yo reveal hair stocking tops which she assured she always wears and will always wear them for me.

Confessions of a tgirl slut 2

first-time NancyBerlin 2017-10-31

Alas, not many places are as liberal as Berlin and, despite huge changes in public attitudes as evidenced by the referendum on same sex marriage, Ireland (and especially outside Dublin) is still not a place where a tgirl can expect to have an easy time of it if she dares to venture out to bars. On one occasion a guy asked if he could simply come to my front door and look at me as he had never seen a tgirl before. The only problem with guys having sex with a tgirl for the first time is that I have to watch out for signs that it is working for them.